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sound embarrassingly inauthentic although mostactorsknow enough scots to correct
attempts at scots by someactorssound embarrassingly inauthentic although most
especially in scene 3 theactorsare to follow the narrators
cart mill machinery sheep horseactorsfollow the narrators with clear
8 narrator 9 narrator 10actorsto represent factory machines 6
lead thomas to the factoryactorsplaying factory machines take up
walks away lights fade onactorslights stay on boxing ring
shouts mooooooother light fades onactorsspot light on boxing ring
until audience applaud note theactorsshould follow the readers groups
and drum at end twoactorsarrest mary march her round
other cast 33 parts someactorscan play 2 parts scene
unkind school pupils the otheractorscast scene 3 the rest
cast have lined up introductionactorsline up in semi circle
represent a sleeping toddler 3actorsdo baby cries until mother
to take other parts severalactorscan take two parts or
of english on the mediaactorsmay not be sufficiently familiar
music to accompany mime otheractorscome forward taking up places
music loud school bell asactorsline up and enter school
3 music at each chordactorstake one stride back 3
can be played by animalactorsit is more effective if
groups the mobilisation of allactorsconcerned at nice member state
f963: mm m762: musicians dancersactorsdirectors f963: mmhm m762: and
f963: yes yeah m762: theactorswho never got the roles
to himself and his fellowactorsas shadows in the play
s friend robert pig wifeactorsto play trees sheds outbuildings
blinnd and shilpit puny toactorsunfamiliar with spoken scots it
of notes then tambour asactorsline up for bow for
she deet wi great dignityactorsline up to take a
the front of the stageactorsin turn cross the stage
of people mobilising all relevantactorsin joint multi agency response
to help her plant itactorsform an arc on stage
macbeth which was produced withactorswith a scots accent and
should be possible for theactorsto disappear as soon as
so the system should assistactorsto avoid errors in pronouncing
cause i don t wantactorsvoices not so much the
actually really scared cause theactorswere f1049: uh huh they
also due to young scottishactorslike ewan mcgregor and films
of some of my favouriteactorsin it like brendan gleeson
or to do with theactorsdo you think m017: ah
an splatters an bare scudactorsnearly froze an mad as

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