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paragraph a of subsection 2above16 representations against preferential treatment
delegated under subsection 1 aabove1b a fund established under
paragraph a of subsection 2above2 after section 24a of
paragraph a of subsection 1above4 subsection 2 of section
by virtue of subsection 1above5 arrangements entered into by
a reference to subsection 3above5 for the purposes of
by virtue of subsection 1above5 in subsections 1 and
in regulations under subsection 1above6 in subsection 5 b
the purposes of subsection 3above6 without prejudice to the
without prejudice to subsection 2abovea all the transferring authority
by virtue of subsection 1abovea do not affect i
the purposes of subsection 1abovea person is legally qualified
a direction under subsection 1abovea principal direction may give
an application under subsection 1abovea the appellant shall not
compulsorily under subsection 6 aabovea the community body s
order under subsection 1 aabovea until the end of
to make had subsection 1aboveactually been in force throughout
children 2 in subsection 1aboveadditional payments in relation to
is revoked under subsection 2abovean extension certificate has been
appointed under subsection 4 baboveand b on receiving payment
in regulations under subsection 1aboveand b section 13a of
provided under subsection 2 baboveand by whom and local
purposes of subsection 1 baboveand for the purposes of
forward i under subsection 10aaboveand ii by virtue of
mentioned in subsection 2 eaboveand ii under section 32
9 leave out subsection 1aboveand insert this section schedule
made under subsection 2 aaboveand local authorities or the
carried forward under subsection 10aaboveand remaining unspent at the
mentioned in subsection 4 faboveand remaining unspent at the
arrangements made under subsection 1aboveand subsection 3 of that
as mentioned in subsection 1aboveand to the person giving
the generality of subsection 5aboveany such order may include
referred to in subsection 4aboveare a that the patient
referred to in subsection 1aboveare a the detention in
referred to in subsection 2aboveare a the present and
functions mentioned in subsection 2aboveare exercised and for this
steps taken under subsection 1aboveare no longer required it
officer a in subsection 1aboveare to a mental health
the effect of subsection 1aboveare to be made unless
and b of subsection 5aboveare to be regarded as
to regulations under subsection 2aboveas they apply in relation
to regulations under subsection 2aboveas they apply in relation
purpose of subsection 5 aaboveas they apply in relation
mentioned in subsection 1 aaboveas they apply in relation
appointed under subsection 4 baboveas they apply to a
matters mentioned in subsection 3aboveb if subsections 5 and
paragraph ac of subsection 1abovebut for the fact that
of subsection 1 or 6aboveby a person convicted on
subsection 1 2 or 3aboveby a person working whether
is mentioned in subsection 2aboveby virtue of which those
in subsection 5 b iabovecare home has the meaning
that person 3 subsection 1abovedoes not apply as respects
saving in subsection 6 babovedoes not enable a local
mentioned in subsection 1 babovefrom a date specified in
acting under subsection 5 cabovegrants an application by an
the appointment under subsection 2abovehas been made in representing
order under subsection 1 babovehas been made may no
as mentioned in subsection 1aboveif a the authority are
in accordance with subsection 3aaboveif he thinks fit a
a ii of subsection 1aboveif in the opinion of
as mentioned in subsection 2aboveif the appellant a is
no application under subsection 1abovein relation to the extension
virtue of subsection 2 aabovein respect of a carer
by virtue of subsection 1aabovein respect of a payment
mentioned in subsection 3 babovein so far as it
the requirements of subsection a1abovein such way as they
form mentioned in subsection 2aboveindicating a desire to be
a warrant under subsection 4baboveis a warrant mrs mary
an application under subsection 1aboveis approved by ministers the
in subsection 5 b iaboveis authorised by the certificate
power conferred by subsection 3aboveis exercised in relation to
fund established under subsection 1aaboveis one a which is
an order under subsection 1aaboveis subject to annulment in
referred to in subsection 1aboveis that the measure mentioned
referred to in subsection 1aboveis that the measure mentioned
power conferred by subsection 1aboveis without prejudice to any
order under subsection 1 aaboveit may a require any
an application under subsection 1aboveknowingly makes a statement which
sum 3ab in subsection 3aaabovemaximum sum in relation to
sum 4bb in subsection 4baabovemaximum sum in relation to
