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section 30b mr andy kerr33in section 30b page 33
33 in section 30b page33line 31 after second shall
34 in section 30b page33line 32 at end insert
practicable after that time section33mrs mary mulligan 121 in
managers of that hospital section33mrs mary mulligan 183 in
mary mulligan 121 in section33page 18 line 30 leave
mary mulligan 122 in section33page 18 line 31 after
mary mulligan 123 in section33page 18 line 31 after
mary mulligan 124 in section33page 18 line 32 at
mary mulligan 125 in section33page 18 line 34 at
mary mulligan 183 in section33page 18 line 35 at
mary mulligan 184 in section33page 18 line 37 leave
mary mulligan 187 in section33page 18 line 38 after
mary mulligan 186 in section33page 18 line 38 leave
mary mulligan 185 in section33page 18 line 38 leave
mary mulligan 126 in section33page 18 line 41 leave
mary mulligan 127 in section33page 18 line 42 at
mary mulligan 129 in section33page 19 leave out line
mary mulligan 128 in section33page 19 line 1 at
mary mulligan 133 in section33page 19 line 10 leave
mary mulligan 134 in section33page 19 line 20 leave
mary mulligan 130 in section33page 19 line 4 leave
mary mulligan 131 in section33page 19 line 5 leave
mary mulligan 132 in section33page 19 line 9 leave
for 66 against 16 abstentions334 business motion mr tom
for 66 against 16 abstentions337 armed forces bill uk
schedule 3 page 66 line33leave out at the time
schedule 3 page 66 line33leave out at the time
by division for 80 against33abstentions 0 6 question time
by division for 82 against33abstentions 0 8 membership of
by division for 75 against33abstentions 10 7 members allowances
59 abstentions 0 5 for33against 61 abstentions 0 10
of the division is for33against 75 abstentions 2 amendment
to dt by division for33against 82 abstentions 0 phil
to dt by division for33against 84 abstentions 3 david
1 against 6 abstentions 033for 2 against 5 abstentions
for 17 against 70 abstentions33the motion was then agreed
as amended agreed to section33agreed to section 34 service
32 familiar studies p 5033familiar studies p 53 34
snapshot which was helpful 1433meeting suspended 14 34 on
i note that paragraph 333on page 34 mentions a
case euan robson paragraph 333on page 34 talks about
the spring aince mair do33spring rain do 34 traivlin
31 is grouped with amendments3335 to 41 43 to
14 15 16 30 193337 40 41 42 43
section 43 page 24 line33after made insert publish an
section 43 page 24 line33after persons insert including local
section 43 page 42 line33leave out subsection 3 section
section 73 page 35 line33after burden insert or rural
the schedule page 19 line33at beginning insert a life
section 39 page 22 line33at end insert and any
section 29 page 26 line33at end insert and ii
section 39 page 22 line33at end insert and the
section 8 page 7 line33at end insert in section
schedule 2 page 18 line33at end insert royal commission
kerr supported by peter peacock33in schedule 4 page 39
2 section 2 bill aitken33in section 2 page 3
2 section b1 malcolm chisholm33in section b1 page 3
schedule 3 page 35 line33leave out 2 of section
section 31 page 16 line33leave out a and insert
section 4 page 3 line33leave out from 28 2
section 2 page 2 line33leave out from beginning to
section 193 page 186 line33leave out postal operator concerned
section 11 page 6 line33leave out scottish ministers and
section 6 page 3 line33leave out section 1 and
section 88 page 44 line33leave out the and insert
schedule 4 page 73 line33leave out the property of
michael matheson 6 in section33page 17 line 27 at
michael matheson 5 in section33page 17 line 27 at
andy kerr 59 in section33page 36 line 20 at
6 children who had scored33out of 41 in these
wi us luke i 263338 and in the saxt
32 his idleness and dissipation33all those weaknesses constituted the
s1m 54 alex fergusson s1m33roseanna cunningham s1m 32 roseanna
otherwise contribute to society section33mr andy kerr 59 in
scott barrie andy kerr s1m33richard lochhead decentralisation that the
17 aug 2004 13 19330100 hello christian no problems
to 18 and 20 to33also in the name of
meaning of the said section331 and ii what action
