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1. A ship has a cargo of 70 tons. 4/10 were cotton, 1/5 was fruit. If the rest of the cargo was timber, how much timber was there?

2. 240 bales cotton at 15s. for 30 bales.

3. If one ship uses 14 cuts coal in a journey, how many tons and cuts will 51 ships use?

4. If a ton of grain travels 597 mls. in a boat, to the harbour, 47 mls. from the harbour to town in a train and goes for 4 hrs. in another train at 40 mls. per hour, how far did it travel altogether?

5. If 1 docker is paid £3..6s..1s, minus 4s. 7d. for insurance stamps, how much would 10 such men be paid?


1. 28 tons of timber left.

2. £6 for 240 bales.

3. 35 tons 14 cuts

4. 804 miles.

5. 10 men would be paid £30..15s.

1. 1 gross at a farthing each?

2. 241 galls. of paraffin at 2/7 per gall?

3. 1/8 + 1/4 + 1/2 - 3/16.

4. How much for 12 pencils at 2 1/2 d. each, and 12 notebooks at 3 1/4 d. each?

5. 1/2 of 4 + 4.

6. A man puts 2 seeds in every sq. inch of his garden. How many seeds are put in 2 sq. feet.

7. Divide 7/6 between Jill, Mary and Ann so that Jill gets 6d. more than Ann and Mary?

8. A man buys 6 butter dishes at 1/3 each, and sells them so that he makes a profit of 9d. altogether. What is the Selling Price of each dish?

9. How many seconds between 11.45 am. and 12.10pm?

10. Write in figures: five million, two hundred and ten thousand, nine hundred and four?

11. How many acres in 2 sq. ml.?

12. Jean reads 1/8 of her book on Monday, 3/8 of it on Tuesday, and 3/8 on Wednesday. If there are 10 pages left, how many were there altogether?

13. How many days in June, February and December 1940?

14. £40 of a man's salary is taxed at 3/- in the £. How much tax does he pay altogether?


1. 3/-
2. £3/ .. 2/7.
3. 11/16.
4. 5/9
5. 6.
6. 576 seeds.
7. Jill gets 2/10. Ann and Mary get 2/4 each.
8. 1/4 ½
9. 1,500 seconds.
10. 5,210,904.
11. 1,280 acres.
12. 80 pages.
13. 90 days.
14. £6.

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