See this word as a collocate cloud

poems and generally talked untilabout2 30am when we stumbled
before 6 may we talkedabouta new politics in which
licensing which kenny gibson talkedabouta point was made about
add to that he talkedabouta shambles of a process
slightly we talked a bitaboutaberdeen s accord card to
interested in when millie talkedaboutadmirality street because i was
will paraphrase him he talkedaboutage being a state of
particular nora radcliffe have talkedaboutall of that has been
voice elaine thomson has talkedaboutan area based sip but
personal care the minister talkedaboutan argument on the head
myself then sarah boyack talkedaboutan institution for women who
to each other we talkedaboutan unprecedented new role for
6 men who are talkedaboutand strange weapons and stranger
think urquhart is not talkedaboutas much as he could
s he s often talkedaboutas the glaswegian champion you
final comments euan robson talkedaboutbase quantities which ties in
against questions that were talkedaboutbefore they were lodged perhaps
the evening and we talkedaboutbritish politics for a while
out of things to talkaboutbut we ve talked about
terraces that hayde talked earlieraboutcertainly the mountain would have
of access and we talkedaboutchild care and travel costs
the builder colin campbell talkedaboutcowboy builders the bill presents
of the time you talkedaboutdecision making being brought closer
the least richard simpson talkedaboutdemographics and about where the
talked about economies of scaleaboutdepots closing and about materials
talked to the phonetics teachersaboutdiscourse intonation yesterday they were
the album we ve talkedaboutdoing a one off gig
like other members he talkedaboutduplication and increased costs for
in base quantities and talkedabouteconomies of scale about depots
on friday morning i talkedabouteducation and accents to my
talked about in the tutorialabouterm the connotations and you
but i liked the thingsabouterm well what we talked
school which is being talkedaboutf606: ah yeah m845: one
right kate maclean also talkedaboutflaws in the assessment process
no confusion we have talkedaboutflushing with which we have
about it we have talkedaboutgreat visions for europe but
more detail cathy peattie talkedaboutgroups having to reinvent themselves
vicar talked quite a lotabouther lifetime even although he
he talked with loving familiarityabouthis experience of mallorca this
the uncertainty that you talkedabouthow should such decisions be
absorbed into government she talkedabouthow the sector could become
colleague mark turley just talkedabouthundreds of millions of pounds
things that margaret nicol talkedabouti wonder whether we have
irene oldfather would have talkedaboutif she had had 20
mike dailly in particular talkedaboutin his evidence we still
erm well what we talkedaboutin the tutorial about erm
i mean m608: people talkedaboutit at school about it
talked about it at schoolaboutit at school m194: aye
importance of infrastructure we talkedaboutit earlier in relation to
principle an we ve talkedaboutit here before in talking
the gairdnin stew wi talkedaboutit on the phone pause
and i talked to [censored: forename]aboutit this evening which helped
our constituents would feel stronglyaboutit we have talked about
which is why we talkedaboutit with the association of
process the minister has talkedaboutjobs i heard her on
active role that i talkedaboutjohann lamont glasgow pollok lab
implemented immediately euan robson talkedaboutlegislation being right first time
legally flawed members have talkedaboutloss of jobs does the
and so on you talkedaboutmeasuring remuneration gifts hospitality and
and which even although talkedaboutmore openly in contemporary society
transparency that we have talkedaboutmy second point will come
[laugh] f943: we we talkedaboutnormal bridges and we figured
be recognised keith raffan talkedaboutnot reinventing the wheel and
financial concerns it is talkedabouton the buses i hear
costs some members have talkedaboutoverburdening bureaucratic costs and the
development unit we have talkedaboutoverload your organisation must produce
[laugh] f814: [laugh] m811: talkedaboutpasta cause i think he
or something so we talkedaboutpasta for a bit and
society we talked a lotaboutpeople s skills and skills
card for adults you talkedaboutproof of identity in regard
about but we ve talkedaboutquite a lot already henry
have made we have talkedaboutraising expectations again i make
for success mike rumbles talkedaboutrurality he seemed to have
finally she talked in englishaboutrussian history and living under
the sand murray tosh talkedaboutsavings being made centrally by
richard lochhead the minister talkedaboutscotland punching above its weight
aims robin harper you talkedaboutskewing oas support toward the
fifteen what i ve talkedaboutso far i think the
was important dennis canavan talkedaboutsurveillance situations that people should
revenue that patrick browne talkedabouttavish scott for the avoidance
mmhm f965: and they talkedaboutteddy girls f963: mm i
now ehm we ve talkedabout[telephone rings] woops just f950: [third person in room answers phone]
oh so we just talkedaboutthat and then she went
service will be talked toaboutthat matter clearly if the
is multifaceted i have talkedaboutthat to rhona brankin and
that explanation you have talkedaboutthe advantages of prescribing there
side down alex neil talkedaboutthe amateurish and pathetic argument
looking for professor richards talkedaboutthe amount of self monitoring
fiddlers and we all talkedaboutthe best restaurants in auld
the contracts shona robison talkedaboutthe conflict of interest with
amazed that david davidson talkedaboutthe constraints on local government
the case christine grahame talkedaboutthe court of appeal the
logic bp and shell talkedaboutthe development of electronic global
in the presentation you talkedaboutthe dichotomy at the heart
debates each year i talkedaboutthe dreadful situation that we
sustained janis hughes you talkedaboutthe economic situation about which
rural problems kenny gibson talkedaboutthe effects of legislative change
the bbc the bbc talkedaboutthe english team in the
such as defence you talkedaboutthe equality of men and
the parliament you have talkedaboutthe executive taking up to
in doubt we have talkedaboutthe fact that they carry
to come earlier i talkedaboutthe gnp being used as
also delighted that she talkedaboutthe healthy roots project as
snp motion tommy sheridan talkedaboutthe honesty of andy kerr
a number of members talkedaboutthe importance of having a
davidson and mike watson talkedaboutthe importance of including level
three factors we have talkedaboutthe increasing prosperity of our
and janet allan have talkedaboutthe lack of participation of
out effectively iain smith talkedaboutthe lack of transparency and
advice services other members talkedaboutthe lack of transparency in
to safety david davidson talkedaboutthe minister s blinkered view
happened with it we talkedaboutthe national debate on education
never ian jenkins you talkedaboutthe need for access to
partnerships and cathy peattie talkedaboutthe need for black and
s debate johann lamont talkedaboutthe need for honesty when
and the ministers and talkedaboutthe need for the ministerial
paul martin earlier we talkedaboutthe non critical systems when
that that involves we talkedaboutthe number of people with
ve f963: mm m762: talkedaboutthe older songs they say
the pew he talked entertaininglyaboutthe reasons why 20th century
in your introduction you talkedaboutthe registration of people who
in which we have talkedaboutthe relationship that it might
for the presentation you talkedaboutthe rights of eu citizens
