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[child noise] f1095: aye m1096: [exhale][exhale][child noise] [exhale] [exhale] [inaudible] [exhale]
that s a corner m1096: [exhale][child noise] f1095: right m1096: [exhale]
where she is f1104: [exhale][exhale]erm hello hello erm [laugh]
on [child noise] f1095: aye m1096: [exhale][exhale] [child noise] [exhale] [exhale] [inaudible]
s where she is f1104: [exhale][exhale] erm hello hello erm
dairylea dunkers after dinner m1090: [exhale][exhale] f1089: what else m1090:
f1093: here you go m1094: [exhale][exhale] f1093: jammies m1094: jammie
and that s it m1096: [exhale][exhale] f1095: there we go
f1126: is it pickled onion[exhale][exhale] f1125: i hope they
go and dae it again[exhale][exhale] go on tickle my
[scribbling noise] f1089: [yawn] m1090: [scribbling noise][exhale][exhale] i m [inaudible] it
aye m1096: [exhale] [exhale] [child noise][exhale][exhale] [inaudible] [exhale] oh no
s mega high look f1114: [exhale][exhale] [laugh] yey f1113: wait
clean oot your ears f1114: [exhale][exhale] my ear s okay
[inaudible] [exhale] oh no no[exhale][exhale] see if my tape
you f1114: [laugh] [squeal] [panting][exhale][exhale] [squeal] [panting] f1113: come
it that s the bit[exhale][exhale] that s pooh looking
there and that steppie there[exhale][exhale] there babies [inaudible] will
dunkers after dinner m1090: [exhale][exhale]f1089: what else m1090: ehm
here you go m1094: [exhale][exhale]f1093: jammies m1094: jammie top
[exhale] [child noise] f1095: right m1096: [exhale]f1095: just turn it round
that s it m1096: [exhale][exhale]f1095: there we go what
minute m1098: oh me heavy[exhale]f1097: [exhale] you okay you
oh [exhale] oh man m1098: [exhale]f1097: now m1098: mm f1097:
are you thirsty f1114: yes[exhale]f1113: right okay f1114: [exhale]
[exhale] f1113: right okay f1114: [exhale]f1113: up you get then
it ll nae work f1126: [exhale]f1125: come on f1126: [exhale]
[exhale] f1125: come on f1126: [exhale]f1125: come on sit ower
is it pickled onion [exhale][exhale]f1125: i hope they work
look on the picture f1126: [exhale]f1125: see f1126: [exhale] mair
and dae it again [exhale][exhale]go on tickle my back
f1089: [yawn] m1090: [scribbling noise] [exhale][exhale]i m [inaudible] it oh
m1096: [exhale] [exhale] [child noise] [exhale][exhale][inaudible] [exhale] oh no no
down look f1071: [inhale] [inhale][exhale][inhale] [exhale] [inhale] [exhale] [inhale]
f1071: [inhale] [inhale] [exhale] [inhale][exhale][inhale] [exhale] [inhale] m1070: but
[inhale] [exhale] [inhale] [exhale] [inhale][exhale][inhale] m1070: but that s
[?]my glass is[/?] [exhale] [slurp] mum [inaudible][exhale][inhale] mam [squeal] [child noises] [child noises]
mega high look f1114: [exhale][exhale][laugh] yey f1113: wait a
f1126: [exhale] f1125: see f1126: [exhale]mair ice crumbs like the
oot your ears f1114: [exhale][exhale]my ear s okay f1113:
okay m1098: mmhm f1097: oh[exhale]oh man m1098: [exhale] f1097:
[exhale] [child noise] [exhale] [exhale] [inaudible][exhale]oh no no [exhale] [exhale]
[exhale] oh no no [exhale][exhale]see if my tape recorder
well please [panting] [panting] [?]my glass is[/?][exhale][slurp] mum [inaudible] [exhale] [inhale]
f1114: [laugh] [squeal] [panting] [exhale][exhale][squeal] [panting] f1113: come on
that s the bit [exhale][exhale]that s pooh looking at
and that steppie there [exhale][exhale]there babies [inaudible] will you
oh me heavy [exhale] f1097: [exhale]you okay you okay m1098:
at least a page [inhale][exhale]ah he never seems to
the toys tidy m1090: [inhale][exhale]ah i don t know
and watch me i w-[exhale]almost there ah [inhale] [inhale]
had that f1187: [inhale] f66: [exhale]amount of nerve to deal
goes f1103: mmhm f1104: [inhale][exhale]and this bit goes here
put that bit in [inhale][exhale]back in f1093: now m1094:
really m959: it s daft[exhale]can t complain really [inhale]
to play wi m1090: [inhale][exhale][censored: forename] [censored: forename] s goin to
your baking okay f1122: [inhale][exhale][censored: forename] f1121: are you nae
li- [?]lid[/?] [inhale] [crunching noise] [inhale][exhale][child noise] f1089: show me where
