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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 01, recording 1: baking cakes and washing up

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1121 Right, come on then [CENSORED: forename], if you finish your dinner, then we'll get on and do wir baking. Okay? Come on then.
F1122 [child noise]
F1121 I think one more spoon and that's you, okay?
F1122 [?]I'll go with you.[/?] Will I need this chair to stand on?
F1121 Yes, but fitt you've to do first, you've got to wash your hands before you do your baking, okay?
F1122 I'm going to roll up my sleeves to do my baking.
F1121 That's good, that's a good girl, now we'll put on your apron.
F1122 [child noise] Have you nae got apron?
F1121 Mm, aye, but I'm okay.
F1122 Will you get messy?
F1121 I hope not! //Okay. Right,//
F1122 //[child noise]//
F1121 First you have to wash your hands. Okay. You rub the soap together. [water running] That's a girl. Now, dry your hands, okay?
F1122 And then we're ready to cook. //Mm, mmhm.//
F1121 //Are you ready to cook? Right.// Okay. Right, and will we take a chair ower to the cooker?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 There you go.
F1122 Why are we going over to the cooker?
F1121 Well, you'll have to, you you roll up your sleeves. //We'll have to melt the chocolate first, okay?//
F1122 //[child noise] Melt the chocolate.//
F1121 But watch, this is aafu hot, so you've to be very careful, okay?
F1122 Yeah. Never done this before.
F1121 Aye you have! That's it. Will I put the chocolate in the bowl? And I'll get a spoon and you can mix it for me.
F1122 Aye. And remember to break them up in pieces.
F1121 Mmhm. That's right.
F1122 You never broke that one!
F1121 Ah, but that's fine like that. Am I doin it right?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Fitt do you think?
F1122 Fine. Is it gonna be, is this okay, if I do it.
F1121 What?
F1122 Will we have to do it?
F1121 Right, I'll hae [?]take this paper[/?].
F1122 Mmhm, big bits. //Mm.//
F1121 //That's big bits, isn't it, but that's fine like that.// Will we put the hale packet in?
F1122 Mmhm. Are we makin hundreds of chocolate?
F1121 I don't know. Fitt do you think?
F1122 Can we make a few chocolate?
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Don't don't let the bowl all full. //Full.//
F1121 //What?// //Well I think that'll maybe be plenty in there just now, okay?//
F1122 //Mmhm.// //[inaudible]//
F1121 //Right, I'll get a spoon for you, and you can mix it.//
F1122 First we have to mix it up, so it gets nice and melted.
F1121 Okay, but just be aafu gentle. //Okay?//
F1122 //I will be.//
F1121 I'll put aa this ower to the table for ye.
F1122 I can't mix it up.
F1121 That's very good.
F1122 I can't mix //it up.//
F1121 //Well you've// just got to gie it a wee minute, till it gets hot.
F1122 Can you mix it?
F1121 Aye, just gie it a wee minute, afore it melts, you see. //Wait till that water gets hot.//
F1122 //Takes a wee//
F1121 You see? So watch your hands.
F1122 [inaudible]
F1121 Aafu gentle.
F1122 Will we have to be careful with the cooker?
F1121 You've to be aafu careful wi the cooker, that's right.
F1122 We have to be not co- too close to the cooker.
F1121 Not too close, no. I'll go and get a bandy to tie your hair back, okay.
F1122 From the cooker.
F1121 We'll put your hair up in a ponytail. Okay.
F1122 So I don't ge- so my hair doesn't go into the cooker.
F1121 That's right. Cause we dinna want you to get any chocolate hair, do we?
F1122 No! //And like//
F1121 //[laugh]//
F1122 is the chocolate nearly melted?
F1121 I don't know. Fitt do you think? No, nae yet.
F1122 Mum, have we have to wait?
F1121 We'll have to wait, won't we? [baby in background is crying] And [CENSORED: forename], she wants to see what you're doing.
F1122 Umph.
F1121 [CENSORED: forename]'s doin the cooking today, [CENSORED: forename]. [baby in background cries]
F1122 Mum. //Erm aye.//
F1121 //Are you managing?// Right, you watch yourself and we'll just pick up [CENSORED: forename], okay?
F1122 I've got a heart.
F1121 Okay, are you mixing?
F1122 Can you put this heart?
F1121 You made it at playgroup, didn't you?
F1122 Aye, for Mother's Day.
F1121 Mother's Day, oh aye. That was really good.
F1122 Mm. [inaudible].
F1121 Right. Are you mixing that chocolate for me?
F1122 Is it, is it melted yet, Mum?
F1121 Well you see. Fitt do you think?
F1122 No, not yet.
F1121 Not yet.
F1122 [inaudible] this is [inaudible] stars.
F1121 Will we get a bake for the playgroup open day, is that what you're gonna do it for?
F1122 Are we hav- we have to bake for the playgroup open day, have we?
F1121 Mmhm. I've got to help at that on Saturday. So will you go there wi Granny?
F1122 Mmhm. [inaudible] all the uncles and grannies and grandads and the mammies, daddies, everyone co-, will come and, and dad and uncles and grannies and grand [?]kids[/?] grand-, gran- granpas.
F1121 But your daddy's away so he'll miss it, will he?
F1122 Aye. Will we need some marshmallows?
F1121 Mmhm. Well we could use marshmallows.
F1122 I'm just going to get them.
F1121 Ah, but if you leave them on the table, cause I'll take the chocolate over to the table, once it's melted.
F1122 Okay.
F1121 Okay.
F1122 Are these m-, can I put the marshmallows and the Smarties on?
F1121 Yes, you can do that.
F1122 Im- it's my job to do the cooking, is it?
F1121 Yes, you can be the cook today.
F1122 Cause remember the oven and that cooker is really hot, hot.
F1121 So you've got to be aafu careful, haven't //you?//
F1122 //I'll be// caref- I'll be careful on the cooker, do I?
F1121 Yeah.
F1122 I always help you cook, do I?
F1121 Yes, you're very good. Is that what you're gonna be when you're big, you're gonna be a cook?
F1122 Aye and I could put on the oven gloves, so I can put things in the oven.
F1121 That's right, but we dinna need the oven today.
F1122 No. Cause we have to cook the recipe.
F1121 Mm.
F1122 We've got a recipe book.
F1121 Aye, we've got a few recipe books.
F1122 A few re-. Has it melted yet, Mum?
F1121 Well you mix it up and see.
F1122 Um, not, not yet, hasn't broken. It hasn't broken. Will I just play with the marshmallows just noo?
F1121 Now, you've got to keep an eye on that chocolate.
