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Conversation 10: Two female students on travel and university

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Audio transcription

F807 Right, the Scottish Parliament. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F806 //Yeah, let's start off with that one.// //[inhale]//
F807 //[inhale]// Yes. Ugly building! [laugh] //[inhale] Um,//
F806 //Is it? I've not really seen it.//
F807 [tut], well, it's not it's not really ugly, it's just unusual. And erm let's just say I tried to take a picture of it, but it was completely impossible. Because it's, such a //monstrous//
F806 //Is it like// //Cause you know how like//
F807 //building.//
F806 the parliament ehm in Where is it? In London, or, no, where? //Is it?//
F807 //Which one?// //Westminster? London.//
F806 //[inhale]// Yeah. Erm, that's like an old building. What does the Scottish Parliament lo- building look like? Is it like round, or?
F807 Ooh oh God, it's really hard to describe actually. It's just, it's a very modern structure. And it's, I don't know what it will look like from above, but just when you walk past, it's just, it looks a bit like a huge washing-machine thing.
F806 Washing-machine?
F807 Yeah, just, and, you know, a lot of windows and stuff. You know modern hou- in modern archi-archi- architecture, they always like to have lots of windows and glass and stuff?
F806 Yeah.
F807 And that's just, basically, it's very modern, I think. It's just.
F806 Hmm
F807 But, um
F806 uh-huh
F807 you know, they have to spend their money on something, so.
F806 A washing-machine?
F807 Hm? [laugh]
F806 Yeah. No. Well, I'm not really into politics, as you know.
F807 [Tut], I know! [laugh] //[inhale]//
F806 //No.//
F807 [laugh]
F806 But ehm. Hmm. [inhale]. What else can we talk about? Tony Blair, there's //one.//
F807 //[laugh]// [laugh] But you're not into politics, so, //[laugh]//
F806 //No.//
F807 [laugh]
F806 I'm not. [inhale]. What aspects do you like of Glasgow?
F807 Um Um, basically, good shopping opportunities. //Well, I don't have the money//
F806 //Mm//
F807 to [laugh] actually go shopping, but um, [tut], it's um, I think it's good that it's quite a big city, coming, like, coming from Hamburg and stuff. Um, where did you live before you went to Australia?
F806 [inhale] Johnstone.
F807 Which is //[?]where[/?]?//
F806 //[?]Well,[/?]// probably half an hour from here.
F807 Ah okay, it's a //small.//
F806 //Towards,// yeah, past Paisley.
F807 Right, is it small? //Mmhm//
F806 //Yeah, tiny.//
F807 Tiny.
F806 Ehm, I re- I remember wh- when my mum would say, "aw yeah, we're gonna go shopping in Glasgow", I'd like go //"Yeah, okay!",//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 But now, cause, [exhale] you just, I just get bored with all the shops, to be quite honest.
F807 [inhale] Yeah, I see what you mean.
F806 I tried to shop for a new pair of shoes the other day, and I just got bored and so left. //Went home.//
F807 //Yeah.//
F806 After two shops. //[laugh]//
F807 //I- I can't I can't// go shopping when //when,//
F806 //[sniff]//
F807 like, everybody is out there, shopping, like say on Saturday afternoon, or Saturday lunchtime. That drives me crazy.
F806 I don't shop on a weekend.
F807 No, that's just, it's just too much.
F806 Mm
F807 I think.
F806 But, the shop I will always return to is the Disney Shop.
F807 [laugh] //[inhale]//
F806 //Yes.// [inhale] [?]Right[/?]. Mm Now you pick a topic.
F807 Er [laugh] Erm the-, like, after this, shall we go to the accommodation office?
F806 Yes.
F807 [inaudible] yeah, okay. Erm, and after that I need to copy my stuff.
F806 Zip's going, shaking, thingy. Oh, //there you go, that's it!//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 Cause otherwise, when I move my head, it's like, jingle jingle jingle.
F807 [laugh] Yeah, good point actually. //[laugh]//
F806 //Yeah.// //Yep. [exhale].//
F807 //I don't know whether there's any// club meetings [?]at the moment[/?].
F806 For? For?
F807 For. Tomorrow?
F806 [inhale] Ah!
F807 Hm
F806 See, I told you, I've //I think that,//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 I don't know, maybe I've, I don't know, tripped up or something, and banged my head.
F807 [laugh]
F806 I [laugh], no, seriously, you told me that half an hour, less than half an hour ago, and I've forgotten, //[sniff]//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 I don't know. It's awful. I still need to find some floppy disks.
F807 Oh yeah, why?
F806 Cause I'd rather get like lots of them, in a pack, than just one, cause the library sells them, but they sell them for like fifty pence or somethin like that,
F807 Mm
F806 from a slot machine. You know where you get the pink one?
