[child noise]

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turn you into a transformer[child noise][child noise] [child noise] f1089: that s
you into a transformer [child noise][child noise][child noise] f1089: that s a
transformer f1089: a transformer m1090: [child noise]eh i fixed it f1089:
transformer huh [?]come here[/?] the transformer[child noise]f1089: fitt s that car
into a transformer [child noise] [child noise][child noise]f1089: that s a proper
m1090: [child noise] [?]it was just[/?] [child noise] [inaudible][child noise]turning into a transformer [child noise]
[censored: forename] m1090: [?]tying[/?] the transformer[child noise]what f1089: what does your
[child noise] turning into a transformer[child noise]you ll never stop me
he won t fall down[child noise][banging noise] [child noise] oof i got
m1096: twinkle [child noise] move up[child noise]cause i m going to
down get out [child noise] [laugh][child noise][child noise] [child noise] [inhale] [exhale] have
the living room m1090: [inaudible][child noise][child noise] [exhale] f1089: farr ye
you ll never stop me[child noise][child noise] f1089: can you go
that s aa dirty m1090: [child noise][child noise] f1089: no dinna need
i m gonna punch you[child noise][child noise] f1089: no i dinna
wants it he wants it[child noise][child noise] f1089: turn round a
laugh f1095: oh aye m1096: [child noise][child noise] f1095: come on then
okay then m1096: brrm brrm[child noise][child noise] f1095: farr s the
turn them ower then m1096: [child noise][child noise] f1095: that s right
go brush your teeth m1096: [child noise][child noise] f1095: you never finished
you fix it yeah f1116: [child noise][child noise] f1115: bob the builder
though come and see m1128: [child noise][child noise] f1127: sit doon till
f1107: pussy pussy pussy m1108: [child noise][child noise] i haud the bla-
get out [child noise] [laugh] [child noise][child noise][child noise] [inhale] [exhale] have to
my elephant who s [?]come for him[/?][child noise][crunching noise] [inhale] [child noise] [paper crumpling] [inhale]
living room m1090: [inaudible] [child noise][child noise][exhale] f1089: farr ye gaun
ll never stop me [child noise][child noise]f1089: can you go and
s aa dirty m1090: [child noise][child noise]f1089: no dinna need that
m gonna punch you [child noise][child noise]f1089: no i dinna like
it he wants it [child noise][child noise]f1089: turn round a wee
f1095: oh aye m1096: [child noise][child noise]f1095: come on then that
and it stop [child noise] [inaudible][child noise]f1095: [cough] m1096: here s
then m1096: brrm brrm [child noise][child noise]f1095: farr s the [inaudible]
them ower then m1096: [child noise][child noise]f1095: that s right turn
brush your teeth m1096: [child noise][child noise]f1095: you never finished your
fix it yeah f1116: [child noise][child noise]f1115: bob the builder can
come and see m1128: [child noise][child noise]f1127: sit doon till ye
pussy pussy pussy m1108: [child noise][child noise]i haud the bla- f1107:
the button and it stop[child noise][inaudible] [child noise] f1095: [cough] m1096:
off there m1090: [child noise] [?]it was just[/?][child noise][inaudible] [child noise] turning into a
dae [censored: forename] m1096: [child noise] [noise from electronic toy][child noise][inaudible] come back for me
out [child noise] [laugh] [child noise] [child noise][child noise][inhale] [exhale] have to go
santa and [inaudible] [child noise] [toy noise][child noise]is um mmhm i m
taking sellotape off there m1090: [child noise][?]it was just[/?] [child noise] [inaudible] [child noise] turning
to fall down get out[child noise][laugh] [child noise] [child noise] [child noise] [inhale]
star f1095: [throat] m1096: twinkle[child noise]move up [child noise] cause i
no dinna dae [censored: forename] m1096: [child noise][noise from electronic toy] [child noise] [inaudible] come back
t fall down [child noise] [banging noise][child noise]oof i got l- i
s [?]come for him[/?] [child noise] [crunching noise] [inhale][child noise][paper crumpling] [inhale] [exhale] f1089: [singing]
got for santa and [inaudible][child noise][toy noise] [child noise] is um mmhm
