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nou marischal hong speirs theabbeymaisteran the abbeymaister hummlie tells
on the braeheid repones theabbeymaisterhummlie he s byornar wyce
speirs the abbeymaister an theabbeymaisterhummlie tells him an it
it apent thrie times theabbeymaisterhummlie tellt him an five
o demons thrie times theabbeymaistertellt him hummlie an five
ti sit doun i theabbeymaisters chaumers an the abbeymaister
abbeymaister s chaumers an theabbeymaisterspeirit him did ye see
neist day efter brakfaist theabbeymaisteran the priests alang wi
convoyit the officiars awa theabbeymaisteran the priests gaed back
sent ti let ken theabbeymaisteran the priests o sublimitie
haa s this an theabbeymaisteranswert him it wis i
says the marischal an theabbeymaisteranswert him our present paip
thae demons sae ti theabbeymaisterquo he juist apen you
the king o demons theabbeymaistertellt him marischal hong we
mair the marischal speirit theabbeymaisteran the paip s in
a shame marischal quo theabbeymaisterfor ye ve mischancit thon
quo the marischal an theabbeymaisterreponit sae please ye pit
speirit the marischal sae theabbeymaistertellt him ye dinna ken
shuils o airn the hattertabbeymaisterwis for checkin him marischal
them keep howkin awa theabbeymaistertellt him sairlie it mauna
fower words an ti theabbeymaisterhe says you anes wad
lichtlie yir honour quo theabbeymaisterit maun hae been our
aisle an cam on theabbeymaistercryin his doulanee whit kin
wis fasht nae mair theabbeymaistergart set out a braw
an a farawa wardenrie theabbeymaisteran them wir that feart
the time a cam forabbeymaisterhere mair nor thirty year
road an ance mair theabbeymaistersaid gin ye re ti
an aabodie frae the sanctlieabbeymaisterdoun ti the servitors an

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