Document 770

A Blether an wee Bevvy

Author(s): Peter Mitchell McCulloch

Copyright holder(s): Peter Mitchell McCulloch


Cant'ingly penned,
Ower the Auld Brig, Haddington.

"Sit yersel doon Tam, hae a dram
A hae a bit o' lowie the nicht",
"Yon cascade wis loupin wi troot a' day
Thir a' awa, nae mair tae shift.

"Ah'll hae a pint Jock, wae yon dram
Aye, an gies 20 snouts anaw,"
"Whar ye been the day Tam?
Anywhar near yon dry stane wa'.

"Weel Jock... whit a seen the day!!
Strange sicht tae be share"
"A gadgie nashin ower the field
Wi a gonnie, gaun spare.

"Aye that wid mak me wunner Tam
Whit in hell wis gaun oan"
"A gadgie wi a gonnie gaun spare ye say?
Sounds awfy like chorin maun.

"Aff went a pooskie Jock frae yon neddie field
Yon gadgie wis nashin rubbin his jeer,
A fermer wis radge, wantin tae moolie
Share the gadgie didna stal till his keer.

"Aye Tam whit we'd dae fer a gonnie o'neddies
Risk yer jeer gettin blown awa'
A'd rither hae a yarrie oan a butter piece"
Than pick oot yer bool yon wee lead baa's.

"Why kin ye nae sit doon Tam?
Yer troos are near tae tats",
"Al hae tae gaun Jock fer ma scran"
"Neddies Tam?".... "How dae ye ken that?"


Lowie - Money
Loupin - Jumping
Snouts - Cigarettes
Gadgie - Man
Gonnie - Bag
Spare - Mad
Chorin - Stealing
Pooskie - Gun
Neddie - Potatoe
Nashin - Running
Radge - Crazy
Moolie - Kill
Stal - Stop
Keer - House
Yarrie - Egg
Bool - Backside
Tats - Torn
Troos - Trourser
Scran - Food
Jeer - Backside

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A Blether an wee Bevvy


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