f1089: white m1090: [child noise] [toy siren sounds][child noise][toy noise] f1089: fitt s that
colour black f1089: white m1090: [child noise][toy siren sounds] [child noise] [toy noise] f1089: fitt
it s gone [sucks air though teeth] [sucks air through teeth][child noise]f1089: [cough] [cough] m1090: [toy noise]
suppose you can pot m1108: [child noise]pussy f1107: [?]what's at?[/?] m1108: puss
says he ah ah [exhale][child noise][toy noise] f1089: i think you
[inaudible] burps m1096: i just[child noise]did you hear that f1095:
it [censored: forename] stop it m1096: [child noise]did you laugh f1095: oh
m1096: aye f1095: no m1096: [child noise]dogs ca- f1095: a straight
for you and [censored: forename] m1096: [child noise]eh f1095: cause mum s
this f1095: aye well m1096: [child noise][electronic toy] wait just see this
gaun to be noo m1096: [child noise]erm it s the wrong
f1095: aye m1096: [exhale] [exhale][child noise][exhale] [exhale] [inaudible] [exhale] oh
a big bite then m1096: [child noise]f1095: again m1096: [eating noises] huh
in a sandwich okay m1096: [child noise]f1095: are you puttin it
i m only good on[child noise]f1095: aye m1096: [exhale] [exhale]
won t it m1096: aye[child noise]f1095: aye that s right
m1096: are we walking mum[child noise]f1095: aye we re walking
watch now m1096: oh oh[child noise]f1095: careful watch your heid
[?]the pinny on[/?] f1095: oh no m1096: [child noise]f1095: did your teachers nae
into a fire m1096: aye[child noise]f1095: dinna dae that to
huh [snort] f1095: [?]havenae a hat[/?] m1096: [child noise]f1095: don t dae that
to go quickly m1096: aye[child noise]f1095: here m1096: um [inaudible]
got much tae dae m1096: [child noise]f1095: [inaudible] nae funny [censored: forename]
up a box then m1096: [child noise]f1095: [inaudible] this bit and
up on your steppie m1096: [child noise]f1095: let s see m1096:
farr does that go m1096: [child noise]f1095: no cause that s
christmas m1096: och aye yeah[child noise]f1095: no no [censored: forename] nae
just take your time m1096: [child noise]f1095: no that s a
does it yeah oh m1096: [child noise]f1095: right an other bits
at the table m1096: [sniff][child noise]f1095: right here two big
s a corner m1096: [exhale][child noise]f1095: right m1096: [exhale] f1095:
f1095: that s it m1096: [child noise]f1095: right m1096: mm f1095:
m1096: this ain this ain[child noise]f1095: right okay and open
till we re finished m1096: [child noise]f1095: stop it m1096: did
s your lunchbox look m1096: [child noise]f1095: that s to go
f1095: that s right m1096: [child noise]f1095: there s one mair
this one here m1096: ehm[child noise]f1095: this ain is it
sheep f1095: careful m1096: [panting][child noise]f1095: would that maybe be
lunch in the car m1096: [child noise]f1095: you had a packed
on then [inaudible] m1096: [?]covonia[/?][child noise]f1095: you shouldnae even be
he still sick m1096: aye[child noise]farr does this go farr
so you see them m1096: [child noise]fitt s that ain that
f1095: get the box m1096: [child noise]get th- f1095: get the
another bit of road m1096: [child noise]here it goes f1095: that
bits of the sky m1096: [child noise]i dinna want this on
it f1095: mmhm [inaudible] m1096: [child noise]i turned a bit over
awa [censored: forename] m1096: mum [inaudible][child noise][inaudible] can you help me
m1096: [?]i try it[/?] f1095: oops m1096: [child noise][inaudible] f1095: no carefully did
hands on f1095: mm m1096: [child noise][inaudible] there f1095: mm m1096:
going on to elgin m1096: [child noise][inhale] fitt for f1095: cause
all o them m1096: no[child noise]it s like guns there
s no straight [censored: forename] m1096: [child noise][laugh] s- f1095: look at
it that s it m1096: [child noise]look f1095: ah good for
two [?]crashed cars[/?] f1095: mmhm m1096: [child noise]lorry stand there f1095: right
them in there okay m1096: [child noise]mum f1095: eh m1096: mm
books is it m1096: aye[child noise]naebody will find us [inaudible]
right what s next m1096: [child noise]see this nope [inaudible] can
[censored: forename] where you going m1096: [child noise][singing] mummy f1095: fitt eh