2 regulations under subsection 1abovemay a specify as a
paragraph d of subsection 2abovemay a specify the description
an order under subsection 1abovemay amend or repeal any
is mentioned in subsection 1abovemay at any time apply
arrangements mentioned in subsection 1abovemay be entered into by
power conferred by subsection 3abovemay be exercised in relation
1c arrangements under subsection 1aabovemay be made jointly with
order made under subsection 1abovemay be registered and the
person appointed under subsection 2aabovemay be that responsible medical
mentioned in subsection 1 aabovemay continue to be exercised
paragraph b of subsection 1abovemay in particular a provide
4 regulations under subsection 1abovemay in particular make provision
paragraph d of subsection 2abovemay include a requirement that
are mentioned in subsection 3abovemay include a requirement that
paragraph a of subsection 2abovemay include conditions as to
are mentioned in subsection 3abovemay include provision for the
the purposes of subsection 1abovemay include requirements calculated to
under subsection 2 b iiabovemay not permit local authorities
a notice under subsection 2abovemay only be served if
2 regulations under subsection 1abovemay subject to subsection 4
5 in subsection 2 aabovemembership in relation to a
an application under subsection 1aboveministers shall a notify the
section and insert subsection 1abovemr andy kerr 38 in
provisions mentioned in subsection 1abovemr jim wallace 153 in
a certificate under subsection 2abovemrs mary mulligan 203 in
local authority under subsection 2abovemust accord with any directions
paragraph d of subsection a1abovenursing care does not include
an application under subsection 1aboveonly if it considers that
as mentioned in subsection 10aaboveonly with the consent of
mentioned in a subsection 10baboveor b paragraph a or
in a subsection 3a baboveor b subsection 3ab above
in a subsection 4b baboveor b subsection 4bb above
be submitted under subsection 1aboveor the period within which
both 2 in subsection 1aboveperson does not include a
the purposes of subsection 1daboverelevant dividend means a dividend
is required under subsection 5aabovesatisfies the authority that notwithstanding
power conferred by subsection 1abovescottish natural heritage shall have
above where under subsection 1abovescottish natural heritage takes steps
be afforded under subsection 3abovesection 97 mr jim wallace
a warrant under subsection 4baboveshall a if made to
a warrant under subsection 1aboveshall a if made to
a warrant under subsection 3aboveshall a if made to
the functions 2 subsection 1aboveshall be deemed to have
do so under subsection 1aboveshall be guilty of an
order under subsection 6a faboveshall be made by statutory
an application under subsection 1aboveshall be made in such
seized under subsection 1 daboveshall be returned to the
mentioned in subsection 1 baboveshall have those powers and
duty imposed by subsection 1aboveshall not apply the words
sentences 1d subsection 1c aaboveshall not apply where the
power conferred by subsection 1aboveshall not be excercisable there
above or b subsection 3ababovesuch other percentage as they
or b of subsection 10bdabovesuch other percentage as they
above or b subsection 4bbabovesuch other percentage as they
and b in subsection 10bcabovethe amount equal to five
means a in subsection 10bbabovethe amount equal to five
any referral under subsection 1abovethe burden of proving any
under subsection 2 a iiabovethe court shall have regard
bodies mentioned in subsection 1aabovethe fund holding body b
a child under subsection 3abovethe local authority shall take
and subject to subsection 1abovethe matters which it is
and subject to subsection 1abovethe matters which it is
16 and insert subsection 4abovethe reference to a court
10 in subsection 3 dabovethe reference to information is
8 in subsection 3 aabovethe reference to wishes and
the expression in subsection 1abovethe references to a service
1 subject to subsection a1abovethe scottish ministers may by
order under subsection 6a fabovethe scottish ministers shall consult
make regulations under subsection 3abovethe scottish ministers shall have
2 if under subsection 1abovethe social housing burden is
an application under subsection 1abovethe tribunal shall afford the
b ii of subsection 1abovethen if in the opinion
in pursuance of subsection 1abovethey shall a prepare a
wilful assault under subsection 1aboveto claim that what he
the purposes of subsection 2aboveto define the expression resources
mentioned in subsection 2 babovetransfer ownership of the land
to bail under subsection 1aboveunless a the application for
to bail under subsection 1aboveunless it considers there to