they will adapt we talkedaboutthe role of enterprise agencies
mcilvanney in a poem talkedaboutthe scottish lion becoming a
that methodology bruce crawford talkedaboutthe serious damage to our
the executive i have talkedaboutthe statement of 5 october
process the minister just talkedaboutthe technical nature of the
for mr mckeown you talkedaboutthe uncertainty over costs are
transport projects are you concernedaboutthe uncertainty that you talked
to give my class talkedaboutthe use of computers in
after bruce crawford and talkedaboutthe use of inaccurate information
snp you talked a bitaboutthe views that you heard
that adequately she also talkedaboutthe worry and pressure that
mary and they d talkedaboutthe years between and the
curling stones we have talkedaboutthings of national significance in
service that have been talkedaboutthis afternoon we must ask
is useful to have talkedaboutthis and it is relevant
ye bugger we ve talkedaboutthis for so long and
i whenever i ve talkedaboutthis people have always been
o men who are talkedaboutthomas edison inventor sir john
epidemic which is still talkedabouttoday that was the last
of what andy kerr talkedaboutunder the conservative government we
simpson talked about demographics andaboutwhere the line is drawn
talked about the economic situationaboutwhich you are obviously seeking
we recognise the unsung heroesaboutwhom many members have talked
of nonsense that s talkedaboutwith regard to kind of
f66: the bits that talkedaboutyou know a constellation of
voices that i have talkedaboutyou know and and f963:
that you must be talkingabout10 august the day on
are talking about is releasingabout200 local authority registrars into
talking about enforcement which takesabout45 per cent of the
know we were talking earlierabouta a elderly people s
that we are not talkingabouta ban on a product
but we could be talkingabouta chain of individuals involved
about that we are talkingabouta code of conduct for
marwick but we are talkingabouta code of conduct john
said malcolm we are talkingabouta labour manifesto commitment yet
everyone concerned they are talkingabouta legal marriage whether it
serious question you are talkingabouta long term commitment mr
say nevertheless we are talkingabouta major thing and i
short time we are talkingabouta manifesto commitment and from
but this i m talkingabouta middle class environment f963:
that if you re talkingabouta person f1005: [laugh] f1054:
harold pinter in conversation talkingabouta recent short play one
grown ups talking and laughingabouta recently published book sunset
advertising if we are talkingabouta regional title such as
lothians green we are talkingabouta sensible strategy for emergencies
amused by dennis canavan talkingabouta small number of people
figure because we are talkingabouta vital industry in scotland
m1174: and erm maybe talkingabouta- issues in the arabic
rivers i mean [cough] talkingaboutaccents i wa- i i
o the words and talkingaboutaccents what jimmy s saying
m762: and we re talkingaboutaccessible populist films here but
additional benefits i am talkingaboutadditional benefits that have been
of questions you are talkingaboutagri environment schemes almost being
for clarification are you talkingaboutall local authorities affected which
aberdeen city council is talkingaboutall sorts of exciting things
walking to the house talkingaboutall the goodies like dumpling
problem and i m talkingaboutan area of glasgow that
figures if it is talkingaboutan increase of 400 000
context although we are talkingaboutan international legal system it
be clear we are talkingaboutan organisation that has full
mm mmhm mmhm f965: talkingaboutand i ll do what
knew what they were talkingaboutand it really left a
on what i was talkingaboutand not even in the
graced our television screen talkingaboutand providing a perspective about
parliament presumably we are talkingaboutany impact lasting only a
alex easton i am talkingaboutappeal results michael russell i
that the minister is talkingaboutare welcome however will she
tiered testing we are talkingaboutasp today but will the
stop it we re talkingaboutassault grievous bodily harm he
about what i was talkingaboutaye he s away now
understood what he was talkingaboutbecause he was he was
so many highers and talkingaboutbecoming social workers and he
overheard two female colleagues talkingaboutbeing on the phone and
questions that we are talkingaboutben wallace it is clear
about innovation and start talkingaboutbest practice voluntary groups do
000 we are not talkingaboutbig money but about reasonable
given that you are talkingaboutbrand switching are you in
we did start off talkingaboutbridges m944: do you know
frame we are probably talkingaboutbuilding 30 to 35 sports
that we are not talkingaboutbuilding 500 new sports halls
minister i end up talkingaboutbuildings because not only am
and eh you re talkingaboutburr burr f1009: [laugh] m1008:
here i am talking rationallyaboutbusiness in the north and
know what you re talkingaboutbut er the rest of
however we are not talkingaboutcards whose possession will be
time talking about your concernsaboutcertain aspects of the proposals
[inaudible] f965: i m talkingaboutchildhood too i m not
you know i m talkingaboutchildren now f963: [laugh] m964:
was that f965: not talkingaboutcities f963: yeah do you
difference adam ingram is talkingaboutcomplaints which are highlighted by
licence sectors we are talkingaboutconsiderable sums of money that
offences that we are talkingaboutcrimes of the greatest gravity
people i m not talkingaboutcriminals they weren t afraid
again we have been talkingaboutcross border issues between scotland
that what you are talkingaboutdavid elliot yes michael russell
cathy peattie you are talkingaboutdelivery through education or through
that we might be talkingaboutdifferent things that is your
extent we could be talkingaboutdifferent things we have already
a red herring by talkingaboutdiscounts the discounts that are
and they re apparently talkingaboutdoing away with it but
which circumstance you were talkingaboutdr shelton the evidential basis
shilling as we were talkingaboutearlier f1009: [cough] m1055: uh
last week we were talkingabouteh the poetry of the
see how you were talkingaboutehm a lot of people
an i m not talkingaboutemotion you might feel up
area we have been talkingaboutenforcement which takes about 45
eh what we re talkingaboutenglish words being used in
just like to start talkingabouter how you got started
[note: interview resumes] so you were talkingabouterm the the ideas of
lochhead i am not talkingabouteuropean money ross finnie i
now i m sure talkingaboutexam results could you note
[laugh] what you are talkingaboutf1009: [laugh] m1008: but particularly
know who they re talkingaboutf1009: mmhm yes m1007: yes
f832: what are you talkingaboutf833: [laugh] [laugh] f835: [laugh]
that was we re talkingaboutf963: mm m762: the late
s talking about or thinkingaboutf963: mm yes mm mmhm
f965: girls i m talkingaboutf963: yeah we had a
or not we are talkingaboutfinancial prescribing that is the
kid just i m talkingaboutfirst grade which for us
kickabout if it was talkingaboutfootball let s go out
unqualified yes we are talkingaboutfreedom of commercial expression if
university first everyone was talkingaboutfreshers flu and how all
i hear fergus ewing talkingaboutfuel i am inclined to
geoff huggins are you talkingaboutfuel poverty issues in the
i couldnae no but talkingaboutgames there were two names
know what they re talkingaboutgive us ella fitzgerald instead
johnston no we are talkingaboutgiving people who have practical
of when you were talkingaboutglaur and f1006: mochit and
