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unprecedented price of 10 12s6dper 1lb my grandmother s
held gents tickets cost 2s6dand ladies 2s the following
currants 1lb 6d raisins 1lb6dpork 1lb 7d meat 1lb
cheese 1lb 9d currants 1lb6draisins 1lb 6d pork 1lb
tickets were gents 1s ladies6dladies were charged less as
the countryside eggs were worth6da dozen when plentiful and
ann so that jill gets6dmore than ann and mary
the amount of the charge6dany order under subsection 6a
the most expensive cost around6dmothers made rag dolls which
i got it for 16di got 2 tee shirts
line 6 at end insert6din this part title condition

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