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Conversation 26: Two females from Glasgow talking about weddings

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Audio transcription

F631 So, you got married recently, Louise. //Tell us about your,//
F689 //[laugh]//
F631 the whole experience. [inhale]
F689 The whole experience? Oh I don't know. //I don't remember much o it now. [laugh] Sort o wiped from ma memory.//
F631 //[laugh]//
F689 Ehm, it all started, I think, it must have been September or something like that, and David just decided one day "I think we should get married soon". //An I says "Ehm,//
F631 //Mmhm// //[laugh]//
F689 //really?" [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F631 //How romantic! [laugh]//
F689 Och, it was just, I never really thought about it, cause erm, I was quite happy ploddin along, but we'd said like years ago before Rosalyn was even born that we should perhaps get married at some point, [laugh], //so it just sort o//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 got put on hold and put on hold. And then what with the movin house and stuff. Ehm, so it originally turned out that we'd just go for a really really small do.
F631 Mmhm
F689 And [throat] of course I told Mum and she was like "Oh, we'll need to have a reception" [laugh] and things like that. //So,//
F631 //Right.//
F689 it just started out ehm tryin to keep it as simple an as sort o cheap as possible. [laugh]
F631 Mmhm
F689 Ehm, but it was quite horrendous tryin to find like a place that would accept children, //and stuff like that.//
F631 //Really?//
F689 Mmhm, it was like erm, totally, erm, "You're only allowed kids until half past eight and that's it. No exceptions." //[laugh] Uh-huh//
F631 //Up until half eight, right.//
F689 And, so we tried about four different pubs and phoned other places and it was "no no no no" //[laugh].//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 So, and a lot of them were just really small as well, //so I was,//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 by the time we sort o counted heads it was gonna be like fifty plus, [laugh] //[laugh]//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 that's what it started out like, so erm, [throat]. Pa- [tut] What else is there? Eh
F631 But it was a nice place that you had, in the end. //Mmhm//
F689 //Our hotel, uh-huh that was Mum that// sort o said, "Right, we'll go for this", even though it wisnae the cheapest //place.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 Ehm, so, //[laugh]//
F631 //And what about ehm// booking the registrar's? Di- when did you do that, for,
F689 Eh, it was as soon as David phoned out and found sort o the, he was like "What date shall we go for?" I was like that "Oh, any date", sort o, "preferably at the end of the month." Ehm, [tut], and, he just phoned up and they told him what dates there [laugh] were an //that was it. [laugh]//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 oh I just sort of randomly picked that one, the Friday. and I had specifically said to him "Don't pick a Friday", [laugh] or a //a Saturday, [laugh] because you'll never find anywhere like//
F631 //Oh right. [laugh]// //Oh for a reception?//
F689 //that would uh-huh// like for a function in a pub, which was what I was wantin.
F631 Mmhm
F689 Erm so, //that//
F631 //Oops.// //[laugh]//
F689 //wis that [laugh]// that caused a wee argument, so
F631 Mmhm
F689 ehm
F631 What's the whole thing about ehm, you know, your banns have to go up for is it like two weeks or something, you know that
F689 I don't know, what thats about, they didnae, they didn't really explain it at the sort of registry office, ehm. //We just//
F631 //I think it's some//
F689 paid for everything sort o upfront, at the time, kind of thing. [laugh]
F631 Yeah.
F689 Ehm
F631 I think it's some sort of old Scots law thing though, you know, that you have to ehm make it sort of publicly known that you're gonna be gettin //married for like//
F689 //Mmhm//
F631 I think it's like two weeks or //four weeks or something.//
F689 //I think it's,// I'm not sure, I think it's a week now.
F631 Right.
