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s haein a nice weeaffairwi protopopov an ye dinna
s haein a nice weeaffairwi protopopov goes out vershinin
was a jolly home knittedaffairwith carol singing and an
was a jolly home knittedaffairwith precocious schoolchildren performing a
place a gey hame madeaffairwith an arch at the
wedding was a hastily arrangedaffairat elgin registry office besides
out the third age groupaffairhas shone a light on
the funeral wis a granaffairaa the boddam fowk wis
by the disgrace of theaffairattended the funeral delivered a
wedding in aberdeen a grandaffairkings was beautiful the reception
high point of the loveaffairbut a winter in which
like mementos of a loveaffairfrom the aquatic theatre beneath
not unlike an extraordinary loveaffairindeed gertrude stein warned robert
and kitchen garden the loveaffairis caught in synthaesthetic images
lahore and the parents loveaffairthat s completely standard english
aboot cammy an his loveaffairwi his auld lady fuckin
m noh huvin a loveaffairwi mah faithir cammy purely
sea thus began his loveaffairwith mallorca which would be
her author s actual loveaffairwith maurice greiffenhagen this book
more than relics my loveaffairwith pink floyd grew after
and fulfilment while her loveaffairwith the english painter pender
only one side in theaffairis willing to come to
was a small two roomedaffairthen used as a tool
ve used this oil platformaffairinstead of an island it
what well this floating islandaffairis almost complete you hear
went to break off theaffairwith mrs dow the only
the break up of hisaffairwith sand and after i
indeed the third age groupaffairin fife received much publicity
contain no indication of anaffairneither does the book the
dochter it wes a graundaffairan verra near awbodie round
at 10 45 a quietaffairand a wee tea in
atween wirsels min at rolleraffairwis aafa queer jock wis
hid bin an unca strainedaffairsally bruce thocht her man
make yourself at home theaffairwis organis t bi the
seen the end o thisaffairyit no bi a lang
boys it was a greataffairi remember while it was
own mouth is their ownaffairbut there is something perverse
that i drifted into yonaffairthat led to jack ganging
set great store by thisaffairour enemies are to be
magazines it s a terribleaffairand they ll only come
eilrig brig wis ae pairtieaffairatweesh elrig an philhope ferms
said nothing since yesterday thisaffairhas suddenly made a man
the heid o the panamaaffairhe wrate wi delicht aboot
wife that s havin anaffairwi her hang glidin instructor
phillips is having a royalaffairwith a bbc anchorwoman not
so the fireplace a pooraffairwith binks no oven they
she finally has a briefaffairwith one of them and
he said is a biggeraffairthan books and life is
that was a fairly painlessaffairand around eleven we bade
christmas is a new fangledaffairand little attention was paid
it was a family runaffairand the major decisions were
widden lum was a neataffairbuilt of planks and laths
at one was a wofflyaffairlargely me rabbitting on about
but his disapproval of theaffairforced vyborni to keep it
in california would be youraffairbut what would you do
svengali would be a transientaffairmr jones had never had
here a sticky rather souraffairlike their natural yoghurt and
me up country on anaffairof business in the spring
start bible black s anaffairof the heart ravelins the
my father ever have anaffairthe withered hand tipping the
me it s the otheraffairabout deana s mother you
rest of us see theaffairfor what it is good

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