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s resources 3c in subsections3aand 3b of this section
for community care services subsections3ato 3c are repealed 2
of local authorities for subsections3aand 3b there is substituted
and 3b there is substituted3ain determining for the purposes
ii there is inserted and3a9 section 25f mr andy
sections there is inserted 123anational health service scotland act
subsection 3 there is inserted3awithout prejudice to the generality
proposing to specify those measures3athose persons are malcolm chisholm
as permitted under rule 63athat the parliament agrees that
as permitted under rule 63athe presiding officer the sixth
subsection 2 commits an offence3aa dog shall not be
acting in accordance with subsection3aabove if he thinks fit
percentage mentioned in a subsection3ab above or b subsection
leave out subject to subsection3abelow malcolm chisholm 39 in
insert measures mentioned in subsection3abelow mary scanlon 212 in
the persons mentioned in subsection3abelow of a the measures
line 13 leave out subsection3amalcolm chisholm 41 in section
of paragraph a of subsection3aof this section may prescribe
a or b of subsection3aof this section shall be
line 25 at end insert3asubsection 1 operates so as
in accordance with sections 13aand 4 and 65 1
and 3 and insert to3asection 97 mr jim wallace
18 to 32 and insert3awherever possible a patient who
parliamentary corporate body under rule3a1 2 of standing orders
leave out 1 and insert3aa section 42 mrs mary
2 line 5 leave out3ab and insert 3ac mr
line 34 at end insert3athe measures referred to in
line 22 at end insert3athe scottish ministers shall not
afield tae dance throwe til3am afore gittin hame verra

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