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teasp baking soda boil cooladd1 cup plain flour s
as peppery enough already optionaladd½ chopped apple fennel boil
creams boil 3 bottles wateradd2 lbs sugar 2 ozs
boil pots for 10 minsaddapple cook until tender drain
to boil cook 1 hraddbacon onions spices cook till
3 pt stock salt pepperaddboil 15 mins ½ pt
gradually bring to boil andaddcheese stirring constantly with a
melt marg sugar syrup slowlyaddcocoa do not boil fold
heat boil for 5 minsaddcoconut stir until it thickens
boil boil for 10 minutesaddcondensed milk boil 15 20
1 oz flour rub togetheraddliquid boil 3 minutes or
constantly cook for 30 minsaddmeat veg rice boil 2
sweeten with a little honeyaddorange apples few raisins boil
add meat mushrooms mix 4add1 2 tblspns purée mix
add wine over low flameaddcheese then mushrooms season well
4 for 1 hour coveredaddchopped cucumber pepper mushrooms apple
9 ½ hr before eatingaddchopped mushrooms c ½ lb
4 oz mushrooms finely choppedaddfry till dry 8 oz
onions garlic in butter 3addmeat mushrooms mix 4 add
butter low heat 10 minsaddmushrooms fry then add parsley
mins add mushrooms fry thenaddparsley flour stir in stock
salt fry add broccoli tossadd½ tspn sesame oil pot
ginger ½ tspn salt fryaddbroccoli toss add ½ tspn
pieces pepper cucumber in panaddcooked potatoes and meat fry
butter fry onions till brownaddcurry add flour cook 1
constantly until browned all overaddred pepper and fry for
fry onion and bacon andaddto egg mixture mix pour
soak overnight cook 15 minsadd6 12 tablespoons brandy parsley
cox s eating apples slicedaddcook 10 mins mix together
hot water 2 oz raisinsaddcook 10 mins more 2
tbspns chopped parsley salt pepperaddcook 30 mins till thickened
in 1 lb potatoes dicedaddcook 5 mins ½ pt
softens 12 oz shredded cabbageaddcook another 5 mins 8oz
raisins 12 oz tomatoes quarteredaddcook c 5 mins potato
cook for 5 7 minsaddcooked rice and seasoning and
add stock simmer 7 minsaddcream reheat but don t
15 mins ½ pt milkaddheat 8oz grated cheese sprinkle
in butter for few minsaddlittle stock blend 1 2
milk beat for 5 minsaddremainder of milk leave for
mins allow to cool slightlyaddsalt pepper little cream sieve
herbs 1 tspn salt pepperaddsimmer for 40 50 mins
5 fl oz chicken stockaddsimmer uncovered for 15 mins
grapes 30 mins bef servingaddslimline g ale chill pork
finely chopped return to saucepanaddstock simmer 7 mins add
cheese biscuits or similar stiradd8 toms fresh or peeled
black beans coarsely choppedaddchicken add stir till brown
melt butter over hot wateraddflour and blend well stir
oil add eggs swirl roundaddprawns toss to mix stir
beans coarsely chopped add chickenaddstir till brown 5 fl
essence melt butter in panaddsugar milk stir until sugar
liquid with peanuts till smoothaddto clear stock stir in
sieve liquidize left over vegaddto stock heat together stir
with peanuts till v smoothaddto strained stock then stir
of cold water cool slightlyaddvanilla stir with wooden spoon
milk sug salt pepper stiraddvinegar slowly to taste chill
yolks 3 sift dry ingredientsaddalternately with milk beat well
4 seive dry ingredients 5addbeaten eggs to fat mixture
milk rub marg into flouradddry ingredients lastly treacle fruit
mix flour rub in fatadddry ingredients mix with water
when it s nearly doneaddin any further ingredients allow
beat eggs with milk thenaddonions and all other ingredients
ingredients rub in marg 2addsuet sugar currants peel 3
packet of dry ingredients andaddwater to it and then
pepper melt 1 oz butteradd1 oz flour rub together
sugar 1 tblsp milk meltadd1 tblsp cocoa 3 tblsp
fillet cooked flaked melt butteraddcream add other ingreds cook
lightly grated cheese melt thenaddeggs then veg bread cheese
flaked melt butter add creamaddother ingreds cook over low
core quarter pears melt butteraddpears sugar cover cook 15
cornflakes melt first three andaddto others bashed biscuit cake
mix fat with flour sugaradd1 egg with little milk
2 tblspns purée mix 5add2 3 tblspns cream quickly
mix cream of tartar flouraddalternately with beaten egg to
currants peel 3 mix welladdegg milk 4 bake for
mix tomato paste flour togaddginger ale pour over chops
yog into ving worc sauceaddjuice lemon mix thoroughly with
add egg yolks beat slowlyaddmelted choc mix fold in
seeds skim milk powderaddmix well form into 2
3 tblspns cream quickly 6addrice mix quickly serve immediately
cold water mix rub inaddroll into two matching squares
spoon on the tuna mixaddseasoning to taste good served
add sugar beat well 2addsyrups milk spices sherry mix
flour 2 tsp baking powderaddto mixture and mix well
butter sugar mix in essenceaddwalnuts and coconut and mix
beat 2 ripe bananas mashedadd8 oz plain flour 1
flour spice add fruit 3addalmond orange juice water 4
flour beat butter sugar togetheraddegg yolks beat slowly add
onions till brown add curryaddflour cook 1 min add
