Report on Library

Author(s): Forbes, William; Morthland, Mr Charles; Simson, Mr Robert


Nov 5 1719

Report of the Visitors of the Library
1o They find that many of the books are much spoiled
particularly those of Theology, some of the Claſsiks &
especially those in usum Delhim' &. & many new books
as the Compleat history of England, [¿] Lexicon &.
2o. It was not without a great deal of pains that we could
make up the charge againſt Mr Carmichael, because as
to additional books not set down in the signed Catalogue
in the proper [¿] of the preſs where they lye sometimes
the references to the respective places in the Additional Catalogue
where to find them were very indiſtinctly marked and
some not marked which obliged us to a very tedious search, Therefor
we are of Opinion there should be a new Catalogue made up
Also the Alphabetical Catalogue being torn in several places
muſt be renewed.
3o. We observed some books [¿] by drops of rain
by some failure of the roof in the south & N. Eaſt corners
of the Library.
4to. As to the books not produced at Mr Carmichaels
admiſsion severals are recovered & some not as appears
by a subscribed liſt in the [¿] hand.
5o We are of Opinion that the Cuſtom hitherto observed
of Lending books upon a Maſters line to the Biliothecary & getting
them returned without retiring that line is a practice
neither safe for the Library nor the keeper thereof
because it doth not impact that the keepers having such
a line doth make the subscriber anſwerable for the books:
seeing it is not given up when these are reſtored. So that
the Library keeper is still lyable for books so lent out &
can no otherwise file any charge againſt the borrower
than by appealing to this the keepers own memorandum
that such a day such books were lent to such a man
while in effect is no Charge at all, Unleſs the borrowers
memory serve him to own the having thereof. Nor is it safe
On the other hand for the Library that the faculty [¿]

should sustain what the keeper shall please to mark in
his minut book as relevant to [¿] him at their hand,
for remedying this defect we humbly propose to the faculty
whether or not it may be adviseable to make this rule for
the future That no book be Lent out of the Library to any
Maſter without a subscribed line which the keeper shall
be oblidged to retain for his warrant, & give up to the
granter or his Order upon Reſtitution of the book.
6o We found all the Books contained in the faculty's
Charge againſt Mr Carmichael except a few in the hands
of Mr Lowden & Mr Roſse whereof the [¿]
are of Opinion that these should be first lodged in the
Library that the condition they are in be inſpected before they
are delievered to the [¿]. Mr Loudon [¿] wtnsed.
7o As to Mr Carmichael late Bibliothecary we are of OpinioOn
that he hath approved himself faithfull diligent &
[¿] in his Office.
Laſtly in order to make the Bibliothecary exact in calling in
books after 3 months loan according to the standing Law We
are of opinion that for all books not returned within 3 months
after the loan the Library keeper be accountable and Cenſurable
nor ought it to Excuse him that he [¿] the
Maſters line containing his receipt of them.

Charles Morthland
Rob: Simson


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Report on Library

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