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f1134: [laugh] [noise from a toy?] f1133: [laugh][raspberry][inaudible] f1134: [noise from a toy?] f1133: fitt
abcs haven t ye m1108: [raspberry]f1107: fitt aboot all shook
oh f1089: [raspberry] [raspberry] m1090: [raspberry]f1089: uncle [censored: forename] s coming
bum [inaudible] m1108: [laugh] [raspberry][raspberry]f1107: [inaudible] wait a minutie
mmhm [inhale] oh f1089: [raspberry][raspberry]m1090: [raspberry] f1089: uncle [censored: forename]
smelly bum [inaudible] m1108: [laugh][raspberry][raspberry] f1107: [inaudible] wait a
kick mmhm [inhale] oh f1089: [raspberry][raspberry] m1090: [raspberry] f1089: uncle
you better nae fart m1108: [raspberry][child noise] f1107: dinnae you fart
f1107: dinnae you fart m1108: [raspberry]whoa f1107: you little tinker
me see yer bum m1108: [raspberry]f1107: no nae that kind
s funny f1107: mmhm m1108: [raspberry]i ll shine somewhere else
here you go m1108: [moan][raspberry]f1107: mm [laugh] did i
m1108: yes f1107: mmhm m1108: [raspberry]f1107: right ew look at
f1097: look m1098: look huh[raspberry]f1097: [inaudible] you stand there
f1097: now stop it m1098: [raspberry]f1097: look m1098: look huh
open the door m1098: aye[raspberry]f1097: [microwave turned on] now [exhale] m1098:
leave that up [microwave bleeps] m1098: [raspberry][squeal] [child noises] f1097: now stop
ll get your juice f1122: [raspberry]f1121: oh no what a
[censored: forename] f1104: [censored: forename] and [censored: forename][raspberry]that s nae worse bleugh
i put on the seat[raspberry]f1125: did you put all
ha that s better oh[raspberry][laugh] that s me i
this either has he m1096: [raspberry]some [inaudible] f1095: right where
as well f1103: mmhm f1104: [raspberry]this was where the [?]vet[/?]
because if you dinna m1106 : [raspberry]f1105: what will i do
s too big for the[raspberry]f1118: [laugh] f1117: is it

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