2 fold in flour spiceaddfruit 3 add almond orange
in butter blend in flouraddhot fish liquor stirring until
squeeze cooking fat with flouraddsodium bic and pepper peel
add flour cook 1 minaddstock stirring constantly cook for
rub butter into flour 3addsugar and continue to rub
sieve flour rub in fataddsugar knead into ball roll
chopped spring onions if usingadda teaspoon of mustard a
chop in the bacon andaddchopped chilli turn up the
chopped onion chopped raw potatoesaddmeat cooked seasoning transfer to
pepper 3 tomatoes peeled choppedaddto mixture simmer 25 30
snap it up you couldadda spoonful of sugar if
brown sugar beat 1 eggaddbeat 2 ripe bananas mashed
tblsp caster sugar whisk creamaddbrandy sugar meringue freeze peanut
water cream marge and sugaradddry ingred and syrup put
1 cream butter sugar 2addegg yolks 3 sift dry
of container cover with sugaraddgin shake daily for 1
pecans cream butter and sugaraddmilk nuts bourbon chill and
to butter sugar mixture 4addorange juice rind dissolved soda
large orange 1 cream butteraddsugar beat well 2 add
make a well in centreaddsugar egg coffee essence roll
pastry spread bapples over itaddsugar place in hot oven
whisk in sugar whip creamaddvanilla to yolks fold in
onions into small chunks andaddthese to the pot season
and beat with a forkadda little milk and season
onion garlic ginger to pasteaddcoriander cumin chilli salt beat
stream continuing to beat vigorouslyaddremaining lemon juice to taste
vinegar to sunflower oiladd1 tsp honey ½ tsp
tsp baking powder siftadd½ alternating with 4 tbsp
ex vinegar juice then graduallyaddthat brandy fool ½ pt
jelly in ½ pt wateraddto mixture sieve into bowl
oil till pink firm removeadd1 more tblspn oil add
add milk gradually beating hardaddeggs beating hard add pinch
add 1 more tblspn oiladdeggs swirl round add prawns
add to sauce reheat slowlyaddlemon juice pour over chicken
a well in the centreaddmilk gradually beating hard add
hard add eggs beating hardaddpinch salt put into fridge
egg yolks cream pepper saltaddto sauce reheat slowly add
milk 6 heat until thickenedaddwine over low flame add
cuc pepper 1 large onionadd1 oz cornflour 6 broken
should use salt and pepperadda cupful of milk use
cucumber apple celery green pepperaddsegments from 2 grapefruits without
pepper 2 tspn malt vinegaraddto mixture spread over tomato
egg into 1 cup milkadd1 oz melted butter snowballs
on the butter when toaddan extra egg white when
except hair cream which alladdto the reader s impression
sieve into bowl when cooladdwhites egg beaten whip cream
you go as it thickensaddsome lemon juice and then
some lemon juice and thenaddthe oil in a steady
almonds 1 oz raisins soakedadd cups stock bring to
peas drain cover with stockaddveg simmer till tender 1
drain beans and tuna andaddeverything to pan heat through
to taste heat a skilletaddfat preferably bacon when a
5 remove from heat graduallyaddmilk 6 heat until thickened
on a medium heat andaddthe onion and garlic allow
pan with 1 tblspn oiladd fl oz water when
mixed herbs 3 oz cheeseaddbake at 375 for 40
in to the pan thenaddfresh cold water for the
pan not too much 7addto casserole with bay leaves
meat into small cubes andaddto the pan turning constantly
3 minutes or till thickadd2 3 cheese slices pour
sauté till onion is softaddother veg except tomatoes simmer
place fish in baking dishaddwater and spices simmer for
cooked seasoning transfer to potaddwater simmer for hrs
allow ham to cool thenaddto the eggs with the
1 tsp lemon zest thenaddand leave to cool 4
cool pile on shallow dishaddchives lettuce chocolate raisin crispies
until it starts to thickenaddthe oil drop by drop
ec ref no 9455 01add1 com 2001 251 final
ec ref no 10546 01add1 com 2001 318 final
ec ref no 10361 01add1 com 2001 333 final
ec ref no 8632 01add1 rev 1 sp 2424
ec ref no 10495 01add1 sec 2001 1093 sp
ec ref no 10679 01add1 sec 2001 1140 sp
ec ref no 9996 01add1 sec 2001 971 sp
dry to start with thenadda little water to it
is speculation i cannot reallyaddanything else as an assurance
museums would you like toaddanything jackie jackie baillie there
of your colleagues want toaddanything richard grant no they
debate do you want toaddanything stephen stephen imrie i
however you are free toaddanything that might be pertinent
give her the opportunity toaddanything to the letter or
issues do members wish toaddanything to the paper in
from the sector can youaddanything to your earlier comments
that anyone would like toaddanything you d like to
m1055: [laugh] anything to toaddon on the lounge thing
did you have anything taeaddtae that m1012: no it
unless nick has anything toaddwe will move to questions
fit s mair they ayeadda snippetie till e store
or they ve got taeaddit up on the till
the fruit to a pulpaddthe boiling water to jelly
mince until mince is crumblyaddwater and tomatoes and pinch