power conferred by subsection 1abovewhere under subsection 1 above
a i of subsection 1abovewhich in the opinion of
payment made under subsection 1abovewith or without first assessing
in subsections 7a and 7baboveany reference to a punishment
in subsections 1 and 3aboveappropriate establishment means in relation
in subsections 3 and 4baboveare to a mental health
4 subsections 2 and 3aboveare without prejudice to any
1b subsections 1 and 1aabovedo not apply as respects
in subsections 1 and 2abovemay also inquire and report
in subsections 4 and 5aboveto be met in respect
in subsections 1 to 1baboveto securing the provision of
7 and 8 as notedabove10 body piercing the parliament
1 and 6 as notedabove10 current situation in the
6 and 8 as notedabove10 debt and lending the
6 and 7 as notedabove10 european capital of culture
7 and 8 as notedabove10 hepatitis c the parliament
7 and 8 as notedabove10 members business removal of
7 and 8 as notedabove10 regeneration the parliament debated
8 and 9 as notedabove11 glasgow acute health services
8 and 9 as notedabove11 homelessness in fife the
1 and 2 as notedabove11 school swimming lessons the
8 and 9 as notedabove11 shinty the parliament debated
8 and 9 as notedabove11 young carers the parliament
7 and 9 as notedabove12 west kilbride scotland s
9 and 11 as notedabove13 men s health week
9 and 10 as notedabove14 european commission directive on
11 and 12 as notedabove15 island transport the parliament
on item 3 as notedabove5 hypertrophic cardiomyopathy the parliament
on item 4 as notedabove6 sydney paralympics and olympic
3 and 4 as notedabove6 world alzheimer s day
3 and 5 as notedabove7 debt advice and debt
and 5 and as notedabove7 transport strategy for aberdeen
4 and 6 as notedabove8 attacks on emergency service
6 and 7 as notedabove9 glasgow to barra air
6 and 7 as notedabove9 mcdermott uk pension plan
6 and 7 as notedabove9 scottish science library and
4 and 7 as notedabove9 the colin o riordan
10 and 11 as notedabovethe meeting closed at 5
9 and 10 as notedabovethe meeting was suspended from
mentioned in paragraph a iiaboveand c for the purposes
as mentioned in paragraph aaboveand c provide to the
accordance with paragraph b iiaboveand d for such other
the purposes of paragraph baboveand if they so wish
mentioned in paragraph a iaboveand ii by the nhs
for fardel in the paragraphaboveand the following for 1529
to in sub paragraph 9aboveand under no circumstances shall
specified in sub paragraph 1abovebeing exceeded 12 where the
in accordance with paragraph cabovee the range of options
accordance with sub paragraph 9abovefor regional members per financial
manner consistent with paragraph aabovei to promote sustainable use
paragraph i of paragraph aaboveif that establishment is an
set in sub paragraph babovein respect of the employment
accordance with paragraph 3 2abovemr mike rumbles 70 in
made under paragraph a iiabovequalify that requirement in such
sub paragraph 2a or 2baboveshall be made by statutory
with sub paragraph 2 iaboveshall be required to give
constituted under sub paragraph 1aboveshall business bulletin no 48
paragraph 2 d and faboveshall not exceed those specified
is mentioned in paragraph aaboveshall thereafter make such an
made under paragraph a iabovespecify the amount to be
as mentioned in paragraph aabovethe establishment and maintenance of
are made under paragraph fabovethe scottish ministers may pay
regulations under sub paragraph 1abovethe scottish ministers shall consult
amount in sub paragraph 1abovethe sum thereby produced shall
under paragraph a or baboveto the patient s mrs
of justiciary under paragraph 3aboveunless a the prisoner has
and ii of paragraph aaboveuntil the date payment of
as mentioned in paragraph aaboveuntil the expiry of the
person mentioned in paragraph aabovewho is to receive or
requirements of performers as mentionedabovea fairly literal translation has
with position papers 1 mentionedaboveand 20 teaching secondary modern
the links with parents mentionedaboveare only part of an
example the weather report mentionedabovecould be converted into a
a strong resonance of theabovementioned four components of communicative
intuition we discover that theabovementioned word can be made
declaration in the act firstaboverecited mentioned or referred to
funds mentioned by sarah boyackaboveresearch notes are compiled for
out the review process mentionedabovesection 3 public bodies section
enjoying it as was mentionedabovethe use of exclamation marks
date specified in b iiaboveannex one this is the
provided for in a iiaboveii the resolution of the
2 a and b iiaboveinclude a those deriving from
page 5 line 31 afteraboveinsert ii is derived from
provision sections 38 to 41aboveshall apply in relation to