it here before in talkingaboutgod s word an an
what decisions are you talkingabouthaving a stake in mr
eh mm she was talkingabouther family f807: mm f806:
right enough she was talkingabouther father who at that
know again jane was talkingabouther wishaw childhood f965: mmhm
exploitation what we are talkingabouthere are offences against women
says he first started talkingabouthis bisexuality in 1994 and
noticed though is everyone talkingabouthow bad the weather s
agnes what are you talkingabouthow can he be all
much and he was talkingabouthow nice and fresh the
we spent some time talkingabouthow to encourage small and
said that we are talkingabouthow we spend the money
what tapes i m talkingabouti d like to shock
and where john was talkingabouti i live in that
know what she s talkingabouti m not really feeling
access to arab money sniffingabouti m talking too much
know where i m talkingabouti think there s a
knows what he is talkingabouti will briefly refer to
er another interesting trivial thingabouticelandic well i was talking
of newspaper we are talkingaboutif it is the red
know what you were talkingaboutif you mentioned eydp this
princesses when they are talkingaboutimportant things and they will
what nationalism you re talkingabout[inaudible] m818: aye m819: erm
next four years talking notaboutindependence but about problems in
the convener we are talkingaboutinitial consideration patricia ferguson i
we have to stop talkingaboutinnovation and start talking about
hap- what he s talkingaboutinside but i shall read
you are inviting or talkingaboutinviting wives or girlfriends it
m608: so you re talkingaboutirish gaelic m078: i i
we can just keep talkingaboutirrelevant stuff f943: yeah m944:
authorised all we are talkingaboutis releasing about 200 local
rafi when we were talkingaboutit actually f810: [laugh] [inhale]
talking to people who knowaboutit am i missing out
exactly what i am talkingaboutit is one category the
you did we were talkingaboutit last week when we
is to get people talkingaboutit regardless of the medium
s what i m talkingaboutit s like erm okay
the market you are talkingaboutit seems to be absolutely
justify what he was talkingaboutit was exciting and interesting
procreate he heard them talkingaboutit when he was still
saying i am not talkingaboutjust anyone who lobbies msps
you know we were talkingaboutkids earlier f963: yeah f965:
recently and i was talkingaboutlair and they they they
found in bain reflections talkingaboutlanguage and in bain fitzgerald
actually if we re talkingaboutlanguages right i can remember
policy but we are talkingaboutlarge documents i should be
things that we were talkingaboutlast week you have the
what you were [laugh] talkingabout[laugh] f1148: [laugh] yeah who
know what you re talkingabout[laugh] m1048: yeah right [laugh]
target so why keep talkingaboutlead partners why not just
fleet we are not talkingaboutlean and mean we are
appearances on grampian television talkingaboutlife as it had been
that f814: are you talkingaboutlike sixth year or like
figured we would be talkingaboutlike the woes of growing
point where we are talkingaboutlobbying companies the convener i
funding i am not talkingaboutlocal authority funding and all
elaine thomson we are talkingaboutlots of money millions and
see us we are talkingaboutmany more people adam s
ian jenkins we were talkingaboutmarkers being appointed late and
day for his wedding talkingaboutmatrimony i got a letter
in perspective we are talkingaboutmaximum spending of 2 million
series erm we re talkingaboutmaybe katie s ferm katie
concentration professor [censored: surname] was talkingaboutme doing a phd this
discussion that you are talkingaboutmight reflect a change in
awareness but we are talkingaboutmore of a bottom up
what date are we talkingaboutmr monteith i suspect that
whereas des mcnulty is talkingaboutmsps going to the press
we have been talking largelyaboutnewspapers most magazines are uk
yes f965: i m talkingaboutnow you know i m
scientific uncertainty we are talkingabouton sea lice there is
is if we are talkingaboutonly the strategies i can
time that he s talkingaboutor thinking about f963: mm
what is this the talkingaboutother people [laugh] f947: belt
do helen eadie is talkingaboutour committee undertaking an inquiry
whom ben wallace is talkingaboutoutside the scope of the
scotland we are not talkingaboutparty politics or which side
the service manager was talkingaboutpeople changing their jobs and
says considering we re talkingaboutpeople in their sixties and
wealthy pensioners we are talkingaboutpeople who belong to a
extreme cases we are talkingaboutpeople who will be assessed
national party to start talkingaboutpolicies at all we were
the parliament we are talkingaboutpreferential treatment mr ingram again
however if we are talkingaboutprinciples dominating practicalities we need
talking not about independence butaboutproblems in scotland and how
was some bar against talkingaboutquestions before they were lodged
bible and urquhart is talkingaboutrabelais and they don t
talking about big money butaboutreasonable amounts of money being
stress that we are talkingaboutrelatively small sums but your
not appear we are talkingaboutremoving poindings and warrant sales
just cause we were talkingaboutright where do you see
issues now ehm so talkingaboutschools first of all ehm
ehm first of all talkingaboutschools uh what what do
that but we are talkingaboutscots and what concerns me
oh yeah m865: so talkingaboutscots ehm you ve said
mary scanlon i was talkingaboutscottish executive policy ian jenkins
economic terms we are talkingaboutsending a message in this
red herring to keep talkingaboutserious criminals felons and heavy
uncertainly why was he talkingaboutsewage as if in answer
priorities we are now talkingaboutshifts at the margins there
was in we were talkingaboutsingapore f963: right yeah f965:
nick johnston we are talkingaboutskills at a higher level
electronics industries are we talkingaboutskills at technician level or
have spent enough time talkingaboutsmoking do members have any
so if we are talkingaboutso called flying registrars who
spaniel they re always talkingaboutso that s only three
up that they were talkingaboutsome out of the ordinary
say if i was talkingaboutsomebody who s well like
that helen eadie is talkingaboutsomething different from referring the
overview but you are talkingaboutspecific colleges or a specific
age if we are talkingaboutspin and unrealistic expectations we
that john young was talkingaboutsuch as sandwiches or cups
may not feel comfortable talkingaboutsuch things it is still
the lady was also nervousabouttalking to me alone even
today when john first mentionedabouttalking to the group and
too i m not talkingaboutteenage fights f963: yeah but
convey an emphatic tone talkingabouttexts can also involve the
on authors texts a talkingabouttexts this familiar activity involves
jane well jane was talkingaboutthat in in wishaw m964:
process that allan was talkingaboutthat is where i would
school because we were talkingaboutthat last m964: yeah f965:
how that she s talkingaboutthat unfaithful punkie while i
but we are not talkingaboutthat we are talking about
however if you are talkingaboutthe access to compulsory spending
that we are not talkingaboutthe balance between expenditure and
written and milton is talkingaboutthe bible and urquhart is
would not just be talkingaboutthe bill we would be
so i just started talkingaboutthe books that i enjoyed
b by reading and talkingaboutthe classroom strategies that they
miss goldie i am talkingaboutthe climate in which people
we are not just talkingaboutthe effectiveness of a ban