F1122 Will I have to? I'll just kee-, I'll just put the marshmallows perfectly,
F1121 Okay.
F1122 when they're standing up. They're [inaudible].
F1121 And who are you baking for then?
F1122 For Mummy, Mu-, we're ma-, we're baking for the playgroup, remember.
F1121 Oh aye. But are you not going to gie a taste to Granny?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Fitt aboot Uncle [CENSORED: forename]?
F1122 Aye. This is the [inaudible] marshmallows.
F1121 Right, aye, how's your chocolate, let's see. //Oh!//
F1122 //See.//
F1121 That's starting to melt, look!
F1122 Starting to melt.
F1121 Mm, that's good, isn't it?
F1122 [cough] //[cough]//
F1121 //Hand over your mouth when you cough.//
F1122 This going to be the yummiest chocolate ever, is it Mum?
F1121 Mm, I canna wait to taste it, [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 Me too! I'm mixing it up.
F1121 Mm, right.
F1122 It's starting to melt, Mum.
F1121 Is it? That's good.
F1122 We like chocolate melting, do we?
F1121 Mmhm, that's right.
F1122 Well we'll have to cook it, then we have to taste it when-. I'm smelling it.
F1121 Is it time?
F1122 Mm!
F1121 Oh, you're doin a good job, aren't you, [CENSORED: forename]? Wow!
F1122 Oops, Mum, can you help me?
F1121 I'll help you.
F1122 Is it starting to melt, Mum?
F1121 Mmhm. Fitt div you like cooking the best?
F1122 Um, tasting chocolate melting.
F1121 Mm!
F1122 Can I taste it?
F1121 Nae yet.
F1122 Will I just go and pop the marshmallows perfectly?
F1121 Okay, you can
F1122 Oh no! Look! [CENSORED: forename]'s [?]jumping round[/?]!
F1121 Oh [CENSORED: forename]'s just playing there, she's okay.
F1122 [cough] We have //[inaudible].//
F1121 //You can count them, will we? Right, how many have we got?// One,
F1122 two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.
F1121 Eleven, right okay, we'll hae tae check to see if we've got eleven Smarties now. //Right,//
F1122 //Okay.//
F1121 Do you want to count them //then? Right, we'll put them, that's one.//
F1122 //One, one,// two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. //Some more.//
F1121 //I think we've got plenty.// //So that's extras so maybe we could put a couple o ones on//
F1122 //Some more.//
F1121 on that one, eh? What do you think?
F1122 Aye, look. [laugh]
F1121 Hae a mixture.
F1122 [inaudible] mixture. We've got a lot of chocolate so we could put them on, cause there's lots //of these.//
F1121 //Are you going to manage that?//
F1122 Aye, let's go and see the chocolate, the melt-. [inhale]
F1121 Oh, it's melting. Oh! //Wow!//
F1122 //[inaudible]// Oh no! It's melting! We don't like chocolate to melt.
F1121 How? //[laugh]//
F1122 //Cause I think it's better to taste chocolate melting, I like to smell it, can I// //smell it? Can I s-.//
F1121 //Oh it's fine. You smell it.//
F1122 Oh!
F1121 It smells aafu //good.//
F1122 //Can I can I// just smell it? //Smell it, smell it.//
F1121 //Oh look, watch, you're getting chocolate aa ower [inaudible].// Mm, that's lovely.
F1122 I'm doin the cooking the day, am I? //Do you, do you, smell it.//
F1121 //Mmhm, you're a good cook, aren't you?// Oh that's fine, it's aafu fine.
F1122 Ah!
F1121 I'm gonna tell Granny that you were cooking. I'm gonna tell your teachers the morning at playgroup that you were baking for the open day.
F1122 Okay.
F1121 You going to tell Mrs [CENSORED: surname]? //Open day.//
F1122 //I was baking for the open day.//
F1121 Aye. That's right.
F1122 Cause it's on, which day is it t- what da- what what day's going to, what day's that?
F1121 Well the day, this is Thursday today, so what comes after Thursday?
F1122 I don't know.
F1121 Right, you tell me the days o the week. //There's Mo-//
F1122 //Mo- Monday,// Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, [inaudible] Saturday and Sunday, cause it's //weekend [inaudible].//
F1121 //It's the weekend.// Very //good.//
F1122 //Look,// look, I'm mixing it really hard.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 And and er look Mum!
F1121 Wow! That's looking good.
F1122 I'm being careful the day.
F1121 Right.
F1122 Mm, let me smell it, Mum.
F1121 Is it fine? Now, [CENSORED: forename], look what I made last night when you was in your bed.
F1122 Wow!
F1121 So look, you've got to put chocolate all ower that fudge biscuits, okay? Once it's melted, would you be able to do that for me as //well?//
F1122 //Mmhm.//
F1121 Cause that'll help Mum, won't it? Is it nearly ready? //Fitt div you think?//
F1122 //Mmhm.// Nearly, the mixture's getting hot. //M-.//
F1121 //Is it aafu hot?// D- watch yoursel then.
F1122 The mixture's getting really hot.
F1121 Mm, that bowl's getting hot, isn't it?
F1122 Aye, the mixture is getting hot, is it?
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 We're making [inaudible].
F1121 Right, if you mix that for a second and I'll see to [CENSORED: forename]. [NOTE: addressing baby] Fitt are you doin there?
F1122 Erm, I think it's nearly ready, Mum.
F1121 Do you think so?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Okay.
F1122 Pat-a-cake pat-a-cake baker's man, bake me a cake as fast as you can. [?]Cake it and bake it[/?] and mark it [?]with B[/?], Put it in the oven for baby and //me.//
F1121 //That was good! Well done.// And div you know any other nursery rhymes?
F1122 Mixing that so it gets really hot.
F1121 Mm. Right. How are we doing? Oh I think we'll hae to switch the cooker off noo, I think that's it. Right, do you want to pull your chair over to the table, okay?
F1122 Mm, wh-
F1121 I'll take this and I'll lift it over for you, cause it's aafu aafu //hot.//
F1122 //Are we goin-// am I goin to put those on there?
F1121 Aye, so you're goin //to need a knife//
F1122 //I'm//
F1121 to spread that.
F1122 Okay, I'll be careful with the knife.
F1121 Okay. Well, if you jump onto that seat first, //and then I'll get//
F1122 //Okay.//
F1121 you to dae that fudge biscuits first for me. Do you think you'll manage?
F1122 Mmhm. [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename]. [baby gurgles in response] Am I gonna pop these marshmallows somewhere safe?
F1121 Well you can just leave them there just now, okay? //Cause we'll dae//
F1122 //Okay.//
F1121 this ain first. Are you ready?
