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A Bit of a Wally

Author(s): Anna Blair

Copyright holder(s): Anna Blair


Anderson Casey's a bit of a wally
Wi' his accent from England that's ever so jolly
His curly fair heid and pink-and-white cheeks
And jings but he's wearing cord velvety breeks!

His collars is clean and his manners is fancy
So's that all the boys think he's a bit i'a Nancy.
When he first comes to school wi' his la-di-da ways
The lassies just giggle and look sidieways.

If the boys takes the mickey he walks off alone
His hands in his pockets, just kickin' a stone.
That was till last Thursday, when I went and said
Some wee slur on his Ma. And then he turns red,

Comes at me, a dervish, afore I could see
Two fists goin' like pistons, near massacrin' me.
Now none of us cross him for a fear he takes staw
And lands them, like me, a right sock on the jaw.

That's the wee tale of wir class's new chiel
As we took for an angel, and turned out a de'il
No we're a' tripping over wirsel's to become
Instead of tormentor, his very best chum.

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A Bit of a Wally


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