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the future will tyne theabilitytae communicate in scots gin
the future will lose theabilityto communicate in scots if
as follows to develop theabilityto communicate in the foreign
will treat the holder sabilityto communicate in the gaelic
needs of those residents theabilityto communicate is a basic
job losses and affect theabilityto be a public service
must affect the trust sabilityto deliver services and reduce
oft report will affect ourabilityto deliver the strategy that
prescribed drugs can affect theirabilityto drive business bulletin no
about the local authority sabilityto respond alasdair morgan that
a time which maximises institutionsabilityto respond and whether the
critical revision facility and theabilityto respond to new research
of resources and local authoritiesabilityto respond to the expansion
has the necessary skills andabilityboth to deliver the housing
for the future and theabilityto deliver consistent services we
think that it has theabilityto deliver on it is
is inserted 12aa assessment ofabilityto provide care 1 a
of 1968 act assessment ofabilityto provide care 1 in
of 1968 act assessment ofabilityto provide care 8a amendment
of 1995 act assessment ofabilityto provide care for disabled
of 1995 act assessment ofabilityto provide care for disabled
assessment of the person sabilityto provide care there is
request an assessment of hisabilityto provide or continue to
assessment of the carer sabilityto provide or to continue
request an assessment of hisabilityto provide or to continue
assessment of the carer sabilityto provide or to continue
to identify a lack ofabilityin english where that may
that will strengthen local authoritiesabilityto identify dangerous buildings i
taught directly and the pupilsabilityto identify the features was
the end of 1999 theabilityto make bookings pay for
tax which takes account ofabilityto pay after debate amendment
local income tax related toabilityto pay and allow local
that would be based onabilityto pay and incomes however
make sure they can reflectabilityto pay and review the
looking in particular at theabilityto pay and the development
when assessing an individual sabilityto pay for the provision
point of need regardless ofabilityto pay it must be
that will impact on theabilityof soup kitchens to provide
however with concern that ourabilityto provide refuge for the
need to consider carefully ourabilityto provide the resources for
to make decisions and theabilityto challenge agencies providing services
to give such communities theabilityto influence strategic decisions and
area we also have theabilityto make funding decisions at
satisfactory standard and on itsabilityto continue with a safe
not interfere unnecessarily with theabilityof the owner to carry
confidence in the commissioner sabilityto carry out his or
rights human rights and theabilityto carry out surveillance the
the basis of rules thisabilityto understand and use more
realise to the full theirabilityto understand english and use
although this may come theabilityto understand this fairly unusual
future scottish generations with theabilityto understand those languages better
them in groups and andabilitygroups and so on f963:
sub divided into friendship orabilitygroups for discussion activities during
housing resources is hindering theabilityof the executive to meet
us have to that ourabilityand willingness to speak foreign
of our cohort regardless ofabilityjust because for the past
streets with drugs challenging theabilityof our police to keep
a technical debate surrounding theabilityof some of our people
we must not inhibit theirabilityto act quickly on our
budgeting process and for ourabilityto conduct meaningful scrutiny i
it is well within ourabilityto do that our next
the serious damage to ourabilityto manage and maintain our
proposed measures will improve ourabilityto monitor the whereabouts of
offenders and will strengthen ourabilityto protect children and other
a competitive edge in ourabilityto recruit and retain nurses
of those formulas on ourabilityto tackle deprivation in north
an important contribution to ourabilityto track down drug criminals
first assessing the person sabilityto contribute to securing the
per person has reduced theirabilityto donate to charity that
the other person shares yourabilityto er you know use
in particular the company sabilityto fulfil any obligations incurred
service in particular regarding theirabilityto make alternative domestic arrangements
language purposes within such mixedabilityenglish classes the teacher s
cases where a lack ofabilityin english could be a
an effective means of measuringabilityin english which had been
its standard english usage oabilitytae dae somethin this howe
they can richt realise theirabilitytae unnerstaun english an uise
not transfer to an increasedabilityto write continuous english that
them suitable to their ageabilityand aptitude by other means
to the best of theirabilitychildren and teachers must have
organisations expressed concern about theirabilityfully to maintain their independence
has an impact on theabilityof communities to exercise their
stand in their way theabilityof older people to choose
at all levels whatever theirabilitysport is integral to healthy
in turn further strengthens theirabilityto access the various genres
social economy s unique motivationabilityto build trust with their
a disability that affects theirabilityto clear up after a
a disability that affects theirabilityto clear up and the
complete sentences by exploiting theirabilityto combine grammatically the elements
of the respective regimes theirabilityto draw down the cash
humour and mysticism their amazingabilityto fuse elements which other
local authorities efficiency and theirabilityto get going and to
outside in terms of theirabilityto to erm to be
around 1500 people demonstrated theirabilityto work together on a
achieve a degree of communicativeabilityin a number of languages
and heteroglossia that is itsabilityto contain a different languages
wild fish operations perhaps theabilityto use such treatment compounds
to record the child sabilityto use the four characteristic
not transfer to an increasedabilityto use those features in