the target public referred toaboveshall include among others pupils
and 10 of section 55aboveand section 56 above apply
8 of section surveillance commissionersaboveapply and i reiterate michael
55 above and section 56aboveapply to a valuer appointed
purposes of section 6 jaabovefarmland is enclosed if contained
6c where under section 21abovea local authority imposes any
appointed under section 55 1abovebut as if a for
the quotation under fardel laboveconclusion a clear picture of
been registered under section 34abovefor more than five years
a single dog is usedaboveground and under close control
their duties under section 1abovemr andy kerr 32 after
the authority under section 21abovemr andy kerr 47 in
been held under section 47aboveon the question whether the
the two over 4000 metresabovesea level just under 14000
bilingual pupils listed under advantagesabovethe school may need to
complaynt of scotland 1549 quotedaboveunder breid mentions fustean skonnis
continuous area of high groundabove1 000 metres in britain
exempt if the fox wereaboveground bill swann that is
rocks or other secure coveraboveground but only if that
rocks or other secure coveraboveground for the purpose of
rocks or other secure coveraboveground for the purpose of
or flush it from coveraboveground for the purpose of
or flush it from coveraboveground the use of terriers
track level with or slightlyabovethe road the ground cut
scottish national dictionary abuin prepaboveablo prep below ae a
a i ablo below abuinaboveae one aerlie early af
building terraces fanned out faraboveand below high above the
alternate it so the yearaboveme and the year below
said that they were eitheraboveor below price and he
from it or the oneaboveor the one below it
1 below taken from theabovereport figure 1 changing employment
far above and below highabovethe city was a small
will not deceive the starsabovethe safe brown earth below
in paragraphs a and babove2 this section applies whether
the case may be 18aboveand b that an enforcement
6 2 a and baboveare satisfied that is a
of section 44zc 1 baboveor otherwise section 25g mr
the statutory provisions referred toabovea member should not accept
literacy in schools referred toaboveand it is certainly the
for each stage referred toabovep6 s2 modern languages 5
act of writing the documentabovereferred to that he did
dramatic silver crested cleft highabovearcadian fields and ochre harled
the court and emblazoned highaboveboth was the legend nemo
little glass cubicles perched highabovecrossroads ladies in red caps
saqsaywaman on a hill highabovecusco after a brief visit
a curlew cries out highabovehis favourite rod sits by
and whaups shrieking wheeling highaboveploughed parks granda s calloused
wimplin in the drizzle highabovethe busy town one gull
church of san blas highabovethe city distinguished by an
practising in a house highabovethe cove it sounds like
fluttering in the breeze highabovethe date palms rewarding themselves
built on the level justabovethe high water mark hwm
behind a colonnaded terrace highabovethe sea i read that
cistus rosemary and grasses highabovethe sea there are cliff
calobra road high and precipitousabovethe sea which i cross
the evocative church set highabovethe square behind a symbolic
wonder what you are upabovethe world so high twinkle
1 2 7 and 9abovemay make it an offence
elevation of some human goalabovegod himself and above the
goal above god himself andabovethe common humanity symbolised by
described picturesque valldemossa 437 metersabovesea level as a summer
labookellie estate 2 000 metresabovesea level in the clouds
from colombo it rises 2240mabovesea level pilgrims ascend it
headland on the sea terracesabovethe cove every day i
merge in intricate sky geometryabovethe genius sea in 1914
housing development on the cliffsabovethe sea and the cove
where the terrain is roughabovethe sea fiddle at my
seems to hold its breathabovethe sea salvador was guided
extraordinary sardinian style mansion directlyabovethe sea where much later
specified in a to dabove9 where in a particular
we raised entry charges slightlyaboveinflation a 2 9 per
fishing in inland waters riversaboveestuary limits salmon may only
the prayer in the templeabovemay it be mine to
the case may be 18abovemr andy kerr 52 in
the case may be 18abovemr andy kerr 53 in
and see the montgomerie citationabovethe record may be amplified
or real which were indicatedabovethus pupils may prepare to
but when the stack roseabovehead height it was very
flights of stairs arms wavingaboveher head lyrics tumbling from
dead and the knife wasabovehis head m1048: [laugh] oh
barber wielded the straight razorabovehis head no señor there
thump thump on the ceilingabovemy head i heard her