F1122 We're just gonna make fudge biscuits.
F1121 Okay, we'll dae them next. Watch yourself, [?]that's a clever[/?] girl.
F1122 Mm! These looks good to touch.
F1121 Are they? //Right. Mmhm.//
F1122 //They're good to touch, are they?//
F1121 Right, that's your knife, so I'm gonna pour chocolate and will you spread it all //over for me?//
F1122 //Mmhm.// I want to pour pour the chocolate. I want to pour the chocolate.
F1121 The bowl's aafu hot, [CENSORED: forename], so you'll maybe burn your hands so if I pour and you spread it over for me. Oh!
F1122 This is [?]fun to do[/?]. Oh, are you not burning yourself?
F1121 No, I'm being careful. Right, do you want to spread it for me?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Oh, you're doin a good job. [laugh]
F1122 It's fun spreading.
F1121 That's goo-, oh this is lookin good.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Wow!
F1122 [exhale]
F1121 And does your ither friends at playgroup, do they bake with their mammies?
F1122 Er.
F1121 Fitt do you think?
F1122 These are [?]good[/?]. We've done some lot of cooking, have we?
F1121 That's it.
F1122 [inaudible]. Wow! These are good, are they?
F1121 They're really good.
F1122 I think it's good fun doing these.
F1121 We'll hae tae keep some o these for Dad when he comes home. //Will we?//
F1122 //Mm.// Aye, we haven't put them
F1121 Mm, does it taste good? //[laugh]//
F1122 //Mmhm!//
F1121 You've got chocolate ower your hair.
F1122 Tastes good.
F1121 [inaudible]
F1122 Can I taste the [?]mallows[/?]?
F1121 [laugh] //Is it fine?//
F1122 //Mm.// Are you want to taste them?
F1121 Oh that's really good. //[CENSORED: forename].//
F1122 //Do you want to taste?//
F1121 Mm, that's fine.
F1122 You have to s- keep spreading so it keeps.
F1121 Are you managing?
F1122 Aye, will it be fine?
F1121 That's it just aboot finished, is it?
F1122 The chocolate is ready, is it?
F1121 Mmhm, have I mi- missed oot anything?
F1122 Mm, no. //Can I,//
F1121 //[inaudible] a bit?//
F1122 I'll I'll dip my finger in to have a taste.
F1121 Are ye? [laugh] Noo fitt div ye think? Does it taste good then?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Maybe we could make this again for [CENSORED: forename]'s party next week. //Fitt dae ye//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 think? Do you think she would like them?
F1122 Cause it's only her [?]other[/?] birthday.
F1121 Aye she's getting a party with [CENSORED: forename] next week.
F1122 And me?
F1121 No, it's nae your birthday till July. You've a wee whilie yet and it'll soon be your party, okay?
F1122 Mm.
F1121 Right, does that look good?
F1122 Mm mm //mm//
F1121 //I'll pop this in the fridge for it// //to set.//
F1122 //To set.// Well n- now we will make our [?]mallow[/?] cakes, will we?
F1121 Right, do you want to do your mallows now? //Right.//
F1122 //Aye. Put this here.//
F1121 Okay, I'll pop it in the fridge.
F1122 Mm.
F1121 Right, you can move over to that chair.
F1122 Have you got the other ones? Have you got the [inaudible]?
F1121 What ones?
F1122 Have we got the marsh-, we got the marshmallows and the Smarties.
F1121 Okay.
F1122 We're making eleven cakes, are we?
F1121 That's just right. Very good. Okay, so fitt colour are you going to make first?
F1122 Hm, pink. //Pink.//
F1121 //A pink one. Right.// So what are you gonna do? You gonna dip it in the chocolate? //Okay,//
F1122 //Yeah.//
F1121 your turn first.
F1122 Dip, dip, dip.
F1121 That's it, can you lift it out? //[laugh]//
F1122 //[laugh]//
F1121 That's it, right, turn it over. //Right,//
F1122 //[laugh] Dip it in Mummy, dip.//
F1121 I'll pop it there. Right, do you want to put a Smartie on the top? //Fitt colour?//
F1122 //Yellow.// Yellow.
F1121 Right, that's it. Oh that's a bonny one, that. And who's that one gonna be for?
F1122 Er Mum.
F1121 Mum, oh I love that, right, what colour next?
F1122 Er, white.
F1121 Right, on you go then.
F1122 White! Mum can you, it- it's your turn to dip it in.
F1121 My turn.
F1122 Oh great Mummy, that looks good to eat.
F1121 Mm, it does, doesn't it?
F1122 Put it in the [?]bag[/?].
F1121 Right, what colour o Smartie?
F1122 Erm purple, purple, purple, Mum, purple, purple, purple, purple. //My turn, my turn, my//
F1121 //Good. Who's that one for though?//
F1122 Mm, Dad.
F1121 That's for, so there's one for Mum, one for Dad. //Okay, if you go//
F1122 //Mine, me.//
F1121 up on your knees and that'll be easier. Mm!
F1122 Mm. //Mm.//
F1121 //Turn it over for you?//
F1122 Mm. I'm gonna choose pink.
F1121 Oh I love that ain, that's my favourite. Who's that for?
F1122 Me, me.
F1121 Is that your one? //Okay.//
F1122 //One for [CENSORED: forename], one for [CENSORED: forename].//
F1121 Do you want me to make [CENSORED: forename]'s one?
F1122 White.
F1121 White?
F1122 Aye, white. //[inaudible]//
F1121 //Mm.//
F1122 [laugh] //Making pink.//
F1121 //Right. Okay. What colour of Smartie would [CENSORED: forename] like?// //I think she would//
F1122 //Er.//
F1121 like purple because that's her favourite colour. What do you think? //Yes?//
F1122 //Mmhm.// Aye.
F1121 Aye.
F1122 And I want to make one for Granny.
F1121 Right, your turn then.
F1122 I'm gonna make blue.
F1121 Mm.
F1122 I'm gonna dip into the chocolate, now I'm gonna //turn it over.//
F1121 //That's it.// Good girl.
F1122 Noo I'm go-
F1121 Pop it in there.
F1122 I'm gonna pop a blue Smartie on the top. We're being really messy the day, are we? //[laugh]//
F1121 //Aye, it does get a wee bit messy, doesn't it?// That's good, how many is there we've made, we've made //one, two, three, four, five.//
F1122 //One, two, three, four, five.// Let's make another one. //Another one.//
F1121 //Okay.// //And who's this ain gonna be for next?//
F1122 //[inaudible]// Mm, granda!
F1121 Granda, okay. You want to do it?
