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m865,: yeah mmhm f950: speakinabootall the words that a
friends that you re speakinabootare you gonna sing me
ken fit i m speakinabootbecause i was een mysel
i was speakin a lotabootbefore an said that ll
were speakin m824: aye m822: abootbefore f823: was it the
that fa ye were speakinabootbessie impatiently aye gladys an
i thought she was speakinabootboobies there weel endowed f1054:
the paper they were speakinabootehm two thousand an seven
ken fitt you re speakinabooteither f1103: well that maks
still remember my father speakinabootemigratin see wi eh [inaudible]
ken fitt you re speakinabootf1104: i dinna ken fitt
jargon fishin he was speakinabootf831: aye uh huh m842:
centres you re aye speakinabootfit are they onywey i
[inaudible] f902: i m speakinabootfolk your age group that
english we r speakin hereabootfowk that soond guid scots
is that ye r speakinabootgeordie speirt wullie fae the
ken fa you re speakinabootgladys aye ye div mary
the een we re speakinabootgladys he was a richt
she kens ye r speakinaboothir juist listen til hir
the haill toun s speakinabootit ah l gang an
the theater awbodie s speakinabootit ah m the onlie
so he wis aye speakinabootit but i m nae
the haill toun s speakinabootit koolyghin ay the conference
can mind o him speakinabootit like [inaudible] f902: mmhm
f1043: well we re speakinabootjimmies aye bein cried your
ken whit ah m speakinabootmorag nods god serrs whit
ken whit ah m speakinabootmoula ah m shuir ye
sair jags ye war speakinabootpompitie has a sip of
m824: they re aye speakinaboots- openin laurencekirk station f606:
ither day they war speakinabootshakespeare an voltaire at the
a something fitt you speakinabootsorry tootie f1104: would you
that as you was speakinabootstuff [inaudible] like ye ken
ken whit ah m speakinabootthat auld wyfe that auld
a good job was speakinabootthe auld man an the
f1043: no you re speakinabootthe fifties sixties fan an
you s- you were speakinabootthe fishermen s jumpers an
mine fit we were speakinabootthe ither day an it
it the haugh yonner speakinabootthe supernaitral til weel intil
i aye mind grandma speakinabootthe the vricht a jiner
doric speakin or f831: spickabootthis efternuin m842: i m
f823: well they re speakinabootthis eh bypass in intae
loretta we were just speakinabootye sae ye ll seen
fa fa they were speakinabootye think well blimey that
f1054: when ye were speakinabootyer auntie what did she
me whit ye ir thinkinaboota pause you r twantie
here a ve been hinginabootaw this tyme thinkin we
we it doesna bear thinkinabootbein looket efter by toby
dee it disna beir thinkinabootdae ye ken the r
case you were even thinkinabootdoing anything f1023: yeah f1024:
strae or hey crap thinkinaboote olympics maybe we hid
imagine it disna beir thinkinabooteilidh ah dinna need ti
a file i wis thinkinabootem near aa e time
or if she was thinkinabootfit she d get for
ram stammin on withoot thinkinabootfit she s daein on
ay it disnae thole thinkinabootgirned wullie efter anither waucht
neuk wi the tractor thinkinabootgreenbanks hes brocht tae mynd
prick was hard wi thinkinaboother ye didna think they
a gey sleepless nicht thinkinaboothir dochter s fekless weys
whan she wes juist thinkinaboothir puir seik mither morag
so i lay there thinkinabootit and i fell asleep
hae a wank jist thinkinabootit but i didna want
niver min naebody thinkin naethingabootit byre barn an hoose
say teenie i m thinkinabootit chrissie he s gey
me an withoot thinkin muchabootit i juist raxed ower
m741: yeah m605: of thinkinabootit m741: hmm that sounds
your state ye re thinkinabootit well it s very
juist masell ah wes thinkinabootmoula but ah can see
me whit ir ye thinkinabootnou irena ye say that
aboo- an i m thinkinabootother kinds o relationships as
fite appearance es nott thinkinabootsae i plunkit masel doon
i wisnae i wisnae thinkinabootshetland whan it cam doon
time o nicht fir thinkinabootthae things ye cannae help
eat his denner for thinkinabootthaim rintoul oh ay ah
range you ve been thinkinabootthat one [laugh] sandra f1144:
aw nicht i was thinkinabootthe doctor s wife and
startin i m really thinkinabootthe language i m sayin
thinkin either a m jistabootti go off ma nut
romanych whit ir ye thinkinaboottoozenbach laughs did ah no
mmhm m842: i was thinkinabootwhat we were eh gonna
ti trummil wi fricht thinkinabootwhit the ettin micht dae
ower ah kept on thinkinabootyae thing an anither an
place it disna beir thinkinabootye ir expekkin me ti
ye r never duin thinkinabootyeirsell ir ye dis it
stop thinkin dream a bittieabootyer freens an aff ye
in still hear people talkaboota bidie in f1054: mmhm
duffy we used tae talkabootat school goin tae the
dimps what s ti talkabootcammy s oot his tree
eh if ye just talkabootclothes in general it s
round aboot here we talkabooteh if the rich people
a laugh a screwdriver talkabooterotic aids fair cuts ye
superficially like we d talkabooteverythin books history music feelins
flingin a i would talkabootflingin a stone rather than
i just more likely talkabootfreend my freend so an
and we used to talkabootgo tae the duffies i-
i mean you wouldnae talkabootgoin tae the toilet you
m1014: so when they talkabootgrandad you would know exactly
they re meanin an talkabootgrandpa [inaudible] m1015: yes an
off ehm eh sometimes roundaboothere we talk aboot eh
us stew talk ti usaboothis experience wi other groups
whey don t ye talkabootit carolanne i could apply
up sadie ye never talkabootit carolanne i should get
whey don t ye talkabootit carolanne shouts back i
sick he used tae talkabootit sometimes you see hen
cause in hawick we talkabootm1012: [laugh] m1010: [laugh] aye
aw that silly crazy talkabootpat bj pat what aboot
didnae really talk in dunbarabootplayin hookey i think it
this ah want ti talkabootself harming it s important
yeah ehm baby f1145: talkabootthe bairn or the wean
one or i ll talkabootthe bairns but i would
come tae blether an talkabootthe bloody weather on the
eh probably kids we talkabootthe kids f1144: not so
put mate i often talkabootthe mate but i just
modern talk that f1054: whatabootthe opposite lacking money f1011:
we use that we talkabootthe rugby an the golf
f1026: like males will talkabootthe sprog f1027: mm f1023:
ye know a long talkabootthe subject and hadnae thought
blether or ye know talkaboottheir problems just a wee
stew wi need ti talkabootthis dimps what s ti
ah ve asked ti talkabootthis problem ah huv wi
ye would like you talkabootthrowin dice or anythin like
got nithered if you talkabootye re nithered ye re
as well ye just talkabootye re no well ken