the gate with the timeabovemy head same time and
on slowly holds a crownabovethe baby s head then
the crown of my headabovethe wound and it upset
m keeping my head happillyabovewater economically speaking life has
mind to keep your headabovewater hanging by a thread
dog watch keeping his headabovewater i think his mouth
anticipated at management level andabovein each water authority following
higher national diploma level andabovesince 1997 broken down by
and it puts people justabovethe benefit level savings have
a chain to the roofaboveto keep the floor level
2 tbsp sultanas dressing asabove½ tsp french mustard brown
it was around 2 caboveaverage however during the course
stage 2 consideration of theabovebill on wednesday 13 november
the extract for schoolmasters bequestabove6 was handed over in
let us say the cabovemiddle c c sharp and
of teachers by 3 000aboveexisting plans over the next
our area already has wellabovethe recommended limit of 3
permit 4 tuesday view houseabovebut it is taken pity
q aged 15 18 asabovefrancis 4 marys to dance
as applied by section 4aboveit appears to the scottish
4 marys to dance asabovescene 4 mary marries darnley
on it by section 21aboveafter section 25e mr andy
4a other than section 23aaboveand 4d a council constituted
4a other than section 23aaboveand 4d a council constituted
to a section of fencingabovethe river with no adverse
the wooden bridge three feetabovea water course apprehensive as
on horseback searched the moorsabovecairnryan for water supplies and
mill lade that ran fromabovethe free kirk the water
the tall water tower rearsabovethe undergrowth this also seems
effort to keep our headsabovewater the directors have even
grampians a jet screams farabovean eagle hovering yon fou
between the two combatants farabovehim when his mother finally
we were simply too faraboveour market for success the
the knee weel quite farabovethe knee she pulls her
an the skirt s jistabovethe knee weel quite far
if it s that faraboveyour knee angelica i need
000 extra nurses over andaboveexisting plans in the next
300 more consultants over andaboveexisting plans in the next
on to the verandah fromabovehe has a plaid over
had no idea you toweredabovehim you towered over everybody
higher education in scotland substantiallyaboveinflation over the lifetime of
of bsl interpreters over andabovethat the social work services
required from partners over andabovethe capital resources to build
north of scotland over andabovethe general benefits that will
year and the promised settlementsabovethe rate of inflation over
nobody else has over andabovetheir footballing skills they re
the 1964 leavers over andabovethere will be two sittings
be achieved however over andabovethese two fortune must be
s extra spending over andabovewhat the economy can afford
many of the points madeaboveare taken from a document
based on the recommendations madeabovefor example for a semi
the marriage should be seenaboveall as a fitting act
language such as those indicatedaboveand of participating with people
floor tenement window seen fromaboveas if from a helicopter
mixture was fed in fromaboveas the puddings emerged they
identified through the research outlinedaboveas those most widely spoken
remaining capital from all theabovebequests was invested as follows
to you quoting it asabovechristian [censored: name] [censored: address] [censored: webaddresses] [censored: phonenumber]
activities such as the oneabovecould go on to convert
government worship and disipline asaboveestablished and that the same
privileges of this church asaboveestablished by the laws of
privileges of this church asaboveestablished by the laws of
side bedroom 15 tuesday asaboveevening 16 wednesday scottish country
left at methodist rd asaboveevening 17 thursday night off
decidedly drookit as it swungabovehim on the pulley like
the meeting approved that theabovemembers be duly elected as
dream edgar allan poe theabovequotation can be seen as
of the victim is heardabovethat of the criminal as
access only this narrow roadabovethe kelvin was built as
be necessary however as indicatedabovethese performances and the written
lb beef in beer asaboveusing good meat or fillet
transcends all that it sabovevulgar emotion as he returned
the same constraints set outabovesuch services can also be
a hotel from the pointabovea splendid view of the
offered unexpected pleasures and tasksaboveall i felt released from
that come from it andaboveall to enjoy it in
a halo had dropped fromaboveand was intent on throttling
she is from the flatabovebessie s she is 48
i would be struck fromabovebut if there s somebody
it will look like fromabovebut just when you walk
from the big quarry upabovecairnryan down in and then
