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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 03, recording 3: Getting dressed and household chores

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1113 Righty-ho. You're all done.
F1114 Mm.
F1113 Fairly scoffed that egg. //[laugh]//
F1114 //Mm.//
F1113 Come here. Mum's got wipes here. [?]Lick[/?] the hands. Your hands and your face. Right, over here a bittie. That's you. And your face. //Look at that chocolate face.//
F1114 //Mm.// Mm mm.
F1113 Chocolate face. Now, it's all clean again. //Now.//
F1114 //[sob] [inaudible] sore [inaudible].//
F1113 You got a sore nose?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Aw. Do you want a hanky for your nose? Have you got the cold?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 You've nae got a sair throat as well, have you?
F1114 Ah!
F1113 Is it sore?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 A wee bit?
F1114 Yeah.
F1113 Mm. Come on we'll go upstairs then and get you dressed. Up the stairs, darlin.
F1114 We'll go ben the hoose, watch little [?]Bella[/?].
F1113 Eh?
F1114 Me watch little Bella.
F1113 Eh? Want to help me pick clothes for you?
F1114 I want to watch little Bella.
F1113 Come upstairs and play while Mum gets your clothes. Coming up to play?
F1114 Mm.
F1113 Take your towelly upstairs, there. [inaudible] take it upstairs for you? That one, take that one, okay, that one. Mummy's hand.
F1114 No, take that one and that one.
F1113 Take two o them. Mmhm. Let's go.
F1114 I'll carry that one. //I'll-, right I'll-//
F1113 //I'll carry this one, will I, in case you drop it.// Here we go.
F1114 Mm.
F1113 Oh, is it a struggle?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Oh, it's a struggle.
F1114 There you go, Mum.
F1113 Want to carry that one as well? //[laugh]//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 I think you're too lazy. I think you're too lazy.
F1114 [exhale]
F1113 Put these into [CENSORED: forename]'s bedroom. //Okay?//
F1114 //Right.// [sings] [inaudible]
F1113 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1114 //Yes Mum.//
F1113 What? //We'll get you a drink.//
F1114 //Yes Mum.//
F1113 There's your towellies. Right, put them down. That's a good girl. //You you get out your clean clothes oot the drawer.//
F1114 //[panting]// Want to see, want to see, see.
F1113 Watch you don't fall. //If you're gonna climb up there you could fall.//
F1114 //Er.// Oh [inaudible].
F1113 Not to fall doon.
F1114 Oh, no. [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1113 Careful. What clothes you putting on today? Trousers?
F1114 No.
F1113 Trousers or a skirt? Do you want to? Open the door.
F1114 [exhale] Ah.
F1113 [laugh] Come on you. [inaudible] lock this in Mum's bedroom. [inaudible] key to Mum. That's it. Now. //Was you hidin?//
F1114 //[inaudible]// //Yes. I locked the door.//
F1113 //Come on then. [inaudible] lock// the door, I know.
F1114 I-, no, I want to play football, I want to play football!
F1113 Well wait till we get dressed first.
F1114 [squeal]
F1113 Here's the ball, here's the ball.
F1114 No no no no no no no no.
F1113 It came off again? Come on you.
F1114 [laugh] [squeal] [panting] [exhale] [exhale] [squeal] [panting]
F1113 Come on then!
F1114 Eh eh. No! //[laugh] [squeal]//
F1113 //Got you again. [laugh] Come on then.//
F1114 My [?]toes[/?].
F1113 Alright?
F1114 Mm, no a dress!
F1113 You'll be cosier. And then you can play with your ball.
F1114 Play roll the ball.
F1113 Roll the ball. Right, wait till we get your //[inaudible] then.//
F1114 //[squeal]//
F1113 Right, two minuties to get dressed and then you can play again, can't you?
F1114 No! //[sob]//
F1113 //Put this on now.// No crying. //Look at Tigger watchin you.//
F1114 //No, no.//
F1113 Look at Tigger watchin.
F1114 Mm.
F1113 He's hidin.
F1114 Mm mm mm mm mm.
F1113 Now.
F1114 Where's Winnie the Pooh?
F1113 [cough] He's up on top of the wardrobe.
F1114 A big Winnie, look at that big Winnie the Pooh.
F1113 Ken, he's huge, isn't he?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 That's a great big one you got when you was born. Look at the size o him. He's huge!
F1114 Yes, Dad's like a big Winnie the Pooh.
F1113 Dad gave you the big one, that's right, big Winnie the Pooh when you was born. Took it into the hospital when you was a wee baby. //A wee baby.//
F1114 //Ah! Oh.//
F1113 Just wiping that chocolate off your face. //That's you now. Right.//
F1114 //No, no, no.//
F1113 And the trousers.
F1114 That's enough, that's enough, Mum.
