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boats float chu hsi 1130120045 a midnicht dauner hsin
tint chu shu chen ca120048 ma mornin do 49
the lochan chu hsi 1130120050 luiv poem feng meng
dule chu shu chen ca1200derk dule the sun foraye
of chu shu chen ca1200dule the pale muin leims
of chu shu chen ca1200ma mornin ah ryse up
chinese of chu hsi 11301200the boats float yestrein alang
chinese of chu hsi 11301200thocht bi the lochan the
of chu shu chen ca1200tint lest year at the
trip to philadelphia was about1200miles about 2400 round trip
over gaelic in scotland circa1200inglis farm names were commonly
of historical events stretching back1200years the vocabulary of english
the same site since around1200and possibly before that date
kenny macaskill mary scanlon s1m1200nick johnston british american tobacco
at least about the year1200at that point perhaps people

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