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4 dec 2001 17 37370000 on 4 dec 01
tue 4 dec 2001 173737 0000 on 4 dec
asp 3 mr andy kerr37in section 30c page 34
44 in section 34 page37line 12 at end insert
45 in section 34 page37line 14 leave out parts
46 in section 34 page37line 17 after 2 insert
47 in section 34 page37line 17 after 5 insert
47 in section 34 page37line 17 after 5 insert
48 in section 34 page37line 18 at end insert
48 in section 34 page37line 18 at end insert
about amendments 35 36 and37essentially this is a set
leave out lines 36 and37mr andy kerr supported by
outwith registration offices of the37responses received 36 were in
to amendments 35 36 and37tommy sheridan glasgow ssp i
amendment 36 does not amendment37tries to provide for a
powers amendments 35 36 and37would provide the clarity that
section 47 page 27 line37after a insert public business
section 35 page 19 line37after authorising insert if the
schedule 3 page 35 line37at end insert where removal
62 in section 35 page37line 25 after first section
university press 1981 pp 16375 ibid p 37 6
16 37 5 ibid p376 letter of 10 january
section 65b page 31 line37at beginning insert in so
section 4 page 3 line37at end insert 6 where
section 23 page 14 line37at end insert 6a the
section 61 page 57 line37at end insert in fulfilment
section 133 page 92 line37at end insert the patient
26 section 90 malcolm chisholm37in section 90 page 70
section 41 page 23 line37leave out 1 and insert
section 65b page 31 line37leave out 59 mr jim
section 33 page 18 line37leave out all of mrs
section 21 page 9 line37leave out scottish ministers and
98 in section 77 page37line 12 leave out the
218 in section 65 page37line 15 at end insert
53 in section 55 page37line 21 leave out subsection
99 in section 77 page37line 22 leave out the
mary mulligan 141 in section37page 21 line 32 after
margaret curran 156 in section37page 22 line 21 at
for amendment 212 in section37page 26 line 25 at
page 51 leave out lines37to 39 mr jim wallace
30 jun 2003 12 38370100 am hoping to nip
for describing those features 19883738 a more explicit approach
from submission by bbc scotland37submission from ceres 38 submission
areas s1f 167 business bulletin372000 tuesday 29 february 2000
1 march [censored: table inserted here in original giving contact information] business bulletin372000 tuesday 29 february 2000
the fisheries sector business bulletin372000 tuesday 29 february 2000
parliamentary business announcements business bulletin372000 tuesday 29 february 2000
2000 christine grahame business bulletin372000 tuesday 29 february 2000
type of offence business bulletin372000 tuesday 29 february 2000
by members business business bulletin372000 tuesday 29 february 2000
dr winnie ewing business bulletin372000 tuesday 29 february 2000
available on request business bulletin372000 tuesday 29 february 2000
future work programme business bulletin372000 tuesday 29 february 2000
defraying to end of line37and insert anything done by
line 14 leave out section37of this act and insert
and insert one year section37roseanna cunningham 213 in substitution
and to end of line37john farquhar munro 11 in
to dt by division for37against 74 abstentions 0 7
1 against 6 abstentions 037for 1 against 5 abstentions
ref no 8115 01 droipen37is that recommendation agreed to
ref no 7578 01 crimorg37sp 2383 ec ref no
2003 178 laid under section371 of the legal aid
to an order under section376 of this act was
mcnulty and agreed to section37as amended agreed to section
means notice in writing section37jackie baillie supported by ms
use of those services section37mrs mary mulligan 141 in
to note that section 337of the code which relates
shefc was established under section37of the further and higher
bill mirror those in section37of the land reform scotland
and disorder act 1998 c37section 31 jackie baillie supported
schedule 5 agreed to section37work required by notice right
sales under ordinary decree amendment37provides the definition of warrant
term minority leids needs defined37the maist haill definition o
by the term minority languages37the most fulsome definition of
we are on schedule 1637mr john home robertson east
31 july 2001 se 200237north glasgow college report and
scotland order 2001 ssi 20013714 february 2001 social justice
and disorder act 1998 c373 a notice under this
the care development group 1437the minister for health and
census scotland order 2000 1437the minister for parliament mr
15 16 30 19 333740 41 42 43 45
he can have them 1637brian adam north east scotland
compensate for its absence 1637mr jamie mcgrigor highlands and
parents must be met 1637rhoda grant highlands and islands
instead of just permitted baits37power to make regulations under
middle rate care which was37was instead included for the
the convener not moved amendment37not moved amendment 10 moved
for grant of authorisations amendments37to 44 moved mr jim
the meeting closed at 537pm p e grice clerk
sheridan has spoken to amendment37already do you wish formally
name of tommy sheridan amendment37in the name of alex
standing committee on countryside sports37daily telegraph 5 july 1997
population is now estimated at37million of which 9 5
act v scene 5 lallans37november 1991 act ii scene
why we believe that amendment37is defective and should not
warrant and ordinary decree amendment37provides full clarity on the
resolution of the parliament s1m37agreed on 8 june 1999
receives a speedy passage 1537nora radcliffe gordon ld i
and 15 1 99 with37primary seven pupils kaimhill is
the parliament vol 4 no37session 1 thursday 12 december
new encyclopaedia britannica on theology37courant review smith was doubly
interim review stcg march 199937policy and financial review of
past to present pages 1371 1 introduction 1 2
the meeting opened at 937am 1 land reform scotland
up the turning out qs37an acknowledgement and cautious celebration
been set out as follows37the church of scotland speaks
of the national income to373 per cent as stealth
in this historic parliament 1037trish godman west renfrewshire lab
opened the meeting at 0937the convener mr mike rumbles
and those lobbied we received37responses in all colleagues will
council and the european parliament37should they have a role
en yu yi 1090 113837a dauner at nicht lu
at the early age of37his death partly brought on
have been here at wedderlea37years this month it s
pointedly of his own time37none of this was new
o a new bairn do37ye maun stap drinkin do
which our country deserves 1137christine grahame south of scotland
i call linda fabiani 0937linda fabiani central scotland snp
waukrif nicht in camp do37anither day po chü i
do locals as hunt followers37others suggest that drag hunting
the desolation listens poems 193537by george keyt sri lanka
problem it is estimated that37jobs will be lost in
lack of appreciation of bilingualism3797 there is the same
scottish executive official pers comm37association of salmon fishery boards
get the lower rate of37even if westminster agrees to
liturgy of the ell being37inches long and thus being
bill 1995 96 tony benn37information from the church of
reveal a generally satisfactory performance37and that the board s
main road a pages 2837a mynd on ae bunt

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