F1122 Uh-huh. I'm gonna dip this in here. Now we're gonna turn it over. //Turned it over.//
F1121 //Mmhm, okay.// //Fitt colour o Smartie would Granda like?//
F1122 //Mm.// //Orange.//
F1121 //I think// fitt aboot yellow, because that's the colour o Granda's boat, is it? //Aye.//
F1122 //Yeah, yellow.//
F1121 Very good! //Oh you're good at this, aren't you?//
F1122 //[?]Stick[/?].// Now we have one, two, three, four, five, six. //Six.//
F1121 //Right. Six,// okay, who's the next one for?
F1122 Erm, [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 [CENSORED: forename], okay. What colour?
F1122 Erm, white.
F1121 White this time.
F1122 White. Dip it in, now turn it //over.//
F1121 //Over.// That's it. //And what colour?//
F1122 //Erm, think red.// //Red.//
F1121 //Oops.//
F1122 Red [?]will[/?] like [CENSORED: forename], red.
F1121 That's bonny, isn't it? I saw you sooking that just noo, [laugh] was it good?
F1122 Mm.
F1121 Okay, who's next?
F1122 [cough] Mm, [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 [CENSORED: forename], right, you go and pick one, I'll need more cuppies, okay?
F1122 Mum need more cuppies. There's one here! //Th- there's one.//
F1121 //That's okay, that's okay, I've got plenty here as well.// Okay, you put [CENSORED: forename]'s one in there.
F1122 I'm gonna dip, dip, dip it in. //Dip it into the chocolate.//
F1121 //[laugh] Okay.//
F1122 Now we have to turn it ov-, pop it in there.
F1121 Who was that one for, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1122 Mmhm, [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 Okay.
F1122 Black for [CENSORED: forename]. //[?]That fudge[/?].//
F1121 //Black one there.//
F1122 I know.
F1121 That's brown, that.
F1122 Brown, brown, brown. //Mmhm.//
F1121 //Okay?// And who else is there?
F1122 Mm. Er, [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename], okay.
F1122 [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename] //and [CENSORED: forename].//
F1121 //Right, you do [CENSORED: forename]'s one then.//
F1122 [CENSORED: forename]. Pink. [CENSORED: forename], pink.
F1121 Pink.
F1122 Pink, pink.
F1121 Mm.
F1122 Erm does er does [CENSORED: forename] like orange?
F1121 I think he would like orange but look, here's a green one. I think he'd like green //for Celtic.//
F1122 //I think// //I think it's dripping.//
F1121 //Mm?// Oh that's okay. How does that look?
F1122 [inaudible] Erm, I think I think [CENSORED: forename]'ll like this orange.
F1121 I think he will.
F1122 It's from from Power Rangers, the orange like Power Rangers.
F1121 Is it like a Power Rangers, is it?
F1122 Power Rangers.
F1121 Okay.
F1122 Now, //there. Chocolate, chocolate.//
F1121 //You need the chocolate first.//
F1122 I'll need to put i-, the Smartie on. It's all gooey now!
F1121 Is it aa gooey? //Oh no! [laugh]//
F1122 //Gooey, oh no!//
F1121 Maybe we could put two on [CENSORED: forename]'s. Fitt do you think? Oh that's good!
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 I like that one.
F1122 Is there another for //[CENSORED: forename]?//
F1121 //Just one left.//
F1122 One for [CENSORED: forename]? One for [CENSORED: forename]?
F1121 Or [CENSORED: forename]?
F1122 And one for [CENSORED: forename]?
F1121 Okay, last one for [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 Mmhm, last one,
F1121 Okay. //What aboot if we co-//
F1122 //pink for [CENSORED: forename].//
F1121 cover it all in chocolate this //time?//
F1122 //No.//
F1121 Put, put it in and we can mix it. This is going to be messy, isn't it?
F1122 Aye. Messy, messy, //but all in chocolate.//
F1121 //[laugh]// Okay, do you want to lift it out?
F1122 Aye. This'll be really messy!
F1121 [laugh]
F1122 Slippery!
F1121 [laugh]
F1122 I need to wipe my hands, they're all gooey, they're all gooey.
F1121 It's just chocolate. Is it fine?
F1122 Can you lick it?
F1121 No. [laugh] I'll go and get a cloth, okay? Can you try and get that ain out, no?
F1122 [?]I like it[/?] [inaudible], here it goes. I got it. //I g-//
F1121 //Have you got it?//
F1122 Here it goes. Dip it in, really, //really.//
F1121 //Look, there's loads// o Smarties left.
F1122 And there's no more marshmallows.
F1121 No, but //we could//
F1122 //Can we get some more?//
F1121 well, we've nae got any more, so what we could do //we could maybe make chocolate crispies.//
F1122 //Is?// //[inhale]//
F1121 //Cause you like them as well, don't you?// Do you want to dae that? //Right, put the Smar- Smarties in there.//
F1122 //No. Erm, that's all the mm.// //And and can we put//
F1121 //There we go, we could put three on here, could we?// //Oh they look good, right,//
F1122 //yeah.//
F1121 We'll count aa the the mallows. //There's one,//
F1122 //One,// two, three, fo-
F1121 four //five, six,//
F1122 //five, s-,//
F1121 seven, eight, nine, ten, //and eleven. That's okay.//
F1122 //I know, I know, I know. Smartie.//
F1121 Right, I'll better get a spoon and you can mix it in there.
F1122 Mix, mix, mix! [laugh] Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mixy, mix, mix. //[laugh]//
F1121 //Right.// //Want to put Smarties in there as well?//
F1122 //Mix, mixy, mix, mix.// Aye, crispies, crispies, crispies.
F1121 You're aa chocolate [inaudible].
F1122 Crispies, crispies, are we gonna put Smarties in too?
F1121 Do you want tae?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Okay then.
F1122 Put some more Smarties! //Mix it.//
F1121 //Okay, you can just mix it aa together.// Right, you tell me when to stop.
F1122 I'll mix them up. //I'll put the//
F1121 //Okay?//
F1122 Smarties, and take some Smarties out, cause I think that won't be [?]such[/?]. going to dip them in.
F1121 Okay.
F1122 And now wi chocolate. //[laugh]//
F1121 //[laugh]// What're you doing?
F1122 Mixing! //[laugh]//
F1121 //Mm [inaudible].//
F1122 [laugh] Mix, mix, mix, mix.
F1121 Is that good fun? //Do you like doing that?//
F1122 //[laugh] Mixy mix.//
F1121 [laugh]
F1122 And mixy mix mix! //[laugh] Mixy mix.//
F1121 //Mm, these are looking good, look, you've to cover aa the crispies wi the chocolate, okay?//
F1122 All of the chocolate. Mix them up.