F807 Oh yeah, yeah. Mm
F806 And that's just expensive, for one floppy disk. So that's why I'm just gonna try and find some cheaper ones.
F807 Yeah.
F806 Cooler ones.
F807 [exhale] Cooler ones? //[laugh]//
F806 //Multi-colour ones, like, mm.// But erm, yeah.
F807 Yeah, but they might have them in in the shop opposite Woolworth. What's it called again? //The one you mentioned, yeah, yeah.//
F806 //Barratt? Barr- mm.//
F807 They might have them there.
F806 Might have them.
F807 Possibly.
F806 Yeah.
F807 What do you want to do with them?
F806 [inhale]. Put my assignment on. //[laugh]. What do you want to do with them?//
F807 //Ah that's, oh right, okay.// //Well, an- yeah, but I thought I thought there was something,//
F806 //What an odd question! [laugh]//
F807 like you scanned in something really important and now you wanted to put it on a floppy disk.
F806 Well I could do, but it wouldn't work on my Nonna's, oh No, cause it's already on my computer, but I'm, I keep it up as a backup file.
F807 Oh okay. Right.
F806 Although that really, into my computer, just in case I lost it somehow. Er, but it wouldn't work on my Nonna's computer though.
F807 Oh okay.
F806 Cause I tried to send her eh parts of my assignment, and she's like "What format do you have?", and I went "eh 2003 Word" and she's like "I don't have that, you can't send it to me".
F807 [inhale]
F806 So that's why I'm waiting till tomorrow, so.
F807 Ah okay, [laugh].
F806 But yes. Mm
F807 Sophie needs to do some speed-writing this weekend.
F806 Has she not started?
F807 I don't think so, but I don't know, mm.
F806 Cause I, I know that she keeps saying, "oh yeah, I'll do that, I'll do that, I'll do that", but doesn't end up getting round to doing it.
F807 Yeah, I know, I know, it's really odd. So I I wouldn't, I don't think that she star-, cause remember last time? She, er I think she started like on Sunday morning, or something, or the, do you remember that? //That was just//
F806 //Mmhm// //But//
F807 //[?]a day[/?].//
F806 it only takes her four hours to write an essay. In one hit. Whereas me, it takes me two days. //[laugh]//
F807 //Yeah, but you probably get a better grade for it.//
F806 Probably not.
F807 Well last time, she didn't tell anyone what she got, //so//
F806 //Considerin that// she ended up, ehm, cause when we checked our results on the thing, she ended up the same as me.
F807 Like in in the exam?
F806 No no, as overall. [throat]
F807 Yeah, but that's prob-, yeah, maybe the essay isn't weighted that much, is it?
F806 [inhale]. Er, //that is//
F807 //[cough]//
F806 probably about, it was twenty-five percent.
F807 No, ah that's practically nothing.
F806 No. Not really. //But//
F807 //Mm//
F806 then again I didn't finish my exam properly, //so.//
F807 //Yeah.//
F806 [Tut], but.
F807 Well, and //you know,//
F806 //This time.//
F807 A- ehm, Annie got a B for English Lit.
F806 That's good.
F807 Yeah, it's really good. Erm, and I know that she got something quite, not, she didn't get a good grade for her essay, I know that. I don't know what exactly, but I remember that she was like, not good, //so.//
F806 //Mm// Well,
F807 Obviously, she asked me for my exam results, of course. //And I was like//
F806 //[?]I got[/?]//
F807 "I don't know them yet", which is true.
F806 Well, why don't you check it out?
F807 [tut] Well I don't want to know! [laugh]
F806 Cause mines just said "undetermined".
F807 Mm?
F806 Mine said "undetermined".
F807 Oh
F806 Obviously.
F807 Oh Mm I don't really want to know at the moment, [laugh], erm, so.
F806 [tut] Mm
F807 I th-, it's be- I think it's because I'm so unmotivated. I'm like "Who cares?" //[laugh]//
F806 //Mm, I need motivation.// //To//
F807 //Me too.//
F806 finish that off. I remember when I was in Australia, I'd just sit at the computer, and our computer was in like in the kitchen. //Right, so I mean it//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 wo-, really bad, I was trying to focus and stuff, and people are running round you trying to cook things, and things like that. And so, I'd sit there, and I'd go "Okay, I've got two days to do this", and I'd just write it and I'd finish it and I'd have no problem.
F807 Yeah.
F806 [Tut], but now, I don't know.
F807 I I used to be, like in in the first term, I was quite good at forcing myself to do stuff and to read stuff, prescribed texts. But at the moment, I read everything, but not [laugh] prescribed texts. I read newspapers, and I read other books, but not you know, //not the stuff that I need to read.//
F806 //Mm// No, I've not finished the "Jane Eyre" yet.
