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that it is not adverselyaffected2 as regards the person
is likely to be adverselyaffectedby the exercise of access
if they have been adverselyaffectedby the outbreak of foot
other person are not adverselyaffectedby the tenancy becoming a
of the limousin however initiallyaffectedand then naturally provincial is
speech of the limousin initiallyaffectedand then naturally provincial is
plain speaking pantagruel and theaffectedlimousin scholar the translation picks
issues for families who areaffectedby a disabled child we
of support services for familiesaffectedby alcohol abuse and ensure
welfare of children in familiesaffectedby alcohol abuse is being
families in communities that areaffectedby drugs can be improved
continuing support to those familiesaffectedby this terrible disease business
their families that have beenaffectedcongratulates highlands and islands enterprise
shetland people rememberin how thisaffectedthem and their families things
aspect of teachers work wasaffectedby the burden of assessment
corpus 5 one aspect directlyaffectedby the enlargement of the
and fourth year pupils wereaffectedevery aspect of teachers work
arrived that his body wasaffectedby a deadly disease and
census goes ahead in areasaffectedby foot and mouth disease
given to farmers on premisesaffectedby foot and mouth disease
targeted on those areas mostaffectedby the disease and considers
targeted on those areas mostaffectedby the disease and considers
assessment of needs of childaffectedby disability 9 amendment of
authority of needs of childaffectedby disability after subsection 3
assessment of needs of childaffectedby disability in section 23
inclusion of all who areaffectedby disability through promoting well
local authorities are more directlyaffectedby certain issues than others
as well as those directlyaffectedby poverty and social exclusion
that would be most directlyaffectedsuch as north east scotland
parties on premises that areaffectedby a sequestration for rent
of consultation undertaken with partiesaffectedby the ell department s
parties who will not beaffectedby the new rules and
hold on the matter withaffectedparties s1w 27416 andrew wilson
for businesses run from homeaffectedby the foot and mouth
years is likely to beaffectedby eu enlargement and world
they consider likely to beaffectedby or otherwise to have
that parents likely to beaffectedby the proposals in its
many scottish jobs would beaffectedby a scottish ban mrs
jobs in scotland would beaffectedi am not clear about
consequently jobs that will beaffectedresponsibility lies with the private
being introduced to support communitiesaffectedby cuts in the fishing
in respect of rural communitiesaffectedby the application of sewage
a 50million support package foraffectedfishing communities we will continue
consultation with the local communitiesaffectedon the siting of these
which specific projects will beaffecteds1w 16755 richard lochhead to
which specific projects will beaffecteds1w 16756 richard lochhead to
which specific projects will beaffecteds1w 16757 colin campbell to
support and care for thoseaffectedby a mental illness and
support and assistance to thoseaffectedby bullying and d investigate
d investigate intimidation of thoseaffectedby bullying by local government
to those who might beaffectedby it the investigations will
of those that would beaffectedby the granting of such
arrangements for those who areaffectedby the new legislation and
out for those who areaffectedby the new legislation and
compensation to those who areaffectedby the operation of the
close as possible to thoseaffectedby them we will invigorate
in silent respect for thoseaffectedby what happened in america
that those who might beaffectedby work in particular owners
to those people who areaffectedjanet allan sometimes there are
vengeance on those who useaffectedlanguage this is an important
vengeance on those who useaffectedlanguage what the hell is
to allow those who areaffectedsome time to plan and
will be provided to thoseaffectedthrough dedicated local action teams
for compensation to assist thoseaffectedto recover lost ground bill
industry find that they areaffectedby a downward turn in
wider issues salmon stocks areaffectedby a range of factors
care and treatment of peopleaffectedby a stroke s1w 12222
of the public are moreaffectedby and can be made
in relation to or isaffectedby any function of that
emergency services if people areaffectedby anything that happens by
information and support to anyoneaffectedby cancer recognises that cancer
the legitimate market would beaffectedby cheap cigarette products coming
to decontaminate any landfill sitesaffectedby chemical pollution s1w 14987
the number of households badlyaffectedby debt and by the
decline in an area alreadyaffectedby depopulation and believes that
meet the needs of childrenaffectedby domestic violence to address
gulf war veterans who areaffectedby gulf war related illnesses
and regeneration budgets will beaffectedby industrial action by fire
virus and many millions moreaffectedby it acknowledges that scotland
virus and many millions moreaffectedby it acknowledges that scotland
and local authorities are notaffectedby it however we would
more powerful than fortune althoughaffectedby it in the house
improve and upgrade rural roadsaffectedby large volumes of timber
fact that it was substantiallyaffectedby literacy only in the