a fabulously written episode [inhale][exhale]ekskybalauron like most of urquhart
year s done f807: [inhale][exhale]er what course is she
f1006: [laugh] f1005: [claps] [inhale][exhale]f1054: is that is that
but that ain [?]that ain[/?] [inhale][exhale]f1089: and see this ain
aren t you m1090: [inhale][exhale]f1089: are ye a clever
s very clever m1090: [inhale][exhale]f1089: are you a clever
[sniff] mmhm mm [sniff] [inhale][exhale]f1089: be all day picking
you goin m1090: [television noise] [inhale][exhale]f1089: come on through here
s in ma room [inhale][exhale]f1089: come on we ll
hot backside he d [inhale][exhale]f1089: he ll get a
way roon here m1090: [inhale][exhale]f1089: like that m1090: [inhale]
i d like simpson [inhale][exhale]f1089: mmhm m1090: that s
the telephone m1090: yeah [inhale][exhale]f1089: na it winna fall
almost there ah [inhale] [inhale][exhale]f1089: pull that troosers up
lll lll lll [blows] [inhale][exhale]f1089: put it back in
ll be right back [inhale][exhale]f1089: right watch you don
[crunching noise] [inhale] [child noise] [paper crumpling] [inhale][exhale]f1089: [singing] m1090: [noise from toy] [paper crumpling]
say hello to tina [inhale][exhale]f1089: t- twist it hello
uh huh wow [inaudible] [inhale][exhale]f1089: that s it m1090:
f1089: like that m1090: [inhale][exhale]f1089: that s it you
fitt m1090: ma ball [inhale][exhale]f1089: whit dae ye need
soon be all finished [inhale][exhale]f1089: wow that s just
will hold this bit [inhale][exhale]f1089: you hold that bit
make his feet f1114: [inhale][exhale]f1113: his head and his
f1113: eh f1114: woops [inhale][exhale]f1113: [inaudible] f1114: [inaudible] [inaudible]
ll [?]pull[/?] it out [inhale][exhale]f1113: right here we go
them in my mouth [inhale][exhale]f1117: mm yum yum yum
get [inaudible] f1122: close [inhale][exhale]f1121: wow f1122: can we
go ta f1126: [tut] [inhale][exhale]f1125: which one now f1126:
come on then f1136: [inhale][exhale]f1135: take you clip out
space [laugh] [laugh] f631: mmhm[exhale]f689: [inhale] f631: so what
get back [laugh] f810: [laugh][exhale]f809: [inhale] i don t
scrumbly wumbly wums m1108: [inhale][exhale]feel my belly f1107: cor
wi the trucks m1090: [inhale][exhale]ha sure i want that
[laugh] [child noise] [child noise] [child noise] [inhale][exhale]have to go down stair
was generally safer f634: [inhale][exhale]i think it was generally
the hanger fae m1090: [inhale][exhale]in the room f1089: are
ll be right back [inhale][exhale][inhale] don t don t
putting the washing up [inhale][exhale][inhale] f1089: i m gonna
oh ready steady go f1114: [exhale][inhale] f1113: [cough] again whee
in there through here f1118: [exhale][inhale] i [inaudible] party bag
you find the toys m1090: [exhale][inhale] [inhale] f1089: wait a
are in your bedroom m1106 : [exhale][inhale] my dad changed it
wi mum f1103: oh f1104: [exhale][inhale] say what s that
two more m1098: mmhm oh[exhale][inhale] silver ain f1097: oh
postie no the milkman m1106 : [exhale][inhale] there [laugh] mum f1105:
f1093: okay m1094: yes [inhale][exhale]it s set up f1093:
s falled off again [inhale][exhale]it s still fresh let
hair [censored: forename] s hair [inhale][exhale][laugh] erm how was [laugh]
br- spouse breaking spusbreche [inhale][exhale][laugh] lecherie spusbreche roberie manslechtes
very much in evidence m1055: [exhale][laugh] mm [inhale] f1009: [laugh]
the fisherman s m1004: [inhale][exhale][laugh] there are there are
buttons either okay m805: [inhale][exhale]m804: cause you know that
to speak about m805: [inhale][exhale]m804: [tut] ehm wh- do
is that bonny f1114: [inhale][exhale]mm f1113: [laugh] that s
up the lid m1106 : [inhale][exhale]mum wait [noise from a toy] f1105: [inaudible]
m1090: mm yes wait [inhale][exhale]oh f1089: right here we
he doin there f1114: [inhale][exhale]playing football f1113: mmhm he
on hold on m1090: [inhale][exhale]presents f1089: you see fitt
[laugh] pink f1114: pink [inhale][exhale]right f1113: pink [laugh] right
f1089: southern eagle m1090: [inhale][exhale][rustling noise] f1089: you re getting
m1090: i will do [inhale][exhale][scribbling noise] [inaudible] do you know