F807 Mm
F806 Cause I want to try and get the essay done, but all I ever seem to do is, okay I'll look up information, and then I'll just like listen to some music, and then get sidetracked by that.
F807 Mmhm
F806 And do a little bit of the essay, but not much. Nothing productive.
F807 Erm
F806 Er, so I need to try and focus.
F807 [laugh]
F806 Yes. That's why I keep asking you, "How do you get motivated? What do you do to get motivated?"
F807 It's a really good question. [laugh] I don't really know.
F806 No.
F807 Hm
F806 I had a nice chat with Carol though.
F807 Yeah?
F806 Yeah.
F807 Oh
F806 Today. //It was really odd.//
F807 //Mm//
F806 Mm
F807 What did she say?
F806 She said, eh, mm, she was talking about her family.
F807 Mm
F806 Eh, and then she says, after, sh- she only works till like one o'clock, or half-one. [inaudible] I didn't realise that. I thought they continued all day, but, mm. Then after that, what she does is, she goes to the gym, then goes home and cooks something, for everybody, and then does the housework.
F807 Hm
F806 It's a awful lot.
F807 Mm
F806 I wouldn- I would skip the gym. //Because seriously you//
F807 //Yeah.//
F806 y- you're doin all that cleaning anyway.
F807 Yeah.
F806 [laugh]
F807 Yeah, but she's she's trying to get in in a shape for her marriage.
F806 Ah
F807 In August.
F806 Oh!
F807 So, sh- I think she's just trying to
F806 But she's n- like nothing, she's like //that. Cause she's so lanky. [laugh]//
F807 //I know I know. Yeah, she's quite quite skinny, yeah.// [exhale]
F806 But, mm oh, so we just talked about that, and then she went down for her tea.
F807 Oh [laugh]. With the rest of the gang. [laugh]
F806 The lady's like "Carol, are you there Carol?" [laugh]
F807 [laugh]
F806 And she's like, and Carol's like, "ooh", it's like, a child, like a child that needs to be told where to go for tea. "I'm working here for eight years". //It's like, it's like that.//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 I think that's really quite.
F807 For eight years?
F806 Yep.
F807 Oh //that's quite a long time.//
F806 //She worked there for eight years.// I couldn't do that kind of job for eight years.
F807 Mm Mm
F806 Cleaning my house when I was in Australia was enough.
F807 Yeah.
F806 But I, but I suppose it's different, because there's so much dust, because of the ehm the wind,
F807 Mm
F806 br- blows the dust outside and ever-, inside and everything. Ehm, [exhale] you had to clean it like every day.
F807 Mm
F806 We had wooden floors, so.
F807 Yeah.
F806 Tut, but my mum said that everything's all back in its place so that should be nice. I don't know what she meant by that, but. Yeah.
F807 [laugh]
F806 [laugh] Big pause! [laugh]
F807 [cough] [laugh]
F806 Eh
F807 Oh, I need to remember to go and watch this film on Monday. [Tut], ehm we're doing, we're discussing a film in comparative lit.
F806 Hmm
F807 And there's a screening of the film on Monday.
F806 What is it?
F807 Er it's called "Interrogation". I think it's a Polish film, but I- I'm not sure. I think it's Polish. //Erm.//
F806 //Not written in Po-, it's not?//
F807 It's got subtitles, English subtitles. Erm, I hope. [laugh] Probably will have. Er, I need to remember to go to that, because there's just one screening. //Um, yeah, so.//
F806 //Really? Is there// usually numerous ones on?
F807 Mm?
F806 So, is there mo-, usually more than one screening usually of films?
F807 Erm, n- well last time we also had only one screening of the film. "La Vie en Rose", mm?
F806 Mm
F807 Ehm, but it's just, you know, if y- if you miss it, you just you have to go and get the, you know, get a recording, and then you have to find some place in the library to watch it and it's just.
F806 I think, I'm considering taking out er "Great Expectations", Just sittin there watchin that.
F807 Yeah. Oh maybe, actually that would probably be good, a good idea, because I think I won't I won't actually read it. I've I've got this feeling that I won't read it. [laugh] //Which is a bit of a shame.//
F806 //Well it's a good, it's a good book.// //But the end is//
F807 //I know, it's just//
F806 just, it's like, half-captivating, half-boring.
F807 [laugh] //[laugh] How does that work? [laugh]//
F806 //If that makes sense.// It doesn't. But, i- it's just like, oh, oh oh yeah yeah her. Well, oh, they're going to get together, that's what you immediately think, they're like, oh after so long because you've grown up with this horrible girl, and they just, say "bye",
F807 [laugh]
F806 and go their separate ways.
F807 [laugh]
F806 After all that time, the climax.
F807 [laugh]
F806 Great. So that's all then.
F807 Expectations! [laugh] Great. Expectations.