F1113 [laugh] Enough what?
F1114 Enough claes.
F1113 Enough claes? You've got to get on your socks. Roll up your trousers. //Oh bless you! Oh bless you!//
F1114 //[sneeze] [sneeze] [laugh]// //Where's my socks gone?//
F1113 //Dearie me, sneezy sneezy.// In your drawer. A pair o socks oot your drawer.
F1114 Now? [?]Aye[/?].
F1113 Now. You pick a pair o socks?
F1114 Eh, yes. //Mm,//
F1113 //Which ones do you want?//
F1114 I want the stripes.
F1113 The stripey ones?
F1114 Where's the stripey ones?
F1113 Which ones?
F1114 Stripey s-.
F1113 There's that ones. They're bonny. Wi the doggy on them. Or butterflies? //You've got ones wi butterflies.//
F1114 //[child noises]// I want the butterflies.
F1113 The one wi the butterflies? Okay then. Stand up then. Oh. That's a girl. //There you go.//
F1114 //Where's the bu-?//
F1113 A minute till we find them. Right, there we go. [inaudible] Mum's knee a minute till we put on your socks.
F1114 No, pass the ball.
F1113 [inaudible] Okay, come up here and put on your socks. [inaudible]
F1114 [singing]
F1113 Are we rollin the ball to Mum? [cough] That's a girl. //Well, wait a minutie till we put on your sockies.//
F1114 //I [inaudible].// //[squeal]//
F1113 //Two minuties and then we can do it.//
F1114 No, on my shoes.
F1113 Just got to get organised, //don't we?//
F1114 //No, no on my shoes yet.//
F1113 No, we'll no put on your shoes till you go ootside, but we'll get on your socks, so your feet dinna get cold. Right, one foot up.
F1114 Mm. //One foot up!//
F1113 //Good girl.// One foot up. Another foot? Another one? //Another one.//
F1114 //M-.//
F1113 Good girl.
F1114 That's it. That's it, that's it, that's it. //[child noises] No!//
F1113 //We'll have to get your top.//
F1114 [inaudible] that top.
F1113 Eh?
F1114 No want that top.
F1113 Oh, you're still in your jama top. Come on, we'll have to get you another top. You play there wi your ball till I get a top oot your wardrobe. Wow! White top?
F1114 Erm no, this nae got nothing in it.
F1113 It's nae got nothing on it? Want something wi something on the front? Let's see. What about that one?
F1114 Yes!
F1113 Do you like that one?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Wait, wait, over here till I take off your microphone. //And put it back on again.//
F1114 //Right.//
F1113 Over here. Do you like that top? What's on the front of that one?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 It's a butterfly. //Is it? Is it a nice one?//
F1114 //It's a butterfly.// //Where's the butterfly?//
F1113 //[cough] On your top.//
F1114 Where's my butterfly on the socks?
F1113 On your socks. Right, up your hands, take off your top. Good girl. Up. Eh, are you stuck?
F1114 Eh.
F1113 That's it now. Hear the birdies again? Shoutin. Mum heard them this morning on the roof. Now, over your head. And your handies. //Okay?//
F1114 //Oh!//
F1113 Whoops!
F1114 [splutter] //My ear!//
F1113 //That's you now.// What's wrong with your ear?
F1114 It's got still in it.
F1113 What's in it?
F1114 [exhale] It's a [?]bookie[/?].
F1113 There's nae a book in your ears, no.
F1114 Bookies in my ears.
F1113 No. You get wax in your ears. Now. //Do you want to clean out your ears?//
F1114 //[?]What's this?[/?]// Yes.
F1113 Yes, will I get cotton buds? [?]Cool[/?].
F1114 Hm.
F1113 Right, watch your [inaudible]. //[cough]//
F1114 //No, I I just, my ears is okay.//
F1113 Your ears is okay?
F1114 Here, roll the ball. You go over there. //Out-, outside, outside the door.//
F1113 //I'm over here.//
F1114 You go outside the door. Don't move. //Oh.//
F1113 //Don't move, oh// //dear, you fall down. [inaudible].//
F1114 //[laugh]// I sit down, sit down.
F1113 Stand up here a minutie. //I'll just check your microphone a bitty, cause you might have knocked it oot. Let me see.//
F1114 //Oh.//
F1113 We'll just check. Oh no it's okay. I thought maybe when you fell doon, [inaudible]. //Okay?//
F1114 //[cough]//
F1113 Now, //I'll fold up your jamas for beddy-time.//
F1114 //[sniff]// [sniff]
F1113 There, jamas for beddy-time.