F1121 Look, [CENSORED: forename]'s just watching you.
F1122 Mummy, need a pee, do I have to wash t-?
F1121 Wait till I wipe your hands, look.
F1122 I've been all messy with that hand.
F1121 Mm, you're //[?]messy[/?].//
F1122 //[?]Me doing mix[/?].//
F1121 Look, you've got it aa up your arm and aathing.
F1122 Mummy, can we, can we, can we, can you wipe my dock?
F1121 It's okay.
F1122 Can you wipe my dock, Mummy? We have to hurry back and make do our crispies.
F1121 Mmhm, that's right. And who're we going to gie the crispies to?
F1122 Mm, me and you, everyone will want them. We'll share them with everyone.
F1121 Will you? Do you promise?
F1122 Aye, I promise.
F1121 Okay. //Is that right?//
F1122 //I promise I'll share them.//
F1121 Well you'd better. [CENSORED: toilet noises] Fitt aboot [CENSORED: forename]? Do you think she would take some as well?
F1122 She's too little, is she?
F1121 Aye, she's really little.
F1122 She can't have one, can she? She's too little. She can taste the chocolate melt, can she?
F1121 I think she would like the chocolate.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Hold on a second. Right, you'll have to go and wash your handies, okay?
F1122 Oh, but I didn't wipe my dock.
F1121 [CENSORED: forename]. //Quick wash, quick wash.//
F1122 //I didn't wipe my//
F1121 Cause you have to always wash your hands when you're cooking.
F1122 Always wash your hands, always.
F1121 [running tap]
F1122 Put them, put them in the water. In the water, in the water. [singing] [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1121 //Right, dry your hands.//
F1122 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1121 //Okay, here we go again.//
F1122 Here we go again! Gonna be, gonna be fun. Aa gooey!
F1121 [laugh] Are you managing? You've to cover them aa in chocolate, okay? Do you want to pit in the Smarties as well?
F1122 No.
F1121 No? [inhale] Oh, you're cheating, you're eating them. [laugh] Is it hard work? //Keep mixing.//
F1122 //Mmhm.//
F1121 Do they make these on th- on "Big Cook Little Cook"?
F1122 Mm, no.
F1121 Have they nae made them before? Fitt ither things did they make? Mm? Oh they're looking good!
F1122 Yuck. //[inaudible]//
F1121 //[inaudible] chocolate, wow!//
F1122 Haven't to touch those.
F1121 You've got a dirty face. I think you're eating aa the chocolate, are you?
F1122 No.
F1121 Cover-, look at this ains at the side, you'll have to cover them as well.
F1122 We'll have to dip those in.
F1121 Mmhm, that's right.
F1122 Is it?
F1121 Oh, you're doin well. And [CENSORED: forename]'s watching you, I think she would like some o them.
F1122 But she can't get them. Mum, I remember
F1121 Come on do your [inaudible] that's a girl. [NOTE: speaking to baby] Atchoo! Right, how are we doing?
F1122 Fine.
F1121 Oh, will I get a shottie? //Oh wow!//
F1122 //Eh.//
F1121 Do you think there's gonna be plenty here?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Do you need mair crispies in there? //Fitt dae ye think?//
F1122 //Mm, mmhm.// Is there mair chocolate in?
F1121 [rustling of cereal packet] Right, it's time I think we stopped, okay?
F1122 Mm stop.
F1121 Okay, you mix them.
F1122 Hard work.
F1121 Is it hard work? You're nearly finished. Maybe we could gie some to [CENSORED: forename]. //Will we?//
F1122 //Aye.// Leave some for [CENSORED: forename] and Granny and Granda and [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename], //and [CENSORED: forename].//
F1121 //Okay.// Cause you'll maybe see [CENSORED: forename] tonight, will you, at the park?
F1122 Are we going to the park?
F1121 Mmhm, tonight.
F1122 Tonight, is there something at the park tonight?
F1121 Aye, aa the bairnies is goin there the night.
F1122 Are the [?]bairnies[/?], [?]I'm I'm invited[/?]? //Am I?//
F1121 //Mmhm. [phone rings]// //Keep mixing then.//
F1122 //Mm.//
F1121 That's a girl. Managing? And [inaudible] you've got to be able to put them in there, into the cases. [answer phone message begins]
F1122 Mum.
F1121 Okay. How're we doin?
F1122 Are we gonna take some over to [CENSORED: forename]?
F1121 Mmhm, you can take some to [CENSORED: forename], if you like.
F1122 Aye, I think so. I used to have that.
F1121 Oh aye, so you did. Where's it at now?
F1122 I don't know.
F1121 Maybe it's in your toy box.
F1122 Mm mm.
F1121 Do you want to tidy oot your toy box today?
F1122 Mm mm.
F1121 Eh? Right. Do you think you could pop some into the case. Is it tricky? Wow! That's a bit little. That's good.
F1122 Some more on that side?
F1121 Is that big enough? //Right, let that one set.//
F1122 //Mmhm.//
F1121 Okay. You're eating it aa! You're cheating, aren't you?
F1122 No. I'm n-.
F1121 Fitt have you got in your mouth? [inhale] Was you eating my Smarties?
F1122 [child noise]
F1121 Oh, you're a monkey! //[laugh] I see ye!//
F1122 //[laugh]//
F1121 Okay. Oh that's gonna be a big ain, is it? Oh that's good.
F1122 Pat it down.
F1121 Pat it down.
F1122 Mm?
F1121 Okay. I'll leave that one to set. I-
F1122 This one. Mm. This one? I think I'll dip some more. This this one [?]be[/?].
F1121 Oh that's good.
F1122 I'll just, I'll pat it down.
F1121 Okay. I think you made them at playgroup last week, did you? No?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 You did. Right, is that them finished? //Right, next.//
F1122 //Mmhm. [inhale]//
F1121 Whoa! You nearly fell off your chair.
F1122 This one's for, for, this one.
F1121 Who's that one for?
F1122 That one has, [?]look[/?]!
F1121 What?
F1122 Look, it's not doing any more.
F1121 Mmhm, it's just aboot dry.
F1122 [?]Is it?[/?] //aboot dry?//
F1121 //Nearly.// Well if you finish off your crispies, and then you can maybe taste them later, okay? How many mair do you think you'll be making? Three more?
F1122 Mmhm, three more.
F1121 Wow!
F1122 I'm doin a lot of baking, am I?
F1121 You are, you're very good.
F1122 Hope the fudge crispies are nearly set.
F1121 Mmhm. Go and check, will I? They're nae quite yet. You're goin to have tae dae aa those dishes once you're finished. You goin to dae the washin up?