F806 Mm, or, lack of //expectation.//
F807 //Lack thereof, yeah.//
F806 Erm
F807 Lack of fulfilment of expectations.
F806 Yeah.
F807 [laugh]
F806 Mmhm //mmhm//
F807 //I need to// find out whether it's true that Dickens got paid, like for the amount of words.
F806 Well judging from that book, I'd say yes. //He's got//
F807 //Yeah.//
F806 s- aw!
F807 Probably.
F806 Mind-boggling. Though, see when he does, ah, there's some characters in it, erm, I can't r- Joe is an example, when ehm Pip tries to, that's the main character, Mr Pip.
F807 Mmhm
F806 It- when Pip ah learns how to read and write, and so he writes Joe a letter on a bit of slate. And it's and Joe then writes back and it's like "soz youz went to ze zooary", it's like really odd. It's not English.
F807 [laugh]
F806 Not written English, anyway. But ehm, I just wondered though if that's what some people spoke like. You'll see if you read the book. I don't know what page it's on, but it's the part where ehm Pip meets the convict,
F807 Mm
F806 in the marshes, and he gets, he a- the guy asks, "Oh, can I have a file and eh, some food?" And so Pip steals these things, and then he apologises to Joe, because Joe's just like, Joe's Joe. //Loving and caring.//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 Erm, although what is weird, you might wanna, you might like though is [inaudible] the sister.
F807 Okay. [laugh]
F806 Poor lady, but she deserved it.
F807 Oh okay. //You, oh you//
F806 //[inaudible]//
F807 haven't read "The Great Gatsby" yet, //have you?//
F806 //No.// What's that about?
F807 Ehm, it's er it's basically about this this really really rich American guy in the 1920s, who erm throws these ma- massive parties. And ehm people don't really know how he got rich, and things like that, and then in the end, it g- kind of turns out that the whole reason why he throws the parties and why he moved to this part of New York is just that he he was looking for his old love, like his old girl. But she's married now, and so you know there's a whole, unhappily married, so there's a //whole tragedy.//
F806 //And ha- happily married?// //[inaudible]//
F807 //Unhappily married, yeah.//
F806 Unhappily?
F807 Mm
F806 Oh
F807 Yeah, and so there's a whole bec- because her husband cheats on her, and then Gatsby come- you know kind of comes back into her life, and //but it's//
F806 //To the rescue?//
F807 y- basically, but it's a tragic ending, and it's just, yeah //but I didn't I//
F806 //Mm//
F807 I don't know, it's erm, it kind of reminded me a bit of "The Catcher in the Rye" for some reason.
F806 I've never read that book.
F807 [cough] It's not bad. It's not bad.
F806 But it's like a pure romance novel, though, "Great Gatsby"?
F807 Is it? //Really?//
F806 //Is it?// I don't know. I've never read it.
F807 I wouldn't say so actually.
F806 No.
F807 No, because it's
F806 Cause it sounds it.
F807 Yeah, but it's go- the en- the ending is really really tragic.
F806 Oh well. //Cause just the way you had//
F807 //[inaudible]//
F806 said like, he comes back and tries to rescue his love. That's maybe why Kate liked it, you know?
F807 Yeah, maybe.
F806 Cause, she //likes romance [inaudible].//
F807 //Oh yeah, you said she she liked it, yeah.// //[laugh]//
F806 //Yeah.// But, I really would, this is like not one of the prescribed texts - I hope we get to study it actually - ehm Ton- Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern". That's like such a brilliant //play. Mm.//
F807 //Er play, huh? Mm.//
F806 Such a brilliant play.
F807 I was thinki- I was trying to think of the erm Honours modules. Erm. Well there's, there's an Honours module that's called Shakespeare.
F806 Hmm
F807 So you may, you know you //may, possibly.//
F806 //Cause there's so many books on To-// on Ton- Tom Stoppard.
F807 You might possibly look at a like a modern kind of version of it, maybe, I don't know.
F806 Yeah. Well it is a modern text. //It was only written in [inaudible].//
F807 //Yeah, that's true. Oh yeah, that's// there's a mod- there's erm er a module on modern like modern literature. //I think it's//
F806 //[inaudible]//
F807 actually called Modern Literature, so it may be
F806 [inaudible] //But he i- he's fantastic.//
F807 //Oh yeah.// //Uh-huh//
F806 //He really is.// But if yo- if it's not, I'd advise you to read the play, cause it's brilliant. //It's like//
F807 //Mm//
F806 so good.
F807 But, really you shouldn't tell me that, because, you know? //I just, I//
F806 //Why not?//
F807 yeah, I just I keep reading stuff that I don't I don't really //need to read right now.//
F806 //Well read it during the break though.//
F807 Yeah, I could do that, that's a good //point actually.//
F806 //I'm I'm goin to,// I consider reading, I'm gonna consider reading it again.