ma skull an aw talkabootyer heid being buttoned up
ither an if ye talkabootyer nan ye kent whae
speak that way ye talkabootyin twae fower ye wouldnae
i m sayin ye talkabootyin twae three now it
her granny nothing else talkabootyour granny f1054: would you
they do f1144: they talkabootyour pants [laugh] f1054: that
wumman ye ye wouldnae talkabootyour wumman but you might
mmhm f1041: mmhm f1054: whataboota baby m1042: bairnie f1041:
use yeah f1054: yeah whataboota kit of tools andy
f1054: what aboot a whataboota kit of tools m1004:
ehm m1146: no f1054: whataboota kit of tools start
that s what she talkedaboota swell f1054: good er
fair chuffed f1054: tell meaboota time when ye were
dog [laugh] sorry f1054: whataboota what aboot a kit
e okay f1054: ehm whatabootannoyed f1043: fizzin m1042: mmhm
say bonny f1054: mm whatabootbabe ehm colin where would
as well yes f1054: whatabootbraw [inaudible] people m1015: braw
that f1054: ganzie ehm whatabootchild s soft shoes worn
a bit there f1054: whatabootclothes m1004: a lot o
wally mmhm mmhm f1054: whitabootcold f1023: frozen f1027: aye
for hot cal f1054: whatabootcold the opposite o that
them the toffs f1054: whatabootdrunk that s a good
the holm yins f1054: whatabooteh jedburgh m1012: that s
uh huh f1054: ehm whatabooteh words for granny f1041:
weel endowed f1054: [laugh] whatabootehm attractive f1040: bonny bonny
is [laugh] f1054: okay whatabootehm attractive unattractive drunk f1040:
f1054: sure [inaudible] ehm whatabootehm female partner f1145: well
m1013: [laugh] f1054: [laugh] whatabootehm friend f1011: just a
mother or mum f1054: whatabootehm grandmother m1016: [tut] eh
f1043: [inaudible] f1054: okay whatabootehm narrow walkway between or
up with f1054: mmhm whatabootehm oh gosh i was
fitted in toilets f1054: whatabootehm the main room in
m1015: mmhm f1054: okay whatabootehm to hit hard m1017:
no mmhm [laugh] f1054: whatabootehm trousers m1146: breeks just
f1025: [cough] f1054: wh- whatabooter words for insane f1026:
alright f1054: yeah ehm whatabooterm lacking money f1145: skint
who i would be talkinabootf1006: [laugh] f1054: and wo-
[laugh] oh dear ehm whitabootf1024: aye [laugh] f1054: oh
[laugh] yeah f1054: good whatabootf1024: uh huh f1054: the
margaret tell me f1054: whatabootf1040: [laugh] i ll tell
wi the lavvy f1054: whatabootf1041: or the waterie aye
microphone f1041: oh f1054: whatabootf1043: good i ve got
ye know f1054: yeah whatabootfishin words gordon [inaudible] m1015:
aa f1054: [inaudible] ehm whatabootgoin on tae what do
f1144: yeah f1054: ehm whatabootgrandmother f1143: nanny f1144: mmhm
f1054: you d never speakabootgutties would you andy m1014:
else m1016: no f1054: whataboothave you got bairns yersel
eh aye f1054: tell meaboothis day and him preparing
thought o that f1054: whataboothot gordon m1015: hot hot
oh definitely f1054: tell meaboothow languages ehm other words
f1054: my mum always speaksabooti think it s a
that aye f1054: and whatabootif it s a girl
aff weel aff f1054: whatabootif ye [inaudible] m1042: rich
[inaudible] man f1054: an whatabootif ye werena mairried would
aff f1041: [laugh] f1054: whatabootif you lack money what
god oh f1054: margaret whatabootin your hoose what was
[laugh] f1041: watterie f1054: whatabootinsane m1042: feel f1041: daft
mmhm f1054: so that sabootit m1017: i ve heard
eh selkirk f1054: mmhm whatabootither industries here fairmin term-
jeddart m1010: [inaudible] f1054: whatabootither places galashiels [inaudible] m1012:
yeah f1054: now tell meabootither words fae hawick that
thingummy i say oh whatabootken jimmy f1054: that s
f1054: fock in dundee spokeabootkick the can what was
where are these cheap yinsaboot[laugh] f1018: [inaudible] f1054: [inaudible]
f1006: [laugh] f1054: dinna worryabootm1004: cheesed off i heard
[laugh] f1054: no [inaudible] whatabootm1020: no you never know
the mind boggles f1054: whatabootma- male partner what do
f1054: [laugh] and eh whatabootmale partner f1040: [laugh] f1041:
ehm m1015: [laugh] f1054: whatabootmale partner kenny ye ever
f1054: good yeah ehm whatabootmm mm mm i think
[laugh] m1013: [laugh] f1054: whatabootnames for the places aroond
blootered f1054: and ehm whatabootoh pregnant m1042: up the
f1041: mmhm f1054: an whatabootother items o clothin do
the countryside f1054: mmhm whatabootpend have you used that
aye [laugh] f1054: [inaudible] speakabootpletchin through gutter [inaudible] f1011:
f1144: [laugh] f1054: any storiesabootpluggin or skivin or hearin
huh f1054: okay good whatabootpregnant m1010: expectin f1011: expeckin
s relations you re talkinabootrelations friend an friends f1054:
freens [laugh] f1054: an whatabootrelatives eh would you call
f1054: of course yeah whatabootrunning water smaller than a
[laugh] f1054: or ehm whatabootslapper or tart f1027: yeah
[laugh] ye know f1054: whatabootsmirr is that a word
caed for everything f1054: whatabootstoater m1014: i was just
school a skulk f1054: whataboottae sleep can you just
f1054: [inaudible] ted tell meabootthat bert m1012: mm f1011:
kippie handed f1054: tell meabootthat f1025: just it s
falkirk bairn f1054: tell usabootthat f1144: yeah oh i
gutties [laugh] f1054: tell meabootthat madge tell me f1025:
s side ye were talkinabootthat was aw f1054: see
wi earrings f1054: what whatabootthe eh identification thing how
one or two more storiesabootthe kids f1054: yeah do
m1014: ye hear them talkinabootthe livin room f1054: what
f1143: yeah f1054: ehm whatabootthe ma- running water smaller
sneakered tired f1054: tell meabootthe middle one m1017: sneakered
poor relations [laugh] f1054: whatabootthe opposite lackin money andy
m1010: ken aye f1054: whatabootthe opposite o that aboot
[laugh] f1144: [laugh] f1054: whatabootthe opposite o that [inaudible]
bonny lass mmhm f1054: whatabootthe opposite o that m1042:
early [laugh] f1054: okay whatabootthe opposite o that unattractive
generally f1054: gosh erm whatabootthe other ones in that
f1025: [laugh] f1027: [laugh] f1054: abootthe same status [laugh] f1023:
f1144: okay f1054: okay whatabootthe seat we sit on
snell f1054: but you spikabootthe snell for the weather
mmhm f1041: gaelic f1054: whatabootthe the name for somebody
opposite sex f1054: tell meabootthe thing wi earrings an
the comatee f1054: an whatabootthe way ehm you were
m1146: mmhm f1054: ehm whataboottired m1146: tired my aunties
s it f1054: any storiesabootto hit hard anything m1015:
that s right f1054: whatabootto play a game m1012:
aye f1054: i dinnae kenabootto play either i don
ehm m1042: mm f1054: whatabootto play truant f1041: skulk
f1054: on the this seriesabootweather on the tv and
