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lassie s problem kennawha 3005007 the littil leddie do
8 nicht tryst kennawha 3005009 the gowk caws do
from the chinese kennawha 300500a lassie s problem in
from the chinese kennawha 300500nicht tryst ma luivar wul
from the chinese kennawha 300500the gowk caws the gowk
a 300 b 400 c500d 600 e 800 f
objective 3 money which is500million or 300 million which
less time on paperwork recruit500more special constables by 2006
a safer country recruit 3500police officers in the next
crime we will recruit 3500police officers over the next
taking total recruitment to 1500employ 1 500 more health
to 1 500 employ 1500more health professionals such as
to thanks to the nearly500staff whom we employ in
million motorists in italy and500000 in the netherlands which
and a turnover of about500million a year we deal
all and in future the500million citizens of europe need
the internal market to some500million consumers offer the possibility
employee smoking in scotland is500million each year 450 million
is in the region of500million each year i would
claw back a cut of500million from local authorities in
s spending commitment to invest500million in dualling the entire
increase expenditure on transport by500million in the period to
increase expenditure on transport by500million in the period to
the irish have approved a500million investment programme for biotechnology
european parliament a europe of500million people that extends from
should now be spending about500million per year in supporting
the loss of anything between500and 600 jobs and anything
local authorities says that about500full time equivalent jobs are
economy and supported more than500jobs 18 net fisheries the
the workplace so far 11500jobs have been found on
and anything up to 3500jobs once secondary employment issues
company promised to create 1500jobs over five years there
about the threat to 3500jobs she said that the
suffered a net loss of500jobs since labour came to
to take to publicise the500000 it is making available
reflect on the fact that500000 people regularly volunteer for
paid staff and up to500000 regular volunteers that is
and the work of the500000 regular volunteers those are
city council of up to500000 s1o 424 8 mr
pain bearing in mind the500000 scots who suffer pain
identified 4 000 to 4500allotment plots in scotland 16
would mean anything between 8500and 14 000 i am
about figures of between 3500and 35 000 those suggestions
in 1995 there are 11500registered nurses who no longer
where between 1995 98 7500salmon were caught and released
more nurses we now have500extra doctors and more than
2002 there are potentially 1500newly qualified nurses due to
per cent of the 11500nurses who could benefit from
an increase of more than500since march 2000 the drop
there are more than 2500that is an increase of
expected to be to between500and 1000 items per mailing
taxpayers of more than 1500per person has reduced their
been quoted to me is500per year for an outlet
the service estimates that 2500scans per annum would meet
may rise by anything between500and 900 depending upon the
has cost pensioners about 1500at today s prices every
that missing data affected 1500candidates i found out about
and next that is 1500for every person in scotland
access and a further 1500for railings so that smokers
notes that more than 1500former employees of the ardersier
lottery and there are 1500fully trained interpreters finland was
1999 to more than 1500in 2002 i know that
swimming pools compared with 1500in australia which has a
wider definition brings about 1500more offices into the protected
by 2005 which is 1500more than previously planned as
did a trawl of 1500of those and 1 200
she also could carry 1500passengers and cargo as well
coursing clubs and about 1500people across britain participate as
by crc suggest that 1500people across britain participate in
was attended by about 1500people was organised jointly by
s time and processes 1500scans every year dr reid
primary 7 pupils in 1500scottish schools with a map
1 4 ½ 9 1500seconds 10 5 210 904
only 1 420 something like500signatures were collected in 48
there are more than 1500statues of burns throughout the
that well in excess of500full time staff are involved
hand that 200 of the500members of staff had to
the sqa has more than500members of staff who are
scotland regulations 2002 ssi 200250011 november 2002 local government
scotland regulations 2002 ssi 200250011 november 2002 local government
smith had sold between 400500victory calendars proceeds to the
manchester and glasgow more than500of them would not return
a grant of up to500to make a home more
for holidays in scotland 8500places to stay and 2
scotland regulations 2002 ssi 20025004 gaelic language scotland bill
scotland regulations 2002 ssi 20025005 instruments subject to approval
scotland regulations 2002 ssi 2002500instruments subject to approval food
scotland regulations 2002 ssi 2002500the convener the executive agreed
spcb has approved about 3500for door access and a
teachers salaries there are approximately500learners involved in these classes
gàidhlig suggest that about 7500children in scotland speak gaelic
the light of the 3500fine levied on edinburgh university
partnerships scotland to install 3500heating systems under the central
companies and retailers typically generate500a year in revenue for
and is responsible for 13500deaths a year one in
the area last year 2500were religious marriages that were
edinburgh university it cost 4500i would have thought that
it has received almost 4500to supply a mobile classroom
transport policies given that 2500people turned out at the
fall heir to about 2500extra marriages we must consider
mediation grampian receives about 44500it aims to reduce the
are not talking about building500new sports halls in the
lothian example again about 16500people in west lothian are
which accounts for about 2500stores and the scottish grocers
dule ode of confucius ca500bc 2 sanctuary lu chi
places to stay and 2500events to choose from i
catches peaking at over 2500tonnes in 1971 the fishery
months that there are 2500too few technicians and that
sales now stand at 455500people can be accomodated outwith
the committee will wear badges500people will be at main
of software mr macintosh roughly500people work for the sqa
have agreed to cater for500and the 1964 leavers over
has happened over the last500years has been gradual change
mobile telephone masts a within500metres of each other and
into english until coopland almost500years later sir gilbert hay
hcm which affects one in500of the population and is
bloomfield 1887 1969 language 1933500pages also a candidate for
00 and i ve only500in my name i ll
he remembered when there were500weavers in and arround the
off payments amounted to 34500fiona mcleod i take it
in a maximum fine of500being imposed by the courts
grounds with seating accommodation for500compared to 800 in trinity
was an archipelago of 6500granite ribbed islands in the
siller for teachers salaries aroon500learners is enrolled in thir
guide why then we went500feet up the 550 foot
deaths and for some 33500hospital admissions that is the
to reshuffle his cabinet s1f500the first minister donald dewar
he was part of a500strong british battalion that faced
hare culling season is 817500the scottish population at this
eight triumph tiger 100 ss500twin m608: mmhm m642: i

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