improving the lives of peopleaffectedby ms notes the recent
the area that is worstaffectedby multiple sclerosis the orkney
specifically designed to help individualsaffectedby redundancy training for tomorrow
the net fishery would beaffectedby restrictions on fishing effort
how many people are currentlyaffectedby rheumatoid arthritis broken down
brain functioning has been permanentlyaffectedby that dunt the singing
years cabx are perhaps uniquelyaffectedby the activities of the
varied and that this wasaffectedby the areas and localities
income for the scallop fishermenaffectedby the bans how is
chains which would also beaffectedby the bill and about
from people who will beaffectedby the bill certainly comhairle
protect the people who areaffectedby the closure the convener
town k├╝ttemberg the archduke obviouslyaffectedby the disgrace of the
whose visitor numbers have beenaffectedby the drop in tourist
parliament as a whole isaffectedby the issue my understanding
local businesses who may beaffectedby the law of the
licensing conditions hotels are alreadyaffectedby the liquor licensing legislation
of children that will beaffectedby the proposals s1w 34794
the district that would beaffectedby the regulations fergus ewing
views of the major stakeholdersaffectedby the report s recommendations
line fire services are notaffectedby the requirement placed on
the enterprise networks will beaffectedby the resignation of ms
proposes to provide to residentsaffectedby the upgrading of the
hope your computer was notaffectedby the virus on friday
which scotland will actually beaffectedby the year 2000 date
where the interest is soaffectedby virtue of section 18
six people whose lives areaffectedby what i do i
in other venues will beaffectedby what it will cost
people who aren t normallyaffectedby winter may find themselves
that the timetable has beenaffectedin any way by what
thou wilt here by thyaffectedspeech counterfeit the parisiens well
thou wilt here by thyaffectedspeech counterfeit the parisiens well
provided to the young peopleaffectedsupported by fiona mcleod shona
and how these in turnaffectedthe teaching methodology used by
people who live in theaffectedareas the convener if we
the mountain areas has alsoaffectedthem let s look at
arrangements for holiday payments toaffectedworkers within its areas of
collapse of populations in theaffectedarea on the north coast
are working in the areaaffectedmiss goldie have the plans
extra controls over the areaaffectednor any additional resources the
withstand the severe earthquakes whichaffectedthe area below the fortress
that sub postmasters who areaffectedare adequately compensated for the
nhs boards and local authoritiesaffectedof re provisioning care for
talking about all local authoritiesaffectedwhich includes argyll and bute
of the testing is notaffectedalthough it might need to
electronics although other sectors wereaffectedit is important that we
you are concerned might beaffectedcould you also provide us
much larger businesses might beaffecteddifferently before we recommend adoption
winter may find themselves beingaffectedthis year just because we
the people living in theaffectedpart of edinburgh but is
young people in particular areaffectedthey have to struggle through
drivers it estimates will beaffecteds1w 27365 mr kenny macaskill
if so which services areaffecteds1w 27419 elaine thomson to
when ten pupils will beaffecteds1w 3442 nick johnston to
are all spoiled self absorbedaffectedand adolescent they use rhyme
are and which houses areaffectedand the issue of enforcement
fiordic systems salmon are alsoaffectedin contrast to sea trout
like every other decision thataffectedme in the bloody war
evidence of the market beingaffectedin that way elsewhere brian
its neck muscles could becomeaffectedone side being more strained
many committees to be eitheraffectedor racy so it s
of competence will not beaffected17 how can it be
how scottish law would beaffectedbut is there a risk
the income will not beaffecteddes mcnulty was the modulation
of any newspaper would beaffectedin relation to comments on
thi only subject tae beaffectedin this waiy even the
a funny way he saffectedhe s pretentious erm in
speak in an artificial oraffectedway there is certainly no
the only farm in arbuthnottaffectedduring the 1959 60 outbreak
horses a major problem whichaffectedonly horses was grass sickness
about the factors that hadaffectedthe work load in the
citizens of glasgow and otheraffectedconsumers across scotland after debate
and the percentages of womenaffectedmrs warrington of course do
a a sort of veryaffectedtype of english accent er
the scottish west coast islandsaffectedand to ensure that tourist
standard grade exams as theyaffectedschools and colleges mr macintosh
to littering covering the landaffectedthe requirements on and the
that the the inflammation hadaffectedwas my memory [inhale] and
wurd ti thaim moula isaffectedmoula ah ken ah ken
in his writing he oftenaffectedan obscure style deliberately drenched
in our workplaces because itaffectedthe amounts that we were
wid the polis dae sadieaffectedinnocence pretending to count her
edinburgh even the park flowersaffectedyon trystit lassie dressin her
i believed that missing dataaffected1 500 candidates i found
neighbourhood trying to spot similarlyaffectedhouses to console me that

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