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6 petition pe 377 pollutingactivitiesin built up areas in
6 petition pe 377 pollutingactivitiesin built up areas in
michael kayes on on pollutingactivitiesin built up areas the
by michael kayes on pollutingactivitiesin built up areas the
michael kayes on on pollutingactivitiesin built up areas the
on its report 4 pollutingactivitiesin built up areas the
in language classes or recreationalactivitiesand through a focus on
over to participate in recreationalactivitiesdespite the shortage of some
sports clothing for specific recreationalactivitiesrather than wearing specified clothing
and sport and other recreationalactivitiessic 926 927 quoted in
well being and provide recreationalactivitiessuch as bridge and painting
where grazing recreational and sportingactivitieswould be allowed if compatible
whilst ensuring that the coreactivitiesof teaching and learning remain
whilst ensuring that the coreactivitiesof teaching and learning remain
core funding for their basicactivitiesthe local government changes in
focus on its core headlineactivitiesthe majority of respondents saw
have properly funded the coreactivitieswe can move on to
mainstream of its policies andactivitiesand calls upon the executive
mainstream of its policies andactivitiesand calls upon the executive
mainstream of its policies andactivitiesand endorses the vision for
mainstream of its policies andactivitiesbut regrets that the retention
mainstream of its policies andactivitiesbut regrets that the retention
public services the media culturalactivitiesan infrastructure economic an social
public services the media culturalactivitiesand facilities economic and social
delivery of local economic developmentactivitieschristine grahame as the minister
consequences of banning these twoactivitieseconomic consequences of banning mounted
and induced consequences of economicactivitiesis extremely difficult and complex
potential to generate different economicactivitiesms macdonald i am interested
special needs many economic developmentactivitiessuch as highland games cattle
from the sector s economicactivitiessuch as trading rental income
consistency of the union sactivitiesbe ensured co ordinating all
year within scotland events andactivitieshave been co ordinated by
gaelic and to co ordinateactivitiesin support of gaelic the
trust seeks to co ordinateactivitiesnecessary for the protection of
executive will co ordinate itsactivitieswith them a strong co
placed to co ordinate itsactivitieswith those of the uk
with responsibility for co ordinatingactivitieswithin their particular country in
cultural impact derived from itsactivitiesand spending the effect on
and social life and culturalactivitieseuropean charter for regional or
educational and cultural programmes andactivitiesin promoting knowledge and remembrance
protect their legitimate interests thoseactivitiesare provided for by exemptions
families are unaware of theiractivitiesare provided for under my
with a whole spectrum ofactivitiesbeing provided by diverse organisations
and 5million from revenue earningactivitiesincluding funding provided to the
ordinated all schools and educationalactivitiesprovided workshops for teaching staff
to consider the range ofactivitiesthat voluntary agencies have provided
used in teaching and learningactivitiesincluding activities such as carrying
teaching and learning activities includingactivitiessuch as carrying out instructions
of clause structure various similaractivitiesallow pupils to create crazy
for coordinating and funding theactivitiesof various gaelic organisations the
by the various suggestions foractivitiesrelated to the text above
paper will focus on variousactivitiesstudents can carry out using
with various other smoking preventionactivitiesthe tobacco advertising and promotion
who become involved in voluntaryactivitiesare getting tired of the
individuals involved in the surveillanceactivitiesbasically it is a protection
and are involved in ruralactivitieshave a right to expect
old for many of theactivitiesin which they are involved
involved in the kinds ofactivitiesthat the project has developed
are not involved in suchactivitiesthey must be missing out
landlords are involved in differentactivitieswe have not come to
willie wonka is follow upactivities1 pupils could write the
of how language changes suchactivitiesallow pupils to use the
them b transformations these areactivitiesin which pupils are asked
those understandings and abilities planactivitiesto familiarise pupils with the
first we need to developactivitieswhich constantly draw upon pupils
people are experienced in suchactivitiesand need to show due
atmosphere that went with suchactivitiesand to think of the
will tell you that suchactivitiesare going on bill swann
whether councils would view suchactivitiesas helping them with their
out in the district suchactivitiescan at their best bring
how texts work because suchactivitiescreate contexts in which technical
to the sspca although suchactivitieshave been banned since 1972