F1122 No.
F1121 No? //How?//
F1122 //[laugh]// Cause I'm busy doin these.
F1121 Oh that's a good ain, that's a big ain that, is it? Right, next.
F1122 [?]Goin[/?].
F1121 Mm, it's messy, isn't it?
F1122 I'm scooping up wi the spoon, am I?
F1121 Mmhm, you're daein a good job. Dae ye like bakin, eh? //Mm.//
F1122 //Aye, it's all tasty, gooey, is it?//
F1121 Maybe you can take in some to playgroup tomorrow and let Mrs [CENSORED: surname] taste it. What do you think?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 [phone rings] Eh? Right you go and do that, Toots. I'm no gonna answer it, we'll get it later.
F1122 Managing?
F1121 [answer phone outgoing message] //That ain's ready.//
F1122 //That-// Think that one's set.
F1121 Aye, I think they are. Are you gonna eat it?
F1122 Mm, no, I'll eat my pink one.
F1121 Mm. Mm, [laugh] look at th- your hands. They're covered in chocolate. //[laugh]//
F1122 //I didn't know.//
F1121 Div you like getting messy, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1122 Erm, no. I'm gonna eat mine. Mm, mm, mm!
F1121 Is it good?
F1122 I don't want the marshmallow.
F1121 Oh well, you leave it and maybe Granny'll eat it when she comes up, will she?
F1122 Mm. Mine.
F1121 Do they taste good?
F1122 Mmhm. [child noises] //Mm.//
F1121 //That's a biggie, look!// I think Dad would like this ain. Wow! Look.
F1122 Mm, [child noises] [inaudible] that one? [inaudible] A circle shape.
F1121 A circle shape?
F1122 Look!
F1121 Mmhm, so it is.
F1122 [?]When do you[/?] want to see?
F1121 I see it, aye, it's covered in chocolate.
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 Is that off of your dirty hands?
F1122 Eh?
F1121 I think that's off of your dirty hands, is it?
F1122 No.
F1121 Mm, [inaudible].
F1122 I made my hands.
F1121 I think, look at your pinny, look, it's aa dirty. Right, that's your baking finished. Count how many crispies you've made //noo then.//
F1122 //One,// two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
F1121 Very good, so I think we'll hae tae wash wir hands, will we, cause we're aa dirty. And you've still tae dae the dishes.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Will you manage that?
F1122 I remember. Have I put some gloves on?
F1121 Oh, you want [inaudible] the washing gloves? //[inaudible]//
F1122 //Aye, have you// washing gloves [?]here[/?]?
F1121 Okay, right here we go.
F1122 Rub-a-dub-dub, [inaudible] tub, and we have to do the washing up! We have to do the washing up. [?]Please[/?], we're doing the washing up. Where's the washing one?
F1121 Put in Fairy Liquid.
F1122 Fairy Liquid. //I need th-//
F1121 //So there's loads o bubbles.//
F1122 [inaudible]
F1121 Right, go and put your hands under the tap, to get aa the chocolate off o ye.
F1122 Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate is messy. Getting hot. //[child noise]//
F1121 //It's aa up your arm, look.//
F1122 [child noise]
F1121 There's your cloth, you want to start washing up then?
F1122 Rub-a-dub-dub, [inaudible] Da-da-da-da-da-dada-da-da. Dub-a-dub-dub. Dub-a-dub-dub. //De-de-de.//
F1121 //Oh that's Daddy.// Keep the water in the basin, okay? //Keep the water in, that's it.//
F1122 //Dum.// Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum. Dum dum dum dum d- dum. That's right, [inaudible].
F1121 Okay? Right, if you empty the water doon the side there, that's it. Put this jug on the drainer.
F1122 Jug.
F1121 You can just pop it there, that ain's washed, okay? What's your next one to wash?
F1122 This ain. //This ain needs washed.//
F1121 //That cup?//
F1122 Rub-a-dub-dub. [child noises] //Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba be-be-be.//
F1121 //Okay, do you want to// rinse it wi some water?
F1122 Rinsy rinsy rinse.
F1121 Very good. //What's next?//
F1122 //Dum-de-dum-dum-dum.// Ah, dub-be-dub-bub, dub-be-dub-bub. Rinse it with the water. I know what to do. Squeak it clean.
F1121 Oh very good. That's it. You could pop it there. Here, that's it. What's next?
F1122 Erm what's next, Mum?
F1121 [CENSORED: forename]'s dish.
F1122 No, I washed that.
F1121 Did you wash that?
F1122 Do we need this clean?
F1121 This. Watch your hands, that's //dangerous, isn't it?//
F1122 //Mm, I'll wash// something, and that?
F1121 Okay. Is that washed?
F1122 I'll just wash it, dub-be-dub-dub, dub-be-dub-dub. Ba-be-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba. I need to wash something else.
F1121 Okay, what are you washing now?
F1122 Dub-be-dub-dub, be-be-ba-ba-ba, dub-be-dub-dub, dub-dub.
F1121 [CENSORED: forename] wants to see what you're doing, [CENSORED: forename], look. [NOTE: speaking to baby] Up you come! //What are you doing?//
F1122 //I'm doin the dish-.//
F1121 You're nae speakin to [CENSORED: forename] the day. Who's that? I'm gonna show her your baking, okay?
F1122 [inhale] [exhale] //[CENSORED: forename]!//
F1121 //Are you nae speaking to us, [CENSORED: forename]?// Aw, you're waving. Hiya!
F1122 I know what to do.
F1121 What are you doin?
F1122 Washing up! I'm doing the washing up. I'm doing the washing up, I'm doing the washing up.
F1121 Oh she's good, isn't she [CENSORED: forename]?
F1122 I'm doing the washing up.
F1121 Who learnt you to do that?
F1122 The washing up. Now the back of the plate, da-da-da-da-da-da. //Da-da.//
F1121 //Well, Dad disnae dae the washing up when he's at home, does he?//
F1122 See, knife.
F1121 Watch your hand wi that.
F1122 I will.
F1121 Okay.
F1122 Dum-dum-dum-de. Another knife need to be clean.
F1121 Keep the cloth in the water, look, that's a girl.
F1122 What else have I have to wash?
F1121 Erm, you could wash this glass.
F1122 Okay, which glass?
F1121 Here.
F1122 Glass. Glass.
F1121 And pop that in the basin, that's a girl.
F1122 Pop it in the basin.
F1121 Very good.
F1122 Erm, there's something else we have to wash, this.
F1121 Do you know what that is?
F1122 No. //[child noises]//
F1121 //That's for peeling tatties.//
F1122 Peeling for the tatties.
F1121 Aye.