F1114 Mummy, Mummy. [cough]
F1113 You canna stop coughing the day. You've nae got a cough, have you? //We'll have tae dae yer hair as well, [CENSORED: forename].//
F1114 //Ah! This is my phone.// //This is my phone.//
F1113 //Eh?// That's your phone there. //Will Mam clean oot your ears?//
F1114 //[exhale]// [exhale] My ear's okay.
F1113 Are you sure? Two minutes.
F1114 Yes, it's okay.
F1113 Two minutes to clean them oot. [inaudible] Oh. There you are. Stop your tunie just noo.
F1114 [music from toy]
F1113 Go and you brush your teeth.
F1114 Uh-uh.
F1113 You go and brush your teeth.
F1114 [?]All by myself[/?]. //You go out.//
F1113 //[inaudible]//
F1114 You go wash you-, I did I did I
F1113 You can do it, yes, you can do it. //I'll put on your paste for you,//
F1114 //You go, I j-, I just I just// //[child noises]//
F1113 //case it goes all over the floor.// We'll hold it over the sink. Pit it over the sink. In case it goes all over the floor.
F1114 [inhale] Look, the [?]fimbles[/?]. I I'll hold it.
F1113 Careful. Only need a wee wee suppie. Now, that's enough, oh, it's stuck. That's enough. Right, under the water.
F1114 Ah! [inaudible].
F1113 Right, brush your teeth. Brush brush. You dinna just sook. Brush. Brush brush. Make them bonny.
F1114 Okay.
F1113 That's a girl. Brush brush. Come on then. Give them a good scrub scrub. That's a girl. Clever. More. [cough] That's it. And then the back ones as well. That's it. Good girl.
F1114 And again?
F1113 Mum do that back one? Mum do it? Okay? I think that's them done. Is it? Let me see. Let me see if they're bonny. See your teethies. Go "Ah".
F1114 Ah.
F1113 Very nice. //Right, that's very nice. And Mum will clean your ears.//
F1114 //Where's the football?//
F1113 In the bedroom. Come on we'll check oot your ears. Let me see. //[inaudible] clean out [inaudible].//
F1114 //[laugh] Ah, that tickles.//
F1113 Is that tickles in your ears?
F1114 Yes. //[laugh]//
F1113 //Alright, that's that one all clean. Other one.//
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Good girl. //Make sure they're all nice and clean.//
F1114 //And Mummy's.// //[laugh]//
F1113 //Now, is that tickly?//
F1114 Yes. And Mummy's ain.
F1113 Mummy do her ears?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Now, are you going to get a clasp for your hair?
F1114 No, I no want a clasp.
F1113 What do you want in your hair the day then? //A bobble?//
F1114 //Um.// No, a
F1113 Do you want a clasp or a bobble?
F1114 A clasp and a bobble.
F1113 Oh right. You going to go and pick them? From [CENSORED: forename]'s bedroom. You go into her drawer and pick a claspie. //Okay?//
F1114 //[child noises]// //[child noises]//
F1113 //Now, that's aa the ears done.// Okay?
F1114 [child noises] [music from a toy]
F1113 Now.
F1114 [?]I'm walking[/?] my phone.
F1113 What you doin?
F1114 [?]I'm walking[/?] the phone. [inaudible] the phone. //I'm walk-.//
F1113 //You're walkin wi yer phone?//
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Oh, watch you're [?]banging[/?].
F1114 I [inaudible] like doors, the flowers. [inhale]
F1113 Mmhm. Right, you gonna come and get your hair done?
F1114 No no no, no no no.
F1113 Get your hair brushed and you'll be aafa bonny. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //Oh oh oh, want to want to play football.//
F1113 [inaudible] There you go. That's it noo.
F1114 But, I want to play football.
F1113 Well I'll play a quick game o football wi you just now, while I do your hair //and I'll [inaudible].//
F1114 //Eh.//
F1113 Right, ready? //Ready. Go!//
F1114 //Okay. Kick.//
F1113 Kick the ball. //[cough]//
F1114 //Oh.// I'll go over here, I'll go over here, you go over here. //I'll g-. [exhale]//
F1113 //I'll go over here, okay.//
F1114 You go over here, beside this trolley. //I'll go//
F1113 //Okay?// //Whee! Kick it then.//
F1114 //Kick!// Kick!
F1113 Whee! And again.
F1114 Kick. [panting] Kick!
F1113 Whee!
F1114 Kick! Co- come back here. [inhale] Kick! [inhale] Kick!
F1113 Kick.
F1114 Kick.
F1113 Whee!
F1114 Let's sit doon. I'm going to sit doon.
F1113 That's your boxie. I'll check your boxie again. Okay? [phone rings] [inaudible] No, it's okay. Will we get your hair done first and then you can go and play football.
F1114 No, [inaudible]. //No.//
F1113 //Up you come, right, [?]off with the box[/?].//
F1114 No, no, no, no, no, no, //no!//
F1113 //Can I put that// can I put them away in the cupboard?