subsection 1 so as toaddto or remove from the
with a fork until meltedaddseasoning serve hot with cubes
fish liquor stirring until thickaddthe rest 2 pour sauce
sanctions dr shelton i willadda little point we are
lords i hae little taeaddtae whit mr maclaurin has
privet hedges were trimmed toaddthat little bit of elegance
wallace i have little toaddto my comments the scottish
assistant 2 cambridge university libraryaddmss 7449 d70 3 in
fillet and one bottle beeraddbeer cold beef stroganoff 2
schedule so as to modifyaddor remove any provision 2
to this one might welladdand because the composers and
burns s reputation one mightaddand the future course of
grant might be able toaddsome detail but i think
in her group i mightaddthat almost all of those
for the elderly i mightaddthat i have a high
a private verifier system mightaddto competence in that way
points some of which mightaddto over regulation if they
am and might want toaddto that craig russell there
increase the cost and mightaddto the bureaucracy but it
the middle of the centuryadd0 4 per cent to
as diversionary feeding would onlyaddanother element to the equation
that i have had toaddanother page that can only
doing that your proposal wouldaddanother step because we would
of another committee we couldaddsome value to its discussions
created by another pair andaddtheir predicate to that pair
yet another eminent title toaddto your burgeoning collection and
bill david orr may iaddto that over the past
us and we will thenaddour comments before it goes
but then er you couldaddth- this one er m608:
that its sums did notaddup so it then moved
everlasting sentences pupils in turnadda phrase or clause to
on a steak or cutletadda teaspoonful to sauce gravy
take it in turns toadda word or punctuation mark
from george reid i willadda word or two to
wolf each player has toadda word phrase or clause
affordable rented housing if weaddadditional statutory requirements to provide
government the british government willaddall those organisations to the
think that i need toaddany more to what brian
my part i hasten toaddbut on that of the
that there is potential toaddconsiderable value to the existing
during the schools residency willaddfeltmaking to shared resources for
taking it home he couldaddfinal touches to a stuffed
these various socio economic circumstancesaddfurther strands to the linguistic
speakers later we hope toaddgaelic non indigenous languages pilot
did however in the endaddhis name to the list
dignon has something useful toaddhugh dignon it is important
the busie m1042: is theyaddi e on to everything
else are you going toaddin you draw a bird
settlement change chaos and confusionaddinsult to injury 24 lord
even worse in 2003 toaddinsult to injury those elderly
can keep the piece andaddit to their text if
is nothing you wish toaddminister angus mackay no as
to taste in orbit simplyaddmoisture now there s an
don t you want toaddmore a garden maybe a
and through the parliament iaddmy compliments to those that
airdrie and shotts lab iaddmy congratulations to hugh henry
on a few speeches iaddmy support to brian monteith
and that approach works iaddmy tuppence to that argument
best to create trouble iaddmy weight which is shrinking
robert brown glasgow ld iaddmy welcome to the visitors
swank your class or rankaddnot one jot to your
farms and that they wouldaddnothing to the effectiveness of
be seen as just anaddon to literature it deserves
with microwave ovens as anaddon without prejudice to the
list to which they canaddor from which they can
which gives ministers powers toaddor remove relevant public authorities
not much that i canaddother than to underline richard
bats and laboratory rats toaddradar to our armoury of
will no doubt want toaddsome comments i would appreciate
account to it i lladdsome money to this account
know and i wanted toaddsomething different to it and
opportunities for private verifiers toaddsomething to the system that
exits carolanne is about toaddsorry but the door is
european parliament i hasten toaddthat i am not the
crawford stands but i wouldaddthat it is open to
had not much more toaddthat stupid drunken bitch you
the house they had toaddthat wee toilet onto the
party would have preferred toaddthe following words to the
it would be desirable toaddthe ncis to the list
currently available i want toaddthe phrase on the specific
justified and possible simply toaddthe scores to get an
chairman and i hasten toaddthe word interim sir david
have to untwist the lidaddthe wretched stuff and twist
not deal with them weaddthem to the programme of
and the sheriffs association toaddto a point made by
level of funding it willaddto assist the implementation of
bill if enacted will alsoaddto business opportunities for the
spend to save initiatives willaddto existing executive plans and