a lot of time talkingaboutthe effectiveness of aberdeen science
criminal history i am talkingaboutthe egg stealing that takes
costs but we are talkingaboutthe element of free personal
europe needs to stop talkingaboutthe euro and peace and
corrected presumably you are talkingaboutthe fact that results had
which boy she was talkingaboutthe girl informed her it
course but i m talkingaboutthe gourock golf course m816:
not talking about this butaboutthe health service education jobs
we are not talking justaboutthe housing budget for homelessness
telling a you were talkingaboutthe importance of performing scots
that what you re talkingaboutthe [inaudible] m830: mm no
and jovial even when talkingaboutthe infamous air rage trial
mmhm we were talking earlieraboutthe issue of spelling variation
er m818: aye you talkingaboutthe just the high rise
yeah f746: you were talkingaboutthe kids earlier though are
been talking to egyptians hereaboutthe news they get from
seventies we re not talkingaboutthe nineteenth century here so
i mean you were talkingaboutthe older people before or
other cities were talking onlyaboutthe past we also got
talking to the group andaboutthe position of modern languages
des mcnulty we are talkingaboutthe protection of occupants rights
however although we are talkingaboutthe rights of the prosecution
making sure we re talkingaboutthe same thing i know
sure that josh is talkingaboutthe same thing m964: mm
policy but i am talkingaboutthe scottish parliament mary scanlon
know when laurie was talkingaboutthe [tut] erm the time
same whether we are talkingaboutthe whole european union or
scotland you are not talkingaboutthe whole south of scotland
right enough i mean talkingaboutthe wind obviously the storms
been coming in and talkingabouttheir crazy lives and [laugh]
registrars were talking to usabouttheir experiences in experimenting with
hat you know and talkingaboutthem and f963: mm yeah
on yer fingers just talkingaboutthem makes andy s fingers
we were talking in slangaboutthem mmhm m1008: mmhm m1007:
s what i m talkingabout[?]then you think[/?] f943: my best friend
know what ministers are talkingaboutthere are a number of
realised what he was talkingaboutthere began the journey of
groups that you are talkingaboutthere is a responsibility on
of what he was talkingaboutthere that would fit very
earlier in the year talkingaboutthese issues we also recently
funnily enough we were talkingaboutthis at some stage and
my constituency are not talkingaboutthis but about the health
i was talking to graemeaboutthis i i don t
thing when we were talkingaboutthis that appleringie thing recently
be sitting talking to fionaaboutthis weekend i could pretend
lochhead i have a questionabouttiered testing we are talking
purposes they re both talkingabouttranslating the greatest book ever
mcneill while we are talkingabouttrying to track how long
is introduced we are talkingabouttwo bedroom flats being licensed
women but we are talkingabouttwo different things the convener
forwards as we are talkingabouttwo sets of criminal proceedings
home we are talking notaboutwealthy pensioners but about ordinary
were h-h- he wisnae talkingaboutwhat i was talking about
m talking f963: yeah f965: aboutwhat my perception was f963:
of what james is talkingaboutwhen he argues that the
knew what he was talkingaboutwhen he gave out this
the product you are talkingaboutwhere you are taking your
been men we must thinkaboutwho we are talking to
this what he is talkingaboutwould be considered subversion and
time scale are you talkingaboutwould you answer my question
and we have been talkingaboutwritten publications however because of
understand what you are talkingaboutyou are saying that you
was on air live talkingaboutyou know the day ahead
have spent some time talkingaboutyour concerns about certain aspects
it where he s talkingaboutzilla there s a bit
i ve got just talkabouta baby ye ta- well
er glasgow you would talkabouta close but down in
got a close we talkabouta close here if it
there has been much talkabouta constitutional crisis and what
would say couch yeah talkabouta couch or a settee
but often used to talkabouta group in general torn
material objects thus we talkabouta head made of concrete
in the submission you talkabouta price war such a
accompany your presentation you talkabouta safer more just european
at them the noo talkabouta story look what it
day tomorrow she s worryingabouta talk she s to
my mother used tae talkabouta thunder plump f1144: [inaudible]
ian robson will talk specificallyabouta velodrome however as we
you know if you talkabouta woman or m741: yeah
i really want to talkaboutafter that i should be
when i talk to themaboutall these important things they
talk to you at lengthaboutall this what do you
thing i want to talkaboutan we ll carry on
erm perhaps i could talkaboutand that is erm f963:
in scotland they ll talkaboutangraise loag f963: mm m762:
you can t really talkaboutareas any more cause a
give them something to talkaboutbecause he wasn t very
a ball hard you talkaboutblooterin the ball but if
often used people to talkaboutbod- bodach that old m1007:
ha- we had to talkaboutbooks that had influenced us
mmhm m762: when they talkaboutbritain they talk about england
guide to talk a littleaboutbuddhism in sri lanka although
right to talk or singaboutburns without a dram i
the problem that you talkaboutcan mean that children do
we mean when we talkaboutcare services it mentions independent
f1001: [other person in room continues 'or bling or that kind of word there'] you should talkaboutchav f1053: here [laugh] yeah
[laugh] then we ll talkaboutchristian ethics and sexuality m944:
ve heard the children talkaboutchuckin a wobbly f1143: mmhm
re looking back they talkaboutcoming to england you know
buzz phrases we can talkaboutcommunity planning and partnership working
coming to glasgow to talkaboutcorpora in scots especially coming
they they don t talkaboutcouches f1025: nine times out
i mean when i talkaboutcovert intelligence christine grahame the
so i ll just talkaboutcurriculum for excellence so i
mcintosh i want to talkaboutdata collecting and monitoring the
ta- stoppin concerts to talkaboutdebt if you re so
essential firstly that we talkaboutdifferences in usage and about
i i can ehm talkaboutdifferent ways that help me
this week what to talkaboutdown the pub m939: naw
of the highchair [laugh] walkabout[?]dressed[/?] and talk to all
you know how they talkaboutdulcet tones when somebody sings
m741: mmhm m605: talk meaningfullyaboutearly twentieth century scottish culture
but we will also talkabouteducation health transport crime and
europe to talk and learnabouteducation rather than to be
to talk to the kidsabouteh their words an [censored: forename]
that we need to talkabouteh there s one who
thing here when we talkaboutehm meditation rick warren quotes
f631: mmhm can you talkaboutem when you lost your
and then we could talkaboutenforcement powers i am nervous
talk about britain they talkaboutengland angraise angraise loag means
happy to talk to youabouteuropean employment bilaterally the convener
s most successful songwriters talkaboutfacing the demons of self
us to talk more accuratelyaboutfeatures of the patterning they
luxury of time to talkaboutfox hunting in general today
legal protection we should talkaboutfull civil rights which are
more than happy to talkaboutgeneral principles as they relate
colleague fiona hyslop to talkaboutgood will and co operation
way so much to talkabouthappy times and sad times
school people used to talkabouthaving a run in with
in their 80s who talkabouthelping old people who are
like what do i talkabouthere but it s m605:
t begun to talk soothinglyabouthis experiences at sea before