are they sleeping f1116: [inhale][exhale]sitting on the books f1115:
else is there f1071: [inhale][exhale][sneeze] mr krabs m1070: mr
the beds [pages turning] m1090: [inhale][exhale]the toys the toys beyblade
and frighten you m816: [inhale][exhale]there s a huge now
coming through [inaudible] breakfast m1106 : [exhale]cool mum i want this
you are m1106 : uh huh[exhale]f1105: [kiss] [inaudible] m1106 : to
that off now m1106 : [noise from toy][exhale]f1105: okay stand up as
s a good boy m1106 : [exhale]f1105: pop in m1106 : put
wee [inaudible] an email m1106 : [exhale]i wanna go to the
the nursery rhymes m1106 : mm[exhale][inaudible] will you sing the
[inaudible] [humming] [water noises?] [humming] f1105: [exhale]m1106 : [humming] [slurp] f1105: did
it fell off m1106 : [noise from toy][exhale]mum f1105: fitt m1106 : mum
man says he ah ah[exhale][child noise] [toy noise] f1089: i think
room m1090: [inaudible] [child noise] [child noise][exhale]f1089: farr ye gaun thought
back there you go m1098: [exhale]f1097: no [censored: forename] m1098: [child noise]
ducks there for you [child noise][exhale]let s do another one
was [censored: forename] [censored: forename] drawed it[exhale]f1089: right go an finish
this basket m1090: [?]well i love[/?] yeah[exhale]f1089: right m1090: i ll
dae ye m1090: mmhm yeah[exhale]f1089: right you re okay
that s fine now m1090: [exhale]f1089: we will get this
ehm mm mm mm mm[exhale]f1089: you ken twinkle twinkle
see sorry put on [sniff][exhale]how does that look f1089:
get toys f1089: mm m1090: [exhale]i m almost finished f1089:
oops f1089: oops a daisy[exhale][inaudible] clip it back on
bed an i would like[exhale][laugh] f1089: fitt s that
colour s that ain m1090: [exhale][swallow] pink [sniff] f1089: that
yeah f1089: [cough] m1090: [throat][exhale]this watch f1089: this watch
there didn t i m1090: [exhale]yes you did f1089: mmhm
dear m1098: oh dear f1097: [exhale]do you want to help
f1097: noo just wait m1098: [exhale]f1097: [censored: toilet visit of about one minute] m1098: [mobile phone rings] oh
silly billy m1098: silly billy[exhale]f1097: come on then you
five six seven cars m1098: [exhale]f1097: count seven cars look
thingies you wantin four m1098: [exhale]f1097: fitt else would you
on your jamas then m1098: [exhale]f1097: right we ll go
want another car m1098: aye[exhale]f1097: right what kind of
way noo look look m1098: [exhale]f1097: there you go see
it in your pocket m1098: [exhale]f1097: turn around please m1098:
like to think so m1098: [exhale]f1097: we re needing your
m1098: i don t mm[exhale]f1097: what s mam gaun
you finished thank you m1098: [exhale]f1097: wonder what it s
m1098: mum f1097: yes m1098: [exhale]fitt ain is that ain
a wee whilie okay m1098: [exhale][inaudible] f1097: we gaun to
ll dae it right f1097: [exhale]is that it m1098: uh
aye [raspberry] f1097: [microwave turned on] now[exhale]m1098: broke my nail f1097:
bath m1098: keep wa- f1097: [exhale]m1098: come on i m
here wash that bit f1097: [exhale]m1098: that s it f1097:
your auntie [censored: forename] m1098: aye[exhale]nae her the day f1097:
then m1098: that s that[exhale]nae you nae got that
that [censored: forename] m1098: aye f1097: [exhale]oh dear [inaudible] lots more
cross no that ain m1098: [exhale]oh you re stuck i
a minute m1098: mm f1097: [exhale]right hold on to that
aye m1098: dad look f1097: [exhale]right i ll sit here
here then m1098: [splashing noises] f1097: [exhale]right rinse the soap off
s she doing now m1098: [exhale][sniff] f1097: you finished thank
w for window m1098: window[exhale]t for tree f1097: mm
no wait a minute then[exhale]you on m1098: aye f1097:
[inaudible] that s it [inaudible][exhale]f1097: fitt s wrong fitt
stuck tae yer hand m1090: [exhale]and i like this and
got a tickly nose m1090: [exhale]i like numbers [scratching noise] is
ll say bless you m1090: [exhale]where s the salt is
fishes m1090: [inaudible] ma [yawn][exhale]where s the shopping where
it there we go f1126: [exhale]and this bit goes there
didna it fell oot f1126: [exhale]f1125: do you wanna do
here we go right f1126: [exhale]f1125: now come ower here
here a bit f1126: yes[exhale]f1125: okay don t touch