say it a one minute[child noise]traffics f1095: mmhm m1096: oh
do it f1095: mmhm m1096: [child noise]will you help me do
incy wincy spider climbing up[child noise]f1095: aye leave it though
and one bit on there[child noise]f1095: aye right put on
look fitt he s daein[child noise]f1095: he s standing with
twinkle twink- [music] twink- [music][child noise]f1095: right are you daein
spin this beyblade on it[child noise]f1095: you okay kisses and
goblin then m1128: [sucks air through teeth] [humming][child noise]f1127: can you find the
clown look [?]that's him [/?] there m1128: [child noise]f1127: can you see the
in here f1127: eh m1128: [child noise]f1127: hey [ripping noise] m1128: this
see i m going spiderman[child noise]f1127: hey we ll soon
have you stuck on m1128: [child noise]f1127: hinna seen the colouring
chair spiderman s walking there[child noise]f1127: now fitt ye daein
are they getting the police[child noise]f1127: oh that s yours
i hope no m1128: aye[child noise]f1127: poor jerry right you
s coming oot now m1128: [child noise]f1127: the rain was pourin
f1127: eh m1128: me again[child noise]f1127: this is daddy s
a clown f1127: aye m1128: [child noise]f1127: when daddy comes hame
s that the ark m1128: [child noise]hey mummy mammy mammy f1127:
mummy m1128: stinky bum [child noises][child noise][inaudible] [laugh] f1127: mammy ll
till ye see this m1128: [child noise]look f1127: oh farr s
the spiders m1128: mammy no[child noise]look [inaudible] f1127: go and
mummy s is good m1128: [child noise]mummy kissy f1127: fitt m1128:
what do f1127: eh m1128: [child noise]what do one f1127: eh
a proper mess eh m1090: [child noise]f1089: that ll teach mammy
put this in here m1128: [child noise]mammy who s sticking on
t got white oh no[child noise][clapping noise] oh oh [slurp] f1089:
you coming with me m1090: [child noise][crunching noise] [inhale] f1089: do you
eh m1090: posts the letter[child noise]f1089: cause he s a
gonna make now m1090: oh[child noise]f1089: eh y- you didnae
this way now m1090: [inhale][child noise]f1089: oh wait a minitie
[?]lid[/?] [inhale] [crunching noise] [inhale] [exhale][child noise]f1089: show me where are
a time eh m1090: heh[child noise]f1089: sit doon cause that
it s an emergency okay[child noise]f1089: watch now you re
[inhale] f1089: oh m1090: [blowing][child noise]he wants it he wants
f1089: [inaudible] the day m1090: [child noise]huh [inhale] i look like
take them all off m1090: [child noise]no f1089: if they ll
work is he m1090: [inaudible][child noise]oh no f1089: fitt does
it power rangers m1090: [inhale][child noise]princess shayla and f1089: aye
he s a postie m1090: [child noise][?]snow white[/?] f1089: okay get the
ado wi ye m1090: tut[child noise]tut he s climbing f1089:
dinna dae that m1090: [inaudible][child noise][blows] [inaudible] mm that s
you got over there m1090: [child noise]can i have that down
fitt s that car m1090: [child noise]i tu- you turn it
the hoover up here m1090: [child noise]now he s turned into
gonnae dae some colouring m1090: [child noise]uh huh but that s
no ducks there for you[child noise][exhale] let s do another
[exhale] f1097: no [censored: forename] m1098: [child noise]f1097: right well you hae
f1136: that way that way[child noise]f1135: are you going to
f1135: [inaudible] chute [inaudible] f1136: [child noise]f1135: [inaudible] are you dizzy
to stay on you f1136: [child noise]f1135: look stick it on
over beside the houses f1136: [child noise]i didn t notice it
it [inaudible] f1136: [noise of wind] [inaudible][child noise]i m in this side
see the boats yes f1136: [child noise]i want it off f1135:
nope whee f1135: [laugh] f1136: [child noise][laugh] f1135: [inaudible] eh f1136:
f1136: eh f1135: [inaudible] f1136: [child noise]whee pretend i ve got
check yer [inaudible] m1108: [laugh][child noise]f1107: ah ah ah i
you re a champione m1108: [child noise]f1107: champion snooker player m1108:
better nae fart m1108: [raspberry][child noise]f1107: dinnae you fart m1108:
it f1107: please m1108: okay[child noise]f1107: here m1108: oh thanks
heard that ain m1108: [laugh][child noise]f1107: what a big fart