F1114 Yes, course you can.
F1113 Course I can. The towels. Will I put them away now?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 No, [CENSORED: forename]'s nae gettin them.
F1113 Far's nae going to get them?
F1114 [CENSORED: forename].
F1113 You hiding them frae your sister? //Are you?//
F1114 //Boing boing boing.// No, sister's in school.
F1113 Yes, she'll be away to school. Away to school. Come on we'll do your hair. You going to brush your own hair?
F1114 [squeal] //[squeal]//
F1113 //Eh?// //Come on, go and brush your hair then.//
F1114 //[?]Your hand did it[/?].// //No no no.//
F1113 //This way, good girl, through in [CENSORED: forename]'s bedroom.//
F1114 Put this here.
F1113 Eh?
F1114 Put them here.
F1113 Well I'll get the brush and your clasp, okay?
F1114 No, close the door close.
F1113 Eh?
F1114 Woops. //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1113 //[inaudible]//
F1114 [inaudible] [inaudible] Go whee! [inaudible]
F1113 Got one!
F1114 No.
F1113 There you are. Oh! Excuse me. Watch your fingers. //Mummy open the door.//
F1114 //[inhale]// //[inhale]//
F1113 //That's a girl.// Right. Up you get. //Stand up [inaudible]. That's a good girl.//
F1114 //Ah!//
F1113 Now. Let's brush your hair gentle,
F1114 [squeal]
F1113 and that'll be you all ready for today. //[cough]//
F1114 //[squeal] That's too sore.//
F1113 What's sore?
F1114 Your ears, it's okay, I'm holding them.
F1113 My ears is okay? [laugh] Mmhm. //Your hair's bonny.//
F1114 //You-// your ear-, [inaudible]. //Oh.//
F1113 //Your hair's, your// hair's bonny, since you've had your bathie, it's aa bonny.
F1114 Kick it in the net.
F1113 What's that, darlin?
F1114 Kick it, kick it.
F1113 In the net?
F1114 Yes. //Ki-.//
F1113 //Come an get your clasp on first then.// Right, here we go. Now, oh! Over this way. Claspie in. Now. You going up to see Grandma the day?
F1114 Yes, Grandma.
F1113 And Granda. Come here till I see your hair a minutie, darlin.
F1114 No!
F1113 And [CENSORED: forename]'s up. You going to play with him?
F1114 No no no. I nae want to play [CENSORED: forename].
F1113 You dinna want to play wi him? Okay then. Who are you going to play with?
F1114 [inaudible] [CENSORED: forename]'s going to Granny's.
F1113 [CENSORED: forename] going up to Granny's, is she?
F1114 Yes, she's going to play with [CENSORED: forename].
F1113 She's going to play wi [CENSORED: forename]?
F1114 Yes, go catch a fishie.
F1113 What, the fishie game? Did you play the fishie game yesterday?
F1114 Yes, not catch any fishie.
F1113 Right, we'll brush your hair. Okay. //Now, that's you looking pretty.//
F1114 //That's enough that's enough.//
F1113 That's you all pretty. Do you want to come down now and get a drink o juice?
F1114 Aye, kick the ball.
F1113 Right, we'll hae a quick game o the ball then.
F1114 You go outside the door.
F1113 Right, this is far enough, I think. //Right, on you go.//
F1114 //Yes.// //Kick!//
F1113 //Go! Whee!// Whee! //Whee!//
F1114 //[laugh]// Kick it over there.
F1113 You stand up and see if you can catch it. Right. Right, ready? Come over, forward, a wee wee bittie. Right, here. //Right, stand there.//
F1114 //I// I done it, Mum, I done it.
F1113 Right, you stand there and put oot your arms.
F1114 I done it!
F1113 Are you ready? Stand there and put oot your arms. See if you can catch it.
F1114 In the in the net, in the net.
F1113 In the net? //Oh, I missed it.//
F1114 //Mm.//
F1113 Hold on a minute. Out your arms. Ready steady [CENSORED: forename] catch! //Yey!//
F1114 //Out to the side, Mum.//
F1113 [cough]
F1114 I'm over here.
F1113 Right, ready, steady, go!
F1114 Go. //[exhale]//
F1113 //Oh!// Ready, steady, go!
F1114 [exhale] [inhale]
F1113 [cough] Again? Whee!
F1114 Wee bit.
F1113 What's that? Wee wee bittie? Whee!
F1114 Whee!
F1113 Whee!
F1114 [child noises]
F1113 Do you want to come down get a drink o juice?
F1114 Yeah, get juice upstairs.
F1113 Are you thirsty?
