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[child noises] hello fishes f1131: [sniff][sniff]ah but dinna scare them
there you go f1114: [sniff][sniff][cough] f1113: oh me what
does cocaine do to you[sniff]f1049: [sniff] [laugh] m1048: i
f1089: mmhm m1090: mm [sniff][sniff]f1089: that s it well
[sniff] smelling m1094: [sniff] [sniff][sniff]f1093: [laugh] m1094: it s
unicorns making jigsaws before [sniff][sniff]f1104: but but horses div
with a brush f1114: smell[sniff]f1113: [sniff] oh nice smell
for beddy time f1114: [sniff][sniff]f1113: there jamas for beddy
you f1122: erm mummy [sniff][sniff]f1121: now that s dirty
f785: yeah [sniff] m055: [sniff][sniff]f785: [tut] ehm i think
lovely m1090: [sniff] mmhm mm[sniff][inhale] [exhale] f1089: be all
do to you [sniff] f1049: [sniff][laugh] m1048: i know i
f1129: even a [sniff] tiny[sniff]little bit two three four
in in scots f785: yeah[sniff]m055: [sniff] [sniff] f785: [tut]
oh that smells lovely m1090: [sniff]mmhm mm [sniff] [inhale] [exhale]
brush f1114: smell [sniff] f1113: [sniff]oh nice smell is that
use your nose for [sniff][sniff]smelling m1094: [sniff] [sniff] [sniff]
fishes [child noises] hello fishes f1131: [sniff][sniff] ah but dinna scare
back there you go f1114: [sniff][sniff] [cough] f1113: oh me
yeah f1089: mmhm m1090: mm[sniff][sniff] f1089: that s it
[sniff] [sniff] smelling m1094: [sniff][sniff][sniff] f1093: [laugh] m1094: it
seen unicorns making jigsaws before[sniff][sniff] f1104: but but horses
jamas for beddy time f1114: [sniff][sniff] f1113: there jamas for
thank you f1122: erm mummy[sniff][sniff] f1121: now that s
scots f785: yeah [sniff] m055: [sniff][sniff] f785: [tut] ehm i
you use your nose for[sniff][sniff] smelling m1094: [sniff] [sniff]
for [sniff] [sniff] smelling m1094: [sniff][sniff] [sniff] f1093: [laugh] m1094:
f1130: [inaudible] f1129: even a[sniff]tiny [sniff] little bit two
talkin aboot f785: yeah m055: [sniff]excuse me i ve got
ye know f785: mmhm m055: [sniff]f785: ehm durin the scottish
through an editorial process f785: [sniff]m055: ye know and to
are you finished f1131: mm[sniff]m1132: are we finished f1131:
yum bubble gum f1131: mmhm[sniff][sneeze] m1132: mum i canna
i saw a mouth f1131: [sniff]whose mouth m1132: a fish
used in official documents m055: [sniff]official documents aye weel a-
[inaudible] m636: oh undoubtedly aye[sniff]and she always regretted that
him bert at home m636: [sniff][exhale] m635: er other people
and english [?]hindu[/?] [inaudible] m636: [sniff]m608: du- during the war
little traffic m636: oh aye[sniff]m608: mm m636: different ball-
eh during the [inaudible] m636: [sniff]m635: ah the early days
bed each after m636: mmhm[sniff]m635: that er which was
good time but erm f1154: [sniff]cool f1155: and my mum
before i went on holiday[sniff][cough] she f1154: shit f1155:
f1155: mmhm f1154: erm apparently[sniff]erm he said yeah i
be like using f1154: [cough][sniff]f1155: all the bills all
got a wee boy f1154: [sniff]f1155: and that s what
with the lights off f1154: [sniff]f1155: for [laugh] the whole
was like oh f1154: [laugh][sniff]f1155: he was like one
i didn t know that[sniff]f1155: hundreds of people at
t really know what f1154: [sniff]f1155: i mean i think
she normally f1154: no [laugh][sniff]f1155: i thought she was
always wear army costumes f1154: [sniff]f1155: like [laugh] i think
and stuff they ve f1154: [sniff]f1155: loads of money and