voice sounded from the stairsabovecatering can be a problem
melted wednesday to which theabovefrom the dawn really belongs
was an all boys flatabovefrom us in first year
leave out from and toabovein line 38 mr jim
is visible from the roadabovekeep to the shore and
native town i am nowabovethe alloted span retired from
from the bark and riseabovethe bluebells the white narcissi
from an unemployment rate wellabovethe national average and designated
famous grice flapping their wingsabovethe revellers paul from yerevan
he came down from heavenaboveto die on calvary for
a change in the hillsabovearrochar where the striking rocky
living space attached several kilometresabovethe cove where i stopped
patterns the game dashing dadabovewhere pupils make simple subject
not get any profit elementabovethat similarly for the public
support that strategy they saidaboveall don t change the
union is adapting modernising andaboveall expanding into a new
eu more efficient and effectiveaboveall however the key issues
in these papers your interestaboveall in this is the
is about enhancing supporting andaboveall legitimising the way in
mammon considers himself to beaboveall moral laws he is
who is supposed to beaboveall moral restraints mammon again
provide an open accessible andaboveall participative parliament which will
longer be a financial burdenaboveall the scottish universities wanted
that is tangible quantifiable andaboveall useful i would like
vocational and academic qualifications butaboveall we re trying to
however there was one factoraboveall which fundamentally impeded the
that honoured the virgin maryaboveall women with the lane
is currently all those listedaboveexcept the first minister and
peaks all i could seeaboveme was a strip of
is mounted on the allabovethe bed and there is
t in the fashion outlinedaboveby the second week of
whichever is the greatest theabovechange was proposed by mr
by its dark heather coverabovedolphinton there are a black
were children by comparison heavensabovesome of them still wore
amitobha sat the sunset buddhaabovetwo peacock plumes framed by
lime stone miner he wroughtabove20 years in a lime
present in the greek classabovea dozen times professor blackie
bake in the oven upaboveand that s m608: mmhm
searches like the stun exampleabovecombine both approaches in that
in paragraphs 6b and 6caboveconveyance has the same meaning
mean i loved this toyaboveeverything else in my life
streamers to a point straightabovein the centre of the
terms just like jane tompkinsabovein their professional context black
1990 1997 [note: table here in original] the tableaboveindicates a fluctuating rise in
in that area through sustainedaboveinflation pay awards however i
in the various ways outlinedaboveis a feature of oral
minister talked about scotland punchingaboveits weight in europe scotland
real impact scotland is punchingaboveits weight in europe scotland
sporting metaphor shetland punches wellaboveits weight in many fields
europe scotland should be punchingaboveits weight in the council
in europe scotland punches wellaboveits weight in the european
was in a few primariesaboveme f631: mm f634: you
cinnamon mixed spice fold intoabovemixture place in oiled and
kaleidoscope vision of chestnut leavesabovemy pram in the botanical
sae braw in the morninabovenoise of the band playing
editorials in broadsheet newspapers theaboveoutlines have been an attempt
can be seen in theabovequotation carswell s fragmented autobiography
then be included in theaboveresource you can access the
in each of the yearsaboves1w 7657 mr kenny macaskill
in the priest s roomabovethe arbuthnott aisle previously known
the sun and macchu picchuabovethe complex in the mountains
resides in a tiny houseabovethe fish inn in trawler
and the figure is wellabovethe much smaller increase in
in the health service runsabovethe retail prices index rate
have seen in the introductionabovethe use of commands to
copper tube the wee poemabovewas dashed off in ten
staff not included in theabovewhat the current total staffing
to been in maistrie hymabovewife of bath s tale
right you walk in andaboveyou there s a bit
advertising particularly with lit signsabovegantries those signs are not
there s a reservoir upaboveg- greenock if i remember
which migrate beyond coastal areasabove36 n the 36th parallel
the overall design concept contractsabovea certain size which would
levelled and a sloping roofabovea flat concrete area which
kings which placed the monarchyabovegod the play focuses on
right there is a chairaboveit which evie uses often
or crossing land or beingaboveland while doing anything which
for dispensing amounts of methadoneabovethe recommended levels which later
the great cave which risesabovethe road ochre and alluvially