[laugh] f1054: okay ehm whatabootwell baby then movin on
my money f1054: colin whatabootwhat aboot you m1016: [inaudible]
drizzle or drizzlin f1054: whatabootwhen it s rainin heavily
m1042: oh f1054: an whatabootwhen it s rainin lightly
lightly just drizzle f1054: whatabootwhen it s raining heavily
say that yeah f1054: whatabootwhen ye re not so
nap hand aye f1054: whatabootwords for attractive kenny m1017:
it s the f1054: whatabootwords for attractive m1017: it
m1015: mmhm f1054: ehm whatabootwords for eh i think
very common yeah f1054: whatabootwords for insane gordon m1015:
drunk f1054: yeah okay whatabootwords for pregnant any words
closes an vennels f1054: whatabootwords for toilet gordon m1015:
f1054: colin what aboot whatabootyou m1016: [inaudible] [laugh] m1017:
cooch f1043: no f1054: whatabootyou margaret f1041: well my
say hoose there s roonaboota thoosan hooses in the
dae ye hear it roonabootaiberdeen i hear mair o
and turn them aa roonabootand put numbers on the
wi perfect ease an roonabootdid swarm the flees tae
fists gaein the muckle roonabootdrum laldee the instrument happin
gn on e saa naethingaboote hooses nor roon e
fail dyke at lay roonaboote wid crooned wi a
stop you jist work roonabootem explains susie jonsar eck
an pechin liftin stuff roonabootem they micht as weel
a the gairdeners fae roonabootentered their wares intae the
you d be f637: roonabootf638: fourteen i d be
o folk spikk scots roonabootfar you bide ay my
hame or on fairms roonabootfiles i d half kill
d tae tell aabody roonabootfit the wirds meant in
tickled yer moo an jistabootgeed roon yer hert like
bedmat tucked in tight roonaboother lik a wrapped loaf
the bairnies cry skirlin roonaboother penny fur the guy
be nothin but prams roonaboothere f606: aye f889: so
m999: aye aye yeah roonaboothere lots o green roadies
an rodent kich close roonaboothim yince mair he grups
swack an vanished aabody roonabootin the clachan said twis
oot wis bankit up roonabootit an ere wis nae
palin o widden slats roonabootit e hoose an gairden
oo in a scatter roonabootit up till e tap
m999: i think it sabootit we ve been roon
an in e palins roonabootit ye niver jist kent
thats the bonniest flooers roonabootjonsar eck answered i div
s garlic paste aw roonabootma thrapple if mcandrew wis
nippit fur space i jistabootmynd on tramp in roon
he twisted his heid roonabootnear stanin up tae hae
bricht shoors o rain roonabootnicht monday 14 temp 7
s a licht shoor roonabootnicht sunday 24 temp 9
went in an aw roonabootthe hole the fiver s
foo mony hoolets hoot roonabootthe hoose as mony as
foo mony hoolets hoot roonabootthe hoose as mony as
foo mony hoolets hoot roonabootthe hoose there s hungeret
foo mony hoolets hoot roonabootthe hoose there s hungeret
the hey shed an roonabootthe on steid a mynd
shape the plastic sheetin roonabootthe rose bushes of coorse
a laughin stock aw roonabootthe toon he tellt them
and bombs fell a roonabootthere naething actually hit her
oor customs dae bairns roonabootye gaun guisin or that
o thorns curled aw roonabootyer broo a dinnae like
lay wi coull twis roonabootyule time fin i beeriet
whit a read thar wuraboot25 houses i deanburnhaugh i
a film changes channels whitaboota film here we go
ps tae da editor whitaboota policy o ha in
tae see whit edward isaboota wee step mair till
whit wes aw that stramashabootah coud hear ye bickerin
dobrolibov but whit he wrateabootah haena the faintest notion
m right sorry lass whitabootan anniversary dinner somewhere at
we lived whit we livedabootanother three or fower year
reckon it s aw trueabootaul dilithium then eddie whit
an whit ir ye graeninabootauld yin chebutykin ah weill
aw verra weill but whitabootbe in lanesum left aw
whit aboot beth sadie whitabootbeth if he says jump
no be here agnes whitabootbeth sadie whit aboot beth
ah hae naething ti greitabootbi whit sum puir fowk
would hae been aye whitabootch- chaumer an bothy m1000:
o whit i wis spaekinabootda emails a m read
whit ir ye daein bouglinabootdoun thare maister rintoul rintoul
again whit are you talkinabooteddie davie leathered you in
fa- i m sayin whitabooteh barry is he an
doon tae write bit whitabootevades me quite a m
ken whit they re talkinabootf785: yeah m055: [sniff] excuse
unnerstaun whit ye r onabootferapont stopping in the doorway
speirt whit s aw thisabootgeordie pyntin at the same
housing dates maybe sadie worryabootgettin agnes a place whit
glaumerie whit div ah kenabootglaumerie ah dout pompitie it
him whit he was talkinaboothe says oh i think
aesy makkin sure naebody kentaboother dooble life an whit
s aboot margaret father whitaboother mother ye ken fine
the baron chebutykin weill whitaboothim a pause masha ah
ye names it s awaboothim gettin whit he wants
aul dilithium then eddie whitaboothim turnin ower a new
weir him oot but whitaboothim weirin oot his wyfe
shetlander an scottish hit sabootidentity multi culturalism an whit
day whit wad ah kenabootit broun ogre ye haena
masha whit ir we batherinabootit for nou andriusha is
whit ir we ti daeabootit irena he lost a
sittin here chebutykin weill whitabootit is oniething happenin masha
fauk is whit i tinkabootit notes 1 john graham
whit ah ve aye dreamedabootit s the kynd o
de de whit s aroondabootit so dat s why
she s goin mother whitabootit though gilbert they willnae
s gang ootby an speakabootit we l decide whit
ken whit moula is onabootit wes ower mukkil for
s deid awready son thinkabootit whit kinna life is
the tyme ah m vextabootit whit mair can ah
dinnae ken whit ails themabootit ye know but they
luiv whit div ah kenabootluiv but ah mynd o
me fae gaun daft whitabootma hoose agnes whit s
the toon mother it sabootmargaret father whit aboot her
question whit did she sayabootme as muckle as john
dopily five past seeven whitabootme demanded andy in a
her whip an me whitabootme enter tess tess grabs
gettin agnes a place whitabootme maggie if you re
eftir whit had been saidabootme the only thing i
run away agnes an whitabootme whaur dae ah go
ll ye be back whitabootmonday as the vehicle pulled
olga aweill lat hir sitabootnatasha in surprise whit dae
whit pens you re onabootnoo this pens that ains
guidby whit wul ah philosophiseabootnou ah wunner laughs ay
mither whitever ir ye onabootqueen that s whit happens
but whan thay war juistabootreddie ti gie up whit
clue whit i was talkinabootsoon as i f606: mmhm
that s whit this isabootsurely i didna dae onythin
chairges mind whit ah saidabootthat hunner pun fine that
ken whit you re speakingabootthat s whit you said
ken whit ah can daeabootthat they hae been askit
beaumont at last but whitabootthe american boat the indian