hospital didn t bother f1154: [sniff]f1155: phoning the house they
doing with the old one[sniff]f1155: well i don t
for god s sake f1154: [sniff][laugh] [cough] f1155: so i
she was like a f1154: [sniff]thought it was a girl
too lazy see f1154: yeah[sniff]well it s just cause
do wi you nose m1094: [sniff]f1093: what do you use
aw a blocked nose f1114: [sniff]f1113: a bad blocked nose
that ones over there f1114: [sniff]f1113: is your nose okay
ve got an itchy nose[sniff]right you pop them in
cream on your nose f1114: [sniff]yes f1113: yes or no
f810: the next place and[sniff]but i ll probably go
know f810: it s painful[sniff]erm michael s goin to
s stuff than your own[sniff]f809: yeah f810: cleaning your
sick of study f809: [laugh][sniff]f810: i m tired f809:
need to go outside again[sniff]f810: [laugh] i hate opening
s gone away f809: [cough][sniff]f810: no i was thinking
you writing about f810: [laugh][sniff]hm the significance of the
i was really disappointed f810: [sniff]i was watchin telly this
with it f809: [laugh] f810: [sniff][laugh] it s on the
at the co op f810: [sniff]no she well she was
better f809: [laugh] [exhale] f810: [sniff]well f809: uh huh f810:
stripes on the eyebrows m815: [sniff]do you shave the eyebrow
day m815: [laugh] m816: [laugh][sniff]m815: ah it s just
you re m816: mm mm[sniff]m815: doin the sort of
millport m816: aye crocodile rock[sniff]m815: i quite like millport
the whole of august m815: [sniff]m816: and school would finish
at fort william m815: [cough][sniff]m816: and you go for
scotch broth [?]there's a log on[/?] m815: [laugh][sniff]m816: aye [inaudible] but i
time and i can m815: [sniff]m816: get to australia m815:
in you go [inhale] m815: [sniff]m816: half a dozen cans
it sorted [laugh] m815: [cough][sniff]m816: oh no we re
aboot guitars [laugh] m815: [cough][sniff]m816: so every class at
quite a small pub m815: [sniff]m816: so of course we
s a a given m815: [sniff]m816: that s a definite
to people s hair m815: [sniff]m816: we ve done stripes
table s actually there m816: [sniff]yeah mm back m815: i
we go then smell f1114: [sniff]f1113: is that nice f1114:
oh [inaudible] i smell it[sniff]f1117: you smell the chicken
to smell it f1111: mmhm[sniff]oh that smells just fine
and clean smell it f1089: [sniff]oh that smells lovely m1090:
arguably yeah yeah m017: [inaudible][sniff]f718: do you think that
uh huh m017: earlier interest[sniff]f718: mmhm mmhm m017: [cough]
f718: yeah m017: into scots[sniff]f718: yeah right wh- what
yeah yeah m017: my impression[sniff]mm mm f718: uh huh
[laugh] yeah yeah [laugh] m017: [sniff]mmhm f718: that that maybe
was sort of f718: [laugh][sniff]yeah m017: guilty of some
she wanted her money for[sniff]f809: i don t know
the main street f638: [cough][sniff]f637: tae the butcher s
like that around m964: [cough][sniff]f965: yeah uh huh f963:
make this mam f1123: [cough][sniff]okay that s night that
m1090: [cough] [blows] wow sm-[sniff]that is fresh f1089: is
and did he did he[sniff][exhale] did he make my
go f1113: thank you f1114: [sniff][exhale] f1113: thank you very
s see sorry put on[sniff][exhale] how does that look
ain m1090: [exhale] [swallow] pink[sniff]f1089: that ain s pink
she doing now m1098: [exhale][sniff]f1097: you finished thank you
get a hanky f1114: [exhale][sniff]f1113: you okay mum s
all away okay f1114: [exhale][sniff]my red s away f1113:
bookie f1114: oh right [exhale][sniff]once upon a time [?]it's a girl[/?]