F1114 Yes. [exhale]
F1113 Right. //Okay?//
F1114 //[exhale]//
F1113 Up you get then [inaudible]. //Are you okay now?//
F1114 //[child noises]// No no no no no, mm. [cough] Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh. I want the ball again.
F1113 Okay, but Mum'll have to go and do some thingies and then we're going to go oot for a nice walk, //up to shops wi Mum?//
F1114 //[child noises]// //[cough]//
F1113 //Aw! A blocked nose.//
F1114 [sniff]
F1113 A bad blocked nose.
F1114 What's in this, Mum?
F1113 Eh?
F1114 The trolley, Mum, the trolley.
F1113 We'll go and do our jobbies first and then we'll come back and do the trolley. Do you want to take a trolley doonstairs.
F1114 Er, okay.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 You carry it doonstairs.
F1113 Well you pop that back through to [CENSORED: forename]'s drawer, and I'll carry that doonstairs. You pop her brush back in her drawer, okay?
F1114 Okay.
F1113 That's a good girl. Pop it in the drawer. //Good girl.//
F1114 //[inhale]// Look at all the cushions.
F1113 Aye, that's her pillows, cause we've we've just washed [CENSORED: forename]'s bed, that's why there's nothing on the bed. Just washed the bed. [inaudible]. //Now, oops.//
F1114 //Oops.//
F1113 Ah, you've got a sticker on your hand. Stick it back on. There we go. Is that [CENSORED: forename]'s sticker's come off. There's more stickers, see? Now. See all the stickers she's got? Is that good?
F1114 Yes. I'm doing it, s-, Mum. //What are we doin next?//
F1113 //What's that darling?// What are we doin next? Well I was going downstairs to
F1114 [inaudible].
F1113 put away this stuff. Then [inaudible] a drinkie juice. //Right, I'll//
F1114 //You Mummy.//
F1113 carry doon yer blocks, cause they'll be heavy. Right, and I'll take doon this as well. That's the towels in it. Now, right, will I carry it for you? Okay, manage? Right, you walk down behind me, I'll [inaudible].
F1114 I'll get the kitten.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 Kitten kitten ki-. Okay, kitten, okay, you okay, you [inaudible]. You s-. Oh. [inhale]
F1113 Coming down [CENSORED: forename]?
F1114 I go [inaudible] phone off. I'll put it back on.
F1113 Come and I'll make your juice.
F1114 Oops. My microphone, microphone. //[cat miaows]//
F1113 //[inaudible].//
F1114 My phone, my my microphone, my microphone is off, my microphone.
F1113 Oh did it fall off?
F1114 Yes. //Fall.//
F1113 //Come on and we'll sort it.// Did it fall off the back?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right, we'll get it back on inside your trousers. It just came off, it just goes back on the back. //There you go.//
F1114 //[sniff]// [sniff] //[cough]//
F1113 //Oh me, what a cough.//
F1114 [sniff]
F1113 A bad cough?
F1114 Yes. //[sniff]//
F1113 //Mmhm.// Here's your juice. I'll get the juice.
F1114 Want to play blocks wi Mum.
F1113 [inaudible]
F1114 Want to play blocks wi Mum. //Want to play blocks//
F1113 //Right, I'll come and play blocks with you just now then// //for a wee whilie, okay?//
F1114 //wh-//
F1113 And then I'll need to go and hang oot that washing. And then we can go out for a walk. //Where did you put the blocks?//
F1114 //[exhale]// Down here, down here. [inaudible] kind o ride, what kind //o ride?//
F1113 //[inaudible]// can you manage to put
F1114 I, I'll Ke- Ken's have a ride. Whee!
F1113 There you go.
F1114 Ken's having a ride. //Whee! [laugh]//
F1113 //Right, you can play then. Whee!//
F1114 Whee! Okay Ken.
F1113 Okay now? Right, you gonna play blocks? //Here's your juice you wanted.//
F1114 //Yes.// //Thank you.//
F1113 //There you go.// Now, Okay, I'll just tidy up a bittie here.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Leave that then, you can play wi your blocks [inaudible]. //I'll start tidying up.//
F1114 //Look, look.//
F1113 Oh that's Maggie.
F1114 [inaudible].
F1113 But we're playing blockies first. Mum's put down the TV a wee bittie, because erm, so there's nae too much noise.
F1114 Right. //One,//
F1113 //Okay?//
F1114 Mum, do yellows. Mum, do yellows. Here's the yellows.
F1113 Is that the yellows? Okay, come on.
F1114 Do the yellows. Mum, do the yellows.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 Mm [inhale] do the yellows. Mum, do it up high. There we go. //I,//
F1113 //Thank you.//
F1114 Mum, you do the red ain.
F1113 I'll do the red ones, okay?
F1114 There I go.
F1113 Thank you.