F1122 And this glass. //he-.//
F1121 //Oh,// it's nae washed properly, look, it's still pink inside.
F1122 [exhale]
F1121 Can you get that out, do you manage? That's a girl. Woops. Watch your hands.
F1122 Dum-dummy-dum, dum-dummy-dum. Dum-dummy-dum-dum, dum-dum.
F1121 Okay. //Rinse it.//
F1122 //Is it m-?// Rinse, rinse, rinse. What else have we have to wash? //What else have we have//
F1121 //[inaudible]// They're dirty. Fitt aboot that plate there?
F1122 Oh yuck. //Yuck.//
F1121 //Oh,// look, we've got your chocolate knife and chocolatey spoon as well. Can you manage?
F1122 Mm. We'll manage to put this in.
F1121 Will you manage that?
F1122 Ba-ba-ba oh. //[inhale] Can you put it back?//
F1121 //Careful!// There you go.
F1122 Rub-a-dub-dub. //[child noises]//
F1121 //Round and round, just like that, look.//
F1122 I know what to do, the washing up.
F1121 Watch yourself. //[inaudible]//
F1122 //Mm, do the washing,// I like to do the washing up! //I like to do the//
F1121 //[inaudible] it's still dirty, look.//
F1122 washing up. I like to do the wash- up. I like to do the washing up. I lik-, it gets all dirty.
F1121 What's dirty?
F1122 That.
F1121 That's chocolate.
F1122 We have to wash it. Nice and clean.
F1121 Managing?
F1122 How is the dishies going on, Mum?
F1121 Oh they're doing fine. You're daein a good job. //[inaudible] a bit closer to the sink, though.//
F1122 //I'm doin a//
F1121 Another wee bittie closer, that's a girl. Oh, it's still dirty. //[inaudible] harder, will ye?//
F1122 //Dum-dum-dum.//
F1121 That's dirty.
F1122 Can I dip this in?
F1121 Aye, you can dip that in.
F1122 And this bowl?
F1121 Aye, but just be careful, it's a big bowl. Do you think you'll be able to get aa the chocolate off o there?
F1122 Fill it up.
F1121 That's it. Okay, you gonna get me some good bubbles? Manage? That's a girl. Oh! Oh no. [laugh] Did you let it slip? Right. Wash it up wi the cloth, see if you can get aa that chocolate off. Do you think you'll get it squeaky clean? //I don't think so, will you?//
F1122 //Ah, what-, ah!// Ah, I was doing the washing up.
F1121 Okay, but be careful.
F1122 I'm doin the washing up. What is that? Dum-dum-dum, dummy-dum-dum. Hum. //Dum-dum-dum, dummy-dum-dum.//
F1121 //[laugh] [?]Watch yourself[/?].//
F1122 Dum-dum-dum-dum. //Dum-dum-dum-dum-dum.//
F1121 //Is it coming off? No? [laugh] Oh!// //Oh no, you'll have to rub harder.//
F1122 //I cannae get this off. [squeal]// Oh, can you do this? Rub-a-dub-dub. Hey!
F1121 What?
F1122 That's squeaky clean.
F1121 That's squeaky clean, is it? That's bonny.
F1122 This spoon's squeaky //clean.//
F1121 //That's nae, that's still dirty.// //Right, rub hard, look, [inaudible] that's it.//
F1122 //[child noises]//
F1121 That's the spoon clean. //How're we going to get the chocolate off that bowl?//
F1122 //[inaudible] I don't know.// I think I've [?]clean[/?] another one.
F1121 Oh that's good. //That's sparkly and clean, very good.//
F1122 //That's all sparkly clean.// //De-de-de. Ah.//
F1121 //Is there anything else in the water?//
F1122 A knife. Oh.
F1121 That's it. [?]Good girl[/?].
F1122 Will I do that ain?
F1121 I think that's that these are clean, okay? But we've still to do this bowl.
F1122 Have we?
F1121 How are we gonna get this off?
F1122 I don't know. There's chocolate on the front of it.
F1121 Was that you?
F1122 No. //[inaudible]//
F1121 //Was you just bein messy?//
F1122 [exhale] //Uh-huh.//
F1121 //Mmhm.// That's it.
F1122 I'm gonna squeeze the water in.
F1121 Do you think Dad'll dae the dishes when he comes home?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 I dinna think so, does he?
F1122 Mm, he always wants to do the dishes, does he?
F1121 He wants to do them? No he disna.
F1122 [inaudible] This wooden spoon, this spoon is [inaudible].
F1121 Here's your cloth for you.
F1122 For me to do the washing up.
F1121 Mmhm, that's it.
F1122 I'm daein the washing up, the day, am I?
F1121 You're daein very good, you're a good help tae Mum, today.
F1122 I need to do something else.
F1121 What else are you doing?
F1122 I'm washing up. I'm washing up the spoon.
F1121 Right, that water's a bit dirty noo, so I think we'll empty it up. Empty aa this out and we'll get new clean water, okay?
F1122 Aye, so I can do the dishes.
F1121 Yes, do you want to put in the Fairy Liquid?
F1122 [inaudible] Fairy Liquid.
F1121 Okay, right. Switch the tap on.
F1122 Switch the tap on!
F1121 [running water] [inaudible] in here. Watch yourself.
F1122 I'm gonna turn on the tap.
F1121 Turn the tap on then, you do it. You need hot water for the dishes. Right, do you want to p- pop in the Fairy Liquid.
F1122 Pop in the Fairy Liquid.
F1121 [inhale] Oh, that's plenty. Wow! Right, what else have we got? Can you dae this pan?
F1122 Erm, I think so.
F1121 Think so. //Clean cloth//
F1122 //Mum,//
F1121 as well, eh? //That, that ain's dirty. [phone rings]//
F1122 //see.// //[inaudible]//
F1121 //Hold on a second.//
F1122 [inaudible]
F1121 There you go. You can use that one then.
F1122 [inaudible] //I'm dipping.//
F1121 //That's it.// //Good.//
F1122 //It's hot.//
F1121 [answer phone outgoing message] That's a girl. You wanting some cold water? //Right, can you mix that in?//
F1122 //Hm.//
F1121 That's fine. Right, you can go and wash that one then, that's a girl.
F1122 [child noises] [?]Come a come on[/?]. [inaudible] me me.
F1121 What are you singin?
F1122 Mu-mu-mu-mum.
F1121 Eh?
F1122 I need cold water for me.
F1121 That's cold water noo, is it?
F1122 Cold!
F1121 Is it too caul?
F1122 I need to do something else, aha!
F1121 What's that you've got?
F1122 A fork. We can't see it like that, can we?