or 2 or under section331 of the 1990 act
2001 216 laid under section336 of the nurses scotland
virtue of of section 133360 1 or 65a of
information under that subsection section33michael matheson 5 in section
to section 2 repeals amendment33moved angus mackay and agreed
powers one to modify section33of the act and one
of those provisions is section33of the bankruptcy scotland act
the meeting opened at 1033am 1 enquiry into the
the meeting opened at 933am 1 evidence the committee
the meeting opened at 933am 1 items in private
the meeting opened at 133pm 1 item in private
opened the meeting at 0933the convener alex neil good
itself against the wire with33days or whatever having taken
against particular groups allen 198333the scots speaking upper deeside
the committee to consider paragraph33of the paper the clerks
responses referred to in paragraph33of the policy memorandum on
panel referred to in paragraph33of the policy memorandum on
matheson mentioned of three or33people protesting outside the faslane
attention to the problem 1733nora radcliffe gordon ld about
will take some action 1733robert brown glasgow ld i
scotland order 2000 ssi 20003324 february 2000 the food
scotland order 2000 ssi 20003324 february 2000 the food
scotland regulations 1999 ssi 19993330 august 1999 health and
scotland regulations 1999 ssi 199933by 29 september 1999 iv
out the latest interim review33march 1999 evaluated progress on
scotland regulations 1999 ssi 199933subject to annulment until 13
amendment order 2001 ssi 2001336 february 2001 the environmentally
vereinigung für volkskunde 1964 p33kupper pp 55 6 12
865 6 9 11 9933transcript of letter 23 10
this country who matter 1633mr kenny macaskill lothians snp
telegraph p13 16 march 200033msp ready to water down
committee official report meeting no332002 26 november 2002 contents
scotland order 2002 ssi 2002331 february 2002 transport and
scotland order 2002 ssi 2002331 february 2002 transport and
amendment order 2001 ssi 200133the environmentally sensitive areas loch
scotland order 2000 ssi 200033the food peanuts from egypt
brevity from alex neil 1033alex neil central scotland snp
scots a statement o principles33following a recent meeting of
sections 3 and 4 amendment33moved mr jim wallace and
motion of 2 june s1m33richard lochhead that the parliament
submission from professor richard johnstone33submission from dr dauvit horsbroch
the parliament vol 4 no33session 1 thursday 28 november
the uk government s position33as you know the act
and representation act 1986 c33duty of local authority to
and freshwater fisheries act 197533established under the solway salmon
on the 23 march 200033mike watson msp however confirmed
amendments to that motion 1533the minister for health and
to 65 of rural subjects33of rural subjects reported one
scots a statement o principles33follaein a recent forgaitherin o
or a dialect of scots33per cent answered yes and
runway 29 and vi runway33at the licensed airfield at
all deaths and for some33500 hospital admissions that is
jobs employing a total of33900 in 1997 some three
read for each other cast33parts some actors can play
on the presiding officer 1533the first minister mr jack
therefore as using the language3372 it is apparent from
victory have just arrived a33swing from labour to snp
be severely undermined by the33increase in corporation tax which
a copy in this mailing33people they haven t had
terrace in the snaw do33the aff pit chou pang
by a specially appointed commission33the scottish salmon strategy task
a long service badge for33years membership of the guild
member of the guild for33years since its inception and
calo and ca na matgina33hectares of the lower lands
proportion of the cost of33million which relates to the
perform well there have been33quarters of positive growth furthermore
ung t u 834 90833a leal wyfe chang chi
on the pairt o ceres33current issues inwith deef education
co ordinating group november 199433scottish tourism strategic plan interim
bsl means giein nae choice33while it is awned that
legislative and its executive capacities33with a view to greater

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