F689 Ehm, I think a week's what you've got to do all the final things, but I didnae really pay much attention to that kind //of thing.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 It was just the things like you're not allowed to marry your sort o somebody that used to be your mother-in-law, //and things like that an//
F631 //[laugh]//
F689 the adopted family and special circumstances and stuff like that, there was stuff like that //on it.//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 An of course your witnesses need to be over sixteen, don't they? //[laugh]//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 But it was quite dauntin, cause you sit in this wee room, an there's bright lights, an [laugh] an you have to fill in this thing and come back in two seconds, //[laugh]//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 and wait for to get called, an
F631 Mmhm
F689 look at all the various adverts that they keep in their wee room, //[laugh]//
F631 //Right. [laugh]//
F689 cheesy tunes, hire the bands, an all that kind of thing. //[laugh]//
F631 //Uh-huh// Ah Just so many photographers as well, isn't there? //[laugh]//
F689 //[laugh] I should actually have got a professional photographer, cause that was a bit annoyin.// Everybody sort o //"say cheese" at the actual thing.//
F631 //Yeah. Uh-huh//
F689 And there was only supposed to be sort o one person allowed to take photographs, ehm, but of course [CENSORED: forename]'s family couldnae //resist standin up an//
F631 //Yeah, [laugh]// //Mm [laugh]//
F689 //"right you, stand there, and you stand there". [laugh]// //"Look at me" [laugh]//
F631 //Uh-huh [laugh]// //I know.//
F689 //so that was a bit, it was like,// sort o, a "Hello" photoshoot or somethin //like that.//
F631 //Mmhm// I thought you did well. //[laugh] You bore up well. [laugh]//
F689 //[laugh]// My expressions are something else though.
F631 Mmhm
F689 Sort o starin blankly into space. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F631 //Mmhm// //[exhale]//
F689 //[inhale]//
F631 So what did Rosalyn make of it, do you think?
F689 She enjoyed it. She was sayin to ma pal Davina, she was just "Oh, this is really good, isn't it, Davina?" when she //was sittin there.//
F631 //Uh-huh// //[laugh]//
F689 //Like "Mummy". [laugh]// //But no, she thought it was good.//
F631 //[inhale]// //Yeah.//
F689 //The actual// ceremony, and she enjoyed herself at the reception.
F631 Mmhm
F689 I obviously didnae see her the whole night. Cause she was playin wi her, her sort o second cousin, if that's what you call it. //Sohaila.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 But, of course.
F631 So is that David's cousin's daughter?
F689 That's his auntie's //daughter.//
F631 //Right.// //Right.//
F689 //[laugh]// It gets a bit //confusing, there's that many of them. [laugh]//
F631 //Yeah. Uh-huh//
F689 The [CENSORED: surname] clan.
F631 Yeah. [laugh] Yeah, oh no she was good.
F689 Och aye she was.
F631 Probably enjoyed gettin all dressed up, eh?
F689 Ah, she was the cleanest actually, when her dress //came back it was//
F631 //[laugh]// //[laugh] Ah//
F689 //sort o spotless, compared to mine.// An ma flower fallin off it, an //what not.//
F631 //Yeah, you should// you should tell us about your shoes. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F689 //Oh right! [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F631 //Cause you had that lovely dress on, didn't you?// [laugh]
F689 Like ma high-heeled shoes. I couldnae wear them any more; they were just totally doin ma feet in.
F631 Mmhm
F689 Ehm, I'm not a person for high heels at all. I've got to have somethin flat an //comfortable.//
F631 //Yeah, I don't think I'd ever seen you wearing// high heels before. Like me, I never
F689 I think the last time I wore high heels was at sort o Bedlam, the Gothic club. //[laugh]//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 I sort o borrowed ma pal's once for a night, to see how they were, but I just couldnae
F631 Mmhm
F689 get into them, so I put ma biker boots back on again. //Naw.//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 Got tae have ma trusted Doc Martins with me [laugh] at all times. [laugh] //But.//
F631 //[inhale] Yeah.// And you had ehm, did you not have [CENSORED: forename]'s mum's shoes on for a while?
F689 Oh she wanted to swap me, //for some reason; I think it was//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 too much alcohol at that point. //I don't know. She was//
F631 //[laugh]//
F689 convinced that she was sober, so. //[laugh] I'll just let//
F631 //Uh-huh//
F689 her believe that. [laugh] But, aye her shoes, they're a laugh as well. //[laugh]//
F631 //Yeah. I know. [laugh]//
F689 That's all she wears, is high heels. Even in the snow, it's high heels and her bare feet //usually. [laugh]//
F631 //Yeah.// I know. I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't couldn't have walked in these, an, she broke one, didn't she, at one point? //I think, yeah.//
F689 //Did she? I can't remember.//
F631 I think there was a wee accident [laugh] towards the end. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F689 //Too much dancin, probably.//
F631 Mmhm
F689 But no, it was pretty good.
F631 [click]
F689 And everybody was impressed with my Mum's beautiful //creation! [laugh]//
F631 //Oh yeah, the cake was really good.//
F689 Aye, it was.
F631 Yeah. Looked very professional.
F689 An it was tasty as well, which is the main thing in ma opinion. //[laugh]//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 Er
F631 So how di- how do you do all the wee flowers and stuff, I mean, do you, do you just buy these as they are, or.
