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of personnel easy road accessadequateanchorage facilities and good railway
sorts of ways to provideadequatefacilities for profoundly deaf people
unless services and facilities areadequateto meet the demands placed
unless services and facilities areadequateto meet the demands placed
to ensure that there areadequatetoilet facilities for disabled people
athletics teams continue to haveadequateyear round training facilities s1w
raise funds to establish anadequateeditorial staff for the d
scottish executive in ensuring thatadequatefunds are spent across the
extended before a regime foradequatemaintenance and sinking funds is
voluntary organisations do not receiveadequatenational and local funds many
in reclaiming derelict land ensuringadequateflood protection and improving the
there are difficulties in ensuringadequatemaintenance s1w 27423 linda fabiani
designations in future to ensureadequatecorroboration pe463 petition by councillor
system it must ensure thatadequatefunding is provided it would
is being taken to ensureadequatefunding of the police service
to ensure that scotland hasadequateindependent representation on the strategic
countries and the lack ofadequatelabelling to ensure consumers are
countries and the lack ofadequatelabelling to ensure consumers are
economy to put in placeadequatemonitoring and evaluation to ensure
it has to ensure thatadequatepostgraduate education on the diagnosis
are being taken to ensureadequatepublic transport access to the
have been taken to ensureadequatepublic transport links to the
in order to ensure thatadequatereserves of aggregates are available
to ensure that proper andadequateresources are allocated to improving
is taking to ensure thatadequateresources are in place to
staff are engaged to ensureadequatetake up of such funding
planned by scottish water isadequateto ensure these clean and
in the future provided thatadequateand effective resources are applied
could not be achieved withoutadequatefunding paragraph 148 of the
aims cannot be achieved withoutadequatefunding the policy memorandum states
and opportunity for all guaranteeingadequateincome and resources for a
the scottish executive will provideadequateresources to the scottish health
whether it is satisfied thatadequatescientific resources are being applied
curriculum must be designed andadequatetraining and resources must be
a special case and requireadequateand increased funding one can
in scotland are starved ofadequatefunding and expected to conform
staff working in that sectoradequatefunding from central government and
staff working in that sectoradequatefunding from central government and
to make provision for theadequatefunding of their care and
in their attempts to gainadequatefunding so that they might
scottish executive to a provideadequatefunding to local agencies to
agrees that the lack ofadequatepowers of the executive and
executive whether there has beenadequateand effective communication with the
for an effective accessible andadequatenational advice service on debt
does not provide appropriate andadequatecare and support as recommended
eh gaelic teachers to provideadequateeh additional provision for gaelic
order for it to provideadequatepremises and staff remuneration s1w
in their struggle to provideadequateservices and to combat the
home without central heating oradequateinsulation for senior citizens who
was perhaps introduced without fullyadequatepreparation that is one of
for political reasons and withoutadequateresourcing fourthly this is perhaps
like an old un cottageadequatewithout being pretentious july 1
scottish opportunities fund to supportadequatevoluntary sector training particularly focused
genuine concerns but provided thatadequatesafeguards are put in place
the regulatory framework appropriate andadequatefor a holistic approach that
point there needs to beadequateprovision for pensions for appropriate
in an appropriate form withadequatevocabulary to communicate key facts
duty it is to secureadequateand efficient provision of further
others is protected by theadequateprovision of seating s1w 8779
on them to carry outadequateconsultation there does not seem
homelessness will local authorities receiveadequatefinance to carry out the
the driver not having anadequateopportunity to defend himself or
those but will they haveadequateopportunity to express their disagreement
and database packages which areadequatefor most undergraduate needs for
agencies and public services haveadequateinformation to service the needs
network and to agree anadequatelevel of resource perhaps through
highlands and islands get anadequatelevel of compensation for high
lexicographers the financing of anadequatelevel of staffing was a
for the agriculture industry wereadequateper se more particularly i
longman miniconcordancer is not usuallyadequatesince it cannot handle enough
on it to have anadequatebus service the committee considered
which struggle to maintain anadequatehealth service network this will
suitable diet and to takeadequateexercise i agree with the
goods and services e gadequateincome decent and sanitary housing
the transport act 2001 areadequateto protect and enhance evening
the importance of having anadequatelease and all local authorities
of course there must beadequatesafeguards for the protection of
deck doors must be ofadequatestrength was supposedly acted on
approach of giving local authoritiesadequatepowers to tackle dangerous buildings
universities should together ask foradequatefinancial support for both ventures
all bad here afternoons areadequateand evenings are substantial it
defences for the retailer areadequateand the primary offence would
for pandemics are the plansadequatehas the cost of establishing
in the western isles areadequatein particular to prevent depredation
are estimated not to haveadequatepain relief is also mindful
are simply trying to makeadequatesaving and transitional arrangements to
given official status and thereforeadequaterecognition in public life there
this paper to give anadequatepicture of the scope of
give assurance that there isadequatereplacement for those moved from
scots was generally seen asadequatefor every purpose in life
in order to allow interpretersadequatepreparation time this material should
the scottish executive whether anadequatenumber of care commission inspectors
and might prove to beadequatei noted another issue from
groups who do not haveadequatemeans to make their views
a need to convey anadequatecontext for their practical application
the right to buy andadequatearrangements for paying into a
landlords accepted the need foradequatefire safety but they questioned
and redd they were hardlyadequateguidelines for spelling a language
t really writing essays ofadequatelength for english until 4th
the sexual offences bill isadequateand complete hugh henry i
defences in the bill appearadequateclarification of the exact due
feel that the bill containsadequatecover phil gallie i commend
bill adequately requires not justadequateresourcing of the cost of
my efforts were less thanadequatehe tried to get me
it necessary to have anadequatemoral explanation even of the
in the north east wereadequateto anticipate the current weather
commiserate yet unable to findadequatewords it was as if
m1007: yep that s againadequateand grandpa would be and
could but it was anadequateand welcome cereal soup and
comparatively short pier gives anadequatedepth of water at all
situation dialect mixture is anadequatehistorical account of the situation

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