mean adds a few reminiscencesabouthis mither so we talk
that issue he will talkabouthow the amsterdam treaty is
more we want to talkabouthow the treaty has addressed
discussions and talk to themabouthow to improve those policies
see [laugh] what people talkaboutif they re no it
executive which i will talkaboutin my speech but to
election campaign we will talkaboutindependence but we will also
was the promise to talkaboutindependence that the leader of
aware that when we talkaboutindustrial fishing we must be
required before we can talkaboutinvestment and what is needed
don t want to talkaboutit actually because it s
buses i hear people talkaboutit all the time and
you obviously you start thinkingaboutit and you talk about
about it and you talkaboutit and you think it
new one people often talkaboutit but there are few
sometimes try and we talkaboutit but we can t
perth word because ye talkaboutit is like it has
and to think and talkaboutit the closer quest for
the chief advisor to talkaboutit though f1150: yeah from
monteith i want to talkaboutjack greig he had his
appetites you know we talkaboutjesus and we say you
toddlers an then ye talkaboutjust a name after that
place a language to talkaboutlanguage a metalanguage therefore helps
f947: yes i know talkabout[laugh] s- sticking out a
m741: right m605: and talkaboutlike linguistic choice ehm like
little this is why talkaboutlike you the work in
if they want to talkaboutliving in an hmo but
use the term to talkaboutlobbying companies later on there
re sayin well talk whataboutm741: yeah yeah yeah totally
an thir texts div talkaboutmairriage they talk about the
but if they re talkinaboutme talk about their papa
f810: [exhale] don t talkaboutmoney f809: i know f810:
the information that you talkaboutmy job would be made
m not allowed to talkaboutmy zimmer any more i
s what the kids talkaboutnow my mate f1054: yeah
problem not to be writtenaboutnow we will talk some
we talk in this debateaboutolder people or old people
you have something to talkabouton the car journey so
his mither so we talkaboutoor mithers too as if
which inevitably i must talkaboutorganisations say that funding particularly
and then we can talkaboutother stuff that s more
we were able to talkaboutour careers in a rational
is far too much talkaboutoutputs and inputs people want
then went on to talkaboutpackaging we are not debating
we mean when we talkaboutpartial bans and comprehensive bans
er coming in to talkaboutpassage today er this was
discrimination we should also talkaboutpeople having the right not
we re starting to talkaboutpeople so this ll have
all very well to talkaboutpopulation numbers and the level
it is right to talkaboutpotential margo macdonald is dead
i tell you a talkaboutpr- growing up in prestwick
never mark again they talkaboutproblems with timing and payment
recommendations i will also talkaboutprogress on preparations for this
of continuous talk i maboutready to fall asleep not
taken that you re talkinaboutrelatives yeah yeah you talk
devoted to it to talkaboutrenationalisation of health care is
home people when we talkaboutrespite facilities i put in
we have had much talkaboutreviews and so on it
to talk informally in groupsaboutschool learning whether it be
scots especially coming to talkaboutscots feels as though i
transition the convener you talkaboutseeking additional resources would it
stuff you can t talkaboutshe said f943: ah i
in scotland we talk frequentlyaboutsocial inclusion but we should
i have elected to talkaboutsocial policy as that is
much meaning when ye talkaboutsomebody ye see them ye
always use when i talkaboutsomeone bein left handed i
anyway we should probably talkaboutsomething relevant erm f1155: yeah
he made innocuous small talkaboutsoviet inflexibility as opposed to
agricultural policy we often talkaboutstructural funding an area such
when people start to talkaboutsuch issues they mean integrated
people living in mallorca talkaboutsun places and moon places
f1145: my grannie would talkaboutswells people who d lots
boys and girls could talkabouttask f when each of
will arrive later to talkaboutthat as fergus ewing is
should probably talk to someoneaboutthat but i haven t
f606: mm m1036: to talkaboutthat he could empathise with
that the authorities could talkaboutthat i understand that that
you talk a wee bitaboutthat ian robson the issue
would be speculation to talkaboutthat issue that will be
nation i will talk moreaboutthat later as people get
m not going to talkaboutthat no erm f1155: [laugh]
anyway let s not talkaboutthat [throat] an ehm f940:
i would like to talkaboutthe additional question on income
f1023: but eddie would talkaboutthe bairn f1054: mmhm and
have to think or talkaboutthe census for a while
to us about they talkaboutthe cost of government their
the minister having to talkaboutthe costs lindsay manson the
that i would probably talkaboutthe current position of modern
mcnulty richard grant can talkaboutthe detail but it is
peace and needs to talkaboutthe development of democracy and
been on television to talkaboutthe effects of the tragedy
[laugh] it will be talkaboutthe f940: let s no
i always am we talkaboutthe fact that a man
etc and we still talkaboutthe head of a valley
probably better qualified to talkaboutthe independence of judges than
we are beginning to talkaboutthe issue this year james
boyhood they would probably talkaboutthe lavatory which i believe
you just know it talkaboutthe luck of the irish
talk about mairriage they talkaboutthe mairriage atween text an
see nothing in the billaboutthe minister having to talk
you would expect to talkaboutthe need for public investment
north isle when they talkaboutthe north isles i think
talk to pauline mcneill lateraboutthe other issues she might
that we talk not onlyaboutthe poems and songs of
if we if we talkaboutthe poet that er i
in the parliament we talkaboutthe policies as if they
time for that we talkaboutthe port s history of
to talk to the groupaboutthe position of modern languages
talk to ken some moreaboutthe possibility of my obtaining
why does he always talkaboutthe present mrs wogan he
the community finally we talkaboutthe public sector sometimes being
up cathy peattie you talkaboutthe quality of the markers
non recess period to talkaboutthe reasons for that and
or at stage 2 talkaboutthe relationship between the bill
ask nick johnston to talkaboutthe report on the alba
did but i will talkaboutthe report the convener a
places there is much talkaboutthe seizure of assets and
in in shetland they talkaboutthe settle m1020: bed settee
debate i want to talkaboutthe significant steps that the
yeah we would just talkaboutthe sitting room or the
does not want to talkaboutthe substance or the principle
that you would never talkaboutthe toilet that s very
an opportunity to talk notaboutthe total volume of money
are indeed here to talkaboutthe war but it s
conversation frequently diverges to talkaboutthe war in iraq or
you re here to talkaboutthe war says james maley
thus in order to talkaboutthe world of abstractions we
papa but when they talkabouttheir gran it s always
call him grandad they talkabouttheir grandad so an so
or your mates they talkabouttheir mates yeah an they
re talkin about me talkabouttheir papa an that s
nurses are keen to talkabouttheir professional needs and how
is appropriate that i talkaboutthem arguably employment and social
do they talk to usaboutthey talk about the cost
we shouldn t really talkaboutthings like that cause yeah
to carry on and talkaboutthis when god looks at
we do not simply talkaboutthose headline policies but take
have nothing else to talkabouttimber transportation 5 david mundell