F1114 [sniff] //[exhale]//
F1113 //Thank you very much.// //Thank you.//
F1114 //There you go.// There we go.
F1113 Thank you.
F1114 I do the, I do the green ains, the blue ones. You do the red ains, the yellow ains.
F1113 Right. You do that ones over there.
F1114 [sniff]
F1113 Is your nose okay? Do you want a hanky?
F1114 Yes. [sniff]
F1113 Do you want a hanky for your nose?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 I'll go and get you a hanky. You sort the blocks, okay? Is your nose sore? //Mmhm.//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 Go and get a hanky.
F1114 [exhale] [sniff]
F1113 You okay? Mum's got a hanky.
F1114 [sniff]
F1113 Okay?
F1114 Okay.
F1113 Right, do you want to blow your nose? There you go. Wipe your nosie. //Okay?//
F1114 //[exhale]//
F1113 You okay?
F1114 No.
F1113 Sore?
F1114 [exhale] Yes.
F1113 Is that better? Oh, wipe your nose.
F1114 Oh oh!
F1113 What's wrong? Where's it sore?
F1114 In my nose.
F1113 Look up, Mummy see. Aye, it's all red. Is it okay? It's a bittie red where it's been running, okay? Okay? //Okay?//
F1114 //Yes, it's// a bit red.
F1113 Mmhm. All better shortly.
F1114 [?]And you[/?] red.
F1113 We've all got the cold. [CENSORED: forename]'s got the cold, and you've got the cold. //Mmhm.//
F1114 //That's a big snake!//
F1113 Is that your snake again?
F1114 Yes. //I//
F1113 //Mmhm.// //[cough] Right, okay.//
F1114 //want to draw the big s-, I draw a big snake.// Red. Red. Still red. It's still red.
F1113 You still red?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Mm. What's wrong?
F1114 It's still red.
F1113 What, your nose?
F1114 Yes, they're still red. It's still red. //[sniff]//
F1113 //It'll just be like that till it gets better.// Do you want to give it a wee wipie, ken, cause it's running? Okay? //Okay?//
F1114 //Yes.// //Okay. Yes.//
F1113 //You'll be okay.// Who's that on the TV?
F1114 It's Maggie the Ferocious Beast.
F1113 Maggie and the Ferocious Beast? Is he your favourite?
F1114 Yeah.
F1113 And who else? //[cough]//
F1114 //That's the [inaudible] head.// //On his head.//
F1113 //Mm?//
F1114 Where's his? On his head he's got his his mouth.
F1113 That's a long snake.
F1114 S-. Another block!
F1113 Okay, hold on, I'll do it for you. //There you go.//
F1114 //[exhale]// Look, something, something.
F1113 Okay?
F1114 There a snake!
F1113 A snake snake snake.
F1114 A big snake. Look, Mum, look a big huge snake.
F1113 Snake.
F1114 A big snake.
F1113 Mmhm. That's his big head.
F1114 [exhale]
F1113 Okay?
F1114 My telephone.
F1113 [laugh] You feeling okay?
F1114 Look a big snake!
F1113 Oops. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //My juice.// Oh, I make a mess.
F1113 It's okay, it'll wipe it up, that's it, it's all away. //Okay?//
F1114 //[exhale] [sniff]// My red's away.
F1113 Is it all better, is it? Okay.
F1114 It's still
F1113 It'll be sore for a wee whilie. //That's better.//
F1114 //You you hold the kitten.//
F1113 Thank you.
F1114 It's a wee wee kitten.
F1113 A wee wee wee kitten? Is that good juice? Okay? Mum's gonna need to hang oot her washing in a minutie.
F1114 Uh-huh.
F1113 Are you going to stay inside and play? //Just in here.//
F1114 //Mmhm.//
F1113 Once the machine stops. //I'll sort oot your snakie for you here, see?//
F1114 //[sniff]// [inaudible] the big, look at the big snakie.
F1113 That's a huge snake. //A big one.//
F1114 //Mum, you hold the [inaudible] snakie.//
F1113 Can I get a shot o your snakie? That's very good o you. Thank you. Now. There you go. There's pussycat coming across, look, de-de-de-de, de-de-de-de, de-de! [cat miaows]
F1114 Oh!
F1113 Oh, he's cryin.
F1114 Yes, he's not want to cross the bridge.
F1113 He's wantin to give you a lovie.
F1114 Yes. //Aw. He's greeting.//
F1113 //Aw, aw.// He's greetin, is he?
F1114 He's not want reds.
F1113 Aw.
F1114 He's orange.
F1113 An orange pussycat, that's right.
F1114 He's black. Black's his tummy.
F1113 His tummy's black?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 No, that's white.
F1114 No, it's, there's long tile.
F1113 Tail.
F1114 Tile.
F1113 It's called tail.
F1114 Tail.
