Testament of William Campbell

Author(s): Campbell, William


I William Campbell of Succoth being for the preſent bleſsed by
God in perfect health and sound in memory and Judgment For Considering the
Frailty of Mans life and the uncertainty of the tyme of my death Doe threfore
make my Latter will and testament as Followes In the firſt place I recommend my
soul to God almighty my Creator hoping to be saved by the Merits of Jesus Chriſt
my redeemer And I desire my friends When it pleaſes God to call me to cauſe decently
interr my body In my burial place And as to my worldly estate I nominate and
appoynt John Campbell my eldest Laufull son to be my sole and only executor and
Universall Legator and [¿] with my haill goods gear debt sums of money
and other Mouvables whatſomever of whatever nature or quality presonally pertaining
and belonging to me or which shall happen to pertain and belong to me
or be adopted and [¿] to me the tyme of my deceaſe when ever the ſamen
shall happen X With the burden alwayes of the payment of my haill [¿] and
Laufull debt and proviſiones to my other Children With Full power to my
[¿] and [¿] thereanent And Lastly I hereby revock all former
testaments and Latter wills made by me In witnes whereof I have subscryved
this preſents (Written by William Caddell serve to Robert Campbell writter to the
signet) at Edinburgh the third day of July one thouſand seven hundred
and Eight years Before theſe witneſses the saids Robert Campbell and
William Caddell Witneſses alſo to the Margnale note which is
likewayes written by the ſd William Caddell
Will: Campbell
Ro Campbell witnes
Wm Caddell witnes


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Testament of William Campbell

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Document ID 349
Title Testament of William Campbell
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Administrative prose
Year of publication 1708
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Author information: Campbell, William

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