aye f1125: aye right f1126: [exhale]f1125: [running water] f1126: put it
eeyore on it look f1126: [exhale]f1125: so eeyore f1126: eeyore
head f1126: no no [child noises][exhale]f1125: that s it see
see fitt they are f1126: [exhale]f1125: we ll hae to
f1125: mmhm f1126: and [tut][exhale]f1125: well done oh are
roon won t we f1126: [exhale]f1125: will we turn them
ve broken it now f1126: [exhale]f1125: you ve broken it
f1126: this one [laugh] f1125: [exhale]f1126: mm i want to
a bit will we f1126: [exhale]here you go f1125: think
you can do it f1126: [exhale]i c- f1125: you need
he s here f1126: erm[exhale]i canna do it f1125:
oven s nearly heated f1126: [exhale]i ll have a look
f1125: turn it round f1126: [exhale]i m trying to f1125:
too hot look [inaudible] f1126: [exhale]it s yummy f1125: is
there we go look f1126: [exhale]mm i have [inaudible] f1125:
bowl for me f1126: okay[exhale]they go down [inaudible] put
eh right this one f1126: [exhale]this one f1125: handful of
f1125: finished oops f1126: yes[exhale][tut] ah hey mummy you
right here you go f1126: [exhale]where it goes f1125: wher-
[tut] no you help me[exhale]i put [tut] a f1125:
want to do these [tut][exhale]that ones f1125: which one
to open the door f1114: [exhale]ah f1113: [laugh] come on
one two three four fi-[exhale]f1113: count how many sticks
eggs are hot aye f1114: [exhale]f1113: do you like eggs
ll put them in [?]this thing[/?][exhale]f1113: do you like this
wanting eggs is it f1114: [exhale]f1113: eggie boiled eggs f1114:
it s going drivin car[exhale]f1113: going away to the
s buck and billy [eating noises][exhale]f1113: grr is that good
f1113: pourin with rain f1114: [exhale]f1113: horrible now f1114: i
over here i ll g-[exhale]f1113: i ll go over
it s that s black[exhale]f1113: no it s purple
your eggs for you f1114: [exhale]f1113: now is that good
plates in the dishwasher f1114: [exhale]f1113: now what are you
turn it s my turn[exhale]f1113: oh nearly that oh
ready steady go f1114: go[exhale]f1113: oh ready steady go
f1114: i want to look[exhale]f1113: oh the tweenies f1114:
s pat doin now f1114: [exhale]f1113: oh what s that
i i used that ain[exhale]f1113: oh you got three
s his big head f1114: [exhale]f1113: okay f1114: my telephone
i ll just pop them[exhale]f1113: pop them in the
you re too lazy f1114: [exhale]f1113: put these into [censored: forename]
what about this one f1114: [exhale]f1113: sit up f1114: no
f1113: thank you f1114: [sniff][exhale]f1113: thank you very much
pink ain a green ones[exhale]f1113: that s a pink
doggy singing the cat singing[exhale]f1113: the dog s singing
[inaudible] look good girl f1114: [exhale]f1113: the elephant now ta
what do penguins do f1114: [exhale]f1113: they re like pingu
now let s see f1114: [exhale]f1113: turn over look what
s just aboot there f1114: [exhale]f1113: up the top [laugh]
yes i m running s-[exhale]f1113: was you playin wi
a story [inaudible] no no[exhale]f1113: well that s the
f1113: mmhm f1114: something else[exhale]f1113: what else f1114: a
[inaudible] stickin his feet he's-[exhale]f1113: what s happened to
f1113: fast car mm f1114: [exhale]f1113: what s that you
want to read the stories[exhale]f1113: which story do you
blue chute f1113: mm f1114: [exhale]f1113: will we go back
go that s it f1114: [exhale]f1113: you gettin tied up
the birdies outside f1114: yes[exhale]f1113: you like birdies f1114:
wipe your nosie okay f1114: [exhale]f1113: you okay f1114: no
a good help f1114: [?]underneath[/?][exhale]f1113: you re a good
f1114: you do the brush[exhale]i m doing this f1113:
birds f1113: uh huh f1114: [exhale]i m so hungry f1113:
lots o stories okay f1114: [exhale]i want a story f1113:
f1113: will mum see f1114: [exhale]i will get him it
putting on the butter f1114: [exhale][inaudible] skippy skip f1113: eh
what s in it f1114: [exhale]it s a [?]bookie[/?] f1113:
you there you go f1114: [exhale]look something something f1113: okay
in the wires mmhm f1114: [exhale]mm f1113: right [inaudible] your
turn oh nearly f1114: [laugh][exhale][?]nearly[/?] f1113: m- no my
two boats number two f1114: [exhale]number three number four f1113:
f1114: look it s got[exhale]oh f1113: and he s
are you going tomorrow f1114: [exhale]on the bike f1113: are
bouncy balls the marbles f1114: [exhale]one one f1113: is there
up just clean up f1113: [exhale]ruby s getting angry f1114:
and get a hanky f1114: [exhale][sniff] f1113: you okay mum
s the chickens [laugh] f1114: [exhale]that the one chick f1113:
s the tinkling tree f1114: [exhale]tickle tree f1113: tinkling tree
s right two ones f1114: [exhale]two ains five aeroplanes f1113:
that f1113: a pirate f1114: [exhale]what s that f1113: the
f1114: no f1113: sore f1114: [exhale]yes f1113: is that better
now is that okay f1114: [exhale]yes f1113: is that okay
aw your tired eyes f1114: [exhale]yes f1113: night night night
at all that ones f1114: [exhale][cough] that s stars that
you put the blocks f1114: [exhale]down here down here [inaudible]
one okay [inaudible] fimbles f1114: [exhale]fimbles what s that mum
in the beach ball f1114: [exhale]it s it s it
got three as well f1114: [exhale]it s mum s turn
re happy and you f1114: [exhale]know it clap your hands
s all away okay f1114: [exhale][sniff] my red s away
another bookie f1114: oh right[exhale][sniff] once upon a time
are you on aboot f1114: [exhale]that s buck and billy
well haven t you f1114: [exhale]that s too noisy this
bear and spot aye f1114: [exhale]this is [inaudible] [inaudible] hidin
an eyelash f1114: it s[exhale]yes it s an eyelash
washing ll be soaking f1102: [exhale]f1101: come and help me
on [singing] f1102: [shriek] [laugh][exhale]f1101: come on then f1102:
want to dae that bittie[exhale]f1101: fitt f1102: i m
it throw it in f1102: [exhale]f1101: gee whizz right come
right jacket [inaudible] thing f1102: [exhale]f1101: right okay f1102: fitt
put on this belt f1101: [exhale]f1102: mum can you put
move this box over f1102: [exhale]i canna get past f1101:
will i f1101: no f1102: [exhale]i m freezing f1101: aye
at playgroup the day f1102: [exhale]miss polly had a dolly
here be careful f1102: mum[exhale]mummy a handie mum remember
my legs f1101: oh f1102: [exhale][?]no i will see[/?] the doors f1101: [cough]
right come on then mm[exhale]right come on then f1102:
you see my smoke look[exhale]f1101: it s nae smoke
sore legs the day mum[exhale]f1101: oh there s the
bits f1095: mmhm m1096: two[exhale]and one fire engine bit
got a lot left m1096: [exhale]f1095: [cough] m1096: jingle bells
put that lace underneath m1096: [exhale]f1095: let s see and
here we go m1096: [snort][exhale]f1095: mm there it goes
in there right m1096: right[exhale]f1095: mmhm m1096: [inaudible] in
a lorry and aa m1096: [exhale]f1095: that s a corner
f1095: put aa the m1096: [exhale]f1095: the hoses there the
next bits then m1096: aye[exhale]f1095: try the other side
right oops sorry right m1096: [exhale]f1095: we ll stick this
fire engine f1095: mmhm m1096: [exhale]he s got his hat
f1095: how s that m1096: [exhale]heid f1095: wha s that
f1095: move this down m1096: [exhale][laugh] f1095: good for you
it s really good m1096: [exhale]lovely jubbly f1095: mmhm m1096:
ll wrap it up [inaudible][exhale]m1096: it s so- dinna
f1095: that s it m1096: [exhale]mmhm a hens bit all
m1096: wait wait [inaudible] [snort][exhale][period of silence] [child noises] f1095: [inaudible] m1096:
s the driver m1096: [snort][exhale]there s his mum there
wait f1100: [child noises] oh [child noises][exhale]f1099: wait till i dry
talkin about it s ehm[exhale]it s er wait a
wait wait wait wait m1108: [exhale][laugh] f1107: [censored: forename] wait no
traffics ah just hold on[exhale]farr the noo f1095: mm
on then [inaudible] belle f1104: [exhale]ah oh f1103: that s
ll go [inaudible] take it[exhale]away f1103: [inaudible] f1104: hey
no right straight edges f1104: [exhale]erm [censored: forename] can i help
same f1104: yeah i like[exhale]f1103: are you gaun to
f1103: aye f1104: thanks mum[exhale]f1103: can you unfasten the
oh i see f1104: [laugh][exhale]f1103: erm aye there we
on i m [inaudible] f1104: [exhale]f1103: i tell you fitt
left f1104: mm one bit[exhale]f1103: there you go f1104:
here f1103: no silly f1104: [exhale]f1103: [tut] that s it
has it f1103: mmhm f1104: [exhale]f1103: you helpin me with