F1113 Tail, that's it.
F1114 Mummy, [inaudible] draw.
F1113 Eh?
F1114 You want to [inaudible] I could draw. You draw the snake.
F1113 You want me to draw?
F1114 Yes. //Please.//
F1113 //[inaudible] two hands.//
F1114 Here I go. Okay. You press the buttons.
F1113 I'll just draw something bonny, will I?
F1114 You pr-.
F1113 What do you want me to draw?
F1114 No-, you press the buttons. //Drawin the [inaudible].//
F1113 //Right, I'll draw, what'll I draw?//
F1114 Look look at [inaudible].
F1113 It's all done. They're little babies now, eh with bubbles.
F1114 No it's bubbles.
F1113 Bubbles.
F1114 [panting]
F1113 What's that?
F1114 It's bubbles.
F1113 Bubbles, Mum's drawing bubbles.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 A big bubble.
F1114 Big big big bubble! What's that?
F1113 Big bubble and a huge bubble. A little bubble and a huge bubble. Just like on the telly. See? Now.
F1114 I watch some telly.
F1113 Is that good?
F1114 [humming] //[humming]//
F1113 //Mmhm. You singin to Mum?//
F1114 I sing Maggie the //[humming]//
F1113 //Maggie and the Ferocious Beast?// What's coming on next, do you think?
F1114 The bubbles go burst.
F1113 Right, can I draw something else? What will I draw? A doggy? Oh, it's Max and Ruby that's coming on next. Max and Ruby. You going to sing it? Max and Ruby!
F1114 Oh, I want [?]doughnuts[/?].
F1113 Coming on in a minutie. There's a little mousie called Sammy. Sammy the Mouse.
F1114 Where's Alice the skip? //Alice the skip.//
F1113 //Eh?// She's skipping?
F1114 Yes, skip! //Skip!//
F1113 //That's Angelina.//
F1114 Skip! This is Angelina [?]drawing[/?].
F1113 Angelina Ballerina. That's My Little Pony.
F1114 Cony.
F1113 Pony.
F1114 Cony.
F1113 Nae cony, pony!
F1114 Pony.
F1113 Pony. //My Little Pony.//
F1114 //Mum, it's got// it's got a rainbow. She's got friends.
F1113 Aye, that's all her friends. My Little Pony and her friends. Isn't it? Aw, they're bonny. Like a My Little Pony?
F1114 Look! //[laugh] Let's, let's see them.//
F1113 //What's that?// [cough] They're dancing.
F1114 Look, look, look Mum!
F1113 What?
F1114 Keekin.
F1113 Keekin oot? //[cough] Hidin?//
F1114 //Yes, s- he's on// he's on his, oh look look a snake.
F1113 [cough] Oh, Mum cannae stop coughin the day. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //A snake.// //Oh no.//
F1113 //Oh no, snake's broken.//
F1114 That's it sorted. //That is his head.//
F1113 //Is that it sorted?//
F1114 That his head, that is //head.//
F1113 //That's his// head. Will I draw a snakie on here? Look.
F1114 Yes, a big big snake. [inhale] Some eyes Mum.
F1113 Go on then.
F1114 Some eyes Mum.
F1113 Some eyes?
F1114 Yes, in the mouth, this, the [inaudible] draw again.
F1113 There he goes.
F1114 No. [inaudible] in the mouth.
F1113 That's his mouth here, look. Big smiley mouth. Is he a happy snake?
F1114 An the crown.
F1113 He's to wear a crown?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Oh right, there's his crown.
F1114 There's [inaudible].
F1113 Is that his crown?
F1114 Yes! Did it!
F1113 Did it. Are you going to draw something?
F1114 I need, I draw a caterpillar.
F1113 Eh?
F1114 Mum, I need to draw a caterpillar.
F1113 Right, you draw a caterpillar then. There you go then.
F1114 Draw, press on the buttons. On the buttons. Round here.
F1113 Okay. That's it. Right, you going to draw a caterpillar?
F1114 That's it. [toy says 'I like that'] Oh oh oh.
F1113 Oh, it's a bittie loud. We'll put that off. Okay, we draw the cat-.
F1114 Mum, you press the noises.
F1113 Oh, we'll do that after, cause it's awful noisy, isn't it?
F1114 Yes. //That's baby [inaudible].//
F1113 //I want you to draw, oh there's a flower, look.// That's a baby [inaudible].
F1114 Yes I draw the butterfly.
F1113 And I'll do the flowers. There you go.
F1114 That that's a scooter, Mum.
F1113 Is that a scooter?
F1114 Yes, you draw it.
