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of the following days monday24thto thursday 27th may tuesday
oot comes the sin thursday24thtemp 12 19 rainfall 2
weel afa cauld within friday24thtemp 2 5 rainfall 1
maks a body feel monday24thtemp 3 6 rainfall 6
oorsel s up ticht thursday24thtemp 3 9 rainfall 21
sae fine tae see monday24thtemp 4 10 rainfall 3
na mair like simmer wednesday24thtemp rainfall 5 16 wither
ice or ony sna friday24thtemp 0 5 sooth win
gang aboot twa fauld monday24thtemp 2 6 sooth win
keeps doon the heat saturday24thtemp 3 18 aye this
driech mair like november tuesday24thtemp 6 12 affa sultry
a bonny simmer day wednesday24thtemp 8 11 starts awa
school annual general meeting tuesday24thseptember 1996 present mrs a
for students of english friday24thmarch 1995 from the point
for her and tony thursday24thnov the days and weeks
tae ta to johnsmas june24thtreed thread owre over wan
finance committee 31 october 200024thmeeting 2000 the committee will
care committee 31 october 200124thmeeting 2001 the committee will
12th meeting 2001 session 124thapril 2001 present alex neil
care committee 1 november 200024thmeeting 2000 the committee will
development committee 6 november 200124thmeeting 2001 the committee will
learning committee 18 september 200224thmeeting 2002 the committee will
the sunny day of sunday24thof april [note: picture inserted here in original] [note: picture caption] please
haes a question on the24tho june aboot education an
day after their confrontation the24thof july 1877 salvador set

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