resentful shona moula guidmither whitabootthe bairn ir ye no
greg reached the doorway whitabootthe bairns he pleaded when
winna help things lass whitabootthe bairns we d be
chebutykin soliony s masha whitabootthe baron chebutykin weill whit
nou whit div ah careabootthe bluidie tree nou eilidh
wis speirt whit she thochtabootthe campaine tae hain the
nicht irena but mercie whitabootthe carnival pairtie andrey embarrassed
a read whit it saidabootthe history o the leid
tae decide whit tae daeabootthe kids some o the
is aften yaisefu tae kenabootthe pairlament an whit is
scotland this leaflet tells yeabootthe pairlament whit it can
i killed twa guid trootabootthe pun an lost whit
an whan ah say oniethingabootthe sairvants ah ken whit
you robby whit ken youabootthe story maker berna yur
malcolm aweill we l forgetabootthe tree whit ah maun
avoid it whit s thatabootthen it hurts tae touch
o that naebodie coud forgetabootthis eilidh sniffing whit s
tae splash aroon sae whitabootthis itch lookin deep intae
out of her pocket whitabootthis sadie i ll be
take him ben and whitabootthomas will we take thomas
can see whit ye irabootthorfinn be reddie here thay
whit a fuss to makeabootthrowing wee pointed things at
wul rue whit ye irabootti dae ye wul rue
lippen ti whit ah mabootti say ti ye ahint
penny each that s juistaboottwae times whit yer grandfer
shift hen sadie an whitabootus carolanne don t you
toozenbach ay cum on whitabootvershinin whit aboot weill lat
on whit aboot vershinin whitabootweill lat s try ti
was there tae be feartabootwell whit was there i
they came back to meabootwhit ah wis taught in
smile ye ll ken awabootwhit constitutes a fair representation
his maist raicent idaia sabootwhit hei ettled hevin huz
division in semantic referents comeabootwhit huz causit thi modals
he haes gey definite notionsabootwhit is wycelyke mynd ye
be waatchin d raud tinkinabootwhit iz nixt fair myt
wi him and tell himabootwhit s happened that day
involve ony bletherin in englishabootwhit scots is or isna
be able tae find ootabootwhit the shi- scottish parliament
ta get tagidder ta tinkabootwhit we micht apö
reads it whit she readsabootwhit ye get up tae
to m842: mmhm f831: thinkabootwhit ye re sayin a
thorfinn hae ye ever thochtabootwhit yeir lyfe haes been
ken whit ye ir onabootye maun be unco wearie
ye whit wul be juistabootyei lest spell whan the
i the houss chebutykin whitabootyeir guidwyfe enter ferapont with
o whit thae ithers thinksabootyer want o eddication ye
masha whit ir ye onabootyou ir a richt haiveril
fareweill ti me irena whitabootyou they didna need ti
guilty looks agnes eh whitabootyour kettle son an ye
fit they hid tae ateaboot1902 9 skirlie was one
een o s kent onythingaboota big boat an fit
tail of the cart fitaboota dizzen fine dyeuk s
gweed half fit deep anaboota fit across an sure
ye went in ye sunkaboota fit intae the feathers
the queue seemed tae beaboota mile lang fit jonsar
doot fit s yon sayinaboota winter cloot friday 2nd
on weety days an fitabootaa e wirds i ve
aye the sna is jistabootae fit deep mair shoors
fit wye wid willie quarryabootan aal hey soo it
her fit it was aabootan fit wye she micht
fit i m tellin yeabootbit ye jist keep e
are you pleased angelica fitabootdod your coupons angelica very
ken aboot fit geed onaboote place it wis e
hale books his been writtenabootem analysin fit they mean
nae mowse fit ere isabootes table in es quairt
hiv a affa sawdust lyinabootfit are you gaun tae
treats fit dae they thinkabootfit dae they like or
wis little e didna kenabootfit geed on aboot e
tam were haein a newsabootfit happened in pitsliga on
my da niver lets dababootfit he did as a
dee to think ower muckleabootfit s in here the
the wifie had nae doubtsabootfit she wanted to dee
be laying doon the lawabootfit the inheritance is to
dichtit an muckit oot anabootfit they caa the conceptual
ve had time to thinkabootfit to dee ronnie and
if he couldnae get ootabootfit wye could he tak
approached there s a rumourabootgerman spies fit s in
is aal secure noo fitaboothaadin the thanksgivin service aye
caip stane in single fileaboothauf a fit apairt the
ask fit s e mollachinaboothere at perhaps he might
tried wi just you ganabootin it so fit is
it s far f1001: farabootis why fit do ye
cruelly fit div you kenabootit a beat chrissie is
grannie s muriel suspicious fitabootit angelica could you maybe
ta en prisoner georgie fitabootit lizzie weel syne he
i dinna wint tae thinkabootit loretta fit wye no
ll decide fit tae daeabootit peggy taking the heat
an fit hid geen onabootit ye get roe deer
think so peggy but fitabootkate and neil their generation
ken fit ye re onaboot[laugh] f835: [laugh] f832: [laugh]
och fit s it aabootloretta is it a just
scornfully fit would you kenabootlove teenie cruelly fit div
think aboot hoo ma feelinsabootma faither fit intae the
sighs your airms feel strongabootme ronnie it s fit
gordons fit the fecht wisabootminnie cudna richt myne fur
een onywey peggy weel fitabootmovin tae a sheltered hoose
sea he says georgie fitabootmuriel an them dod they
but they were just standinabootnae kennin fit tae dee
think fit it wis aaabootnae mair cd jock we
wifies ken fit their spikkinabootneest day jonsar eck coodnae
a dedicatit scots unit fitabootnon spikkers at a simmer
fit fit are ye onabootnoo dod i ve got
fit s aa the stramashabootonywye the beadle gordon watson
said at lad s smytlichinabootor you would ask fit
fit is there to worryabootpause weel bessie it s
leid s bin on fitabootproducin on line simmer skweel
recognition in mainstream education fitabootrepresentatives fae the muckle furth
here i the new yearabootsax fit frae hissel doon
a play brakkin doon steretypesabootscots fit aboot showin thon
s an open debate fitabootscreivin them a play brakkin
fit s aa the steerabootshe disnae wauk the street
doon steretypes aboot scots fitabootshowin thon at a simmer
tack again an me spickinabootstooks fit i mint tae
chrissie fit was that aabootteenie he wants to mairry
only blouse ma muriel fitabootthat een your grannie gave
she s winning noo fitabootthat mrs graham loves hers
times fit wis he onabootthe asda signs in doric
wis in fack aye doonabootthe fit an him sic
son s favourites an fitabootthe grumphie he asked dangling
mannie asked fit they thochtabootthe haud up every motorist
bit fit aa yon wisabootthe javans hidna nae notion
aff a moosie then fitabootthe mannie unseated by the
the followin quarter an fitabootthe prophecy that ye get
the fit o deanburnhaugh roondabootthe samen tyme is mark
in the smog an steerabootthe thames fit s the