F689 I bought a packet of er, I found this new weddin shop up the town, //[laugh] ehm//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 and, they're quite, och, it's about eight pound for a packet o twelve it was,
F631 Mmhm
F689 but, ah they were quite nice, wee paper roses and these wee silver ball //things.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 So, they're a bit hard trying to stick onto the actual cake, so I just sort of pressed them right into it.
F631 Yeah.
F689 Ehm, but it looked alright. It wisnae
F631 No, it was really good.
F689 as good as I thought it was gonna be, but I did my best, it was //quite hard,//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 tryin to do everything.
F631 I thought it was great, when you see, you know, these wedding cakes cost hundreds of pounds usually, you know if you buy them, sort of //fr- from//
F689 //I know, there was// ones that were gonna cost me like three hundred quid, for just like two //tiers, and they didnae look that//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 big, and I thought, "Mm God,
F631 Yeah.
F689 everybody gets a wee tiny, sort of inch square //[laugh] an that's their lot."//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 But no it was quite good, it was quite a good wee shop that.
F631 Mmhm
F689 An I got the sort o almonds out //as well.//
F631 //Oh yeah.//
F689 You know, they're li- like favours,
F631 Mmhm
F689 so is it for wealth, health, happiness, love, and one that you'll never be apart fae each other, sort o thing. [laugh]
F631 Right.
F689 That's what they're supposed to signify.
F631 I wonder why it's almonds, eh, do you know?
F689 I don't know; it's an Italian thing, //apparently.//
F631 //Uh-huh//
F689 Ehm, don't know why it's almonds though, [laugh] I suppose it could be anything, cause they do like wee sort o chocolate things as well,
F631 Mmhm
F689 an you can have mints, //but//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 Thought I'd keep my Mum happy; //she wanted proper//
F631 //Yeah.// //[laugh]//
F689 //favours.// //[laugh]//
F631 //Uh-huh// [laugh]
F689 Och no, I agree with her now, cause it was, och, I didnae see the fuss, it's cause me an David had been together for so many years, an.
F631 Yeah.
F689 It's I don't know, I don't like being felt on show, if you know what I mean? [laugh] //[laugh]//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 But
F631 I know, I understand. But it was nice, cause it wasn't too big. It was just a //a//
F689 //Uh-huh//
F631 nice size, I think.
F689 One of ma friends, she was invited to be a bridesmaid for one of her pal's weddins, and they were havin like seven //bridesmaids,//
F631 //[inhale]// Really?
F689 an like all these sort of page boys an //flower girls an//
F631 //[laugh] God! [laugh]//
F689 it was like a proper church do an //she was, you know,//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 there's no way I'm walkin down the aisle in a big //huge fancy church,//
F631 //[laugh]// //[inhale]//
F689 //she's like that cause she's// quite nervous about things like that.
F631 Yeah.
F689 I thought I would but I wis I wis okay, an my dad he rushed me down quite quickly though. [laugh] //He was more nervous than me, so.//
F631 //Mmhm mmhm// Did you sort of change any of the stuff that was said in the ceremony, or was it just //the standard, mmhm?//
F689 //No, it was just repeating what she said, yeah.// [laugh]
F631 Mmhm
F689 No, I would have been too nervous; I was sort of close to tears at one point. [laugh]
F631 Yeah.
F689 The-, as soon as I just started laughin at the registrar, she was quite //austere, an sort of mm [laugh] I know! [laugh]//
F631 //Yeah, she was. She was quite bossy, wasn't she? That was her her domain. [laugh]// [inhale]
F689 It was like that, was it, is there any, what is it they say, serious impediment or somethin, for you getting married, or something //like that? I don't know.//
F631 //Yeah, if anyone knows of any// //impediment.//
F689 //It was like sort o// "Speak now!" [laugh] [laugh]
F631 David wasn't your mother-in-law then? //[laugh]//
F689 //[laugh]//
F631 That's //okay. [laugh]//
F689 //Father-in-law. [laugh]// Not that I know of.
F631 [exhale]
F689 Oh dear.
F631 Mmhm, it's just, I think, you just see so many weddings in films and sort of TV shows and stuff like that, that a lot of that just seems quite clichéd now, and you //think, I can't believe that's what//
F689 //[laugh]//
F631 they really say, you know, you just //expect someone//
F689 //I know.//
F631 to jump up and go "No, Louise, //Marry me!" [laugh]//
F689 //I know, we were sort o// talkin about that one day, I was sort of saying "What would happen if somebody did do that?"
