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the subject of sacrifice whoacknowledgebut adapt smith s views
to adapt jack slightly toacknowledgethe richness of older scottish
generations we would like toacknowledgethe following people for their
generations we would like toacknowledgethe following people for their
in difficult circumstances we shouldacknowledgeand celebrate the importance of
the 2003 2005 plans toacknowledgethe importance of the regional
that they need because weacknowledgetheir importance in providing services
him raising a hand toacknowledgethe presence of a slightly
that his motion did notacknowledgethe cross party parliamentary role
to lose from it weacknowledgethe pioneering role of the
and therefore joins together toacknowledgethe pivotal role which the
oneself to an approach weacknowledgethe role of the voluntary
on i would like toacknowledgethe role that the previous
post robin harper can weacknowledgeandy kerr s contribution which
and it is important toacknowledgethe contribution that she has
important that we in scotlandacknowledgea variety of occasions in
would doubtless want me toacknowledgefish is extremely important and
cause it is important toacknowledgethat however the industry is
it is important that weacknowledgethat in today s debate
boyack it is important toacknowledgethat we are already working
2001 it is important toacknowledgethat we recognise also that
it is important that weacknowledgewhat i believe are the
calls upon the executive toacknowledgethat scotland s rural economy
calls upon the executive toacknowledgethat scotland s rural economy
upon the scottish ministers toacknowledgethe detrimental effect in a
engaged in the process iacknowledgethe consensual approach of committee
and others in particular iacknowledgethe force of the argument
to the gnp and iacknowledgethe work of others including
water and sanitation we mustacknowledgehowever that that cannot be
must be considered snh alsoacknowledgethat involvement of local community
the osteoporosis agenda he willacknowledgethat it must be part
must educate health professionals iacknowledgethat the health education board
make more progress we mustacknowledgethat the response is a
put in place we mustacknowledgethe day to day problems
and training but we mustacknowledgethe problem and listen when
problem and no enforcement iacknowledgethe minister s commitment that
committees is compelling although iacknowledgethe progress that has been
scotland as the minister willacknowledgemuch essential work has still
hindsight will the first ministeracknowledgethat far too many people
that the first minister willacknowledgethat i would never endorse
receipt system phil gallie iacknowledgethat the minister s written
pollok lab does the ministeracknowledgethat the size of classes
first minister i respect andacknowledgethe concerns that were expressed
it has any plans toacknowledgeor honour the work of
behalf of the committee toacknowledgethe hard work of the
chaired by community representatives iacknowledgethe immense amount of work
scottish executive whether it willacknowledgethe work of skill scotland
speak in the debate toacknowledgethe work that scotland s
they will receive although iacknowledgethat the public petitions committee
done i urge members toacknowledgethat fact by supporting the
take a few moments toacknowledgewhat the government has done
been done miss goldie iacknowledgewhat you are saying and
opening today s debate iacknowledgethat our motion was to
a united kingdom basis weacknowledgethat some of the issues
can i encourage you toacknowledgethe parliamentary issues that i
your word to us weacknowledgethat your word is spirit
should we also need toacknowledgethat the government s priorities
jurisdiction also i wish toacknowledgethe support of the university
adopted by the parliament iacknowledgethat in the first year
would be the first toacknowledgethat it is continually looking
institute had decided not toacknowledgeher arrival so we travelled
and deepen those relationships weacknowledgesome of the comments that
into speculation andrew mcnaughton weacknowledgethat msps have the right
jim raeburn we have toacknowledgethat that share varies from
are for the future weacknowledgethat the executive is committed
their pricing we have toacknowledgethat tobacco advertising provides a
order convener committee members willacknowledgethat we have had about
benefiting all scotland but weacknowledgethe gap we will take
advantage of that opportunity iacknowledgethe support for and advances
even grumpy bill macfarlane wouldacknowledgehim between belches as he
would be churlish not toacknowledgethat the 12 week consultation
that any reasonable person wouldacknowledgethat there are places where
would not have proceeded iacknowledgethe assistance of the special
john farquhar munro does heacknowledgethat in other chambers there
to the committee and toacknowledgethe presence of john young
was my personal challenge iacknowledgethat i have taken up
and the local authorities iacknowledgethat in the executive s
lack of safeguards and iacknowledgethat it is clearly an
there particularly with farmers iacknowledgethat licensing may be going
interests brian adam i readilyacknowledgethat that is the intention
schengen to a degree iacknowledgethat the matter is reserved
and age concern which bothacknowledgethat the scottish parliament has
will on all sides toacknowledgethat there was a potential
teens that they began toacknowledgethat there was you know
and intervention are required iacknowledgethe point that was made
smith was temperamentally unable toacknowledgewas that the sexual component
nature at best their membersacknowledgebasic forces in their own
take the necessary steps toacknowledgeaphasia as a life disabling
demonstrate but never failed toacknowledgehis indebtedness to william robertson
mccrone agreement will he furtheracknowledgethe council s close partnership
assistant chief constable gordon iacknowledgethe question i will twist
allegiance tae the king willnaeacknowledgehim as heid o the
return his glances refused toacknowledgehim it is said llull
to bessie who doesn tacknowledgeit in any way nor
secretary and should like toacknowledgethe help i have received
high quality iain gray iacknowledgemr macdonald s interest in
in march i beg toacknowledgereceipt of the manuscript burns
as i said morning iacknowledgethe considerable efforts of christine
reasons have been advanced iacknowledgethe strong feelings on the
for the scottish parliament toacknowledgethe seriousness of the threat
but then you don tacknowledgeit because you think oh
tunes ken is know recognizeacknowledgeflees are flies jaickit is
wis tae be able taeacknowledgethe feelin o contentment tae
enter peggy her clothes hardlyacknowledgethe weather perhaps a cardigan

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