the only two i canaddto iona s to smash
come to mind we canaddto it i would like
to jelly crystals and dissolveaddto jam sweeten to taste
key issue is that sipsaddto local communities and give
you something which you canaddto make it unique he
of chinese chip shops toaddto my confusion mr scott
life it seems appropriate toaddto our former greetings and
such order containing provisions whichaddto replace or omit any
convener there is nothing toaddto that at the moment
s judgment what can weaddto that he talked about
people with disabilities who canaddto that knowledge economy 11
spangly jacketed men smoking cigarsaddto that the usual vegas
russell i would like toaddto that we will continue
as the kings of carrickaddto the appropriateness of the
recognise however that that wouldaddto the burden on signers
and higher fuel prices whichaddto the cost of delivering
no other members want toaddto the debate does the
bit contrived in order toaddto the drama after all
the right to buy couldaddto the existing problems because
information that members wish toaddto the legacy paper is
minister s comments will headdto the list of offences
time or the wish toaddto the mass of feminine
replace any member or toaddto the membership of the
a second at least theyaddto the mood of sheer
the ultimate conversation piece toaddto the mystery we don
on how these choices couldaddto the overall effect created
to support this initiative andaddto the pressure for this
a danger that we willaddto the problem to go
home secretary will seek toaddto the purposes by means
point in the future toaddto the purposes that are
in every community and theyaddto the quality of life
of the english crown toaddto the scottish crown he
the important nursing services thataddto the team aiming to
contributions will serve only toaddto the voluntary sector s
do members have questions toaddto what is in the
for things that i canaddto what is said in
m1008: only ones i canaddto what s been said
which will enhance rather thanaddto what we recognize is
given for each local authorityaddup to 701 and whether
may hope for but theyaddup to a beginning which
with a sexual climax wouldaddup to an ecstasy i
is manageable work that willaddvalue to the debate the
son may be aiming toaddyin wi the heid right
the hob eh we lladdsome f1112: no i want
use dr shelton i canadda few points about canada
and sewerage before they canaddany more onto the system
not exhaustive we can certainlyadduniversities that are not on
difficult and replicable can itaddvalue it will not necessarily
other members have made andadda point of my own
23 september 1930 british libraryaddms 48975 no 174 other
sense amendment 87 would notaddmuch there are no other
of the european union wouldaddand from which we would
was what delighted i wouldadd[inaudible] m1008: mmhm f1009: yes
dr shelton all i wouldaddis as randolph richards said
officer des mcnulty we couldaddin name calling the convener
weighty bill where could weaddthat in the report should
wis far ower ceevilised taeadda sup fusky tae the
fittie we were tended taeaddes tae aathing like bairnie
fitbaas pails an spades taaddinsult tae injury i hed
nort is perth but taaddtae mi undoing catriona decided
an wee cement frogs taeaddtae the decoration an soon
o aits an barley taeaddtae their wealth at hauf
comparisons o buddhism an catholicismaddtae this a rich insicht
a really fine een taeaddtae your favourites ir you
ye see we d taeaddup in wur head we-we-
dialects of north holland dutchadddiminutives onto every noun or
is not easy i willadda point about the planning
good job she will certainlyadda welcome touch of glamour
old dance tunes i shouldaddthat my own first war
no but i mean theyaddan an er ontae saw
on it because they alwaysaddie so we called her
of the increase when weaddin further refinements reflecting for
agreement nora radcliffe let meaddthat if we were considering
i think that we shouldaddthat members should ensure that
f1041: and of course weaddthe e the cluggie mmhm
p s we have thisaddvariant hellery and quot sh
two items and they cannaeaddit up m608: mmhm they
chiel an accoontant aathin maunaddup in his buik there
that shows how the sumsaddup the executive accounts for
right bill arundel did notaddunless something else happens mr
the voluntary sector local authoritiesaddan extra 150 million and
and on and on youaddf1041: aye f1043: mannies wifies
ll burn and go blackaddin tin of tomatoes and
and tait c u laddmss 7449 d451 tait as
the current planning process iaddthat i have visited both
yeah f1054: i m gonnaaddthat one [inaudible] m1146: mmhm
stuart duffin i agree iaddthat one of the key
us in glasgow i shouldaddthat the furnaces in glasgow
excused for feeling that apparentaddon luxuries such as burns
the name of david davidsonaddat end the parliament also

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