aboot twa fit lang anabootthe thickness o your finger
explain fit at wis aaabootthe twa short wirds o
meg fit d ye kenabootthe warlock o leddrach she
o fowk na na fitabootthem she wis asked weel
have they jim teenie fitabootthis mannie auntie georgie georgie
still in the grun fitabootthis rose bushes snarls jonsar
the like some carrots wereabootthree fit lang tamatas bonny
sanners wi s i jistaboottried aathing fit races short
on the tap an stuidaboottwa an a hauf fit
1 howlin gale wi snaaboottwa fit deep aye mair
some bits o whin bushesaboottwa fit lang an aboot
there atween the barrels wisaboottwa fit you couldnae squeeze
temerare loretta fit s thisabootwalkin through a window gladys
nae jist fit ye seeabootye bit fit ye min
dee ye notice fit sabootye mair an wi e
it to chrissie chrissie fitabootyersel you used to like
no attention pause no fitabootyou georgie georgie impatiently fit
go jist ae thing fitabootyour roses susie screws up
an we didna gang teerinabootan makin a carant an
foreneen still affa het gangabootfer deen cauld air maks
o fin fowk wid gangabootgaitherin even e honey fae
mair than cauld fowk gangabootgey near twa fauld friday
damp an cauld fowk gangabootgey near twa fauld friday
bare an cauld fowk gangabootgey near twa fauld monday
bit affa cauld fowk gangabootgey near twa fauld sunday
affa bitterly cauld fowk gangabootgey near twa fauld tuesday
an cauld see fowk gangabootgey near twa fauld twa
i gang ootside i jistabootgreet eence mair i say
spring ye ve tae gangaboothaalin oot a e sma
canna believe i div gangabootin my sark sleeve oor
temp 6 12 fowk gangabootin simmer attire wither noo
tae believe dry fowk gangabootin their sark sleeve saturday
i div bide fowk gangabootin their sark sleeve wither
wi currie s i minabootit ay fin i gang
the air fine tae gangabootit dis bide fair thursday
dry bit cauld fowk gangabootnear twa fauld friday 17
bit affa cauld fowk gangabootnear twa fauld monday 2
squaads o young fowk gangabooton t an ye can
a damp warm air gangabootsweatin for me at s
haund juist is ee iraboottae gang forrit owre the
a chiel telt him faraboottae gang tae get relief
auld he uised tae gangabootthe toun wi that stick
l finnd oot for shuirabootthis eilidh gang you doun
jek ah hae thocht weillabootthis ye needna byde gang
an cauld maks abody gangaboottwa fauld be efterneen ere
cauld winter claes aff gangaboottwa fauld dull the hale
than cauld blustery win gangaboottwa fauld friday 7th temp
affa cauld rain fowk gangaboottwa fauld monday 12 temp
cauld stormy sooth win gangaboottwa fauld monday 24th temp
cauld wrap up weel gangaboottwa fauld saturday 25th temp
cauld simmer claes on gangaboottwa fauld wednesday 4th temp
cauld wrap up weel gangaboottwa fauld wednesday 7 temp
an snell as we gangabootwe wrap up well sunday
aye i used tae gangabootwi ma f606: yeah f1039:
4 16 dry day gangabootwithoot a care fine tae
the air see fowk gangabootwithoot a care monday 8
mony fowk ere d beenaboota place a hunner ear
hedgehog ere s files eenabootae nicht an as i
ere wis an aafa waspsabootagain gin ye kept yer
been by wi e plooabootan oor afore an ere
new for ere s gweedabootbaith an a buddy mn
a cloot ae queer thingabootbein up ere in e
inside ere s anidder thingabootblack blackness as a loon
fine ere s a sangabootbright eyes bit truth tae
ere d been some wirdabootcomin in wi sharny beets
ere wis a kinna shapeaboote bag near han human
ere wis mair wird syneaboote bitties o strae e
sark bit ere wis reedaboote collar e front wheel
ere s wee bunnies tootlinaboote edges o e fun
ere wis eence i wisaboote fairm ae winter fin
lavvie ere wis a lotaboote hens riv tae dee
maybe wisna muckle lowse silleraboote place bit ere wis
s an aafa aal foonsaboote place ere d been
gin ere wisna aal rispsaboote place ere wis aye
ken ere d been fowkaboote place lang seen for
place ere wis aye plintyaboote smiddy man it s
ere wis aafa fyow wirelessesabooteither bit e heidmaister hid
lang weet ey d plyterabootere fither ey nott a
awa e hid a lookabootere wis some kinna black
masel fin naebody else wisabootere wis still puckles o
at ere s been fowkabootfor thoosans o ears afore
ere he d a thochtaboothey first an foremost bit
thole ere s nae argumentabootit e cheer s nae
an i hidna said muckleabootit ere ere wis calfie
still nae soon nae dootabootit ere wis naething ere
bairns is aa sae feelabootnooadays ere wis some richt
ere mn be a lotabootonywye ey re amon e
em an ere s mairabootrapin yet e shuttle shape
ere wisna e same expertsaboottae sort em ir pit
ere s a autumn feelabootthe air hale day lang
jonsar got ere wis naebodyabootthe curtains were still drawn
side turnin took s inaboottill e hooses ere wis
an e skirly s screamabootyer heid at times ere
until jonsar eck jist hidaboota gallon o fuel left
ma heid i niver thochtaboota name it jist cam
weel a wyte it wisaboota wik ahin es jist
aye ey geed ower jistabootan oor seen ye couldna
onything that wye dod jistabootangelica like coupons dod ah
olympics maybe we hid jistabootas gweed wecht lifters on
again an jist anither thingabootbakin if scones were on
16 this day dis jistabootbide dry bit tae rain
16 affa het day jistabootbides fair mair than eence
april shoor or twa jistabootbides fair tuesday 28 temp
at a time an jistabootdroon e peer breeet sic
in the mornin wither jistabootdry en hale water poors
the mornin it is jistabootdry en rain fer poors
22 rainfall 4 16 jistabootdry fin i div rise
2 16 it s jistabootdry fin we div rise
15 rainfall 5 16 jistabootdry fin we div rise
rainfall 12 16 mornin jistabootdry fin we rise en
offer tae rain day isabootdry jist eence again tuesday
wither for this day jistabootdry monday 14th temp 3
hale day dis blaw jistabootdry och it s nae
5 day starts awa jistabootdry rain in the mornin
the mornin it s jistabootdry sin comes oot tae
bad day it s jistabootdry tae rain eence or
the day it s jistabootdry tae sna or rain
o at it s jistaboote eyn o e simmer
tak ower fin i maboote place jist ahin faar
hurry that mornin jist gaedabootenjoyin the sinshine hid a
had sheep i think jistabooteverybody had sheep f606: mmhm
be efterneen it is jistabootfair bit the win intae
wither for the day jistabootfair monday 27th temp 5
tae say it s jistabootfair wednesday 26th temp 4
six muckle cabbage that jistabootfilled the hall een o
nae tae tell my daabootgranda fur he jist spyles
s naething jist aafa brichtaboothares een interestin craiters though
argue wi em jist wentaboothis work efter jonsar pit
m jist stertin tae thinkaboothoo ma feelins aboot ma
the park thur s naebodyabooti pick ma spot jist
by weel i hadna thochtabootit i suppose i jist