value of the combined schemesabovethe threshold at which they
of hay s text italicisedabovewhich draws a contrast between
nobody challenged him or satabovehis salt the house martins
should be a little dashabovethe u or the s
paraffin lamps had glass globesabovea container of paraffin that
infant legs swinging sandaled feetabovea drop the paint faced
stone carved moon icon presidesabovea lintel half way down
brown hair was neatly partedabovea pallid and secretive face
their wings the ubiquitous gullsabovea terne s pupil wavering
but he lovd the youngestabovea thing he courted the
a bank wae some burrasabovea wee burn an mr
they agree the king sabovea weel they say they
aboot adv about abuin prepaboveae a one aerlie adv
aboot prep about abuin prepaboveae a one aesumness n
consultative parliaments some of theabovealso have a limited consultative
there is a general benefitaboveand beyond that we have
her final breath rob theabovearticle is a fictional tribute
up to the standing stonesaboveblawearie a serious youngster who
it s a legal anaboveboard i swop my surplus
sitting on the barmekin hillabovechris s home creating a
sentence a variation of theabovehere the sentence elements are
upon tier of families teeteredabovelike layers of a wedding
used a large camp cairnryanabovelochryan house was home to
enamel jug on a nailabovemabel s grandfather often took
a a couple of yearsaboveme er there were quite
the a girl who livedaboveme who sadly was down
i mean there a flataboveo us m865: yeah oh
the fans whirring like hovercraftsaboveour heads remarkably a red
a m tauld that heavenaboves byordnar cauld an tho
a lively alternative to theabovesubject predicate games the players
kettle abeen e lowin eizelsabovethe burning embers a common
like arthritic tortoises the clockabovethe calendar ticked like a
a line on it justabovethe collar of her blouse
and travell on that remainedabovethe door for a long
1713 was on a plaqueabovethe door [note: photo: 'annie milne's exercise book, 1891.'] previously there
sometimes there was a swayabovethe fire to hang a
skirt up quite a bitabovethe knee oh i d
cut a perfect figure appearedabovethe luminosity of a scandalously
image of a burning bushabovethe mysterious words nec tamen
corner of the table oneabovethe other maybe a dozen
additional hand painted decoration andabovethe side entrance a painted
a guillotine was later fittedabovethe stern doors but raising
tentative returning footstep the pathabovethe torrente a mere footpath
the scratched and pitted mirrorabovethe urinal john saw a
maria stands on a ridgeabovethe wide plain of inca
hearts a team two leaguesabovethem gretna weathered the storm
developed a blue flashing lightabovethem the polis i shouted
administration and the scottish executiveabovethere are a number of
activities related to the textabovethere is a variety of
thinks she s a cutaboveus agnes kin yeese no
visichick brooder on the couplesabovewas the body of a
a poetic symbol heaven sabovewe re crowded enough already
no more than a smidgenabovewhat you d pay anywhere
a shop this elevated themabovewilliam walker norman mcneillie and
a month the temperatures creptabovezero it rained the temperature
burn two boys tickling troutabovetwo jets scream i the
amendment would allow additional peopleaboveand beyond the owner to
context of what they roseaboveand left behind whatever they
covered the west kip photosaboveand on back cover is
not think that we areabovecapacity and i do not
the experience the stars shoneabovechildren played around us and
nurses and 300 extra consultantsabovecurrent plans tackle bed blocking
ripples of russet and chestnutabovedoves are appliquéd on sky
kirk says jesus christ isabovehim and his bishops father
is both chaplinesque and sinisterabovehis square moustache the eyes
it and we could beaboveit i do not think
and owls and hawks huntaboveit the olive groves peter
north of the mess andabovelochryan house the remains of
there another on the hillaboveone across the valley and
the cosmic carnality of theabovepassage is vivid and powerful
and reflect the issues identifiedabovepolicy reviews relating to scottish
people s benefit and areabovethat minimum standard richard grant
memorable painted virgin and childabovethe arched entrance with additional
the pillion pass- passenger sitsabovethe driver and you get
and there was an ovenabovethe fire m608: mm f637:
early see the henryson citationabovethe five barlie laaues and
farmhouse most prominently one locatedabovethe front door and engraved
settlements on the mountain slopesabovethe plains and near palma
and the 1561 torre picadaabovethe port became the small
to increase council tax wellabovethe rate of inflation and
resource constraints and considerations outlinedabovethe spcb has also endorsed