to do to- to talkabouttoday erm can i just
that we want to talkabouttoday is a wider european
what else can we talkabouttony blair there s one
that they wanted to talkaboutwas that many of them
and all they could talkaboutwas the events in america
that the minister will talkaboutways in which to achieve
they used to just talkaboutwe re goin to the
talk in a sad voiceaboutwhat it was like to
earlier i wanted to talkaboutwhat mr fraser said about
because although we s- talkaboutwhen we were young we
do you talk to someoneaboutwhen you visit them in
today f809: shall we talkaboutwhere we re from f810:
that i want to talkaboutwhich is the human cost
normally the stuff we talkaboutwould be quite lurid there
wanted to talk to meaboutyou are longing to be
talk fancy that i thoughtaboutyou know who i bet
to get you to talkaboutyourself and your plans but
involved in or expressing opinionsaboutan issue that concerns them
individuals organisations or commercial concernsaboutany such strategy s1w 28496
the minister there are concernsaboutaspects of the bill i
are generally happy some concernsaboutblips have been raised anecdotally
programme secondly there are concernsaboutcertain aspects of that programme
this morning concerns were raisedaboutcertifiers in particular the institute
order to address the concernsaboutcommunity care expressed by carers
series of ssta members concernsaboutdata transmission we met the
do so concerns were raisedaboutdisability i want to make
difficulties that might arise concernsaboutdisabled access and usability will
fees furthermore concerns were expressedabouterosion of the public sector
because of our serious concernsaboutestimates grades non transmission of
the lothians highlighted other concernsaboutfunding particular concerns were raised
raised a number of concernsaboutfunding they highlighted the need
especially where there are concernsaboutfuture employment to establish whether
younger generations and rising concernsaboutgenetically modified food and the
james douglas hamilton raised concernsabouthot pursuit procedures which would
concerns of communities across scotlandaboutissues of public disorder including
to it there are concernsaboutissues such as bureaucracy the
disability rights commission s concernsaboutits limited mandate to take
association he had some concernsaboutits punitive effect being lessened
indeed there are increasing concernsaboutlabour and skill shortages which
proceedings that reveal msps concernsaboutlandlords who take no responsibility
written submission relates to concernsaboutmarking in it you give
much anecdotal evidence of concernsaboutmarking now that appeals are
it has emerged that concernsaboutmarking were present from last
department and i have concernsaboutmorale those concerns result principally
[censored: surname] on [censored: phonenumber] with concernsaboutnoise re cycling initiative gets
places registrars main concerns areaboutone off approvals for places
i had some private concernsaboutour capacity to deliver the
panels have been expressing concernsaboutpractical issues such as the
practitioner but i have concernsaboutsection 5 6 which says
say that i have concernsaboutsending a letter that says
despite the snp s concernsaboutsewel motions crime international co
we all share your concernsaboutsmoking and would echo the
attention to its immediate concernsaboutspecific issues in the oft
out a number of concernsaboutstatutory funding procedure remain at
which there might be concernsaboutsuch trials therefore it is
of organisations have raised concernsaboutthat issue several parts of
not operating i have concernsaboutthat mr normand pointed out
that concerns have been raisedaboutthat novelty it is intended
i and others share concernsaboutthat style of fundraising the
satisfactorily murdo fraser expressed concernsaboutthat we are disappointed that
that mr sheridan has concernsaboutthat which he expressed in
considerable way to meeting concernsaboutthe ability of local authority
aware that there are concernsaboutthe apparent lack of progress
through i also have concernsaboutthe availability of scanners my
concerns that have been expressedaboutthe bill include its impact
or all of our concernsaboutthe burdens and pressures of
however i have some concernsaboutthe census question why my
does not altogether remove concernsaboutthe charges television is nothing
about consultation they also spokeaboutthe concerns that were expressed
saying that you have concernsaboutthe consultation process will you
legal department has some concernsaboutthe contents of that evidence
that there are wide concernsaboutthe contract assessment process the
in particular notes their concernsaboutthe contract assessment process the
in particular notes their concernsaboutthe contract assessment process the
the bill you raise concernsaboutthe creation of administrative barriers
whether it has any concernsaboutthe decision made by greater
verifiers we also had concernsaboutthe definition of an owner
agencies have already expressed concernsaboutthe difficulties of support services
concerns that have been raisedaboutthe draft census order because
be aware of my concernsaboutthe education of children and
point you have expressed concernsaboutthe effect of introducing a
concerns of businesses in glasgowaboutthe effects of bus corridors
single market raises serious concernsaboutthe efficacy and practicality of
scientific research which raises concernsaboutthe environmental and public health
scientific research which raises concernsaboutthe environmental and public health
poverty i have some concernsaboutthe executive s line on
matter i had some concernsaboutthe explanatory notes which nicola
although i have some concernsaboutthe fact that this could
adam some concerns were raisedaboutthe fact that you have
funding particular concerns were raisedaboutthe financial impact of increased
funding many respondents express concernsaboutthe funding of the national
concerns that jackie baillie outlinedaboutthe general principles of the
give rise to any concernsaboutthe health implications of electro
serious concerns of local peopleaboutthe health risks particularly to
serious concerns of local peopleaboutthe health risks particularly to
priority need cosla has concernsaboutthe impact of the intentionality
be aware of my concernsaboutthe impact of the majority
case there are genuine concernsaboutthe impact of those formulas
parliament expresses its severe concernsaboutthe impact which postcomm s
understand well their deep concernsaboutthe importance of the contracts
deacon has raised relevant concernsaboutthe increase in the volume
parliamentary corporate body its concernsaboutthe inflexibility and layout of
realised that there were concernsaboutthe instrument and i had
in particular have expressed concernsaboutthe introduction of private verifiers
the committee has expressed concernsaboutthe issue i make no
implementation generally their concerns wereaboutthe lack of clarity among
that the report expresses concernsaboutthe lack of progress on
whether it has any concernsaboutthe level of financial support
that basis i have concernsaboutthe level of scrutiny that
b the serious public concernsaboutthe levels of youth offending
b the serious public concernsaboutthe levels of youth offending
b the serious public concernsaboutthe levels of youth offending
continue to have considerable concernsaboutthe limitations on civil liability
ritalin does he have concernsaboutthe long term effects on
chisholm i have had concernsaboutthe matter over a period
have said what concerns usaboutthe measure murdo fraser our
they expressed their real concernsaboutthe number of newly qualified