i bit i dinna blawabootit roch meg jist ignored
that she s that casualabootit she can jist walk
or twa naething tae moanabootjist a flaw en be
jist tae hae a lookabootjonsar eck wis fine pleased
jonsar eck s lugs jistabootlouped oot o his heid
an reed i jist thochtabootma ain pow as bare
heicher aathegither she cud jistabootmakk oot the horsie steen
0 4 this mornin jistabootmaks abody greet starts awa
he never did jist hungabootme wastin my time gettin
or twa thunnery heat jistabootmelt awa monday 18th temp
ah m nearly there jistabootpause kin yi git sair
turfed oot i jist flittedabootpickin up a bit o
openin shouted it s jistabootricht maister mair the inspector
are you gan to deeabootronnie chrissie naething jist wait
a steen an jist lookitaboots wi me nae meevin
laddies an they aw walkedabootsingin livin doll jist like
ground the breet wid jistabootstop ye deid an ye
song ah m jist madabootsufferin saffron whitever billy examined
o breid an wis jistaboottae hae her breakfaist the
big rary bird wis jistaboottae haive him doon a
his scarf he wis jistaboottae pit it in his
she sighed i can jistaboottaste it she was halfway
an the second coort jistabootteem fin fa should come
noo would abody jist forgetabootteenie an get on wi
jist wave yer flamin swordabootthat should suffice tae keep
rose bush it wis jistabootthe end o april an
she jist seemed tae sloungeabootthe hoose bored like her
it masel an jist forgetabootthe taste ye cannae let
nae far we re jistabootthere this slave ship cairriet
younger fowk noo ken naethingabootthings dinna aye jist work
my lords this isna jistaboottwa men but aboot twa
jist aboot twa men butaboottwa races the supreme court
open grun an its jistabootwid edges an on roch
he at i dinna kenaboota binder but he couldn
no but we were talkinabootalarm clocks an ken how
inti ma heid it sabootandrey dae ye ken he
that the government doesna kenabootangelica ye get them fae
somethin you ll ken aaabootas a teacher ian m1012:
ken the nems o juistabootaw the fish in the
oooo alright i ken everythinabootbiology m942: [inaudible] at that
nae things i ken muckleabootbit i tell t im
fifteen what did we kenabootbringin up bairns oo wur
oppression weel i dinnae kenabootdemise it s no deid
ken o a meevement doonaboote front leg o e
hidin anythin you ken awabooted ah think what stew
you see i ken nothinabootemails [inaudible] children s books
fock at dey were spaekinabootf961: well you usually ken
ken wha else haes hensaboothere it s been lyin
influence the people comin inaboothere ye ken like oil
has i dinna ken onythingaboothim swinton tellt me his
that s hou ye kenaboothir tung knicht ah im
of course you ken aaboothospitals toots mind fan you
wi me a ken naethingabootit abuin aw juist mak
l hae ti ken awthingabootit ah canna haud it
caird hae a wee thochtabootit an lat us ken
that they ll ken allabootit but it s just
that disna seem ti kenabootit chebutykin howt it wes
are ye gaun tae daeabootit dinna ken listen i
at me ah ken naethingabootit for ah wes ben
at me ah ken naethingabootit for ah wes ben
oor morag disna ken mukkilabootit hirsell she gat a
pootches ye ll ken awabootit if the r a
him chebutykin ah ken naethingabootit it s aw styte
that ah soud ken awabootit shuirlie the denner can
that knicht ah ken awabootit syre malcolm this sair
guidwyfe wul suin ken awabootit the back end wund
clean ye ll ken naithingabootit till you hear it
laddie like you kens nowtabootit weel i ken its
shuir o t nae doutabootit yeir grace ah ken
well you you ken aaboot[laugh] you know aboot the
me the andersons ken mairabootlocal history than aa the
mebbe ye didna ken mukkilabootmairriage puddok ah ken aw
a there is to kenabootme teenie but i ve
ken m824: they were onabootop- tryin tae get something
they guarded robby dey kenabootothers only the auld man
ken what ah m talkingabootpause then yi need ti
see ah dinna ken mukkilabootpuddoks the day wes the
see ah dinna ken mukkilabootpuddoks the ither day wes
dinnae ken but it soondsabootricht wait a meenit a
dinna ken [laugh] a lotabootscots an f785: mmhm m055:
think ye ken as muckleabootseine net fishin as ma
ma myn i kent aaabootsharn ye ken bein oot
the lykes o him kenabootsic a steid as this
fishin as ma erse kensabootsnipe shootin geordie daesna ken
much for me i kenabootthae kinda stairs fiona had
for me no ti kenabootthaim what wi the steir
hin a load o discussionsabootthat because they dinna ken
auld trout ah ken naethingabootthat but she is never
wid a peat mannie kenabootthat he snarled i am
don t i dinnae kenabootthat i mean there s
and that i didnae kenabootthat it s asbestos m608:
be wrang ye ken fineabootthat like that jackie be
an aw a dinnae kenabootthat said sandy pouin at
still anxious i wadnae kenabootthat the day staff are
reception tae the nurses waulkinabootthay aw seemt tae ken
you teenie he doesna kenabootthe bairn but no he
didna ken she even knewabootthe bairn ronnie his horror
mony times an didnae kenabootthe castle an it s
tae ken said maconochie isnaabootthe clans or the state
scots leid lat memmers kenabootthe cultur an heritage o
that he disna ken mukkilabootthe fleshlie syde o mairriage
dimps how dis he kenabootthe gairdnin stew wi talked
awbodie wantin tae ken mairabootthe gowden lan o maple
ken ye wis speirin onabootthe gowf coorses in heiven
ken sae navachitta telt themabootthe haly ben it wis
aw hou coud he kenabootthe twa horses that alasdair
ken that ah ken naethingabootthe wumman ah daursay she
the cooncil wouldnae say nothinabootthem ken we were kind
noo ah want tae kenabootthings relatin tae aw things
faither ah ah ken naethingabootthis ah ve been lyin
morag morag ah dinna kenabootthis at aw wul it
white string parcel to kenabootthis een the red jim
think div ee ken ochtabootthis shona it s nae
dimps aw fuck dey kenabootthis what s wi the
f823: i dinnae ken onythingabootthis work m824: an father
ken fitt you re onaboottootie sorry f1104: it was
as far as i kenaboottwa maybe three by noo
their the yins ken awabootus cammy you re a
ye pause i div worryabootye ye ken a the
stripped an hid a kickabootyou ken i felt fine
the working class i kenabootyou political agitators ye mak
v programme faar fowk faaabootactin efter the news wis
fowk wis harly even thochtabootan full o leafy plants
fowk gettin fleggit an flappinabootat rouset em syne naething
be seen fowk war rinninabootaw airts horses dugs an
player fowk wid came inabootbit the bairns hid tae
ti keep me frae stravaiginabootclourin fowk owre the heid
s aa anent landwart fowkabootcraps hairst puirtith and sic
m999: an fowk say thatabootdays it s growfie weather
