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variety his limousin is obviouslyaberdoniancohen opts for a more
changes his limousin into anaberdoniancohen simply changes him into
fact that he uses anaberdonianin the limousin episode in
complicated latinate english and thenaberdoniandialect represent the french of
say that s s- sortaaberdoniansorta m865: mmhm f948: [?]poor wee[/?]
most o folk would recognizeaberdonianor glaswegian accent m865: uh
mmhm m865: for example glaswegianaberdonianorcadian shetlandic er so it
translator the mock latin andaberdonianecho the writing and accent
variety of scots this isaberdonianguid master not gid master
know in scotland f950: wellaberdonianm865,: uh huh f950: ehm
speaks good english mum saberdonianbut only speaks english i
m1042: bob [censored: surname] b- anaberdonianeh brought up my kids
bob [censored: surname] i m anaberdonianmy family are fae fittie
specific use of his nativeaberdonianto do the same thing
north eastern speech and particularlyaberdonianspeech which is possibly low
wales hospice an enjoy anaberdoniannight fit a gran nicht
year one day a haplessaberdonianstudent the next a distiller
number were said to beaberdonianii many of the handsome
in maaster gaud [laugh] veryaberdonianthe dropping of the l
beer eh i am anaberdonianye ken but he had

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