F631 Mmhm
F689 David was like "Well surely they'd need to cancel the weddin" I said "But, why," I said, "if it's just like a one second interruption and they say 'I'm only kiddin' ".
F631 Yeah. //[laugh] If they retract it [laugh] quickly. [laugh]//
F689 //Or, [laugh] I said, "I think it would be stopped// if I said "naw, well if I slept with the best man, or somethin". //[laugh]//
F631 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F689 //[laugh] Well maybe no the best man, the the sort o bridegroom!//
F631 Uh-huh
F689 That would be acceptable to //stop it but if it's just somebody playin around, cause//
F631 //[laugh]//
F689 I half thought that ma pal, Davina, her sort of fiancé John, he would do somethin like that cause he's that sort o guy, but [laugh].
F631 Is that the guy that was playin with Henry? //Yeah, he was nice.//
F689 //Uh-huh that's Jamie that// burped durin the ceremony, //his wee boy.//
F631 //Oh right.// //Uh-huh [laugh]//
F689 //So that was quite funny.// //That was a wee sort of ice-breaker, [laugh], "burgh!" [laugh].//
F631 //[laugh] Yeah, uh-huh, that was good. [laugh]// It's a good thing about having babies at weddings, you get some sort of sound effects.
F689 Och, I know. Och, it was an alright turnout. It was just our side of the family that wisnae really showin, like ma auntie fae England. [throat] She was a bit, "Oh, I'll come, but I don't know, who's gonna watch the dog?" and stuff //like that so.//
F631 //[tut] Aw//
F689 But, ma Mum's like that, "Just bring the bloody dog, with you." [laugh] //[laugh]//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 But och, didnae hear back fae her, so.
F631 Cause you don't really have that many relatives in Scotland, do you? Th-
F689 We'd, I, we used to, a lot of them have died now. //Ehm,//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 [tut], it's just er the folk that stay on Islay. There's only about, I don't know, I think there's only one left. [laugh]
F631 Right.
F689 On Islay. //Och, that's//
F631 //In Islay, right.//
F689 ma Mum's cousin,
F631 Uh-huh
F689 Flora. //[laugh]//
F631 //Uh-huh, of course. [laugh]//
F689 But a lot of them have died, erm. Och, I think there's a few, like really distant, it's like Mum's cousins kin o thing that are still sort o kickin about.
F631 Yeah.
F689 But, you kind o never hear o them, so.
F631 Mmhm
F689 And of course if she invited like sort o one side, //she'd need to invite the whole lot, anyway, [laugh]//
F631 //Yeah, yeah.//
F689 and she disnae like a lot of them, so.
F631 Mmhm //[laugh]//
F689 //[laugh]//
F631 What about your Dad's family; is it just one sister he's got? //Mm//
F689 //No, he's got,// God, how many has he got? Er, Right, there's ma uncle Mick, ma uncle Neil, ma uncle Paul, Denise, Linda, //[laugh] Janet, Janet, ehm,//
F631 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F689 //[laugh] I can't// //remember any of them! [laugh]//
F631 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F689 //Did I say Philip? I don't remember.// Aye, there's seven of them, I think. //There must be.//
F631 //Right.// //God, didn't realise that.//
F689 //A sort o mixture.// Aye, ma auntie Janet and uncle Paul, they're twins, //so,//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 but, no there's loads o them.
F631 Mmhm
F689 I think there's some, They've got a few sort o nieces and nephews, cousins, of mine, but och, you never hear o them. //That's the thing.//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 Just sort o in a nice wee sort o towns and villages in England, an that's //it.//
F631 //Uh-huh//
F689 Sort o stuck in the one place. Mm but.
F631 Yeah.
F689 It's only close family, sort o, and friends that matter to me these days anyway,
F631 Yeah.
F689 or else it gets too complicated an
F631 Mmhm
F689 noisy! //[laugh]//
F631 //[laugh]//
F689 Like ma hen night, when er [CENSORED: forename]'s [CENSORED: noun indicating family relationship] were up. //Oh God, it was like a witches' coven.//
F631 //Oh yeah, what was it like?//
F689 [laugh] //It wi-.//
F631 //Was it at your Mum's house, or?// //Right.//
F689 //It was at ma house.// Mmhm but naw, they showed up sort o quite merry an //they were just totally laughin all night and screamin and shoutin, [laugh]//
F631 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F689 //just cause they all talk at the one time, an// you cannae get a word in edgeways. [laugh] //So I just sort o//
F631 //Uh-huh//
F689 "Mm, well, whatever". //But, some o [CENSORED: forename]'s [CENSORED: noun indicating family relationship] were there, so that was alright; I was talkin to them.//
F631 //[laugh]// Yeah.