island luisa and i talkedabovethe students heads until tolo
and could scarcely be heardabovethe wind it s me
leaping and whirling cracking whipsabovetheir heads they wore red
times again the advocates andabovethem the members of the
savagely tattooed but amply availableabovetoday s tight and garish
the practices and assumptions discussedabovewhile scholarly and no doubt
the set of genres describedabovecan be broadly divided according
details of catering for theabovehave still to be finalised
great men ought to beabovethe world s opinion instead
that are found to beabovetoxin levels furthermore what efforts
pooers abeen are the powersabovefowk are folk dee is
wonder what you are upabove[gargling] it s not easy
we are considering an awardabovethe satisfactory category then the
reading room on the floorabovethere are few distractions the
industry of the old townabove100 years ago was principally
through the stopping of pensionsabove15 per week after they
kinds of language concepts discussedabovebut also to embrace the
to saqsaywaman the incan fortressabovecusco to see the main
make the cherry trees bloomabovedean s ford even when
the extract for schoolmasters bequestabovehe the moderator had at
eye she could see loomingaboveher the taxi driver except
the bed pause no hoverinaboveit carolanne on the bed
cloud with no sun peepingaboveit the mediterranean was blessed
case of the fat manaboveit would have been misunderstood
constitute speaking scots within theabovelimits there is every reason
the factor of the propertyabovem [censored: surname] at 113 wilton
theatre of the window frameabovemy bed pitch black waiting
her stomp towards the windowabovemy own then thwack thwack
derived through the methodology describedaboveof direct employment associated with
no points arise on theaboveorders we agreed earlier to
note the member lodging theaboveproposal has provided the following
for the 12 people listedabovescottish ministers is often used
areas the proportions of theabovesectors related to tourism for
various ways each of theabovesociolinguistic studies contributed an idea
fishing hamlet nearby the forestsabovethe area peppered with caves
citrus plantations occupy the terracesabovethe bird haunted banks of
see how his armour glittersabovethe bridal cake the bride
melts like lemon drops awayabovethe chimney tops that s
melts like lemon drops awayabovethe chimney tops that s
white bleached mediterranean style streetsabovethe church of san blas
meanwhile on the boat deckabovethe crew worked to prepare
that one of the thingsabovethe door yeah m827: aye
chimney for hanging pots etcabovethe fire ream cream to
ratchet for hanging pots etcabovethe fire swype to sweep
the pale moon was risingabovethe green mountains the sun
that is preferable to goingabovethe heads of the people
culpable for the rocky peakabovethe lairig ghru locally bod
the collar of her blouseabovethe line her skin is
twelve stars punctuate the diademabovethe lluch virgin s thirteenth
clovfer it dreams it levitatesabovethe mast no man s
colour of pale honey standingabovethe melee of the market
first on your left directlyabovethe packets of dotheboys doggie
been constructed on the hillabovethe port to give thanks
his main residence stunningly perchedabovethe promontory called sa fordadada
progress against the objectives outlinedabovethe proportion of financial support
the painting of the railingsabovethe river encourage owners to
the owner of the voiceabovethe silvered balustrade then he
perfectly carved stone feet remainabovethe stone latrine marking the
sinks down on the chairabovethe table i dinna ken
whereas that one up thereabovethe the door is more
hand painted art nouveau letteringabovethe ticket office ornamental painted
sidings while the officers messabovethe village was late built
right hand for the sunshieldabovethe windscreen i felt the
the john anderson stanza discussedabovethe youthful vitality of john
ll see aw the namesabovethem so it s close
of the curriculum cycle describedaboveto her own situation building
year before cause the yearaboveus at school had an
to watch [note: photo: 'bervie jubilee bridge.'] later pupilsabove12 years of age attended
her list of preferences justabovewelsh but lower than english
traditional approaches to grammar outlinedabovealthough they did survive within
november they ve got heatersabovetheir heids ye know but
few weeks time six feetabovecontradiction though we have never
f1154: oh that s f1155: abovehimself but he s happy
i nivver thocht their poweraboveme wes mine but i
clouds perhaps he was flyingabovemy brain processed an image
we say sheen you sayabovewe say abeen you say

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