F1121 No. Is that clean yet? //No? Nae yet?//
F1122 //No. Ah.// //Where is it?//
F1121 //Oh no!// You've dropped it. Oh no. Here we go.
F1122 It's all clean //now.//
F1121 //Right, you pop it on the drainer then.// //[phone rings]//
F1122 //Drainer, drainer, drainer.//
F1121 Oh, careful. There you go, Toots.
F1122 [throat]
F1121 Right, I think that's washed. Do you want to pop it on the drainer then, [CENSORED: forename]? That's a girl.
F1122 Clean, all sparkly and clean [inaudible].
F1121 [CENSORED: forename], we're getting soaking. [laugh] Okay.
F1122 Do something else.
F1121 That's it. That ain's bonny and clean, so what's next?
F1122 Erm, [inaudible].
F1121 Fitt aboot my chopping board, //do that for me?//
F1122 //Ah.// //Chopping bo-//
F1121 //That's a girl.//
F1122 board. Dum-dum-dum. Washing up, //the washing up.//
F1121 //[CENSORED: forename],// [inaudible] Hello, can you phone me back in ten minutes, [CENSORED: forename]. I'm in the hoose. Okay then, bye. //That was your Dad. Is that it all done, that one?//
F1122 //Mum, it's all done.// Mmhm.
F1121 Right, fitt aboot [CENSORED: forename]'s bottle?
F1122 Aye, I can do that. //Uh-huh.//
F1121 //Do you think you'll be able to do that for me?// Okay.
F1122 I'll do that.
F1121 Well we've got a bottle brush, look. //See you wash//
F1122 //A bottle//
F1121 look, just like this. And you wash it in like that.
F1122 Aye, aye.
F1121 Manage that?
F1122 I [?]have have this brush[/?] some more. [?]And[/?]
F1121 Just use soapy bubbles, [CENSORED: forename], look.
F1122 Soapy bub-
F1121 Use a brush, inside.
F1122 Soapy bubbles!
F1121 Mmhm, that's a girl. Oh wow! You're doin a good job. Look, you've got to get aa the milk off o the bottle, look. //If you twist it round and round like that. Can you do it like that.//
F1122 //[child noise]//
F1121 Wow! //Oh you're good, aren't you?//
F1122 //[child noise]// [inaudible] Do a little bit more.
F1121 Are you doin it on the outside as well? Oh! You've just soaked me.
F1122 [laugh] Soaked my socks.
F1121 Did you soak your socks? Oh [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 Soaked my tights.
F1121 Your tights as well? We'll hae to change your clothes.
F1122 I'm doing the washing up, I'm doing the washing up, I'm doing the washing. //Me-me-me-me.//
F1121 //That's it, right.// Okay, can you get the bubbles oot o there? //Manage that?//
F1122 //I'm getting// I'm getting the bubbles in here. And I'm putting some water in.
F1121 Mm, you're good, aren't you?
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 Is that funny?
F1122 Yeah.
F1121 Right, I think that's you all done.
F1122 Ah, I have to fill up this. Okay, right, if you put it to the side.
F1121 [laugh] Now, I think you deserve a sweetie for doin aa that work. Fitt dae ye fancy the day?
F1122 Mm?
F1121 Dry your hands and you can choose a sweetie, cause you've been such a good girl.
F1122 By helping you.
F1121 You have been a good help, so fitt, what would you like?
F1122 Mm, I don't know. Have I have to eat all these?
F1121 Well you don't have to, I thought you were goin to gie all the biscuits to your friends?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Aye. Do you want a sweetie oot the box then?
F1122 Er.
F1121 What do you fancy? Fitt's that?
F1122 [?]A Smartie[/?]. I can't wait to see this.
F1121 Can you not?
F1122 No.
F1121 Well [inaudible] dry your hands.
F1122 Dry my hands. I-
F1121 Okay. I'll take off your apron, okay?
F1122 Okay. I've been a good help. My apron's all messy, //me.//
F1121 //Okay,// you'll have to go and wash it now.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 It's covered in chocolate.
F1122 Cause I've been messy.
F1121 You've been a messy pup the day.
F1122 I can't wait to see the pattern of Winnie the Pooh on here.
F1121 Is there a picture of Winnie the Pooh?
F1122 Aye. Do you want to see it?
F1121 Let me see it. Do you want mummy to open it for you?
F1122 Aye. //Open it, open it.//
F1121 //Aye.// You'll be wantin a drinkie as well, will you?
F1122 Aye. //[inaudible]//
F1121 //What do you want? Juice or milk?//
F1122 Juice.
F1121 And fitt div ye say, ye say?
F1122 Please.
F1121 That's a girl. Oh [CENSORED: forename], look at this. //It's broken.//
F1122 //Oh.//
F1121 It's Tigger.
F1122 Tigger.
F1121 It's cute, isn't it? It is fine? Does it taste good?
F1122 Taste.
F1121 Good.
F1122 Uh-huh.
F1121 Right, go and get your juicey, you've been a good help //the day, haven't you?//
F1122 //Uh-huh.//
F1121 That's a clever girl.
F1122 Mm mm.
F1121 Fitt do you //say?//
F1122 //Mm.// Mm mm.
F1121 Fitt's that?
F1122 I want to eat this.
F1121 What is it?
F1122 [inaudible]
F1121 Well aye, if you eat your chocolate bar first and you'll maybe get one of that necklace after.
F1122 Mm.
F1121 Look [CENSORED: forename]'s [?]pulling[/?] you.
F1122 Mum, please!
F1121 Okay then. Do you want a bangle or a necklace?
F1122 A a necklace.
F1121 A necklace. Okay.
F1122 Necklace, Mummy, necklace.
F1121 Look at [CENSORED: forename]'s face! //Does that look good?//
F1122 //[inhale] Oh.// [laugh] A necklace, a necklace, a necklace. A necklace, a //necklace.//
F1121 //There's a watch,// //do you want a watch?//
F1122 //Mm no.// //A necklace.//
F1121 //No?//
F1122 A necklace.
F1121 There we go. Do you say tha-
F1122 Thank you. We don't need to put them, we have to sook them.
F1121 Okay then, well that's a good girl.
F1122 I like them. //Are we all done//
F1121 //[inaudible] for you?//
F1122 the baking? //So I I've been good doing that.//
F1121 //Aye, ye've finished your baking.//

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 01, recording 1: baking cakes and washing up


Audio audience

For gender Mixed
Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

Audio footage information

Year of recording 2004
Recording person id 509
Size (min) 61
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Contained in Set of recordings made in Buckie of mothers and children

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Father's region of birth Aberdeen
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Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
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