F807 Mm
F806 Ehm, but yeah.
F807 Hey, um, are you going to be in Glasgow for the break, the Easter break?
F806 Should be.
F807 Yeah?
F806 Just not for the summer break, you know, eh June, July.
F807 The big break? //Mmhm//
F806 //Yeah,// I don't th-, I think I'm going to my Nonna's.
F807 Yeah, it's, it probably be cheaper, //because//
F806 //Mmhm//
F807 you kn- you know you have to pay rent if you stay in halls over the summer. But I don't know, I don't know where I will be obviously, so. I think I'll just sign up for ehm accommodation over the summer, just in case. Erm //Because,//
F806 //Yeah.//
F807 you know, just to just to make sure that I'll have somewhere to stay.
F806 [exhale]
F807 Hmm [laugh]
F806 oh
F807 [cough]
F806 I know. Next year is is going to be so difficult.
F807 Mmhm, mmhm, mm.
F806 Mm
F807 Oh did I tell you about that? The the pol- the politics lecturer we had this week, he kept referring to the Level One courses as the "obstacle courses". And he kept saying "For those of you who survive the obstacle course,
F806 [laugh]
F807 There's a module on..." Yeah? And he kept saying that, and I was like ooh! That sounds kind of //scary!//
F806 //Obstacle course?// //So, does he mean//
F807 //Obstacle course.//
F806 does he think that the Level One courses are more difficult than Level Two, no? //[?]If he thinks[/?]//
F807 //No.//
F806 it's an obstacle?
F807 No, he meant the Level Two courses.
F806 Oh right! //Ah//
F807 //So, it's, you know it's// it's like, it's the obstacle that prevents you from moving into Honours. //So, er, and//
F806 //Ah//
F807 he said it twice, like, two or three times, I think. Erm, so I was like, "oh", [laugh]. Slightly frightening. Because, obviously, I'm not really used to the system, because in Germany, everybody can do a Master if they want to.
F806 Really?
F807 Yeah. Ah, but they're changing it now, but th- the basic system is you can you can do either a Bachelor or Master, whatever you want to. //Regardless//
F806 //[tut] mm//
F807 of your grades. That's th-, you know, that's the whole, education should be free, kinna, thing, and everybody should have the opportunity, so.
F806 That's a fair system though.
F807 It is, yeah, it is, but it's not eh, apparently it's not working that well. Erm, yeah, and they they want to change it now, so.
F806 It's very utopian.
F807 Yeah.
F806 Which which amazes me why it wouldn't work, to be quite honest.
F807 I eh, I don't know, I don't know. It's ehm, I think it's because basically because ehm i- in Germany, basically, your, all of your students up to your final, your very final examination, your very final dissertation, ehm, your grades actually don't matter at all. You know, everything that you did before your final examination doesn't matter. And that's why many students are a bit, yeah, quite lazy, and don't really work that much.
F806 Mm
F807 I mean, many, many are pr- are pretty zealous and and do work quite a lot, but, you know, a lot of them don't, [laugh] so. //It's just.//
F806 //Yeah.// Well then, that might be, like, in a way better, if they introduced, like, ehm the fees, as you said //before.//
F807 //[inhale]// //Maybe, maybe.//
F806 //Cause it might// make people think "Wo-ho, //hang on a second!//
F807 //[cough]//
F806 We got to work here, because I want to get my money's worth," //kind of thing.//
F807 //Yeah.//
F806 So.
F807 Yeah, but, you know, you don't you don't have to pay tuition fees in Scotland, which is brilliant, I think.
F806 Some people do.
F807 Yeah, English people do. Well, and everyone from overseas, basically, who's not an EU student. But, erm, I I I don't know, I think the principle's basically is, is right. Education should be free, so.
F806 Yeah, I do as well. But ehm, [throat] in Australia, they pay, well I know Kate pays, two thousand dollars a term.
F807 A term?
F806 Mmhm
F807 Oh!
F806 [cough]
F807 That's a lot!
F806 Mmhm
F807 It's not it's not even a popular university, is it?
F806 No. //Be like//
F807 //No.//
F806 [?]Lower Rankman Lower School[/?] plus, her course, you didn't need an OP for.
F807 Mm
F806 Which means that it won't be graded.
F807 [exhale]
F806 There's performance ov- aft- afterwards, after the year's done.
F807 [inhale] [exhale] Er, what course is she doing? Arts, Art and, I think it's just Art and Graphic Design. Mm
F806 But you just didn't need an OP to get into it.
F807 Right.
F806 But your OP determines what course you do and what uni you go to.
F807 Mmhm
F806 So.
F807 Did you apply to erm, other universities,
F806 No.
F807 as well, or just to Glasgow?
