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text makes the mistake ofaffectingthe latinised french of the
so even when he saffectingthe pretentious latinised style urquhart
over the past three yearsaffecting3 388 households and that
over the past three yearsaffecting3 388 households and that
has focussed on other factorsaffectingsalmon stocks in 1994 nasco
wider context of other factorsaffectingsalmon stocks although it is
reference to the wider issuesaffectingsalmon stocks some of these
of marriages and the factorsaffectingthem perhaps that is not
periods of drastic social changeaffectinga language mcclure 1981 96
periods which saw substantial innovationsaffectingthe text of the published
effect on wildlife wider issuesaffectingsalmon provisions of the bill
limit fishing effort wider issuesaffectingsalmon though they do not
on many acts of parliamentaffectingregistration and in various working
done systematically for any actsaffectingthe functioning of the institutions
that s something that saffectingmetal that when metal started
vary or discharge community burdenaffectingsheltered or retirement housing person
subsisting real burden or conditionaffectingthe interest and where the
union due to creeping developmentsaffectingthe runways and glide path
msps reserved matters the issuesaffectingscotland that are decided by
have opinions in all mattersaffectingthem and those views should
young people on all mattersaffectingthem due allowance being made
young people on all mattersaffectingthem in accordance with age
is a very contagious diseaseaffectingpigs and cattle when an
perpetrating a disease that isaffectingthe shellfish men we should
in view of other issuesaffectingthe 1982 act as it
treasury to discuss financial issuesaffectingthe fishing industry and if
the financial and business issuesaffectingthe glasgow science centre s1w
to address the issues currentlyaffectingthe scottish sheep farming industry
increased or better targeted expenditureaffectingrural areas across all the
and others such as thoseaffectinga small island such as
parliament recognises the serious crisisaffectingscotland s dairy industry notes
to any future legislative proposalsaffectingthe succession is beyond the
if there are special circumstancesaffectingthe tenant which make it
when speaking to pantagruel ofaffectingto be a kind of
to a dispute over payaffectinglocal government services and notes
speech and language therapists areaffectingthe care and treatment of
consulted on legislation and initiativesaffectingyoung people s1w 12140 michael
for profit pe509 planning legislationaffectingcertain types of development pe513
and integration of all policiesaffectingscotland s water environment including
about people and the pressuresaffectingthem the staff survey from
to the difficulties that areaffectingall of the species there
to do that we reaffectingwhat we do an then
at badallan farm in lanarkshireaffectingcommunities there and in west
just realised that i amaffectingthis tape every time i
eh i had i wasaffectinga nineteen fifties look at

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