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in pounds sterling one heart100000 00 one kidney 6
to drop from salaries of100000 a year to 30
is 18 and 6 per100000 and decreasing believes the
32 and 10 respectively per100000 and increasing whereas in
contracts with a value of100000 and over it and
cost of this would be100000 annually the total annual
the rates are 78 per100000 compared with 1 000
1 000 cases in every100000 compared with 78 cases
the de minimus amount of100000 ecus it is difficult
1997 and 2001 deaths per100000 for under 75s from
be in the order of100000 fortunately it now appears
2 billion and they employ100000 full time staff that
the sector and there are100000 full time workers i
for government target to insulate100000 houses by march 2002
to estimate that there are100000 job vacancies in scotland
compared with 1 000 per100000 last year is that
compared with 1 000 per100000 last year that is
the largest circulation is perhaps100000 newspapers most of the
record questions the use of100000 of public money for
are 44 000 organisations with100000 paid staff and up
is developing it employs about100000 people and involves hundreds
voluntary sector she said that100000 people are employed in
to go into care around100000 people are likely to
disability that affects up to100000 people in scotland recognises
bsl has proliferated more than100000 people in scotland use
for an industry of almost100000 people that contributes 5
in scotland which employ around100000 people the sector enjoys
grant aid of more than100000 per year to several
how the mortality rates per100000 population from coronary heart
islands enterprise and of the100000 provided for the retraining
at least 25 000 per100000 rather than 1 000
february 2003 salutes the nearly100000 scots that raised their
and toothpaste to more than100000 scottish children by 2001
the liberal democrats more than100000 students have had their
rather than 1 000 per100000 the stretch on the
with 78 cases in every100000 this year at what
all of these children around100000 three and four year
to lews castle college and100000 to storlann to address
it shows to more than100000 users our commitment to
average grant in aberdeenshire of100000 was also well below
region of 1 000 per100000 which was a near
section 78 mr jim wallace100in section 78 page 38
out an operation he is100per cent certain that he
genesis of which is not100per cent clear all we
place although i am not100per cent comfortable with the
of social justice but makes100per cent economic and business
sue ryder care own it100per cent eddie egan yes
from 10 per cent to100per cent encouraging innovation and
the committee i am not100per cent happy about the
it is probably less than100per cent however i doubt
in my area they are100per cent occupied where they
balance sheet professor midwinter almost100per cent of the housing
more than 100 years almost100per cent of workers have
suppose that that means almost100per cent on your percentage
reluctant to offer an absolute100per cent personal guarantee however
survey information does not indicate100per cent preparedness people in
development group s recommendation for100per cent resource transfer of
people would like to see100per cent scottish practices there
feel obliged to show their100per cent scottishness by using
project and i support it100per cent the convener my
as a socialist i accept100per cent the positive aspects
sspca we usually have around100reports to the fiscal per
union organisation for more than100years almost 100 per cent
have already amounted to nearly100million a year beyond that
a massive investment package of100million a year that is
investing up to an extra100million a year would deliver
i remind members of the100million announced by susan deacon
institutions will go through the100million barrier next year for
when it will implement the100million care package for older
result of enlargement there are100million consumers out there and
the annual transport budget by100million cutting the business rate
the annual transport budget by100million cutting the business rate
the annual transport budget by100million cutting the business rate
health improvement fund to which100million has been allocated over
fell in real terms from100million in 1995 96 to
with a population of around100million in britain myxomatosis caused
and to release a further100million next year and the
authorities which represent more than100million of capital expenditure a
executive how much of the100million over four years in
fairgrieve ltd further notes the100million provided for the former
fairgrieve ltd further notes the100million provided for the former
new complex should not exceed100million s1m 601 bill aitken
services will build upon the100million that i announced last
were to bid for another100million we would probably be
outstanding debt would be around100million when it was wound
is a special rate for100for students and unwaged people
of 1 to 100 with100being the most efficient the
a scale of 1 to100with 100 being the most
the competition forms issued nearly100were returned and the 11
town the furnaces began nearly100years ago and after them
from now and back nearly100years ago and i can
146 from local youth councils100from youth involving organisations and
is made up of around100members from 46 youth councils
annual report 2000 se 2001100laid under section 19 2
because in 50 out of100cases the result may be
has successfully prosecuted more than100cases under the existing laws
on june 15 after almost100years of providing work in
papers a programme of around100papers will run in three
were received of which around100resulted in reports to the
a millennium bonus of around100supported by tommy sheridan alasdair
campaign was mounted more than100years ago it seems as
of the old town above100years ago was principally weaving
withheld from the public for100years as a member of
in existence for at least100years drift nets can be
her stories go back over100years he was four and
number of years more than100years in the case of
written in scots for about100years it would be ironic
of whithorn and wigtown yet100years later the previously mentioned
were reckoned to have reached100years of age whereas today
system of administering exams with100years of excellent experience behind
macaskill tricia marwick s1m 1917100years of irn bru lodged
first major honour in over100years supported by mr brian
rebuilt again over the following100years the exterior has been
will be kept secure for100years there are no security