F689 An, [CENSORED: forename] couldnae make it cause her wee boy wasn't well, so. //[laugh]//
F631 //Oh right.//
F689 But, so it wisnae that quiet. //[laugh]//
F631 //[laugh]// At least you were, like, at home, rather than //being trailed around with a sort of learner's plate on. [laugh]//
F689 //[laugh]// //They threatened to do that.//
F631 //[inaudible]//
F689 They were like that, "Is that an old pub?" and I've got a pub sort o next door to me, an "Is that the only pub you've got?" "Do you no want to come in to Shawlands or the toon", //or whatever, an I wis//
F631 //Mmhm// //No!//
F689 //thinkin, no. [laugh]// //[inhale]//
F631 //[inhale]// //M-m-//
F689 //It's like "have you got a// a we- a veil, a net curtain, and I'm like goin "naw".
F631 [laugh]
F689 Er, I said well I've only got three pots, so you cannae take a //pot oot with you, or there's nothing to cook ma dinner in.//
F631 //Mmhm// Mmhm
F689 But [throat].
F631 And you get people with the sort of buckets, collecting money as well, which kind of annoys me because
F689 Oh they're do- they were wantin to do that as well. //She used to do it,//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 [CENSORED: forename]'s [CENSORED: noun indicating family relationship] used to do it, ehm for a laugh, with her mates when she was younger. //Like even though she was just divorced.//
F631 //Just pretend.// //Ah that's terrible!//
F689 //[laugh] Just go about, just totally// blaggin it, //intae like pubs an clubs,//
F631 //[laugh] No!//
F689 with buckets, saying "Right, I'm getting married, give us cash, give generously," //and all that.//
F631 //Right.// Oh, I'm gonna be even more suspicious of it now. I just think, I mean you can totally see why people would have done it long ago, you know, when //people//
F689 //Mmhm//
F631 like wouldn't have had any money an //needed money to sort//
F689 //I know.//
F631 o set themselves up, but, ehm, sometimes when you're out, you know, you see groups of women goin around and they're all totally dressed to the nines and they're sort of asking for money from me in my sort of scruffy //jeans and [laugh] I think "No, you've//
F689 //[laugh]//
F631 probably got more than I do," [inhale] but //that's just my//
F689 //I know.//
F631 bad mindedness.
F689 Don't worry I've never seen anybody out for a while, that's cause I've stopped goin to sort o trendy bars now. //[laugh]//
F631 //[tut]//
F689 I just go to ma two wee pubs in the toon, an that's me.
F631 Yeah.
F689 Student places that don't get stuff like that.
F631 Yeah.
F689 You just get the woman with her roses comin in, usually.
F631 But yeah, the guys sellin the roses.
F689 Up in Sleazy's an //an that.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 [laugh] David was like that, "Mm, naw."
F631 Have you got any good locals beside where you are?
F689 Pubs? //Na.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 Na. Not at all. I don't know. I've never been in that sort of pub next to me.
F631 Mmhm
F689 It seems, it's like a, one of these pubs that have got a sign that says "No football colours",
F631 Right.
F689 at the door, sort o thing, so I don't know whether it would be any good.
F631 Yeah. //Cause you really like//
F689 //But they used to do like//
F631 wearing football colours, //[laugh]//
F689 //[laugh] I know. Cannae get enough of ma Celtic top, you know. Oh no.// [throat] Naw it's just whenever you see that kind of sign, it's as if they're expectin trouble, //like, that's what you have to expect, but,//
F631 //Yeah, I know what you mean. Mmhm//
F689 erm, I'm sure it's very nice, //[laugh] cause in the summer, like//
F631 //[laugh]//
F689 they've got all these sort o, they've got a kind o roof garden sort o //over it.//
F631 //Oh right.//
F689 So it seems, and it's dead nice; it's always like freshly-painted ootside but
F631 Yeah.
F689 I've never had the inclination to [laugh] //[laugh]//
F631 //Uh-huh//
F689 go an see what it's like, cause it's like sometimes these locals you've gotta watch, like when you go in it's like a old Western sort o saloon. //Everybody sort o stares at the door, [laugh]. I know.//
F631 //Uh-huh [laugh] Music stops.// //Yeah.//
F689 //Mm but,// I might try it when I'm a bit older.