F806 Oh, just for, you mean for over here? I applied to other ones, yeah.
F807 Oh right.
F806 Yep, but I wanted to go to Glasgow,
F807 Mm
F806 so although I got other offers, //I rejected them because I wanted to go here.//
F807 //Yeah, yeah yeah, I had// an offer from Aberdeen as well.
F806 Did you?
F807 Mm
F806 Same.
F807 Mm, [laugh] yeah but I just, I don't know, I like Glasgow better.
F806 Yeah.
F807 It's, you know, it's it's a it's a bigger town. It's more vibrant, I think, //[?]social.[/?]//
F806 //Well,// I don't know ev- whatever possessed me, but I applied to [laugh] Dundee.
F807 [laugh] Really? //[?]When?[/?]//
F806 //Yeah.// And I got in, to it. //But,//
F807 //Oh//
F806 it was too far to travel. //[inhale]//
F807 //Yeah.// //Yeah.//
F806 //[laugh]// And so I hadn't organised a- accommodation, so I was thinking, "Okay, I'll travel there daily", but there's too much. It's like, it's like, ha sleep on the train and do your homework on the train, //eat on the train.//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 You know, stop for an hour, have a shower, then go back up to Aberdeen again, so it didn't work, so I just chose Glasgow.
F807 Mm [laugh]
F806 But ehm. Though, when I came back, I f- forgot how, I had forgotten how small Scotland is, cause you like travel anywhere,
F807 Mm
F806 and it's so short, whereas in Australia, like, you travel tiniest little distance and it takes like four hours, //to Cairns, so.//
F807 //Yeah.// [laugh]
F806 But, Is it like in, is it like that in Germany though?
F807 Mm Depends, erm, Germany's basically, it's not like a huge country, but it's quite a large country. So erm, to get from from Hamburg to say, down there, down south, you would probably have to go by train for six or seven hours. So erm, that is quite a long time.
F806 Mm
F807 But erm, it's it's not really that far from, to get from Hamburg to Berlin, which is quite odd. It's just three hours by car, that's not really that much.
F806 Is that the capital?
F807 Yeah. So that's, you know, that's not [inhale] it lo- it looks quite far away on the map, but it isn't actually.
F806 Hm That's the same with er Townsville and Cairns; they look so close, but they're like
F807 Mm
F806 really far apart. But then in Brisbane and Townsville, you get like that much, and that's like sixteen hours //car.//
F807 //Mm// //[laugh]//
F806 //[laugh]// A lot!
F807 [laugh]
F806 So, yeah.
F807 [laugh]
F806 I think two hours by plane though, two or three hours.
F807 Mm
F806 [sniff]
F807 It took us quite a long time to get from Glasgow to Newcastle last week.
F806 Really?
F807 Erm, it's like two and a half hours or something by train, but I think that's because for some odd reason there's a stop at Edinburgh.
F806 Why?
F807 Probably because it's more lucrative to stop there, because other people will, I don't know, //board the, board the train, I don't know but, it's just//
F806 //Tourists? [laugh]//
F807 it's odd, it's just like, [laugh].
F806 Well, I don't know.
F807 [laugh]
F806 Mm That's a bit odd, but maybe there's like, ehm, cause you know how like Queens- Queen Street Station?
F807 Mmhm
F806 You get, you really g-, you really should go to that station if you want to go to Edinburgh and things like that.
F807 Mm
F806 Maybe that's why they have a stop at Edinburgh, cause it might be one of the main //stations,//
F807 //Yeah, maybe.//
F806 for going down south.
F807 Yeah, maybe, yeah probably, probably. [laugh]
F806 Yeah. Oh, I'm finding difficulties breathing out my nose.
F807 [laugh]
F806 I can breathe through my mouth. Oh, it's awful. But erm, yes, I want summer to come. //Cause it'll be so much//
F807 //Mmhm//
F806 warmer, well, I hope it will be //warmer.//
F807 //[laugh]// So much warmer, well! //Well,//
F806 //Mm//
F807 let's let's, you know, let's just say warmer. //[laugh]//
F806 //Well we've had sunny days though.// //This morning//
F807 //Yeah, that's true.//
F806 it was sunny.
F807 But don't expect anything like Australia. //I think you're going to be disappointed. [laugh]//
F806 //[laugh] No!// Yeah, I think so. But, yeah, no I won't, there's no chance of actually //m- me getting like a lobster.//
F807 //I just I just// [laugh], no probably not. //Probably not. But that's good, isn't it?//
F806 //[laugh]// Well, actually, no. When I was in, I stayed with my at my grandparents one weekend, this was like when I was fifteen. And the sun was shining, but it wasn't hot but it was enough you know, "Aw nice day" so we sat out the side on the terrace, and there was a big umbrella. I had a strappy top on but I sat underneath the shade. And I //got burnt, so much so,//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 no actually, des- destroyed my skin.
