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Dipper: 09 - Mid-winter Spring

Author(s): Dr James A Begg

Copyright holder(s): Dr James A Begg


Inspired by hearing a Blackbird singing "it's hert oot" in the 'wee smaa oors' during a night-call on the 9th January 1985, when the rest of Europe was suffering the coldest spell of winter weather for years!

Tho heraldin the birth o Spring,
Frae Ayr's Auld Kirkyaird echoes ring –
- Whit is it Blackie, maks ye sing
This Januar nicht?
Why's yer pow no tuckt aneath yer wing -
- It's juist no richt!

Altho the wather's unco saft,
An Westlin wins yer feathers waft,
Rousin ye up wi gentle draught
Tae warble free,
- (I ken damn-fine Auld Davie's daft!)
But so are ye!

There's ten-fuit snaw-wraiths doun in Kent,
An it's muckle waur on the Continent,
Cruel Winter's wrath is no yet spent,
I'm vext tae say,
An I hae nae dout it's his intent
Tae grup us tae.

The Finns thole fifty d'grees o frost
An doun on the Riviera Coast,
Whaur sunshine's aye their proodest boast,
They sit an freeze;
While up in Ayr, as warm as toast,
Ye tak yer ease.

- Auld Davie's gyte, fou weel I ken,
I caum him doun a wee while, then
I heize him up an cairt him ben
Tae's touslt bed;
A wee word syne wi his auld wife Jen,
Then oot I tread.

At hauf-past fower it's dreich an dreary,
The Auld Kirkyaird luiks awesome, eerie,
I'm crabbit, haur-asleep, an weary,
- When aa at yince,
A sang bursts forth sae blythe an cheery,
Frae Music's prince.

As gowden notes frae gowden bill
Come floatin throu the darkness still,
I clean forget the nicht's cauld chill,
As hame I gang;
Enchauntit by the magic spell
O Blackie's sang.

muckle waur/much worse

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Dipper: 09 - Mid-winter Spring


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