F631 [laugh] Uh-huh //[laugh]//
F689 //[laugh]// //in twenty years' time. [laugh]//
F631 //[laugh]// Take Rosalyn to protect you. //[laugh]//
F689 //[laugh]// //Ach no, Shawlands used to be okay, used to go up there sometimes, but it's bit too trendy now, aw these fancy.//
F631 //[cough]// Yeah, it's got quite upmarket there, eh?
F689 Ach I know, and it's like nearly three quid for a pint, so mm. //[laugh]//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 Ach an I neve- what annoys me is they've got all these big screen TVs //everywhere,//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 so if you want to go in and just have a chat, it's impossible cause you've got this big huge [laugh] sort o //the God lookin down on you.//
F631 //It's really distracting, isn't it? Yeah.// I know. I was in the Clockwork at the weekend, for the first time in ages, and they've got ehm, it's not huge screens, but it's big TVs and they've got kind of like a lot of them goin across the ban-, //the back wall now.//
F689 //Oh right, they never used to have// //stuff like that.//
F631 //No, they didn't.// I know, I was kind of disappointed in them, cause I thought, that wasn't the kind of pub that would have //done that, you know,//
F689 //Mmhm//
F631 but they had them on, just the sound down, it was just on like, //you know, BBC1 or something, you know. Mmhm//
F689 //I don't see the point in that, turnin the sound down, I mean// they should have the common decency to put the subtitles on, if they're gonna do that. [laugh] //If you really want to sit and watch//
F631 //Yeah.// //Yeah, or//
F689 //telly.//
F631 play music videos or something, but it was just, you know, someone reading the news. //[laugh] With the sound down. [laugh] It's not exactly,//
F689 //[laugh] I know.//
F631 you know, visual entertainment, really.
F689 I know, the Solid Rock used to be bad for that, they'd have like "Stars In Your Eyes" on, //with the sound down an this//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 heavy metal blarin in the //background, [laugh] you're like "No!" [laugh]//
F631 //Yeah. [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F689 //[laugh]// //I think somebody actually asked//
F631 //Me too.//
F689 someone, it's "Can you turn that off an put the telly up so I can hear it" [laugh] //[laugh] cause it was like//
F631 //Yeah. [laugh]//
F689 a celebrity special, I think. //Coronation Street stars sing "Stars In Their Eyes".//
F631 //[laugh] Uh-huh// //[laugh]//
F689 //[laugh] Aaah.//
F631 Excellent. So where do you go now? You go to Sleazy's an //where else do you go?//
F689 //Sleazy's,// and theThirteenth Note usually.
F631 Mmhm
F689 I went in Mono, the day after our weddin, but that was a bit too, I don't know, there was something dead cheesy and trendy about it, I don't know what it wis, but I just couldnae //put ma finger on it.//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 [laugh] Cause there's a lot o sort o these, what do you call them, yummy mummies out with their babies an
F631 Mmhm
F689 sort o
F631 For their vegan lunches. //[laugh]//
F689 //Aye, an they were just sort o lettin their kids// do wh- whatever they wanted, //like wander about//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 the bar an that, an, this wee guy, I felt sorry for him, he was wantin to play wi the sort of football table. Ehm, honestly his mum just goes "right, here's some money, you can play it", so he's sittin there tryin to do it himself, he couldn't see over the sort o side of the //table. [laugh]//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 You know there were a bunch of them, surely one o them could have came down and sort o played with him for //only the//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 five minutes it takes.
F631 Uh-huh
F689 So I ended up helpin him, so I let him stand on the chair and [laugh]
F631 Right.
F689 see, so , but. Ach, it was alright, it was just a bit, there was somethin just I couldnae quite put ma finger on it, //you know?//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 Maybe it smelt too good, or somethin. //[laugh] Compared to the Thirteenth Note. [laugh]//
F631 //[laugh] Yeah. [laugh]// //[laugh] Do you not go to the Clutha an, the Scotia and places like that?//
F689 //[laugh]// I used to pop ma head in fae time to time, but it's too, och, I don't know, it's just a bunch o sort o drunk men that are in there //these days.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 An, och I don't know, the Clutha's got air-conditioning so that's alright like, it's not //too bad with the smoke an stuff.//
F631 //[taps pen top]//
F689 Ehm, //but the Scotia, mmhm.//
F631 //The Scotia can be really smoky, cause it's got such low roofs, eh?//
F689 An it would be alright if you could take your pint outside it, I suppose you can in summer but
F631 Mmhm
F689 it's too cold at winter //[laugh].//
F631 //[laugh]//
F689 Och they're alright, they've, I mean, they're supposed to be very Scottish an that, but they're sort o, I don't know, they just become like wee old men's //pubs even//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 more so the now.