F807 [laugh]
F806 It was like a third-degree burn on //my chest. [laugh] It was like, [laugh]//
F807 //[laugh]// Oh, my God! //[laugh]//
F806 //[laugh]// From that tiny little bit of sun! [laugh]. And that's never happened to me in Australia. //[laugh]//
F807 //That's very odd.//
F806 [laugh] [inhale]. So I was like "Oh", my Nonna was like "Oh no, how did that happen to you?" "I said, oh I must have fell asleep, why what's wrong?" "Oh." //[inaudible]//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 So it was like //"oh" [laugh] but yeah, it wa-. Ever got sunburnt?//
F807 //[laugh] Oh dear.// Not really.
F806 No.
F807 Well maybe once or twice, //but not like really badly.//
F806 //Does the sun shine?//
F807 Hm?
F806 [laugh] Does the sun //shine? [laugh]//
F807 //Does the sun shine?// //Erm, [laugh].//
F806 //Does the sun shine in Germany? [laugh]// //Yeah. [laugh]//
F807 //Well, [laugh]//
F806 No.
F807 Well it sometimes does. //[inaudible] [laugh]//
F806 //It's like Norway, and just has black// //nights in winter. [laugh]//
F807 //[laugh]// It's it's like Norway. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F806 //Ah, they do, they have like a// //erm//
F807 //[tut]// Yeah, yeah, it's //true, [inaudible].//
F806 //So night,// for a day. I wouldn't like that.
F807 [cough] mmhm. No.
F806 Cold. But apparently they have two moons.
F807 What? [laugh] How does that work? [laugh] //[laugh]//
F806 //I don't know. I don't know. But ehm,//
F807 And you're [?]absurdly[/?] jealous now, yeah? //[laugh] I want two moons!//
F806 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F807 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F806 //No.// I don't know, but maybe she was just tr-, maybe my geography teacher was just trying to crack a joke, maybe.
F807 [click]
F806 But in Australia, not ki-, no kidding, on this, no, o- up here you have the sun, here you have the moon. Don't ask me how that works.
F807 But it works.
F806 But it does.
F807 [laugh]
F806 Mm until, probably five o'clock or half-past five, and then you just get the moon. //But the moon is always there when the sun is up.//
F807 //[laugh]// [laugh]
F806 I asked that, I asked that of my geography teacher. I said "Miss Bannister, why is it over here that you get the sun on that side and the moon on that side", and someone said to me "Do you really? We don't get the moon at the same time as the sun". I said "Yes, you do".
F807 [laugh]
F806 Erm, just, she went oh yeah, it was all to do with ehm the way the sun is positioned and the moon and blah blah blah, but over here you don't get that. You just get a normal day. Sun comes up. Sun comes down. Moon comes up, moon comes down.
F807 [laugh] Very respectable moon, //and sun//
F806 //Mm//
F807 over here. [laugh]
F806 No weird G- weather patterns in Germany?
F807 Erm Not really, no. It's just, erm, basically, Hamburg's actually got a reputation er f- to like that it's quite a rainy town. And it is quite rainy, but it's not, I think it's not that bad, it's not that terrible. Southern Germany's a lot warmer than Northern Germany though. It's a lot warmer. //For some reason. I don't really know why.//
F806 //Mm//
F807 [inhale] It's just is, it just is really warm.
F806 See Townsville's got a reputation for cyclones.
F807 Mm!
F806 Yeah, so when it starts raining really really heavily, I remember, I was just like standing there in the middle of ehm, I don't know really, the grassy area where you play sports and things like that and people have their lunch. I was just standing there and it started raining. I was like "Aw rain! Fantastic!"
F807 [laugh]
F806 And all these girls went, they just started screaming at the top of their voices going "Ah no! I want to hide! I want to hide!" I'm like "Why? Why hide? It's just rain. It's fantastic." But they obviously thought it was going to be cyclone. //Whereas I didn't know.//
F807 //[laugh]// [laugh]
F806 I was like "Oh! It's raining". //And then,//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 When it did rain again - it stopped you see - but it ra-, it had started to rain again. And everybody just got up, stopped what they were doing, including the teacher, and ran outside, to the rain! And I just sat there going "Right."
F807 [laugh]
F806 People all just stopped their work and just ran outside. To touch rain.
F807 [laugh]
F806 That is odd. [laugh] //Cause that's//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 just when I'd arrived there.
F807 That's not what we do in Scotland. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F806 //No, we usually stay inside.//
F807 [laugh]
F806 So. No. But it was really odd. And the teacher was like, she came back in, "Oh don't you want to go see the rain?" and I was like, "No".
F807 [laugh]
F806 [laugh]
F807 [laugh]
F806 "No not really.
F807 [laugh]
F806 cause rain is rain to me."
