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An Order o Baptism

Author(s): David D Ogston

Copyright holder(s): David D Ogston


Lat us hearken tae the wirds o the Lord.

I the twenty-echth o Saint Mattha, Jesus says : “Aa authoritie in heiven an in the yird his been gien tae me. Gyang ye furth, syne, and mak disciples o aa the clans o human flesh an been ; baptise them i the Name o the Faither an the Sin an the Halie Speerit, an wyse them tae haud faist aathing I hae tell’t ye. An certes, I am wie ye, e’en tae the hinner-en o the ages”.

The Sainin o the Watter.

Lat us pray.

Eternal God, we bliss Ye for the gift o watter.
Lang seen, Your Speerit meeved ower the face o the floods an You brocht order an shape tae aa the creation. I the days o the Redeemer Your Anointed Sin Jesus wis baptised bi John i the Jordan. Again, Your Speerit cam wie pooer an micht an sattled on the Chosen Een.
Bi that same Speerit, we pray, bliss noo this watter an the bairn that comes till’t.
Gie her, we speir in faith an howp, the haill walth an the full wecht o aa Your promises.
Throwe His maist glorious Name, the Name abeen aa names, sae lat it be.

The Baptism.

………………………..I baptise ye i the Name o the Faither, an o the Sin an o the Halie Speerit.

The Vows.

………………. an ……………….., wull you bring up this bairn ………………. i the faith o Christ the Lord? Wull ye love her wie a leal an eident love, nae maitter faat the future brings, an wull ye mind at aa times that she is a gift frae God?

Prayers for the Newly-Baptised.

The first prayer is said wie the Minister haudin the bairn as he stauns aside her faither an mither.

We thank Ye, Lord, for the love that wyted for this littlin tae come intae the warld ; we thank ye for the delicht she his brocht tae them that hae the care o her. Bliss her hame, the place that is bield an lythe tae her. Bliss them that hae the prood an patient wark o bringin her up, and lat them hap her i love fae the hert, love withoot limit.

The second prayer is said wie the Minister haudin the bairn i the mids o the gaithered fowk.

Lord, in Your mercie, help ……………………….. tae growe in bodie, mind an speerit. Gaird her fae skaith, ull wull an coorseness. Gie her gweed friens tae traivel wie an stoot herts tae rely on.

The hinmaist prayer is said at the Halie Table, faar the twa caunles bleeze.

Christ, Licht o the warld, shed on this bairn, we pray, Your kind an canny licht for aye, an kinnle the lowe o faith in her that she may name Ye hersel the King o kings an the Lord o lords an the Chief o chiefs. Guide her tae grup the skeely truth that the life we long for maist is the life that is lived for ither fowk, the hert gien gledly, the haun wide open. Your peace be hers, noo an at aa times. Sae lat it be.

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