dinna get to go f1104: [exhale]has that ain got two
f1104: this is a bit[exhale]heavy f1103: oh f1104: you
f1103: aren t ye f1104: [exhale]i jus- f1103: it s
s in the wrong box[exhale]isn t it f1104: yeah
aye f1104: that cinderella jigsaw[exhale]it was only yesterday we
to eat f1103: mm f1104: [exhale][laugh] ow ow tommy get
ll put in this bit[exhale]mum finished f1103: mmhm f1104:
the bits for belle f1104: [exhale]mummy f1103: over here f1104:
me dinna touch that f1104: [exhale]mummy mummy mummy mm f1103:
[censored: forename] f1103: fitt f1104: erm[exhale]no it s barbie swan
f1104: my unicorns is called[exhale]prince erm my princess is
there that s it f1104: [exhale][singing] [inaudible] f1103: that s
goes here f1103: [?]wow whee[/?] f1104: [exhale]there this bit goes here
and [?]slip[/?] the floor f1104: [exhale]this is erm something big
for him f1103: mmhm f1104: [exhale]tommy you re sitting on
does that bit go f1104: [exhale]up here f1103: aye and
and blue i want erm[exhale]f1103: you take that ains
well she s a lady[exhale][?]i should be so dizzy, i should be so lucky in love[/?] f1103: pff farr did
f1115: fitt s happening f1116: [exhale]f1115: farr s aa the
f1118: yes i m aa[exhale]f1117: fitt kind o ballet
a beef sandwich f1118: no[exhale]f1117: fitt then pancakes wi
no f1117: fitt then f1118: [exhale]f1117: tell me fitt you
i go f1127: eh m1128: [exhale]f1127: let me see fitt
fitt do you fancy f1142: [exhale]f1141: there s meatballs f1142:
one little do do f1105: [exhale]fitt was you singing at
[?]get another one[/?] f1091: right fitt next[exhale]m1092: spiderman f1091: spi- no
bonny white socks for f1140: [exhale]mum fitt colour bouncy castle
f1093: mmhm m1094: you get[exhale]f1093: now then okay will
drop them on the couch[exhale]f1111: okay let me move
rest o the bowlie f1118: [exhale]f1117: okay did [censored: forename] did
hard isn t it f1122: [exhale]f1121: okay use your duster
okay m1128: wh- are the-[exhale]f1127: they re hot m1128:
come away then f1100: okay[exhale]hold on to my saddle
o that ones okay f1112: [exhale]how about leaving them f1111:
m865: mmhm mmhm okay f948: [exhale]i ll tell you what
big f1117: okay okay f1118: [exhale]like this mum beside the
it m1132: mmhm f1131: okay[exhale]looking for a s- top
on holiday as well f1118: [exhale]mmhm f1117: okay f1118: oh
violin where s it [inaudible][exhale]but it s auntie house
m1092: [inaudible] spiderman good [inaudible][exhale]f1091: no i ll tell
go forwards and backwards f1112: [exhale]f1111: forwards f1112: faster [inaudible]
up here f1122: no huh[exhale]f1121: [inaudible] woops f1122: how
the night [inaudible] stinky dock[exhale]f1141: hey that s enough
fallin doon my troosers f1141: [exhale]f1142: troosers [inaudible] [inaudible] right
to eat three of them[exhale]goodbye babies [inaudible] are you
[inaudible] instructor i made a[exhale]i made a bad choice
have to poop mm [noise from toy][exhale][inaudible] could be a circle
on the [inaudible] she said[exhale][inaudible] don t take the
that s dipsy m1092: [inaudible][exhale][inaudible] f1091: behind ye m1092:
in here f1112: mm [panting][exhale][inaudible] f1111: [?]we've got some of[/?] these little
doesna eat your carrot m1132: [exhale][inaudible] go and see it
thing up here f1112: that[exhale][inaudible] [inaudible] f1111: one f1112:
gate we re going in[exhale][inaudible] mum [inaudible] f1135: do
f1136: mmhm f1135: [inaudible] f1136: [exhale][inaudible] [noise of wind] f1135: [inaudible] f1136:
you ah ing at f1118: [exhale][inaudible] once upon a time
your playgroup the day aabody[exhale][inaudible] playgroup now little monkey
f1093: eh m1094: it s[exhale][inaudible] [?]the bear one[/?] the bear the
that mr piggy [inaudible] oh[exhale]m1106: i was shoutin the
and if you go abroad[exhale]m827: [inaudible] you re not
m1106: [inaudible] f1105: mm m1106: [exhale]mr froggie f1105: was you
how wa- f1135: [inaudible] f1136: [exhale]mum f1135: right f1136: i
[inaudible] [child noises] mummy mummy mummy[exhale]mum you can sit here
this thing or this [inaudible][exhale]now that s better i
that s a clever girl[exhale]ooh [laugh] come on [inaudible]