m1108: no f1107: okay m1108: [child noise]mam why are you making
milk and treacle m1108: [inhale][child noise]tr- f1107: and fitt do
his violin then m1094: [?]why?[/?][child noise]does that go there f1093:
lady and the man m1094: [child noise]f1093: are they looking out
and the last bit m1094: [child noise]f1093: eh m1094: it s
where does this ain go[child noise]f1093: in there that s
this one m1094: clear ups[child noise]f1093: [inaudible] make them all
that your favourite eh m1094: [child noise]f1093: is that your favourite
f1093: jammies m1094: jammie top[child noise]f1093: jammie top and jammie
shirt for your parties m1094: [child noise]f1093: oh you ll be
you going to help it[child noise]f1093: right where does that
so you can see m1094: [child noise]f1093: so this jigsaw oh
ones some more bits m1094: [child noise]f1093: that s it right
f1093: isn t she m1094: [child noise]f1093: think i ll just
got one of your [inaudible][child noise]f1093: what game are we
s another [inaudible] look m1094: [child noise]this one f1093: that s
you gaun f1116: he s[child noise]f1115: are you gaun to
the dogs went mm f1116: [child noise]f1115: do you think they
no orange f1115: orange f1116: [child noise]f1115: oh f1116: i press
again come on f1116: [inhale][child noise]far- f1115: there was a
there now i ll tid-[child noise]now i ll just [inhale]
too does he m1094: mmhm[child noise]i ve got one of
no hold on right m1094: [child noise]let s do another one
f1109: and fruit m1110: yeah[child noise]f1109: and what was your
wis learning the day m1110: [child noise]f1109: i heard you singing
them for your snack m1110: [child noise]f1109: i ll go and
the logo for them m1110: [child noise]f1109: okay that s their
tortoise it s a mam[child noise]f1109: well aye it s
juice water m1110: no mm[child noise]f1109: you might need it
s the horse s turn[child noise]f1113: the horse s turn
there he is oh [inaudible][child noise][inaudible] turn you into a
and you turn this way[child noise]it s a it s
mummy take off my socks[child noise]mummy f1121: what [censored: forename] what
big tummy oh wow m1098: [child noise]f1097: so fitt do you
tea fitt you wantin f1130: [child noise]what s that f1129: eh
[inaudible] f1126: put them more[child noise]and roly mole is here
good aren t you f1122: [child noise][inaudible] do a little bit
name f1091: [dad on phone in background] mmhm m1092: [child noise][inaudible] today f1091: right is
but that s mine [inaudible][child noise]oh i want to kick
go m1098: oh no the[child noise]f1097: right reverse accelerate m1098:
m1098: aye f1097: aye m1098: [child noise]f1097: we ll hae to
hope not okay right f1122: [child noise]f1121: first you have to
okay come on then f1122: [child noise]f1121: i think one more
the chocolate first okay f1122: [child noise]melt the chocolate f1121: but
more jigsaws f1103: okay f1104: [child noise][?]you got me ain, got[/?] mm make this ain
[censored: forename] didn t you f1122: [child noise]in here f1121: mmhm minnie
[censored: forename] will [censored: forename] [?]will know[/?] it[child noise][toys banging about] oh promise [toys banging about] there
you eating my smarties f1122: [child noise]f1121: oh you re a
up your arm look f1122: [child noise]f1121: there s your cloth
do it like that f1122: [child noise]f1121: wow oh you re
put on your apron f1122: [child noise]have you nae got apron
chocolate is messy getting hot[child noise]f1121: it s aa up
oh can you manage m1092: [child noise]f1091: no i think i
yes roly mole s here[child noise]look at him and bessie
we go all done yes[child noise]f1125: right i ll see
put it on my -ponge[child noise]f1125: here you go f1126:
s a big one fo-[child noise]got some counting here will
this way we get it[child noise]put that down there that
gonna hatch it ta da[child noise]f1113: ta da f1114: you
i [slurp] yummy yummy f1130: [child noise]f1129: hmm you sure you
that s it f1126: aw[child noise]hmm f1125: you havena broken
mm that s very funny[child noise][sucks air through teeth] dad dad we re
cola wait for the lady[child noise]mr [?]pop man[/?] mr [?]pop man[/?] mr

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