way of thinking about suchactivitiesin future this process also
the estimated budget for suchactivitiesis for the period 1
for each department for suchactivitiesis for the period 1
the executive to license suchactivitiesit would also provide exceptions
the executive to license suchactivitiesit would also provide exceptions
on luxuries such as burnsactivitiesmay be jettisoned evaluation on
the bill deals with theactivitiesof such people but it
want to carry out suchactivitiesproperly so a licence is
the mid 80s additional voluntaryactivitiessuch as burns suppers and
they also deal with otheractivitiessuch as eviction notices in
middlefield it brings together worthwhileactivitiessuch as growing healthy food
right to say that otheractivitiessuch as industrial and political
provides a wide range ofactivitiessuch as leisure advice centres
would be an increase inactivitiessuch as snaring and poisoning
can also be developed throughactivitiessuch as the following where
key features of genres inactivitiessuch as the one above
amount of preparation for suchactivitiesthat makes it evident that
those who carry out suchactivitieswhich christine grahame described should
would provide exceptions for certainactivitiesdirected at pest control and
would provide exceptions for certainactivitiesdirected at pest control and
explicit by a range ofactivitiesto provide sentence endings predicates
provide a rich source ofactivitieswith helpful details on organisation
local newspaper any of theseactivitieswould provide a valid context
principle of decentralisation of itsactivitiescalls upon the scottish executive
principle of decentralisation of itsactivitiescalls upon the scottish executive
programme to support anti sectarianactivitiesin local communities based upon
is best learned through meaningfulactivitiesas with learning english as
more languages and the mentalactivitiesrequired by that language learning
in the villages where thoseactivitiesgo ahead the voluntary sector
who take part in voluntaryactivitiessince 1997 s1w 31833 ms
who take part in voluntaryactivitiesto achieve that we are
which directs its resources andactivitiesvery much towards disadvantaged areas
expenditure on the sda sactivitiesand especially its property function
it is robustly independent itsactivitiesare for the public good
is generally effective and itsactivitiesare of positive benefit to
statutory way in which itsactivitiescan be covered in response
prepare a report on itsactivitiesduring that year and send
parliament recognises that taking itsactivitiesoutwith edinburgh and glasgow on
youth parliament to extend itsactivitiess1w 12139 michael russell to
are for reporting its regulatoryactivitiess1w 24100 brian fitzpatrick to
in its recountin o theactivitiestae be seen that day
on the gow and itsactivitiesthen please contact me by
hope and believe that itsactivitieswill produce good results for
medium education ehm supported studyactivitiesas well it- it s
a summary of the principalactivitiesevents to be supported under
year of languages 2001 eventsactivitiessupported in scotland [note: table here in original] the
languages in scotland within scotlandactivitiessupported under the european year
and independently consulted about theactivitieswhich affect them supported by
can emerge from cloze procedureactivitiesalso extends to those instances
experience i have seen thoseactivitiesand one could be in
to get intelligence about otheractivitiesif those people find that
answer is to build otheractivitiesinto facilities so that those
working towards work through meaningfulactivitiesleading to those er outcomes
pass on information about thoseactivitiesmaureen macmillan mentioned the countryside
relevant legislation to curb theactivitiesof those who profit by
in the countryside and otheractivitiessimilar to those of the
proper in respect of thoseactivitiesthereby legitimising them slaughtermen working
bill seeks to criminalise thoseactivitieswhere dogs are used specifically
drag hunting and other horseactivitiesa ban on hare coursing
of other stakeholders and theiractivitiesand of how the executive
cafes and other alcohol freeactivitiesfor young people drugs drugs
over some of the otheractivitiesi would be happy to
cannot be spread across otheractivitiesin an organisation with only
promote sport and other physicalactivitiesin schools s1o 100 11
promote sport and other physicalactivitiesin schools s1o 100 11
irvine herald other europe dayactivitiesin the parliament the huge
sites and d other promotionalactivitiesincluding postage and distribution as
on some other country relatedactivitiesor crimes if you want
from claims arising from adventureactivitiesor other accidents s1w 28602
but also through other socialactivitiespeople who go to school
when they participate in classroomactivitieswith other english speaking children
funding for all sorts ofactivitiesbecause it is sexy photo
competitors was funding for sportsactivitiesfrom the national lottery established
of the scope of theseactivitiesbut the materials in the
been a noble language theseactivitieshave been described perhaps over