want a drink [inaudible] [cough][exhale]right i m just gonna
he can go high m1092: [exhale]uh huh [inaudible] higher higher
fishin words gordon [inaudible] m1015: [exhale]well the- there s eh
ll pick the feet m1094: [exhale]f1093: and there s another
what s it called m1094: [exhale]f1093: eh m1094: it s
m1094: [panting] hey you ve[exhale]i ll leave that there
ll choose m1094: that one[exhale]is you choose these ains
think he ll say f1112: [exhale]ah [laugh] f1111: [laugh] and
one to tilt it f1112: [exhale]er f1111: close it first
s one for you f1112: [exhale]f1111: oh it s running
s a good girl f1112: [exhale]f1111: well done are you
you can you can f1111: [exhale]f1112: can t come off
go give her her shower[exhale]f1112: i m just scrubbing
f1112: oh no he s[exhale]is he s in there
f1111: here you go f1112: [exhale]right there and my oxters
other kind are there f1112: [exhale]there s two o them
playgroup up into playgroup right[exhale]aabody s wantin to go
mm go there this bit[exhale]and this bit goes here
first here you go f1100: [exhale]f1099: is that clean like
m1110: no f1109: no m1110: [exhale]f1109: will mam go and
keep them f1122: mmhm mummy[exhale]f1121: go and see what
f1121: go and get juice[exhale]f1122: [laugh] f1121: right if
go and get the balloon[exhale]m1048: what was that oh
this bit go here no[exhale]probably this bit that bit
to go to japan f807: [exhale]you re always trying to
[laugh] m608: mm m642: and[exhale]and m608: mm m642: we
s quite quite skinny yeah[exhale]f806: but mm oh so
do it again f810: mm[exhale]f809: in six months time
from just being completely plastered[exhale]f958: [laugh] mm m959: same
middle of the city [cough][exhale]f958: mm m959: you kinda
back and i was like[exhale]f963: mm mm m762: agonise
very interesting mm f950: i[exhale]i don t mind if
it m1000: mm now eh[exhale]probably ah aye oh aye
now haven t you f1122: [exhale]aye mummy can we clean
f1122: aye f1121: wow f1122: [exhale]f1121: and does your ither
s still pink inside f1122: [exhale]f1121: can you get that
s that f1122: dark f1121: [exhale]f1122: black f1121: i think
there how many doggies f1122: [exhale]i don t know f1121:
you [laugh] oh dear f1122: [exhale][laugh] f1121: right have we
you just bein messy f1122: [exhale]uh huh f1121: mmhm that
on watch your heid f1116: [exhale]f1115: oh look there s
oh and then i thought[exhale]f640: aye but ye never
that i know of f631: [exhale]f689: oh dear f631: mmhm
have somewhere to stay f806: [exhale]f807: hmm [laugh] f806: oh
i was at school oh[exhale]f963: but f965: do you
m865: oh right [laugh] m952: [exhale]i never was good at
but eh oh there s[exhale]john gonn was a name
of april f807: fifteenth of[exhale][laugh] oh no f806: that
you put the oh ehm[exhale]trying tae think whodyacomepoofle is
and didn t eat f1049: [exhale]uh huh m1048: oh it
are still relevant to m017: [exhale]yes oh yes f718: still
to bake right now f1121: [exhale]right we ll bake i-
and what s this m1092: [exhale]book f1091: that s right
off the heat f1118: o-[exhale]f1117: right right if i
right tae nineteen eighty m608: [exhale]m642: no nineteen aye aboot
crappy meat from botswana m818: [exhale]m819: right and they were
for like four hours m1048: [exhale]that s right [laugh] f1049:
butt on this in here[exhale]aye aye baby it s
here aaright f1134: [child noises] f1133: [exhale]i think i ll need
the time f1091: mmhm m1092: [exhale]hey dad put it on
think i ll put it[exhale]i think i ll put
s in the bag f1136: [exhale]f1135: look f1136: not want
windae the day [censored: forename] m1110: [exhale]f1109: you see the garden
[censored: forename] and erm and and[exhale]f1135: and who f1136: [censored: forename]
yesterday bye bye [blowing] [snort][exhale]come on scruffy come on
teacher come fae or fitever[exhale]eh i ve heard some
yeah f806: cooler ones f807: [exhale]cooler ones [laugh] f806: multi
married soon [laugh] m959: nope[exhale]definitely not f958: i don
any money left [laugh] f810: [exhale]don t talk about money
ve seen pictures [laugh] f122: [exhale]f010: same style f122: aye
get you after school [laugh][exhale]f1054: they must gie [?]ye a batter in school as well[/?]