information tellin fowk a aabootdoocots ths wis a wye
an aafa lot mair fowkaboote place n masel aa
e weemin fowk wid rinabootflappin eir aaprons if een
strathspey wis born thon dayabootfowk fa ll ne er
oot e bucket ey spikabootfowk in e country being
of entertainment came from wanderinabootfowk when mabel was young
war gaen no monie fowkabootfrom the chinese of li
she telt jonsar a aaboother fowk her mither an
fowk war never duin speikinaboothir bewtie an siller tree
fowk are aye gabbin onabootidentity nooadays weel ye can
aw deid fowk wul flieabootin balloons up in the
we geed by nae shyabootit as wir ain fowk
i aye likit tae rakeabootither fowk s places it
hear ye r gey braveabootjaggin ither fowk mebbe you
passage wi plenty fowk movinabootjonsar wis noo hearin aboot
young companie for young fowkabootme pompitie div ye wutch
cairds is weel socht efterabootnoo sae fowk can send
fine tae see fowk wakabootsae happy an free tuesday
fowk tuik the bairns inaboottae the fire tae gie
stories i iver heard warabootthe wee fowk that flittit
daursay fowk wul forget awabootus in the same wey
on which some fowk worryabootye know ye re pittin
ye m1108: [raspberry] f1107: fittabootall shook up m1108: oh
you d better [censored: toilet noises] fittaboot[censored: forename] do you think she
done mmhm f1121: right fittaboot[censored: forename] s bottle f1122: aye
red bunny rabbit balloon fittabootdoing baby bop s or
i ll tell you fittabooterm wait till we see
idea fitt you re onabootf1104: phil connors f1103: phil
well fitt was the storyabootf1130: i don t know
erm er f1115: eh fittabootfarr s your bob the
find a bit for fittabootfind this rabbit s ears
so would you like fittabootfish fingers and beans and
duck gone f1115: no fittaboothim and his fitt s
a wee whilie so fittabootif we dae a jigsaw
ll tell ye fitt fittabootif we go and run
want it mm f1091: fittabootif we go and you
is all shook up fittaboot[inaudible] m1108: aye i div
comic at safeways f1115: fittabootlidl s f1116: what f1115:
is five now how fittabootm1110: how many dogs f1109:
[censored: forename] f1142: ehm f1141: fittabootmeatballs then f1142: em nae
miss [censored: surname] f1117: and fittabootmrs [censored: surname] f1118: yes f1117:
f1122: erm [inaudible] f1121: fittabootmy chopping board do that
pit it in right fittabootpitting your rolly pieces into
wait till we see fittabootplayin them dom- dominoes m1092:
pop it in the fittabootpoppin that one in there
four f1109: four numbers fittabootrhyming off some of this
cbeebies bob f1109: listen fittabootsupper fitt cbeebies bob is
o bob then m1110: fittabootsupper would you like fish
f1115: smiley faces no fittaboottatties f1116: no tatties f1115:
ask for the baby fittabootthat hoosie m1128: aye this
[inaudible] they re dirty fittabootthat plate there f1122: oh
m1092: mmhm f1091: okay fittabootthe beefburgers do you think
on swings f1115: oh fittabootthe chute f1116: the chute
and fitt was your storyabootthe day m1096: erm a
mmhm m1110: [?]at the back![/?] f1109: whatabootthe gates fitt colour s
want help me f1091: fittabootthe moon farr does it
away over that side fittabootthe reefs what colour s
it s it s somethingabootthe three piggies and fitt
it s broon now fittabootthe what s that do
choose one f1091: er fittabootthis ain look look buses
it s too big fittabootthis ain this ain m1098:
this ain look see fittabootthis bitties eh f1134: no
go on there no fittabootthis one f1114: no f1113:
m1110: whose house f1109: whatabootthis one next door fitt
like i need f1089: fittabootthis one super giant colouring
granny f1122: aye f1121: fittabootuncle [censored: forename] f1122: aye this
i ll tell ye fittabootwill we take this doon
humping that great big thingabootwith ye f1102: fitt thing
orange f1121: i think fittabootyellow because that s the
f1127: this ain and fittabootyou m1128: i am goin
finish [inaudible] f1091: okay fittabootyou though m1092: no me
want this f1091: and fittabootyour bath m1092: no thanks
fimble one f1103: well fittabootyour new ains though the
about your hey listen fittabootyour snake where does your
e things at weemin deeaboota hoose or mak mait
an da peerie grice setabootbiggin his hoose he hammered
dat da peerie grice setabootbiggin his new hoose he
hoose o widd fell doonabootda aert an baith peerie
hoose o stray fell doonabootda aert an da peerie
bloose an slacks tae scuffabootda hoose or thermal socks
an aafa books an papersaboote hoose an aa es
nae dogs an nae catsaboote hoose an nae ither
enyeuch fin e flooers wisaboote hoose bit waar fin
cat it eest tae beaboote hoose files sharpent its
ey startit tae spread mairaboote hoose for i got
o mothaks an sprayt emaboote hoose hingin em up
an aafa lot of mochsaboote hoose in e extension
e man o e hooseabooteez wye o livin in
thar wur ae keb hooseaboothalflins atweesh meadshaw hoose an
if i tak too langabootit eence the hoose is
wis haein a wee crackabootit in the club hoose
ll brak the hoose jumpingabootlike that this is your
lumbago is there oney wordabootma hoose agnes to maggie
the postman walks past whatabootma hoose carolanne maggie will
next week eence they heardabootme moving into roxburghe hoose
fin jonsar eck drew inaboottae susie s hoose on
herts tae aa that warkabootthe hoose afore the season
there s a moose looseabootthe hoose an a muckle
er runnin roond runnin runninabootthe hoose er chargin all
ll find are easy trainedabootthe hoose tae rin awa
why is the m1015: whatabootthe legion hoose m1016: the
replenish sum ruifin slates inabootthe mansion hoose on steid
hoose he s mair consernedaboottib bein cauld than us
detonate in hoose hate singaboottifty s annie ay bit
wi i ll tell yeaboota mannie gray fae curriedoon
thaim but we maunna speakabootaw that ti tell ye
krista tell hur tell hurabootbein sisters tell hur tess
need tae tell this storyaboot[censored: forename] cause ye know it
tell us a true storyabootfin you wis travilin wi
tell ye aboot weir noabootfolk that helped and bieldit
hid started tae tell jonsaraboother ain femily as jonsar
will she tell her palsaboother holidays oh yeah ma
nae doubt tell them aaboother peer mither dwindlin awa
d like tae tell yeaboothoney ale as a hairst
but gin ye tell oniebodieabootit ah l tak yeir
me tell this folk aabootit cheerfully the maist important
let me tell you somethingabootit if to either question
ye gan tae tell herabootit peggy no keep it
tell afore ah even hearabootit pompitie na you coud
day pepper tell me awabootit pompitie pompitie weill it
s they have to boastabootit sae he d tell
lassies he l tell youabootit tae ah m shuir
then ye mustna tell himabootit teenie i ll see