been done over the past100years to the language and
just because for the past100years we have done something
amendment order 2003 ssi 200310024 february 2003 rural development
amendment order 2003 ssi 200310024 february 2003 rural development
amendment order 2003 ssi 200310024 february 2003 rural development
amendment order 2003 ssi 200310024 february 2003 rural development
amendment order 2003 ssi 200310024 february 2003 rural development
received a small grant of100from the school of scottish
was agreed to apply for100grant for this year s
accounted for 90 of the100grant in 1953 the school
the small amount of money100available for this award he
such increases shall not exceed100of the notional amount of
amendment order 2003 ssi 20031004 petition pe 449 the
in february 2003 involving over100representatives of key ngos such
amendment order 2003 ssi 2003100the feeding stuffs scotland amendment
amendment order 2003 ssi 2003100the feeding stuffs scotland amendment
refers in addition more than100forms have been sent to
as a whole more than100of the 129 members of
that there are more than100officers in the scottish crime
they come otherwise more than100states in the world would
up to tackle more than100stone of lard no not
year which is more than100times the number of scots
if this is less than100what are the other funding
1 to 3 des mcnulty100in schedule 3 page 36
exercisable section 26 murdo fraser100in section 26 page 17
for amendment 205 in section100page 48 line 18 at
their rooms we have a100page directory of local businesses
document for example at page100we would have been able
scotland regulations 2001 ssi 200110015 march 2001 health and
scotland regulations 2001 ssi 200110015 march 2001 health and
scotland regulations 2000 ssi 20001004 april 2000 subject to
scotland regulations 2000 ssi 20001004 april 2000 transport and
amendment regulations 2002 ssi 20021008 march 2002 health and
amendment regulations 2002 ssi 20021008 march 2002 health and
livestock laying hens se 200210021 may 2002 rural development
livestock laying hens se 200210021 may 2002 rural development
me in pay over another10010 friday lawyer shy about
is understood that just over100are employed by murray allan
held in aberdeen attracted over100men half of whom had
firm has additionally employed over100people in the last 18
for cath scout rally over100scouts present films wide game
groups and the loss of100or more jobs b the
by division for 19 against100abstentions 1 the motion was
snd 134 pages cost 1100at this time as throughout
i dished out the tickets100kopeks 1 rouble 1 dollar
1 hour of interpretation or100words of translation this data
5 of that act section100mr jim wallace supported by
account which qualifies under section100of the learning and skills
accounts which qualify under section100of the learning and skills
major authorities have received 4100applications and issued just under
council tax benefit but not100benefit and b people not
s jubilee the steeple is100feet high to where people
up being made redundant and100being transferred scottish borders council
being undertaken with up to100financial assistance being available the
worth 10 marks out of100will have a greater effect
encouraged is a resource skailed100as wi scots a wheen
encouraged is a wasted resource100as with scots several submissions
have scots speaking friends and100of urban subjects had one
initiatives with the support of100grants from the scottish executive
august 1999 andrew wilson s1m100joint statement from churches on
me because i live only100metres from the bedsit i
in their pronunciation of does100of poor whites from the
is reputed to have sold100tractors in three months from
of arbuthnott house gardens about100yards from the house and
the figure will be about100120 or 130 which is
i saw my 1st canadian100bill which i rushed to
an advance of salary of100roubles which were now distributed
which a school would pay100that report gives us a
in may 1895 consisted of100to the kirk session of
value should get you about100baggies of heroin oh happy
hotels enquiring about minimum numbers100menus and band b terms
shed about 200 staff perhaps100of these will end up
ford car would cost approximately100a working man s weekly
pin something on me the100would do for starters or
one rapist in possession of100and a c n d
have killed an average of100elephants i asked our local
can expect is temperatures of100f and humidity of 90
still getting very high grades100for one of them now
in august sunshine continued down100hours instead of 125 and
at 90 hours instead of100in short it really was
he accepted his fine of100like a lamb and waved
1895 when at that time100of 3 midland railway company
national parks rspb suggest that100of all the national park
commit to the cancellation of100of the debt of all
pretend to have read all100pages of the bill in
in a class of approximately100students i seemed to be
potential impact of a possible100tariff on the border s
clark suttie the sum of100to be invested by the
marked for identification or walking100yards or so ahead of
50 non domestic rates relief100at local authorities discretion the
to dt by division for100against 20 abstentions 0 6
answer to the question s1w100by susan deacon on 19
frae cien sonetos de amor100love sonnets by pablo neruda
have to do is drive100miles south to england it
me with or without that100i refused jimmy s offer
fighting koo stark for my100but eventually i fell asleep
matter for negotiation among the100or so states that took
in august and a staggering100plus in september for bookings
rounded up to the nearest100at each uprating 2 the
we had time to walk100metres up to a castle
physical activities in schools s1o10011 tricia marwick to ask
physical activities in schools s1o10011 tricia marwick to ask
101 12 ibid pp 10210013 angela mcseveney in talking
stirling 23 in dumfries and100across tayside the list goes
in the sky is a100kmph wind and the pain
play it will bring in100new police officers who will
hugh howie all swift at100yds ΒΌ mile and a
into the man made lake100chiefs who raised dissent at
into this then meaning the100inside the packet he was
ill guidmither black comedy fantasy100min 3m4f this is based
95 96 97 98 99100101 102 103 105 and
seven sixty eight triumph tiger100and i ve m608: mmhm
altogether fifty calves 50 cows100horses oh said a youngster
half wye atween 21 an100i canna believe that ye
god lat us sing psaum100tae the tune the auld
tune the auld hunder psaum100the auld hunder aa folk

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