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pop bam bam he firedaganenoo fower wee puffs o
lowpit back intae the holeaganetae watch the tide winnin
nivver gaed ti the tronaganean nou monie thousants o
ve nivver been the sameaganesinsyne whit ae howp whit
nivver sei thon deir bitaganethe douglas pit the treisurs
nivver bene awnsert an camaganeti the foir fur monie
maternal grandfaither s step faitheraganemorvin wricht s wey o
the fit o the buirdaganescotland hes thuswyss bene brocht
he is ben the kittieaganeshae expoundit grannie roddenberrie gied
thocht shae wes a bairnaganethe chukkens wes clokkin outby
instant shae wes doun whummiltaganethe sunn aye schane bot
wi the harrigals o grypesaganewi ilkane wird shae swang
tither c mon he yelledaganegit oot o thare afore
dugs on ye he leuchitaganeti shaw the r wesna
fleein gless the syreens wentaganebut this time it wis
he breinged ben the hawaganegruppit tammas an whyle devellin
o grame thai gaed oweraganethe gray gate at tammas
thair boats tae gaun ootaganewi fortie or fiftie boats
nae time tae stert oweraganesaid they wad juist hae
fand ti stert him upaganethe cannas wes thikfauld wi
hed ti naitiounaleise the cumpaniesaganeti haud thaim siccar i
tae enjoy it neist yearaganebi pittin in entries for
on strike ilka noo anaganean wi maist o thair
pairlament luiks intil the billaganefaurer amendments micht be made
pawkie glent in hiz eiaganetho the fower gasts follaed
day naethin wis the sameaganefor a lang lang while
yid wis his auld selaganea mynd on um yae
wis ane o thum anaganegin a mynd richt agness
it nicht an shut eetaganewhan hei gaed roond his
keikin ben an steikin thaimaganethan he set hissell doun
lyked ti here it oweraganean frizzel wes aiger ti
roch wi the tuimin outaganemirren wes saufed bi the
wattir the dunnie wes fluiditaganewhan aw wes redd up
been pruived ower an oweraganebi thae purist authors thairsels
a winna plew throu itaganebi the feinis o t
crucified risen ascendit an cuminaganewi aa yer hert saul
an dinnae come back hereaganeor ye ken whit ye
semed ti nede oxiegene sairaganewhan the middil o the
ve pitten the price doonaganetae 20p a think we

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