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development training and property in199697 19 highlands and islands
duly elected for the session199697 8 principal s report
work and pensions that between199697 and 2001 02 80
won the scottish cup in199697 and believes that such
local authority area in a199697 b 1997 98 c
local authority area in a199697 b 1997 98 c
local authority area in a199697 b 1997 98 c
local authority area in a199697 b 1997 98 c
within its area in a199697 b 1997 98 c
local authority area in a199697 b 1997 98 c
local authority area in a199697 b 1997 98 c
of the board in a199697 b 1997 98 c
local authority area in a199697 b 1997 98 c
expenditure in each year since199697 b estimated outturn in
b sewerage charges in i199697 ii 1997 98 iii
in payment arrears in i199697 ii 1997 98 iii
in 2003 04 than in199697 official report col 1665
in their living standards since199697 on the contrary a
of scotland s total in199697 to 15 1 in
the same figure as for199697 when the labour government
in their places for the199697 year 11 election of
stages bibliography bain r e1996the grammar book finding patterns
bibliography bain elspeth richard bain1996the grammar book nate bain
6 wild mammals protection act19966 other wildlife legislation 6
the wild mammals protection act1996and so on maureen macmillan
the wild mammals protection act1996applies to all animals that
wild mammals protection act of1996but this did not ban
repealed wild mammals protection act1996c 3 6 in section
the wild mammals protection act1996exceptions for killing in certain
the wild mammals protection act1996meaning that there were a
the wild mammals protection act1996other wildlife legislation certain wild
the wild mammals protection act1996poses similar enforcement difficulties as
animals wild mammals protection act1996the wild mammals protection act
debate must be understood from1996to 1997 the figure fell
richard cairnryan military port 19401996wigtown gc publishers 1997 machaffie
culture the kist an chiste1996listening and talking video 1992
sccc s the kist anthology1996of texts in scots and
consultative council on the curriculum1996the kist an chiste walton
for the welsh language in1996it has since published a
for the welsh leid in1996it has sinsyne published a
monitoring them welsh language board1996p18 the welsh language schemes
assembly government welsh language board1996welsh language schemes their preparation
agencies in each year since1996and in each case which
achieved since its inception in1996and supports east ayrshire council
on how many occasions since1996any of its agencies or
beta interferon a change since1996has been that after the
each calendar month since march1996s1w 1078 alasdair morgan to
paisley in each year since1996s1w 31838 ms wendy alexander
service in each year since1996s1w 33523 brian fitzpatrick to
service in each year since1996s1w 33524 mary scanlon to
service in each year since1996s1w 34197 jackie baillie to
of the employment rights act1996c 18 is to be
in the employment rights act1996c 18 local authority means
wittgenstein s web short stories1996lament for the raj poems
the bonsai grower short stories1996wittgenstein s web short stories
procedure scotland act 1936 in1996and agrees that this matter
of the employment rights act1996and qualifying business in relation
of the education scotland act1996committee reports the following report
offence the deer scotland act1996is a good example of
and the security services act1996it makes sense for the
dogs fouling of land act1996make it an offence not
s needs the broadcasting act1996provides for signing for a
of the education scotland act1996that section states that the
of the education scotland act1996which would have corrected the
using information texts into print1996scottish language and culture the
e u p mayor b1996in mercer n and swann
8 united kingdom reading association1996a fuller introduction by derewianka
introduction of beta interferon in1996it impressed me then very
that local authorities won in1996expire at the end of
the local authorities won in1996mr tosh will the minister
average in each year from1996to 2001 s1w 33971 alex
each quarter from 1 april1996to the most recent quarter
with effect from 1 april1996with effect from 1 april
chao died 460 northwords 9199618 fowk derns thair luiv
a 20 year period 19761996the report of the findings
period that started back in1996there are three criteria for
gairn ballater millar r m1996gaelic influenced scots in pre
r and williams g eds1996literacy in society yet the
welcome you all to the1996annual general meeting of the
certificate awarded to him in1996by el director general in
general meeting tuesday 24th september1996present mrs a [censored: surname] president
2nd century bc northwords 919965 the sair weird hsi
in 1986 to 62 in19969 there appears to have
a9 ending in thurso s1w1996alex neil to ask the
office development department circular 121996s1w 33980 dr sylvia jackson
consulative council on the curriculum1996credit for initiating this laudable
return of john macnab i1996baith are aye i prent
presbyterian cavalier pimlico mackenzie donald1996john buchan man of letters
norton edn 1989 greig andrew1996the return of john macnab
scots if the government s1996estimates are accurate many of
for a corrective see pryde1996104 5 5 the jedburgh
sui 3rd century lallans 47199614 the wund in the
in graddol leith and swann1996270 273 grant delineated the
and vacillates dost archive in1996a follow up review took
it the soeid commissioned in1996a team of researchers from
900 fewer nurses than in1996and that hospital waiting lists
done in the past in1996he tabled questions asking the
shown in out of history1996how the model of a
global megastar is back in1996i thought that the celebrations
project which was laucnhed in1996is to promote the use
race and gender discrimination in1996mr blair promised in writing
of dwellings examined in the1996scottish house condition survey did
it was not in the1996survey so we could not
position that was reached in1996the bill creates a framework
it down the pub in1996the population of the village
of the campbeltown shipyard in1996the pullout by the raf
strategy 10 between 1986 and1996there was an increase in
down from 411 million in1996to around 300 million today
now and come back in1996to consider those matters again
in terms of phonology millar1996upper deeside was a bilingual
per head of population in1996with a scottish average of
of doubling cycle use from1996to 2002 and again by
june 2001 nick johnston s1m1996residential home closures lodged on
of the church of england1996p9 3 following edward viii
central scotland police investigation of1996regarding thomas hamilton s1f 2512
the international law commission s1996draft code of crimes against
vessels for retail sales grabiner1996236 but if the bulk
murray east linton tuckwell press1996passim 4 scottish writers talking
usage the concise ulster dictionary1996lists soda wheaten and potato
mod broadcasting acts 1990 and1996place a duty on the
a modal shift [censored: diagram removed] smith1996152 this systematic shift occurrit
hypothesis potentiality and possibility smith1996151 thi result wis that
colin campbell irene oldfather s1m1996residential home closures lodged on

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