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a running total but withinactualallocated total expenditure we find
the project is progressing andactualexpenditure against planned expenditure at
elderly and what was theactualexpenditure in each of the
will be no shortfall inactualexpenditure on older people s
will vary annually depending onactualexpenditure our spending on structural
that but f631: is thatactualf634: erm f631: dancing f634:
mmhm f634: there was anactuallamp lighter and ehm he
the a projected and bactualspending on advertising has been
of the spending review theactualspending totals for cap in
but these only relate toactualfeatures of the setting observed
using and experimenting with theactuallanguage features described by the
and ancillary staff and whatactualnumbers are in post in
would be greater than theiractualnumbers would lead observers to
method rather than budgeting byactualstudent numbers further statistical information
grammar as opposed to theactualform of grammar taught in
f631: [inhale] yeah f689: theactualceremony and she enjoyed herself
o say cheese at theactualthing f631: yeah uh huh
of travelling expenses where theactualcost of any travel ticket
travelling expenses means a theactualcost of any travel ticket
corporate body the spcb theactualcost of car hire and
about coming up with theactualcost of implementation and delivery
of the difference between theactualcost of the accommodation and
estate names in bold areactualscottish place names still seen
closes an vennels are areactualstreet names in the f1011:
office are notional but theactualamount to be spent shall
going to say again theactualmonthly amount what do you
the effects of radiation onactualhuman beings adolescents would be
subject to human bias butactualspeech can be analysed objectively
hamelt heritage leid s inactualfact has a sleekit policy
a bit disgustin but inactualfact i think it just
to wet roads and inactualfact i ve never done
s sake naewhere better inactualfact oor alec awready drapped
illustration based closely upon theactualdetails in the text through
modern cornkister based on anactualnews report twa grumphies in
know m608: closer to theactualspeech i mean i m
contained within a glp theactualform of the glp is
the presiding officer how oftenactualprogress on the holyrood project
minutiae of the workings ofactuallanguages instead he was looking
lot of threats more thanactualviolence f965: but looking back
within the bid but theactualweightings applied have never been
it means like no theactualscots language f833: cause like
as they often refer toactualcharacters as peter hall has
honour of having the firstactuallinguistics department goes to the
false memory of having anactualround clootie christmas pudding f963:
trying to stick onto theactualcake so i just sort
not really any sort ofactualeducational trips just the ones
i demand i need theactualname and exact whereabouts of
kher wang kher is theactualname of a very efficient
necessarily produce and parole theactualimperfect utterances of a language
not so much in theactualstructures of language but in
to each other yet theactualdelivery to the person who
new performance measures to highlightactualoutcomes for each child especially
to the ombudsman and theactualnumber of cases where a
was calculated and what theactualnumber of miles removed from
same excuses for george sactualdad or for most of
money away but the theactualpeople who have most of
fear was never for theactualbut for the imagined it
think of any stir- anyactualstirling phrases f1054: have ye
the and lived in theactualcaravans m608: aye m642: so
show the product on theactualsponsorship trailer [tut] [inhale] m608:
1 march 2001 where theactualcontributions if in excess of
the beginning cairnryan junction theactualspot where the line granched
in dundee but in theactualcomics there were no kilts
goldie but what is theactualdate elaine thomson i suggest
mind this kinna thing butactualjeans f1023: [laugh] i ve
havin your tea but inactualmrs mackaree across the road
me but there s noactualobligation to fmd a partner
laid you low but youractualrecovery period has been very
clever er er teachers thereactualartists and er decorators you
s destination as if theactualjourney might be arbitrary uncertain
logical definitions are verified byactualthings this might be the
s going down towards likeactualruchill and possil park and
all these ideas are yeractualjobs by the way in
8 november 1999 what theactualand estimated allocation is to
facilities and publicity and whatactualcosts have been incurred to
an awesome site nevertheless whoseactualfunction is a mystery what
community and what were theactualfunds disbursed broken down in
the water authorities and whatactualrate of return was achieved
inadequate and do not reflectactualneed for example i believe
help if i made anactualcatalogue of the disasters with
noise if not in itsactualloudness i could swear he
for the deficiencies of myactualphysical muscles if that s
or tawse in his handactualprop if available mr grant
on foot so they reactualpassing trade so they m818:
pieces on the on theactualship and so that s
that so it s justactualwriting [inaudible] f746: yeah that
reservoir of scots in theactualcity of aberdeen f606: mm
elucidated on the basis ofactualexamples the immediate concern being
a question of tracking theactualexperience of workload against the
for researchers to visit theactualhistorical sites of their ancestors
to have you know theactualkind of focal point the
as a justification of theactualroad carswell s life had
or long hair cleanness ofactualstreets compared with dirt of
was to have a anactualindoor toilet until he actually
stupit gowks kin comprehend myactualmeanin bit i have tae
a well established metaphor theactualwords have variously disappeared or
mmhm in a in anactualcloth it was in a
t let go and theactualfrog ripped in half an
work in parkhead in theactualin the stadium aren t
friends and as in heractualletters she creates a world
be carried out into theactualimpact that mandatory licensing is
into my clinic nearer theactualtime and then i ll
pender parallels her author sactuallove affair with maurice greiffenhagen
with the speaker as anactualprisoner enthralled by his enemies
time guarantees correlate with theactualwaiting times for outpatient appointments
v booster stood underneath theactualapollo 11 re entry capsule
positive is lacking as theactualcharter no longer exists the
scotland act 2001 and theactualfunding which local authorities may
14 november 1932 although theactualopening wasn t until the
suppose you know reading theactualoriginal f963: mm m762: versions
the committee suggested that theactualsavings would be equivalent to
not eh there was anactualmarriage eh boyfriend i suppose
nae a ro- nae anactualroadie like we had a
right and he s anactualstalker he used to come
plain m1012: [inaudible] got anactualword f- aye m1010: i
stamp hooray chatted to someactualstudents over coffee and waited

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