utterly baffling implementable repugnant [page turning] ucas samaritans unintelligible dwarfed barmy fairytale deplorable spins milkmaid birls tsars overwhelmed twisted incapable surroundings bizarre placing centred 1959 odds attempted strangers slaw boring replies corners slavery ports attainment cinderella unacceptable herts dependent binny thesis depend exams tuck apologise finds master leaf unlike confident hang welcomed removed autumn closer stupid shared tied bristow christian slowly curran frank britain em strange ahead feeling tongue hotel provides natural ann situation complete completely chisholm kind am things fine own malcolm right f643: f1054: thing black f718: [laugh] m999: m816: seems yes nothing cannot f963: idea cathy yeah f1025: second convener m762: wrong marwick agree f965: sitting partnership certain m1014: m734: m818: m819: m1042: tricia exactly vital necessary m1146: f1005: everything correct m1008: f1009: f835: clear f832: f834: delighted perfect m1007: f1038: essential f1037: wonderful absolutely nothin brilliant disgraceful pourin fantastic foonert disgusting fizzin refute guttered forbade gabble absolutely

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