improved there are still concernsaboutthe paucity of materials lack
1 i too have concernsaboutthe phrase is about to
general election concerns were raisedaboutthe point of sale that
parliamentary constituency who have concernsaboutthe potential environmental and personal
this morning have expressed concernsaboutthe prescription of ritalin particularly
they are addressing our concernsaboutthe present operation of the
relevant westminster committee our concernsaboutthe presentation of our common
concerns which have been expressedaboutthe proposals supported by david
disability rights commission raised concernsaboutthe revised status of the
dumping and given the concernsaboutthe risk to health and
the snp also shares concernsaboutthe role of the national
whether it has any concernsaboutthe security of employment of
[censored: surname] on [censored: phonenumber] with concernsaboutthe smell or peter [censored: surname]
several members have raised concernsaboutthe timetable during the stage
bill several members raised concernsaboutthe type of regulations that
scottish national party s concernsaboutthe use of sewel motions
the concerns of local residentsaboutthe vibration noise and environmental
must face up to concernsaboutthe way in which the
time i have some concernsaboutthe way in which the
candidates who still have concernsabouttheir appeals in order to
and the fire protection associationabouttheir concerns on the transfer
people to speak more freelyabouttheir concerns than they might
efforts to push your concernsaboutthis at board level or
but i have two concernsaboutthis issue torbrex community council
expressed to us which wereaboutthose organisations concerns i would
concerns about the phrase isaboutto commit an offence you
matter and expressed our concernsaboutwhat was happening colleges were
some states in the worldaboutwhich there might be concerns
people to get out andaboutwithout financial concerns it is
i would like to askaboutyour members concerns i take
from about 26 million toabout29 million i am concerned
mrs mulligan i was concernedabouta country not acting genuinely
s staff we are concernedabouta couple of areas in
unless we are concerned simplyaboutaesthetics decisions about spending should
letter i am also concernedaboutanother comment in trevor lodge
i am not too concernedaboutapproved places i am sure
are you not so concernedaboutapproved places james smith i
but what we are concernedaboutat the moment is professional
moore we are very concernedaboutbrand stretching the companies stretch
obvious and we are concernedaboutcases where such evident preparatory
bruce crawford i am concernedaboutcompulsory purchase one of the
that the unions are concernedaboutconditions and limits laid down
that committee were also concernedaboutcosts to local authorities the
if the committee wants themabouteach of the powers concerned
people more to be concernedaboutf963: well then there s
engineers in scotland was concernedabouthaving an overall holistic approach
from striven gardens were concernedabouthaving to keep rubbish from
equally anxious but more concernedabouthis ability to cope if
the convener we are concernedabouthospitality where it might reasonably
i am far more concernedabouthow expenditure is tied to
required i am particularly concernedabouthow the issue of the
is something to be concernedabouti invite mary scanlon also
suspicion by radical feminists concernedaboutimplications of essentialism in regard
original report we were concernedaboutimproving the research into the
that what i am concernedaboutis that i do not
both my colleagues are concernedaboutit i can only repeat
evidence seriously we are concernedaboutit the voluntary sector did
visit winnipeg i was concernedaboutkathryn driving to glasgow but
authors were also very concernedaboutlong term funding scottish care
consignia themselves are equally concernedaboutmarket liberalisation the company claimed
very f965: yes m964: concernedaboutnot making the police feel
the committee has been concernedabouton previous occasions and it
and the committee are concernedaboutparties who will not be
action i too am concernedaboutpay i am pleased that
is fine i am concernedaboutputting the onus on members
point concerned deferring our discussionsaboutresources the purpose of today
material that you are concernedaboutrev iain murdoch my understanding
group and was not concernedaboutrurality i would like mike
do so i am concernedaboutseveral points in trevor lodge
the chamber i am concernedaboutsome of the things that
issues comprehensively we are concernedaboutsome of the views that
however i would be concernedaboutsomebody receiving an epistle through
concerned simply about aesthetics decisionsaboutspending should be driven by
happened we must be concernedaboutspin on that issue the
the committee is also concernedaboutsponsorship and brand sharing malcolm
days if people are concernedaboutstandards and in some cases
if local authorities are concernedaboutsuch issues and raise them
said that he was concernedaboutsuch surveillance on civil liberties
i remain a little concernedaboutthat and at your seminar
forward we were greatly concernedaboutthat and thought that scotland
unworkable i am particularly concernedaboutthat area the ash submission
appeals system we are concernedaboutthat because a single parent
maureen moore we are concernedaboutthat because the labour party
we asked the people concernedaboutthat they said that it
at home is further concernedaboutthe 10 000 people awaiting
scotland i am particularly concernedaboutthe 6 000 people who
that basis we are concernedaboutthe absence of the income
the question i am concernedaboutthe accuracy of that figure
however it is very concernedaboutthe availability of scanning especially
costs we are especially concernedaboutthe distribution of magazines and
in scotland is further concernedaboutthe effect on local charitable
in scotland is further concernedaboutthe effect on local charitable
scottish executive is deeply concernedaboutthe effect on the newton
scottish executive is deeply concernedaboutthe effect on the newton
that year we are concernedaboutthe effectiveness of introducing partial
that the parliament is concernedaboutthe familial exclusion in the
certain public bodies were concernedaboutthe financial implications of the
we need to be concernedaboutthe impact of falls not
to parents that are concernedaboutthe impact of the proposed
hare coursing it is concernedaboutthe impact of this sport
dioxide output is further concernedaboutthe impacts of the pipeline
scanlon is the minister concernedaboutthe increasing number of children
trade unions were deeply concernedaboutthe initial timetable for the
social justice was himself concernedaboutthe issue when he was
the parliament is deeply concernedaboutthe lack of funding and
said that you were concernedaboutthe level of morale throughout
fife i am very concernedaboutthe level of policing in
the environment committee is concernedaboutthe matter as are others
stage 3 i am concernedaboutthe matter it was raised
the public are understandably concernedaboutthe menace of sex offenders
submission that it is concernedaboutthe methodology used in testing
an anorak i am concernedaboutthe morass of descriptions of
extent i am slightly concernedaboutthe omission of any provisions
some people were more concernedaboutthe petty cash in mr
of scotland snfas was concernedaboutthe potential power of proprietors
enacted however we are concernedaboutthe process for approving venues
particular reason to be concernedaboutthe provisions of the instrument
i am also seriously concernedaboutthe rather narrow definition of
we should also be concernedaboutthe reduction in charitable giving