F631 Yeah.
F689 Cause like they're just no attractin a younger crowd.
F631 Mmhm
F689 It's just sort o och, I don't know. I think it's since it changed hands as well, the bar staff are a bit mair sort o stressed-out and overworked //an//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 no allowed to sort o relax an stuff.
F631 Mmhm
F689 An the beer's no that great anyway. //[laugh]//
F631 //[laugh] Oh well.// //[laugh]//
F689 //It was off. [laugh]//
F631 It's the oldest pub in Glasgow, isn't it, the Scotia, or?
F689 Uh-huh
F631 Yeah.
F689 I think so, I think it still is, well obviously it can't be, well if it is oldest, it's oldest! //[laugh]//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 they'd have to dig up one fae //under the ground, excavatin, [laugh] up at Townhead or somethin like that.//
F631 //Mmhm [laugh] "Time Team" [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F689 //I know.// Och, I don't know, it could do wi, jazzed up a wee bit more maybe. [laugh] //Och it's a bit hard, I mean.//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 It is what it is, I suppose.
F631 Mmhm
F689 If you're wantin somethin flashier, whatever, just go into one o the new pubs. //[laugh]//
F631 //Yeah.// So that was the erm day after your wedding you were in Mono? //Yeah.//
F689 //Uh-huh//
F631 What else did you do that day, sort of? //Did you do things that you//
F689 //Oh right, we started out// sort o gettin up quite early, cause we had to get out of the room for eleven o'clock it //wis! [laugh]//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 So it was up for eight o'clock gettin ready an stuff. Then we went home, took our goodies back to the //flat.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 We were totally knackered and wonderin what else to do, so we just ended up goin straight out to the town. [laugh] Go in to Bloc for a sort o big burger meal that they do.
F631 Mmhm
F689 An of course an that's when David broke his sort o vegetarianism. //[laugh]//
F631 //Oh yeah. [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F689 //After being a good boy an no bein tempted by the buffet an stuff like that.// //Ehm.//
F631 //How long's he been// vegetarian for?
F689 It wis, it must have been, it was after we moved, eh, so that was since August.
F631 Mmhm
F689 He's been sort o flirtin with the idea, cause we've seen loads o sort o documentaries on the telly, about ehm like chickens, that was the one. I think it was on Channel Four or somethin like that. Ehm, an it was just totally showin you how they're treated. It was like these big huge, I mean they're supposed to be barn hens, but they're stuck in a big huge sort o pen thing inside a barn.
F631 Mm
F689 There's like about a million o them or somethin, [laugh] just these wee heads and beaks [laugh] peekin out.
F631 Yeah.
F689 Erm, och just totally, I mean they're soaked in their own urine an stuff //like that an//
F631 //Yeah, an given steroids an//
F689 urgh.
F631 Mmhm
F689 And then, when you see them, it was that thing, if you look at the chickens on a supermarket shelf,
F631 Mmhm
F689 you see like the hock burns they were calling them //on their legs and stuff//
F631 //Right.//
F689 like that, and it's like sort o sores. //It's almost like nappy rash or something, it's like worse//
F631 //Aw. Uh-huh.//
F689 an that's the sign o don't buy this chicken, //so//
F631 //Right.//
F689 I kept lookin an lookin I'm like that, uh-huh can see like loads an loads o them
F631 Right.
F689 like that an like that means you can't even buy like the breasts because //you don't know where they've came from, so//
F631 //Yeah, it's come from the same, yeah.// //[inhale]//
F689 //[inhale]// I just decided och, may as well no buy chicken then, so I just started off like that and then
F631 Mmhm
F689 David's like that "I'm just not eatin meat at all". [laugh]
F631 Mmhm
F689 So I was like "Mm", but I do like ma bacon so //I tried//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 various vegetarian versions; they're just totally //stinky, [laugh] like sort o//
F631 //I know, they're just not as good.//
F689 frozen bacon slices //an they're like//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 they're like Quorn except you cook them. //[laugh]//
F631 //[laugh]// //[laugh] Mmhm//
F689 //an they're like totally urgh.// So I started makin just totally meals fae scratch again, well I did before wi meat an that, //just//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 meatless. alternative but I can never get the measurin out the peas an beans, an that, like dried stuff.
