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nyeuks o e rug makkinaathingsnod an it s a
richt hard grun tae getaathingsnod an tae yer likin
ruck till ye d gotaathingticht an snod e ootcome
fur a loon ay likinaathingironed an clean chae winnert
auld scots wye i gotaathingtae ma ain likin an
aa the different restaurants andaathingm1110: restaurants f1109: mm is
gao the braw aff wiaathingance an he d gotten
we ll pey ye foraathingat ance nae bother quo
ance it wis by anaathingredd awa elder veritas cried
bigg up yir steidins anceaathings gane quaitlike an ye
it wis etten they gataathingredd up ti win awa
out it wisna lang oraathingwis redd up an taen
ve learnt the young maisteraathingfrae yon day on whan
ma hairt the thing isaathinghe s been learnt is
feel aafa crivvt in finaathingroon ye s jist a
stuck till a bit thoughaathingwis aafa clortit wi tarry
still trummlin bit tholin wytinaathingwis aafa quairt though i
bruce in the toon eenceaathings ower wi mysie bruce
fowk tee ah weel eenceaathingwis oot ere wis a
t haad awa fae finaathingwis sypit wi rain eence
for yir guid hairt foraathinghere s been braw but
swey there s skills inaathingaabody seems tae hae plenty
seems tae hae plenty oaathingnooadays bit in e aal
ower the nearhaun fairms ettinaathingclean in a plague o
pest s clean vanisht anaathings lythe an lown wi
deen its usual job anaathingwis pickit clean we trampit
back fit she has gaenaathingrypit aathing taen kneel doon
she has gaen aathing rypitaathingtaen kneel doon by the
en lippen ti ye inaathingmaister says the lot o
something you were eatin anaathingas weel it s funny
had to be replaced likeaathingelse it s a funny
e richt kinna twist likeaathingelse ere wis a knack
treasure cam up ere saathingin t iv coorse bein
ere wis nae neesht foraathingjist cam at s like
ye canna aye be buyinaathingaa e same noo i
coonts bit ye canna controlaathingan dee fit ye like
it an spikk it anaathingbit i canna ciamar a
canna be expected to doaathingmysel she pours herself a
aye e badder o liftinaathingsortin em oot pittin em
buddy ye cd spik tillaathingcam intae ma heid as
bus coudna get bye tillaathinghid been sortit oot sae
ey mith come in handyaathingpintit back till e wark
the warld like he daathingtae luik forrit till a
temperature aye that s whataathingelse s going in at
were quite fine bit likeaathingelse the bags got far
to dae a gentil dedeaathingcan end happily syne ou
o beef syne they setaathingon the buird warmed the
an hed them slauchtert syneaathingwis pitten intil a kist
though they d kiddies anaathingit was my mother s
back in again ir maistlyaathingthough i used e glory
war furreign fur god sawaathingthon hid bin dinned intae
waesome m he wull makaathingricht r spleet new an
mebbe the meenister wad pitaathingricht wad undae the unchancy
for t bit tae pitaathingback in again ir maistly
s jist a mixter oaathingbit i ll gie ye
t it played meesic anaathingbit whot a begeck we
niver get e ither bitaathinggeed intil a big pail
eruptit siccan a sotter wisaathingin bit ach i got
wail wi the black ootaathings hidden bit they will
a shelt hates yon abeenaathingafore the manger an the
an wi reverence he offertaathingafore the throne o the
rolled grun nae lang aforeaathingturnt green an e corn
s i jist aboot triedaathingfit races short an lang
at aa fur god watchedaathingaa the time there wis
aa up your arm andaathingf1122: mummy can we can
that aa the dates andaathingwhat s this this is
e wis at intent onaathingas we geed alang at
she wis bi him inaathingshe ll bladd it or
lanesome faith alasdair ross kentaathingthere wis nae bigger sklaik
lauchin an happy they hidaathingin the warld tae luik
the brithers an prentices liftitaathingawa then lord clerk zhao
it tee an i likeaathingbocht at pyed fur i
tae be the cure furaathingher da anely drank strang
ess wid rise an coataathingaroon nae forgettin e mantelpiece
oot lood then fell oweraathingan awesome hush the birds
onto tellies and books andaathingfor ye hmm cause you
wyse them tae haud faistaathingi hae tell t ye
where [laugh] so ye didaathingin one room f1043: well
tent o the abstinentia inaathingye dae for gin ye
it i aften think ataathingye iver learn can be
got his back rubbed anaathingan then he used tae
then he ll be intoaathingf1142: [shout] f1141: [baby gurgles] he
and all you see thenaathinggoes all wonky m1098: that
playocks an then he giedaathingti a chaumer chiel ti
on the saiddle an tichtentaathingwi a raip then he
the heir tae steenhillock anaathingin it steen an lime
tended tae add es taeaathinglike bairnie you might say
lock up yer meer foraathingthey will spulzie catched an
cross word atween them anaathingflowin as smooth as the
he muntit the throne anaathinggaed on quait like ti
f1043: no we just ateaathingskin an everything aye [inaudible]
them efter they d ettenaathingthe ashets an coggies wir
knife like this een laysaathingbare opens up a o
keep touchin the tree oraathings going to fall off
beyond i the midst oaathingthe downgrading of scots the
wey splatting the flair andaathingcome on pull the plug
see see if you kenaathingin this bookie will we

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