opportunities fund is somewhat concernedaboutthe report it says there
is constant i am concernedaboutthe residents and staff of
led consortium is gravely concernedaboutthe serious impacts the pipeline
i am much more concernedaboutthe smaller and peripheral countries
groups we must be concernedaboutthe squeeze on council budgets
be concerned not so muchaboutthe statistics that exist on
our colleagues are sometimes concernedaboutthe take up rate of
conclusions i remain very concernedaboutthe targeting of the under
authorities they were more concernedaboutthe upgrade costs that they
fact that we are concernedaboutthe way in which local
the country and are concernedabouttheir local pharmacies it is
some tenants would be concernedabouttheir security hector currie highlighted
why you are particularly concernedaboutthem dr simpson a pandemic
stirling council is very concernedaboutthis issue another reason that
english i am especially concernedaboutthose who cannot access the
i am concerned not onlyaboutunder supply in some areas
mercury secondly i am concernedaboutwhat the letter says about
and thirdly i am concernedaboutwhat the letter says about
th- they were very concernedaboutwhat they wear f963: mmhm
was not i am concernedaboutwhether guidance will be issued
have any of the materialsaboutwhich you are concerned been
details relating to pandemics andaboutwhy you are particularly concerned
dear i am seriously concernedaboutyou deana is that the
principal reporter has received informationabouta case in which it
generalised factual descriptions providing informationabouta class of creatures or
summer recess with extra informationaboutall the developments that are
he claimed to have informationaboutan organisation of vampires an
with regard to providing informationaboutbanking transactions where criminal activity
increased awareness of and informationaboutbenefits for older people is
98 9 3 biographical informationaboutcatherine carswell can be found
to give consumers more informationaboutchicken and egg products such
correct me there is informationaboutchildren and a bit about
now decide what to doaboutcollecting extra information if we
5 comunn na gàidhlig informationaboutcomunn na gàidhlig www cnag
by the lack of informationaboutcontraception which has meant the
hmos i pursued the executiveaboutdifferent council departments sharing information
i plan to incorporate informationaboutdsb into talks on the
a little bit of informationabouterm the glasgow gaelic primary
make fuller use of informationaboutethnic and religious groups in
and the exchange of informationaboutgood practice as referred to
and we must be worriedabouthow authorities have that information
agenda if we have informationabouthow long a petition has
it has to publish informationaboutindividual learning accounts in formats
it has to publish informationaboutindividual learning accounts in languages
specific purpose this is notaboutinformation that is passed willy
and table 5 gives informationaboutlevels of experience of legal
it allegedly published erroneous informationaboutlocal public opinion on the
scottish parliament information centre reportaboutmodernising the complaints system we
an emotive word it isaboutopen information gathering you can
the provision of accurate informationaboutoptions and outcomes by for
to obtain information from hospitalsaboutorgan retention s1w 16813 lord
disabled people i disseminated informationaboutour activities as widely as
level has access to informationaboutpeople who were wrongly under
little information i m gatheringaboutsalvador s life in mallorca
very small bit of informationaboutscots in fact someone said
activities exchanging information e gaboutself family pets and interests
should be involved because informationaboutsocial security benefits disability living
information officials can come cleanaboutsome of the contradictions that
information everywhere it is notaboutspying on people information comes
it will indicate where informationaboutsuch incidents is documented s1w
have responded to the informationaboutthat visit the two dates
committee made a significant pointaboutthe accessibility of information on
in providing enough useful informationaboutthe areas outlined in the
try to give them informationaboutthe bill we have not
reporter may provide any informationaboutthe case as is mentioned
what information it has receivedaboutthe child rescue alert scheme
result no information is givenaboutthe choices he made between
looking for clear annual informationaboutthe comparable expenditure in england
remark was made the informationaboutthe data gap was based
provide other sources of informationaboutthe department however as we
exchanges etc and factual informationaboutthe different european countries to
too i have also heardaboutthe difficulty of getting information
on the basis of informationaboutthe environmental risks i am
would include bringing back informationaboutthe european dimension to this
maybe want to think againaboutthe information that we put
much criticism from landlord applicantsaboutthe lack of information that
of individual staff and informationaboutthe management of resources within
can give you more informationaboutthe monitoring that is under
the council sent me informationaboutthe notices that it has
public libraries which hold informationaboutthe parliament all offer internet
allow you to explore informationaboutthe parliament at your own
a huge amount of informationaboutthe parliament is available some
ways to get more informationaboutthe parliament or anything in
what information it has receivedaboutthe position of the belgian
give people information and adviceaboutthe qualifications however that is
and economic governance further informationaboutthe remit of each of
welcome information members have spokenaboutthe scvo i hope that
call cathie craigie to askaboutthe section on information cathie
customer because access to informationaboutthe service is not readily
and margaret sherriffs for informationaboutthe site i am grateful
precisely what information we haveaboutthe state of play if
requesting that it supply informationaboutthe status of the bids
needs after the meeting informationaboutthe structure and functions of
basis other than historical informationaboutthe volume of materials and
that you should want informationaboutthe whole picture the 4
begun to get regular informationaboutthe work programme of the
reluctant to pass on informationaboutthose activities maureen macmillan mentioned
can certainly extract linguistic informationaboutvariant spellings or plural forms
ideas good practice and informationaboutvolunteering community empowerment and the
access points that disseminate informationaboutvolunteering opportunities are available s1w
information about sexual stimulation andaboutwhat goes on in homosexual
people information comes to youaboutwhat is going on in
to university not just informationaboutwhat scots is although you
better information for potential nursesaboutwhat the job is really
request information from their landlordaboutwhat the right to buy
officers will pick up informationaboutwhat they see on the
can give the member informationaboutwhere the executive stands in
legitimate career options with informationaboutwhere to seek further advice
what information it has receivedaboutwhether any green goddess fire
what information it has receivedaboutwhether the interim analysis of
give the service provider informationaboutwho was accessing the service
information centre has some suggestionsaboutwhom we might use although
what information it has receivedaboutwhy the united kingdom entry

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