not of course admire theseactivitiesmy sympathies were wholeheartedly with
eh if if these theactivitiesundertaken by the association for
in kind to understand theseactivitieswe require a knowledge of
of the bill on theseactivitieswider consequences of the bill
responsible for support for businessactivitiesand training in the tourism
expansion of enterprise in educationactivitiesin every school cluster support
to support and complement theactivitiesof the member states it
the european union which supportactivitieswhich will enable the commission
for greater publicity on theactivitiesand decisions of the european
in the european union sactivitiesin scotland we want to
of international relations outwith theactivitiesof the european community or
determiner and modifier in theactivitiesalthough he also uses simpler
with joint construction shared writingactivitiesand also draws their attention
go through and produce theactivitiesand then evaluate how well
his home language through incorporatingactivitiesfeaturing use of the home
rather than through de contextualisedactivitieswhen should the process of
of their friend s nefariousactivitiesagain that would be because
sadie see they resume theiractivitiesagnes wisnae fur us then
without first having had theiractivitiescleared by british authorities that
or ability groups for discussionactivitiesduring their 3 to 4
so that they can spearheadactivitiesin their communities do you
in their day to dayactivitiesit was certainly an issue
for their national and localactivitiess1w 31119 donald gorrie to
can be regulated and theiractivitiesscrutinised s1m 3521 angus mackay
arrived without renouncing their plunderingactivitiesthe almoravides signed peace treaties
and participate more in physicalactivitiesthe possibility of their developing
some would judge all theiractivitiesto be cruel but that
access to leisure and socialactivitiespublic services employment and educational
myself there are many wildlifeactivitiesin which there have been
or mocked the characters andactivitiesof her local area many
takes up many of theactivitiesthat one would expect to
the city many of theactivitiesthat the gnp s resources
in the many youth orchestraactivitieswith which he was associated
year of languages outlines theactivitiesand events which have been
result from this year sactivitiesdouglas hamilton reference has already
result from the year sactivitiesstuart duffin in general terms
year of people with disabilitiesactivitiesthe opening event which was
for public relations and lobbyingactivitiesby each of the non
using public transport during schoolactivitiescommittee agreed to pass the
to take part in anyactivitiesabout which he seems reluctant
the place of existing tradingactivitiesand in which currency do
about which training and educationalactivitiesare most effective in developing
arise not out of theactivitiesof the snp which is
not include a member sactivitieswhich are wholly in relation
in which the different languageactivitieswill be presented as a
some of the more questionableactivitiesas you said convener 20
environmental degradation caused by someactivitiesgovernment measures must address this
possibility of putting on someactivitiesin the backcourt things are
accepted that some essentially humaneactivitiesinvolving dogs are thought necessary
services and to some newactivitiesthat have not traditionally been
services and to some newactivitiesthat have not traditionally been
favour of some of theactivitiesthat this bill seeks to
of some of the followingactivitiesthe teacher would attempt to
environmental and personal impact ofactivitiesassociated with a local plastic
local dimension and to theactivitiesof the key stakeholders this
to approve covert surveillance covertactivitiesare highly expensive and the
it is advised that theactivitiesare sequenced in the same
and residents association are planningactivitiesfor the centenary and expresses
there are a number ofactivitiesplaned for 2005 and here
about the day to dayactivitiesthat are required over a
women are participating in sportingactivitieswe are already seeing the
along and join in theactivitiesa few of us have
and a whole series ofactivitiesand expenditures that continue between
for his or her ownactivitiesand for the activities of
general for scotland scope ofactivitiesaudit committee 16th meeting 2001
approach of clear objectives meaningfulactivitiesbecoming better aware of how
drive behind most of myactivitiesboyter whit the de il
our wider consideration of committeeactivitiesbut we cannot examine any
yeah so what kind ofactivitiesdo you have then f1067:
provides a valuable resource ofactivitiesfor young folk at a
subjects and out of hoursactivitiesfund the seven national special
of our consideration of committeeactivitieshowever we should remind conveners
the smes a combination ofactivitiesis going on the department
february 1944 the centre ofactivitiesmoved to the south of
a variety of bizarre sexualactivitiesmr paterson i wish to
report of an investigation intoactivitiesof a person named in
own activities and for theactivitiesof his or her staff