s fresh is it m1090: [sniff]f1089: look at aa that
dunkers after dinner m1090: yeah[sniff]f1089: okay you can have
did the broken bit first[sniff]f1089: [yawn] are you winning
s room f1089: aye m1090: [sniff]f1089: you goin to say
[?]numbers[/?] f1089: oh lovely m1090: [sniff]hm i want ma -puter
uh huh f1089: mmhm m1090: [sniff][laugh] oh [?]hang on it's[/?] done f1089:
what s coming up m1090: [sniff]mmhm f1089: do you know
got itchy feet m1090: mmhm[sniff][swallow] f1089: fitt are ye
when he gets home m1090: [sniff]i don t know i
mummy with the washing m1090: [sniff]okay when are we gettin
to do it again m1090: [sniff][swallow] i did the broken
out [laugh] f1049: [laugh] m1048: [sniff]although i hate taking pauline
was nice m1048: great [laugh][sniff]f1049: [tut] uh huh [laugh]
be too quiet so yeah[sniff]f1049: what time did we
taking pauline places sometimes f1049: [sniff][laugh] m1048: like see how
[laugh] f1049: uh huh [laugh][sniff]m1048: the drug talk was
[laugh] m1048: she said erm[sniff]when we in morrisons and
we came anyway f718: yeah[sniff]f1077: [swallows coffee] and then we
it was rag week f718: [sniff][laugh] f1077: and there were
f718: mm f1077: mmhm f718: [sniff]m1078: in the family f718:
crisps on the floor f1118: [sniff]ah [inaudible] f1117: fitt you
a baby f1117: [inaudible] f1118: [sniff]f1117: and fitt s you-
the other shoes look f1118: [sniff]f1117: find a pair o
all barbie s hair f1118: [sniff]i need to brush her
red that s better f1118: [sniff][laugh] f1117: bleugh you re
you liked cheese strings f1118: [sniff]no f1117: what do you
there and get another cupcake[sniff]oh f1118: i put them
two there we go f1118: [sniff]pick this boots f1117: that
now f963: mmhm f965: erm[sniff]and he would take his
you probably don t f965: [sniff]f963: get to see the
like losing my anonymity m964: [sniff]f963: mm mmhm f965: i
f965: that s right mmhm[sniff]f963: service with them and
set of conventions f965: mmhm[sniff]f963: to do with sort
was about the aerodrome m964: [sniff]f965: about aircraft which was
like me [laugh] f963: [laugh][sniff]f965: but when you know
old photograph of that m964: [sniff]f965: mmhm f963: at some
know but erm f963: mm[sniff]f965: once they are shown
huh yeah f965: later m964: [sniff]f965: quite a bit later
as such wasn t f965: [sniff]oh it was the school
comes f965: it has its[sniff]ups and its downs yes
the to the conformity f963: [sniff]yes yeah f965: but on
me what a cough f1114: [sniff]f1113: a bad cough f1114:
want a hanky f1114: yes[sniff]f1113: do you want a
nosie let me see f1114: [sniff]f1113: let me have a
a bad cough f1114: yes[sniff]f1113: mmhm here s your
s got a hanky f1114: [sniff]f1113: okay f1114: okay f1113:
for you here see f1114: [sniff][inaudible] the big look at
for your blockies [inaudible] f1114: [sniff]it s still s- sore
is that nice perfume f1114: [sniff]yes f1113: wow i ll
red it s still red[sniff]f1113: it ll just be
it over there f1103: ah[sniff]f1104: mam fitt you makin
see fitt we see m1110: [sniff]f1109: you tell mam m1110:
s like nail varnish lipstick[sniff]fitt s that fitt s
and carrots m1096: mm [period of silence][sniff]mum f1095: fitt m1096: ehm
canna mind fitt it is[sniff]mummy s got a runny
sitting at the table m1096: [sniff][child noise] f1095: right here two
s from [censored: forename] m1096: [censored: forename][sniff]f1095: and that ain the