to meeting concerns about theabilityof local authority officers to
transport authority to have theabilityto purchase petrol and diesel
scotland [click] and then theabilityto even to to make
most important qualification is anabilityto make every note the
love of literature nascent creativeabilityto make her a poet
speakers of varying degrees ofabilityare ignored or even worse
a cuv as my readingabilityeven as a eight year
but are of different languageabilityor even of different ages
to open due to theabilityto sell even more explicit
that is important but theabilityof members to get items
to the best of myabilityin previous comments the scientific
to the best of myabilityvoices aye aye beaumont but
voluminous striped petticoats her vocalabilityenables her to visit many
in the same direction theabilitynot to be so precious
issues getting information and theabilityof a parliamentary committee to
prosecutions they will enhance theabilityof law enforcement agencies to
to be impressed by theabilityof my colleague fiona hyslop
evidence you state that theabilityof scottish homes to regulate
or plans to constrain theabilityof serving prisoners to publish
has no confidence in theabilityof the board to reflect
strengthens the petition and theabilityof the petitioner to follow
powers at westminster undermines theabilityof the scottish executive to
powers at westminster undermines theabilityof the scottish executive to
a subsequent problem in theabilityof the software suppliers to
cash provider and in theabilityof the voluntary activity to
in order to improve theabilityof town centres to compete
it follows that expression theabilityto articulate exists in the
islay will have the sameabilityto be involved in the
and elected councillors with theabilityto borrow sufficient amounts of
case early and for theabilityto bring fresh prosecutions in
to take advantage of theabilityto change the estimates than
have in relation to parentsabilityto choose which mainstream school
in a digested form theabilityto consult dost and snd
directly by reducing people sabilityto contribute and adding to
first assessed the recipient sabilityto contribute to securing the
i resented her and herabilityto control me i resented
but more concerned about hisabilityto cope if anything happens
company has greatly expanded itsabilityto cope with a flood
alasdair morgan that is theabilityto cope with the bill
i really like having theabilityto cut and paste in
proposed system s flexibility andabilityto deal with matters that
of those regimes the farmersabilityto draw down the income
and protect local government sabilityto ensure the delivery of
mmhm m734: prove to myabilityto fix a computer f718:
in the end pompitie sabilityto fly might lead to
interpreted to mean that theabilityto form the requisite verb
lenders which determine people sabilityto fund a mortgage the
s see they have anabilityto fuse the rustic and
would not deflect from itsabilityto get through matters by
to the service and itsabilityto give greater public access
again that reduces people sabilityto give to charity many
a lot depends on herabilityto grasp what are the
not change the council sabilityto have such landlords remove
licensing process and the continuingabilityto hold fish in stocked
could be argued that theabilityto influence the outcome is
of the public with theabilityto interact with departments of
a separate committee and itsabilityto investigate an alleged leak
anyway because they lose theabilityto keep up with the
had growing doubts about hisabilityto manage the situation mr
all ages have talent andabilityto offer for example older
language compromises a member sabilityto participate in the proceedings
this area would enhance itsabilityto promote gaelic language and
however a budget without theabilityto raise and allocate taxation
concepts and skills including theabilityto read in another language
arranges which would improve hisabilityto read those documents i
and proves the balladeer sabilityto recognise an arresting phrase
much more accountability and theabilityto refer complaints to the
that he is losing hisabilityto resolve the discords of
has always had a liberalabilityto see and value other
there she s got enoughabilityto see her through 1st
move would undermine scotland sabilityto stage a full length
overall impression is of theabilityto sustain a high level
has serious impacts on theabilityto sustain tenancies but has
will the parliament have theabilityto tackle and overcome scotland
society stronger by spreading theabilityto thrive over as wide
the first instance on theabilityto try out cod farming
apply to any member whoseabilityto undertake his or her
housing strategies and have theabilityto undertake the development funding
strength and had the linguisticabilityto wade in there and
lots of people lost theabilityto work on the land
an implicit criticism of theabilityof those staff the convener
educational experience and that languageabilityis a valuable life skill
its main functions include thiabilitytae dae somethin ensaumple 10
end f606: no m845: ofabilityas you would do in
that he has no suchabilitybut this subsection is subject
bygone days an on herabilitytae pit it doon in
a reputation for immense intellectualabilityin every sphere of academic
pupils of all levels ofabilityin this way it was
2002 nora radcliffe s1m 3561abilityof holyrood progress group lodged
either the aiming or punchingabilityof the aformentioned good guy
are now taught in mixedabilitysets of about 30 often
modal s distant modal sabilitycan could possibility can may
nearhaun fatal damage on oorabilitytae express oorselves in scots
is involved in permission intentionabilityor obligation 2 judgement whether
doesn t normally have theabilityf643: oh aye [inaudible] m642:
it might not have theabilityit doesn t normally have
s greatest strengths is hisabilityat comic verse and in
banff museum thomas edward sabilitywas respected by scientists and
sandra white s1m 2303 projectabilitylodged on 4 october 2001
scottish youngsters particularly at lowerabilitylevels when there was talk
critical tinkin creative tinkin dabilityt tink fur yursel an

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