F631 Yeah. //[laugh]//
F689 //It's just too, [laugh], you just end up puttin a wee tiny bit in a bowl and you soak it overnight an it// //it would be like a vat o the stuff, [laugh] but I don't want to throw it oot cause that's a bit of a waste, so I end up puttin it in, it's like//
F631 //Uh-huh, yeah, [laugh], all the water's gone, uh-huh.//
F689 a banquet for twenty, you end up eatin it for the next week. //[laugh]//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 So, [cough], but it's no too bad now. I've discovered that tuna's actually better than chicken. So I'm puttin like fresh tuna intae like Chinese meals that I'm cookin an
F631 Mmhm
F689 so I might try Italian with it an see if it tastes any good,
F631 Mmhm
F689 cause it just tastes like chicken, to me anyway,
F631 Yeah.
F689 the tuna, so, I'll see how that goes on but
F631 Mmhm
F689 He's been a naughty boy, so. //recently [laugh] Naw. Aye, he is sort o back on meat, cause we've been gettin, had a few//
F631 //So is he is he back on meat now, or it was just that one, [laugh] right I see.//
F689 take-aways, I think it was, for the past month.
F631 Mmhm
F689 cause of how busy we were an stuff, And David was like that "Oh go on I'll have a sort o chicken curry //Yum, yum!" [laugh]//
F631 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F689 //I was like "chicken"? Well, lamb then.// //[throat]//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 Sorry, ma throat's dryin up in here It's dead warm
F631 Yeah.
F689 [throat] But
F631 And then, the rest of your day, //that day, did you//
F689 //[laugh]//
F631 was it bowling, you went to, or? //Yeah.//
F689 //Yeah, we went to bowlin,// up at Finnieston, //an that was a lot o fun.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 We stayed in there for about three hours, an totally knackered after it. //[laugh]//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 So, I only got one strike in the game. It didn't get registered, because he forgot to press a button to switch the thing on, so. //[laugh]//
F631 //Right. [laugh]//
F689 It was good fun.
F631 Yeah.
F689 We played some video games an that was us, //[laugh]//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 back into the town.
F631 Mmhm
F689 And that's when we went to, I think we went to Blackfriars first. [laugh] //[laugh] Another//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 old quaint pub //in Glasgow.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 Erm, didnae like that, so we went to Mono, and that was us, and then up to Koh-i-noor for some dinner. //[laugh]//
F631 //Uh-huh//
F689 [laugh] And then, went to the off-licence, got a bottle of Midori, it was, I fancied Midori for some //reason.//
F631 //[laugh]// //[laugh] Is that that green stuff?//
F689 //I don't know why. [laugh]// //Aye, it's like supposed to be like//
F631 //[inhale] Yeah.//
F689 melon liqueur, but I don't think it's even seen the juice o a melon.
F631 Uh-huh
F689 I think it's like sort o food colourin an sort o wine mix, //or whatever, I don't know what the hell it is.//
F631 //[laugh]//
F689 I'll need tae look in to //it. [laugh]//
F631 //[laugh] Maybe you'd best not, no.// //[laugh]//
F689 //It's probably like ehm,// that Twenty-Twenty stuff you used to //get.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 You probably still get that. //Never seen it for a while though.//
F631 //Mm//
F689 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F631 //Yeah.// //Mad Dog type stuff. [laugh]//
F689 //[laugh] Mad Dog.// I know, that's actually American, believe it or not, //Mad Dog.//
F631 //Yeah.//
F689 I didn't know that until I went to //America.//
F631 //Mmhm//
F689 And it was like cases o the stuff, that an that Thunderbird [laugh] //stuff. [laugh] Was like that, "Oh no!"//
F631 //Yeah, I know. That's what all the sort o youngsters drink, eh?// People that drink Buckie here. [laugh]
F689 Urgh I know. Oh that's quite funny. My wee brother was sayin that they put it into plastic bottles, for like, you can buy like litre bottles o it, in a sort o plastic bottle. I was like, God, don't know it'd manage to stay inside a plastic bottle, I'd expect it to melt through it, //or somethin. [laugh]//
F631 //[laugh] Yeah, corrode! [laugh]//
F689 But, mm yuck! [laugh]

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