F807 [laugh] It's just water. //[laugh]//
F806 //Mm// And she's like "Oh we don't get rain here much", I was like "No, I can see that, yeah." That's why everybody ran outside and started screaming. //[inhale]//
F807 //[laugh]//
F806 [laugh] It was like, aw, [inaudible].
F807 [laugh]
F806 But they all do it, including guys.
F807 [laugh]
F806 Running outside, screaming, "Rain, oh rain!"
F807 [laugh]
F806 ooh But.
F807 [laugh]
F806 It was really weird though though, the other day here, when it started to, like, snow and in the mid-afternoon it was just sunshine.
F807 Oh the the weekend, last weekend? //Mm//
F806 //Mm//
F807 Mm
F806 But, I thought it would have snowed a little bit more.
F807 Yeah we can get tiny tiny tiny tiny amount of snow in Newcastle, but just.
F806 [inaudible] Like, couple of snowflakes and that's it.
F807 Yeah.
F806 Nothing on the ground?
F807 No. //[?]Train.[/?]//
F806 //Here there// here there was stuff on the ground.
F807 Aw
F806 But not just like a little covering, it was like, more //spread out.//
F807 //Aw!//
F806 But by [?]mid-afternoon[/?] //it was gone.//
F807 //[exhale]// Can't believe I missed that. //[laugh]//
F806 //Yeah!// I love the snow.
F807 Yeah, snow's nice.
F806 Yeah.
F807 [laugh] I still haven't told the other flat- erm the the other girls about my er birthday last week, [laugh]. [inhale]
F806 Ooh Perhaps you should, just to see the reaction.
F807 Yeah, maybe. //[laugh]//
F806 //But,// if, they might decide to make it up.
F807 [tut] oh, [laugh] oh well I won't I won't be here this weekend, so,
F806 [inaudible]
F807 I'll just have to find an excuse for next weekend, [laugh]. [laugh]
F806 Hmm I'm at the library. How about next weekend? Sleeping. //Next weekend?//
F807 //[laugh]// Sleeping [laugh].
F806 Yeah. Or Labour Club, [laugh].
F807 Working. [laugh]
F806 Yeah.
F807 Hopefully.
F806 That'd be good. Be good. It's like kind of being an usher thing, isn't it? Being an usher?
F807 Yeah, it is, it is, hmm, I think.
F806 Yeah. I really need to start, actually, doing more Japanese.
F807 [tut] ah.
F806 I complained to Kate about that last night. I said "and tell Amadeus, when he's going to write Japanese to spell it properly." She goes "Yeah, I know. He doesn't spell things even in English right. So there's no hope for him."
F807 [laugh]
F806 It's like, mm, okay, fair enough.
F807 [laugh] //And why are you,//
F806 //So.//
F807 I mean, Japanese, you've got so much to do without learning Japanese.
F806 Mm! //But Japanese is fun!//
F807 //Hm// [exhale] [laugh]
F806 Seriously, you need to just, I'll give you one of the books I've got. Just sit down and you can read it and see how excellent it is.
F807 [laugh]
F806 No?
F807 Erm, not really. [laugh]
F806 I really, I really want to go, to Japan.
F807 [exhale] You're always trying to make me read books that I don't really need to read. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F806 //[Tut], I know.//
F807 So evil! [laugh]
F806 Eh I know, I'm just conniving.
F807 I know, yeah, [laugh].
F806 Mm But ehm. Yeah.
F807 Hey, when is our erm, that's, our English literature essay is due after Easter, isn't it?
F806 Fifteenth of April.
F807 Fifteenth of [exhale] [laugh] oh no!
F806 That's a big essay!
F807 I know, I know.
F806 Hefty topics.
F807 Yeah, [laugh].
F806 Like oh!
F807 And my comparative literature essay's due in the same week.
F806 Oh what?
F807 Yep!
F806 Are they like from the same eh department kind of thing?
F807 Erm, no, comparative literature is, for some reason it's in the department for modern languages.
F806 Ah, probably because it's comparative.
F807 [Tut] yeah, probably.
F806 So you study different types erm multicultural texts.
F807 Mm yep.
F806 Yes.
F807 [inhale]. Essays [inaudible].
F806 Don't worry! You and I will both be fine, well you'll be fine, and //hopefully I'll be fine. [laugh]//
F807 //[laugh] Oh I'm sure you'll be fine.//
F806 I'm praying that I'll be fine and I get this done tonight. //I really need//
F807 //Yeah.//
F806 to get it done.
F807 Yeah.
F806 Otherwise I'm gonna be like a headless chicken,
F807 [laugh]
F806 in more ways than one!
F807 [laugh]
F806 So. Yeah.
F807 [laugh]
F806 Mm Any more to talk about?
F807 Not really.

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