the robby dey you worryabootlori zeb ah ll tell
and i ll tell yeabootmajor weir i canna mak
bit ye didna tell himabootme i shook ma heid
ye l tell hir naethingabootme jaggin ye wul ye
pause ah m noh hingingabootoany longer jilly tell yi
ye d suin forget awabootploums ah can tell ye
m gaan tae tell yeabootsome o e lads at
ah hae ti tell yeabootthat ah dout ah m
police officers ta- tell meabootthat f1024: very mu- very
heard that before tell meabootthat kenny m1017: that s
juist gaun ti tell yeabootthat maister rintoul is juist
before can ye tell meabootthat one m1015: it s
s gonnae tell us awabootthe bag gonnae show us
aboot the labels tell usabootthe bag zeb but lori
muther yaised tae tell uzabootthe boolin club dances shei
an cawin himsell oor freinabootthe coort you tell the
m642: i d tell yeabootthe fo- aboot the forest
tell ye aboot the fo-abootthe forest again john we
yaised tae tell ae storyabootthe howpasley fermer whae wis
zeb ah ll tell hurabootthe labels aw the pictures
you famely tess tell usabootthe labels tell us aboot
onyweys so tell everybody elseabootthe [laugh] the the midgie
did i ever tell yeabootthe nicht badger tamson went
tae tell an affen spakabootthe ongangins in an aboot
did ma mither tell sabootthe place well washing was
s just tell them whatabootthe the eyeball an all
roond tae tell ee isabootthe tyme whan tammy tuik
jump ah m rael madabootthis ah can tell ye
dear i ll tell johnabootthis see how he used
tell ye ah wes juistabootti fill ma flesk for
said i d tell yeabootweir no aboot folk that
that wud hae tae gaeabootwi a bell tae tell
bare m642: mm tell johnabootyer wee dug eh crossed
tell hir ti forget awabootyou an yeir skelf he
in the playgrun a storyaboota quine an twa demons
nicht i m tellin yeabootbadger kent there were twa
kent a thing or twaabootbeasts awa ye go ye
the twa jeanies didnae botherabootbein first as lang ey
a affa time fin inabootcame twa lads fae pitsliga
a neep shed or twaaboote northeast wi a baikie
every time i went inabootfin i retired twa year
insteid o twa an haikabootfur a tenancy fur him
an nation twa weemin newsinaboothames an wars checked oot
might be a bittie worriedabootit copin wi twa bairnies
wi twa sic lousum weimenabootme moula ah m gled
twa or three thunner plumpsabootnicht wednesday 4 temp 10
dere twa dugs started sniffinabootoor erses said franco i
thae twa year apairt faeabootseeven weeks wis spent abuird
o the saumon scales scattertabootsome scales twa three days
the twa o em wereaboottae hae a slangin match
een or twa interestin pintsabootthe area jonsar eck asks
thing or twa tae sayabootthe purity o scots in
twa auld lads come inabootthe three o em sat
when the wee lad wasaboottwa frae complications the doctor
east an aifter at maybeaboottwa hunner eer seen widden
that the airie wis nooaboottwa mile aff an no
fower o them set ootaboottwa mile oot o pitsliga
ither she wis nivver inaboottwa month later in come
for the doos you feelaboottwa months later jonsar eck
left o the plane anaboottwa saiconds efter he heard
noo dt i m spentaboottwa thoosand words haein a
name m642: n- naw efteraboottwa year he says i
heid i began tae hakeaboota bittie e press wis
seen e odd een clammerinaboota heap o steens gaithert
maist infernal lot o scienceaboota simple tool e picker
at wis on e goaboota wik seen did ye
aafa batterin jock cam inabootae day e speert if
aaprons if een cam inabootan e gulls wis richt
gn tae spread e taleabootan jock did naething aboot
ye cd shuffle e feddersabootan mak it as thin
tale s nae tae boastabootbein swack fin e day
e romans widna hae geenabootbiggin camps if ey d
e knottin binder cam inaboote 1870s e shafes cam
d been lookin at hoosesaboote cabrach an that though
hunter s father widda beenaboote close aye says he
ye micht see im cockerinaboote close these stones were
far fae yer fishin freensaboote coast ye micht mak
s a lot o loreaboote countryside and stories like
see e reek o taboote cross it wis stoppit
hell hid been goin onaboote cross jock wis mair
eyn wis weel tied inaboote easins syne ye ran
nooadays i ve tellt yeaboote een at wis tryin
birds driftin like snaa flakesaboote face o e cliff
should i ve tellt yeaboote fanners in e corn
a university ring it happenedaboote first world war an
es literary kinna lads saysaboote hard northeast e caal
wis rucks in e cornyardaboote hooses tee at e
ingines an ey dinna thinkaboote ill ey re deein
syne i eest tae comeaboote new ear easter an
a big wash or aanaboote new ear i min
a gweed smarrach o geetsaboote place aa playin fine
aa e orrals o sticksaboote place aal hackit up
open lettin e air blaaaboote place an listenin till
got a lot tae deeaboote place depennin on e
em as i was gaanaboote place in the 1950s
an aafa lot o historyaboote place it gies ye
a meenitie ony dark spotaboote place wid draa ma
ye d made a ballieaboote size an shape o
an e meevement o planesaboote sky s pairt o
aboot an jock did naethingaboote soo there it wis
dubby icicles ye could spikaboote tailer as weel as
inside e shed door upaboote tap hinge in e
aboot es man a beenaboote time i wis a
an ye ll be winnerinaboote watter rats bit thole
wis a great eater anaboote wik eyn e d
aafa hard tae learn mairabooteaster customs at e time
nae winter i m spikkinabooteence e warmer days cam
wi a rim o hairiesabooteez lugs e d shave
disappeart i wisna neen bothertabootem bit in e wall
o e day slip forgetabootes ferocious work ethic at
o e maist winnerfae thingsabootes hills is e amoont
an willie vrocht a lotabootes place tee fin e
gi e me ony hassleabooteyein up the postie she
an e billies at geedabootfin e moss wis a
o e road lads inabootfor coal tee aye an
he let it faa scrabblinabootfor t in e dark
time e cats at stravaigitaboothid geen inside nae forgettin
bit noo t i thinkabootit e rats hid likely
help a lot tae greetabootit even in e wye
we ll see gladys thinkabootit loretta would gi e
fae sookin e coo yowesabootlambin time could be tethered
i wis tae be spikkinabootleadin up till e back
e clay mool an floatsabootlookin doon at imsel hooseless
appeerently a roman camp somewyeabootlosh i doot e romans
bags nooadays ye ay spikabootpittin oot e bucket ey
e herd laddies at wereabootshortly aifter five blastin awa
e chaaky dust at fleesabootsic places nae tae spik
d ay tae be gungeinaboottae keep e heat up
kitchen an intill e crackabootthings as usual that same
kep an drain e waterabootthree feet wide bit nae
e a bit mair efteraboottwenty meenits you are back
e fairlies i hidna kentabootwis e keepin o pigs
e paper wid wheel wheelabootyer heid till ye begood

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