regulation of the powers andactivitiesof investigatory authorities it is
flagged up issues about theactivitiesof private landlords and no
on beattie media and theactivitiesof professional lobbying firms 2
on beattie media and theactivitiesof professional lobbying firms at
parliament considers that the combinedactivitiesof the 129 members reduce
changes to the scope ofactivitiesof the auditor general the
purpose was to report theactivitiesof the ever growing number
of macdiarmid to denigrate theactivitiesof the federation and of
innovative needle exchange programme theactivitiesof the gnp reach out
was to clatterin brig theactivitiesof the group appeared to
perhaps uniquely affected by theactivitiesof the parliament twenty three
culture of scotland commends theactivitiesof the robert burns world
that the bill covers theactivitiesof the scottish crime squad
to animal welfare and theactivitiesof the scottish society for
as a consequence of theactivitiesof the scottish textile forum
or appropriate to the croftingactivitiesof the township or b
there is a range ofactivitiespeople in the community will
make grants in respect ofactivitiesrelating to child care and
with a suggested programme ofactivitiesso that we can examine
the homes of older peopleactivitiesthat encourage fitness and broaden
overseas for the purpose ofactivitiesthat involve sexual harm to
a toolkit of resources andactivitiesthat may be of use
cycling is one of theactivitiesthat they want to promote
a good idea of theactivitiesthat took place [note: photo: 'advert for tobacco and cigarettes for prisoners of war.'] [note: newspaper article from mearns leader, 1941.]
carry out most of theactivitiesthat we would have to
general for scotland scope ofactivitiesthe convener i ask members
and undertook a number ofactivitiesto involve the children in
on like a kind ofactivitiesweek thing with my family
the committee details of guildactivitieswill be reported by the
returned for surgery purposes bactivities1 premises or the relevant
any implications for cross borderactivitiesand how will the work
be used only for parliamentaryactivitiesand not for party business
to be applied for similaractivitiescarried out by different bodies
guild has made to includeactivitiesfor younger members and mentioned
acts as a focus foractivitiespromoting the life and work
commands for classroom and craftactivitiesregardez coupez ├ęcoute z modality
fees for arts and leisureactivitiess1m 1631 1 tommy sheridan
for all the challenging grammaractivitiesthat he has used with
fees for arts and leisureactivitiesthat the parliament condemns the
the stimulus for intensive readingactivitieswhere students could be asked
funded by sfefc for feactivitieswhile he activity is funded
you described earlier for whoseactivitiesyou want to create an
opportunities to participate in creativeactivitiesoutwith school hours s1w 12263
the arts and character buildingactivitiess1w 29302 donald gorrie to
the bill to exempt certainactivitiesfrom the ban and to
retrieval and location 1c exceptedactivities4 arrest search and seizure
sports from golf to outdooractivitiesand continue to seek to
very much promote extra curricularactivitiesand er the children we
and england to further hisactivitiesand escape detection that is
having to undertake non nursingactivitiesand pay the first minister
activity in the area theactivitiesbring visitors and tourists and
the nation s history tutorialactivitiescheck the handout and answer
kingdom because advertising and promotionalactivitiesdo not respect national boundaries
rhymes stories games and craftactivitiesexchanging information e g about
in that and his futureactivitieshe has the good wishes
be carefully selected and theactivitiesso organised that a deeper
interactive daeins tae explore onlineactivitiestae prent oot and tak
aboot it and aw theactivitiesthat goes on in in
bring all the players andactivitiestogether and to ensure proper
humanely as possible 1c exceptedactivities1 a person does not
i disseminated information about ouractivitiesas widely as i could
will be happy to addressactivitiesthat they perceive as threatening
lose that by concentrating onactivitiesthat do not have the
an organisation that promotes diversionaryactivitiesafter inspecting youth scotland in
funds the open university sactivitiesin scotland 9 universities have
s trunk roads maintenance winteractivitiesin the north east during
worked in somehow to classactivitieswe should not then devalue
area it will have cpdactivitiesit will have erm development
hand at almond gathering theactivitiesshould combine well i told
appropriate to link the twoactivitieslet me link contributing positively
against the king s sexualactivitiesthat lyndsay was able to
m doing a few extracurricularactivitiesto stimulate my flagging interest
matter when we examine committeeactivitieswe must be careful however
texts using cloze or sequencingactivitiesmaking time lines diagrams maps
on spare time remunerated employmentactivitiesi am not sure whether

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