actually [laugh] f806: yeah yep[exhale]f807: i don t know
not much better f809: [laugh][exhale]f810: [sniff] well f809: uh
sweeties [laugh] f010: [laugh] f122: [exhale]have you seen that wee
it [laugh] yeah f1150: seriously[exhale]i thought well we were
where we re from f810: [exhale]it s a dump [laugh]
japanese is fun f807: hm[exhale][laugh] f806: seriously you need
on very tight then f1136: [exhale][laugh] that is a big
so anyway f641: [laugh] f643: [exhale]m642: what was the stor-
all the old faces [laugh][exhale]yeah i d quite like
m944: [laugh] no but ye-[exhale]yeah i would find ru-
[laugh] f806: but now cause[exhale]you just i just get
i don t know m1092: [exhale]f1091: but his daddy looked
f718: [cough] f1077: yeah m1078: [exhale]i don t know if
glasgow m1174: yeah i mean[exhale]i don t know if
banks of the [?]road nearly[/?] and[exhale]i don t know what
a book of of glasgow[exhale]i don t know whether
then as well f965: [tut][exhale]i don t think employment
club traffic club where s[exhale]rabbits rabbits don t fit
naturally to her the expression[exhale]eh building a house now
i m cleaning up now[exhale]f1109: you managing are you
after that then f810: yes[exhale]finally f809: and then the
there a bit of pumpkin[exhale]there s a bit of
words for attractive kenny m1017: [exhale]i dinnae want tae laugh
you re dripping it f1118: [exhale]i want more f1117: haud
one they re nice f1136: [exhale]i want one out the
i want to show you[exhale]no i want to show
just makes him stripey f809: [exhale]why does he want a
days for your snack m1106: [exhale]f1105: you ll maybe make
ve got sandals on today[exhale]erm barbie they ve got
who who am i erm[exhale]f718: no ju- keep going
got it it was erm[exhale]joost things tak a lock
aye aye aye aye aye[exhale]aye aye aye she took
eh f637: aye ehm f638: [exhale]f640: a house to let
of the reviews mmhm m762: [exhale]it s not me anyway
some of them you know[exhale]advance really quickly so the
i m gonna take blue[exhale]ah you ve got pink
them in f1142: no f1141: [exhale]are you just gaun to
f1006: that s latin m1004: [exhale]f1054: did you hear it
it m1108: it was biscuits[exhale]f1107: biscuits and did you
at it it s all[exhale]f1111: you ve got to
you re like that f1142: [exhale]f1141: he doesna like you
never gave me that m944: [exhale]f943: cause you know i
thinking when you said about[exhale]i can t think of
twain you know and it[exhale]i just i get frustrated
did you do f1071: ah[exhale]m1070: i heard you went
nose runnin again missy f1118: [exhale][sob] f1117: you ve pulled
how do you explain that[exhale]there is words scotch words
other languages foreign languages f950: [exhale]well i i think you
you think about that f950: [exhale]well it s maybe just
ever- inside and everything ehm[exhale]you had to clean it
thought you know i thought[exhale]you know f963: yeah almost
them and they then ei-[exhale]lots of different games if
to three one two f1116: [exhale]f1115: three no f1116: [child noises]
this floor it s soaking[exhale]m1106: two one little speckled
i mean we ve got[exhale]nine grandchildren two great grandchildren
more f1116: s- seven potato[exhale]one potato f1115: two f1116:
it means the sameehm [tut][exhale]couldna really explain it there
won t be graded f807: [exhale]f806: there s performance ov-
have of each there was[exhale]how many harbour ones and
too many people there f1154: [exhale]my god f1155: something like
the drawer to mammy m1128: [exhale]them that goes in there
outside lavvies ye know there[exhale]was no bathrooms nothing if
f1127: they re hot m1128: [exhale]f1127: aren t they they
really stressed about it but[exhale]just f1155: they re moving
up and get oot f1116: [exhale]time time we re goin
of an embarrassment because eh[exhale]how d- how how how
when was this m642: eh[exhale]twelve thirteen years ago m608:
i can tie it watch[exhale]see i see i can
f1107: the grandma what m1108: [exhale]f1107: no it s the
the north of spain f950: [exhale]no it s it s
at the harbour m1106: i-[exhale]the no out in the
m not minnie the mouse[exhale]f1117: that s a yucky
m going to write about[exhale]why in what ways do
the guy who did the[exhale]f1049: it s so stupid
santa s in his hoose[exhale]have they got nae mair
that s what happened i[exhale]m608: especially for me cause
it s made up of[exhale]various kinds of aspects of
[?]mid-afternoon[/?] it was gone f807: [exhale]can t believe i missed
derogatory fashion tae ah well[exhale]just tramp an cow an
on that m017: well my[exhale]my views are th- that
be taught in scotland f948: [exhale]well i think it wouldna
they do m1078: my grandparents[exhale]well my grandfather died before
did he did he [sniff][exhale]did he make my new
think we had any [tut][exhale]exclusively local terms f963: did
nice f810: that is nice[exhale]f809: i got up ridiculously
tie them in a knot[exhale]somebody tie my laces cause
er i ve just been[exhale]been at uni and stuff
when things like that happen[exhale]f978: but i think probably
be m865: yeah yeah f948: [exhale]yeah i would say that
them went to places like[exhale]f1077: up sort of the
them ehm i mean th-[exhale]the thing about it all
a big square m1070: what[exhale]about the hamsters though what
m1108: and farr is he[exhale]f1107: what who m1108: ma
i had this van f643: [exhale]m608: uh huh m642: i
it might have been f1071: [exhale]over the hedge m1070: over
it for me off f1116: [exhale]round and round the garden
scottish dialect or accent f950: [exhale]possibly i mean possibly glasgow
that bittie another time m1128: [exhale]spiderman goes up aside him
about the snowman hm m1108: [exhale]a little snowman ran down
but for the sake o[exhale]ehm postal address we thought
people were actually they were[exhale]a-a- the only word is
goes end of the story[exhale]f1115: last ain f1116: last
bert at home m636: [sniff][exhale]m635: er other people call
various kinds of aspects of[exhale]scots irish history irish immigrant
the most kind of ehm[exhale]sort of standard kind of

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