F1113 I thought you was going to draw this. Right, Mum's going to have to go and put out her washing. Coming to help me? //Come on then.//
F1114 //Er.// //No thanks, no no.//
F1113 //No?// You canna scoot aboot the living room wi that. Might hurt yourself. It'll break. This is for your blockies. [inaudible]
F1114 [sniff] //It's still s- sore.//
F1113 //Aw! Come here and we'll see.// //We'll wipe it.//
F1114 //It's still//
F1113 Mummy have a wee look at your nose. See if we can help your nosie. Over here, help your nosie. //Let me see.//
F1114 //[sniff]//
F1113 Let me have a look at your nose. [cough] Let's see.
F1114 It's still red.
F1113 Still red?
F1114 Yes. [child noises]
F1113 Let me have a wee lookie. Is it sore?
F1114 Yes. Ow, ow, ow, //ow.//
F1113 //Oh.// Put on a wee sippie cream. //A wee sippie cream on your nose?//
F1114 //[sniff]// Yes.
F1113 Yes or no?
F1114 Yeah.
F1113 Want a wee sippie cream?
F1114 Yes, and I'll watch Max and Ruby.
F1113 Right, will I go and get some cream?
F1114 Look, look, it's happened.
F1113 It's a smiley face.
F1114 I do-.
F1113 Max and Ruby's coming on next. That's the smiley face first. It's raining, see. Face is saying it's raining. Isn't it? Do you want Mum to get some cream for your nose? [CENSORED: forename].
F1114 What?
F1113 Do you want some cream for your nose? Where it's red. Will I go and get some cream? You're dreaming.
F1114 I've got [inaudible].
F1113 What's that?
F1114 You got bleeding nose.
F1113 I've got a bleeding nose? Have I? No.
F1114 Yes, you does.
F1113 I haven't.
F1114 A big sandwich.
F1113 [laugh] //You need a big sandwich. Will I get some cream for your nose?//
F1114 //Mm.// //Mm.//
F1113 //Yum yum yum yum.// Will I? Hold on, I'll go to the bathroom, get some cream for your nose. //[inaudible].//
F1114 //[inaudible] sore Mum.//
F1113 What's that?
F1114 Then you sore Mum.
F1113 [cough] Right, here I got some cream. Now Mummy will put a wee suppie on your nose. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //Mmhm.//
F1113 Okay? A wee wee suppie. Right. [?]Up a headie[/?]. That's a girl. Up. On your nose. Now. //Is that okay?//
F1114 //[exhale]// Yes.
F1113 Is that okay?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes.
F1114 [inhale] Look at Max's shoe!
F1113 [inhale]
F1114 It's melt.
F1113 Melted lolly on it. Oh no. What a mess. His Mummy will be angry, won't she?
F1114 Yes. Ruby's getting angry.
F1113 Ruby's getting angry.
F1114 Just clean up. Just clean up.
F1113 [exhale] Ruby's getting angry?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Your nose feel better //wi that on it?//
F1114 //Yes.// My snake is okay.
F1113 Eh?
F1114 My snake is okay.
F1113 Your snake is bonny. Now, well Mum's going to go and hang oot her washing in a minute, okay? And then we can get wir coats and wir shoes on. //We'll go for a walk//
F1114 //[inhale]//
F1113 up to the shop. You going to do that?
F1114 Yes. [?]Exactly[/?].
F1113 Cause it's a bonny day. [inaudible].
F1114 Yeah. [inaudible]
F1113 Cause it was pourin rain yesterday, wasn't it?
F1114 Yeah.
F1113 It was horrible. What you doing?
F1114 Look, [inaudible] stickin his feet. //He's- [exhale]//
F1113 //What's happened to his feet?//
F1114 [inaudible] stick it.
F1113 What?
F1114 Sticking it.
F1113 He's been sticking to it?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Oh. Oh me. Will he be getting a row? Look at the mess he's making in the bedroom.
F1114 There's bubbles!
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 Bubbles.
F1113 Blowing bubbles. //Was you nae blowing bubbles [inaudible]? [inhale]//
F1114 //[inhale] Oh!//
F1113 Oh me. Was you nae blowing bubbles wi Dad?
F1114 No.
F1113 Remember Dad bought you bubbles?
F1114 [inhale] Look, beasties!
F1113 Oh I saw beasties crawling up the wall.
F1114 He's going to bed.
F1113 [?]Going for[/?] his bed?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Oh. Yuck.
F1114 Yuck.
F1113 Yuck yuck. That's horrible, isn't it? Right. I'm going to put the toolies away in the cupboard. I'll tidy up this toys.
F1114 [inhale] It's in his pocket.
F1113 Eh? [cough] What's in his pocket?
F1114 Beasties.
F1113 Beasties? Yuck. Where's your spider gone that was on the wall? Is he away home? [CENSORED: forename]?

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 03, recording 3: Getting dressed and household chores


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Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
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Year of recording 2004
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