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pay for better public servicesaccessibleflexible and comprehensive childcare is
to create flexible childcare provisionaccessibleto all building on the
to develop flexible childcare provisionaccessibleto all transform local government
service obligations allowing affordable andaccessibleair links within scotland s1m
service obligations allowing affordable andaccessibleair links within scotland the
that public transport is availableaccessibleand affordable last year iain
that the parliament is openaccessibleaccountable strong on equal opportunities
set up to be openaccessibleand accountable both to the
necessary steps to ensure openaccessibleand accountable government supported by
could deliver impartial accountable andaccessibleenforcement powers in my view
the open accountable transparent andaccessibleparliament that we promised there
est de plus en plusaccessibleet de plus en plus
certify that a design isaccessibleand usable by disabled people
more disabled aware and disabledaccessibleif it is possible to
should therefore be made moreaccessibleto disabled people or is
to make taxi services moreaccessibleto disabled people s1w 33010
local authority area to beaccessibleto disabled users s1w 33008
in relation to disabled peopleaccessibleto the disabled person this
that building standards registers areaccessibleto all users which includes
designed to provide an openaccessibleand above all participative parliament
european union more open moreaccessibleand better understood the second
scottish parliament being open andaccessiblebut when organisations present petitions
in an open transparent andaccessiblefashion and calls on the
making such accounts open andaccessibles1w 20846 michael russell to
make schools genuinely community schoolsaccessibleto all and open to
committed to being open andaccessiblewe also celebrate scotland s
choice and delivers a safeaccessibleand expanding scottish rail system
choice and delivers a safeaccessibleand expanding scottish rail system
how to make scotland moreaccessibleby air road rail and
making the school facilities moreaccessiblehowever the clubs have to
in making texts and tasksaccessibleis vital differentiation may occur
and demand making scotland moreaccessiblemaking sure our tourism industry
support for making information moreaccessibleon the executive s website
in making scotland s historyaccessibleto her people supported by
to making school facilities moreaccessibleto the community alastair dempster
exists and making the opportunityaccessibleto them in terms of
the potential for an effectiveaccessibleand adequate national advice service
its potential as a modernaccessibletransport interchange further welcomes proposals
gain government information in anaccessibleway further recognises the potential
wider scottish literary texts becameaccessiblebut gey few wi thi
be good quality journalism andaccessiblemodern literary writing as at
enable the provision of moreaccessibleco ordinated and good quality
range and quality of jobsaccessibleto those living in rural
i wish you were moreaccessibleand that i could talk
were authorised to make moreaccessiblecopies for all the other
new hospital will be moreaccessiblefor all the people of
development to make it moreaccessiblefor as many people as
the library s much moreaccessibleif you re actually on
a building that is notaccessibleor usable is considerably more
can be made more locallyaccessibleto individuals and become more
and private transport became moreaccessiblevans gradually began to disappear
wide range of pollutants andaccessiblethrough the internet make a
to make scotland the mostaccessibleand welcoming tourist destinations in
big deal to make thataccessiblemembers of the public may
existing structures to make themselvesaccessibleto those children and young
available on the web andaccessiblefrom within the campus and
mainstream education is available andaccessibleso that they can better
ensure that there is anaccessibleform of pharmaceutical service to
to ensure that they areaccessiblewidely publicised and effectively promoted
of health services in readilyaccessibleareas such as shopping centres
city receive timely appropriate andaccessiblehealth care services s1o 1837
s business and the mostaccessiblethrough television was signed i
duress but it is notaccessibleto most of us and
must be secure but alsoaccessibleto all including people with
newspaper and so was notaccessibleto many people the supplement
areas that were local andaccessibleto the people who used
and it is certainly notaccessibleto young people some feedback
a voice for children andaccessibleto all children travel costs
theorists and also maks theoryaccessibletae fok ootside u d
theorists and also makes theoryaccessibleto interested parties outside the
are al- but also areaccessibleto pupils to parents and
in developing plans for anaccessibleonline pollution inventory s1w 33970
where they will be publiclyaccessibles1w 20845 michael russell to
and in formats and methodsaccessibleto them s1w 15108 mr
area network which is notaccessibleoutside the faculty we hope
over terrain which is lessaccessibleon horseback such as through
that should be local andaccessiblewe should do everything that
by the parliament are asaccessibleas possible translation work or
in a way that isaccessibleto those who might be
vocational retraining must be readilyaccessibleeverywhere for everyone where they
world that is becoming increasinglyaccessibleand where communication is vital
in a language that wasaccessibleto an elite few here
the scots language new anaccessibleto everyone but i just
guidance that is clear articulateaccessibleand written in plain english
and colourful wool is easilyaccessiblein shetland the scottish arts
maintained and managed locally andaccessibleon a national level to
and we re talking aboutaccessiblepopulist films here but they
an creeticism the concise andaccessibleweb introduction bi dino fellugi
up after vyborni s deathaccessibleonly to the archduke who
since this was the onlyaccessiblestandard by the end of
some poems that are eminentlyaccessiblein parts to younger pupils
the solution was to developaccessiblesea markets for the valley
that our funding is notaccessibleto the voluntary sector the
as it wisna the maistaccessiblepairt o the pairlament or
matters fur makin scots mairaccessibleprominent an valuable in aw
f951: no it s quiteaccessiblethough like i think aa

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