Regulations on College Discipline

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Regulations concerning the Exercise of Discipline over
the Students of Glasgow College by the Faculty of the
College i.e. by Meetings composed of the Principal
and all the Profeſsors and no other Person whatever.

That it belongs in the last Resort to the Faculty Meetings
of Glasgow College, to exercise all acts of Discipline over the Students
of the College, whether Graduates or Under-Graduates,
Togati or non-Togati, and therefore all Discipline exercised by
single Profeſsors over their several Claſses, or by the Jurisdictio
ordinaria, shall be subordinate to the Faculty Meeting of the
College, and subject to be reviewed by it upon Complaint made
by any Profeſsor or Student.

That as the End of College Discipline is to preserve
Purity of Morals, and decent and regular behaviour among the
Students; it ought to be exercised in such a manner, as is most
proper, to produce these effects upon the Minds of ingenuous Youth.

And therefore when Admonition or Rebuke either more private or
public can answer the End no other Discipline is to be used. Where
these menas are judged to be insufficient moderate fines may be
imposed. And Expulsion from the College is the highest Censure
to be inflicted by the Faculty Meetings of the College, and to be used
only for great Enormities, or when the Delinquent is obstinate, and incorrigible,
or when the dangers of his infecting others requires this Remedy.
It is the Duty of every Profeſsor to be attentive to the Moral
behaviour, and to the manners of the Students as far as
he has opportunity, and to admonish them with Prudence
when he sees meet, as a Father would do to his Children. And
when he observes any thing that requires public animadversion,
it is his Duty to inform the Faculty Meeting of it that the
proper Remedy may be applied. And therefore no Profeſsor
on account of his giving any such Information to the Faculty
Meeting shall be held as a Calumniator or Accuser, or shall
be deprive of his right of judging in that affair.
The power of the Faculty Meeting of the College

over Students is like the power of a Father over the Members
of his Family, and not like that of a civil or criminal Judge.

As the Sentences of Faculty Meetings in the Exercise of
Discipline over Students do not affect Life or Fortune, nor
can be supposed very deeply to affect reputation. There
is no neceſsity for recording admonitions, rebukes or fines unleſs
it be a part of the sentence that it be recorded. Every
sentence of Expulsion shall be recorded, but the evidence upon
which it is founded shall be kept in a separate Book, that
it may not incumber the College Records.
As in the Exercise of College Discipline, there cannot
be supposed any intricate points of Law to be discuſsed,
any great temptation to Iniquity in the Judges, or to prevarication
in the Witneſses, or any great degree of cunning
or corruption in the Partiesl it would be improper and even
ridiculous for Faculty Meetings in the exercise of Discipline
to be tied down to the solemnity and to the formality of
Courts of Law. The giving formal Lbels, or admitting Students

to plead by Council is improper and unneceſscary and the examination
of Parties or Witneſses upon oath ought to be avoided
as much as poſsible.

As the power of a Father in his Family no way interferes
with or incroaches upon the civil or criminal Jurisdiction
of the Courts of Law; so the power of Discipline in the
Faculty Meeting of the College does in no way interfere with
or incroach upon the civil or criminal Jurisdiction which by
the constitution of this University and by Acts of Parliament
belong to the Lord Rector of the University and his Aſseſsors.


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Regulations on College Discipline

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