cone f1095: mmhm m1096: eh[sniff]f1095: right okay m1096: fine
so and so is a[sniff]and then f963: mmhm mm
if they were frowned on[sniff]because it would be f963:
different m608: aye f643: regions[sniff]f641: mmhm f643: so she
i must have been bilingual[sniff]m608: mmhm f643: but it
a s- skilled working class[sniff]m608: mmhm f643: but there
it was very trend conscious[sniff]m608: mmhm f643: ehm we
yeah m608: mm mm f643: [sniff]so m608: and then you
or just to watch mm[sniff]f1077: no no no he
three hours f807: mm f806: [sniff]f807: it took us quite
and then it broke mm[sniff]so i feel a bit
ago six years ago [laugh][sniff]er and erm i have
this one f1126: [laugh] [laugh][sniff]f1125: shake shake shake oh
knew that at school yes[sniff]f122: dictionary [laugh] you were
ago and i ve forgotten[sniff]f807: [laugh] f806: i don
you m944: what [laugh] [laugh][sniff]f943: she said it and
[laugh] m944: [laugh] yes f943: [sniff][laugh] m944: [laugh] [laugh] f943:
fifteen year m818: mmhm m819: [sniff]everybody that ever shops there
an but dis f960: mmhm[sniff]f961: norwegian man sent dem
was right f632: mmhm f646: [sniff]heard a a thing a
at your friends f1103: mmhm[sniff]now f1104: is it in
kind of phrases m741: mmhm[sniff]yeah just sort of filler
know don t know erm[sniff]but my mum s like
and erm that s horrible[sniff]erm i d- never set
got a chapter coming out[sniff]erm till i find it
budget i have erm like[sniff]thirty pounds a week until
wi that my my mum[sniff]eh i had gone to
m going to answer somebody[sniff]mum i m going to
just a decoration bit [?]it moves[/?][sniff]dinna sit in it f1104:
going to go oh f1103: [sniff]f1104: the wishing well can
what i m m741: yeah[sniff]m605: in one way or
nineteen thirty nine is seven[sniff]m608: yeah m635: seven at
in the fight uh huh[sniff]thought you had nothing to
go shopping when when f806: [sniff]f807: like everybody is out
as well here ye go[sniff]urgh time is it f1124:
got a big influence [inaudible][sniff]f813: secondary like i was
know the scots language m741: [sniff]m605: in a social way
know something wrong with it[sniff]something wrong with a spare
he did multimedia there em[sniff]and eh the first the
of experience in different things[sniff]and we also did clothing
mam can you help f1123: [sniff]can you what what was
you dinna get to cut[sniff]f1130: why f1129: you can
you bein a lazybones f1102: [sniff]have you washed them noo
off the lid for you[sniff]m1132: the lid have to
f1134: are na f1133: tired[sniff]f1134: well i didnae hear
now f1124: holey there f1123: [sniff]f1124: bittie where it that
aye they thingmied and then[sniff]and then the canteens so
every step at he took[sniff]aye id wiz a while
passing trade so they m818: [sniff]aye right m819: the location
being published by scottish publishers[sniff]cause so many of our
was it was rubbish money[sniff]but it was only for
stick with that idea but[sniff]i was very much conscious
age of twenty one m811: [sniff]f812: where there ll be
itchin and itchin and itchin[sniff]isn t it we ll
of it s a dj[sniff]i think it might be
latin based the continental style[sniff][inhale] urquhart is often dismissed
actually read this worldwide f950: [sniff]is this written in different
games were invented m1078: marbles[sniff]or jauries they were called
winch this lassie frae greenock[sniff]train doon to greenock on

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