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by the scottish executive itsagenciesand non departmental public bodies
the sector and executive departmentsagenciesand non departmental public bodies
guidance to its departments executiveagenciesand non departmental public bodies
staff and offices of executiveagenciesand non departmental public bodies
by the scottish executive asagenciesdepartments or non departmental public
applies to employees of executiveagenciesnon departmental public bodies and
by scottish ministers from executiveagenciesnon departmental public bodies or
it or any of itsagenciesor non departmental public bodies
been spent on government departmentsagenciesor non departmental public bodies
since 1996 any of itsagenciesor non departmental public bodies
routinely used by law enforcementagenciesbut without the force of
the requirement that law enforcementagenciescan properly and effectively carry
things that the law enforcementagenciescome up against along with
lead to other law enforcementagenciesdeclining to work with scottish
with by scottish law enforcementagenciesfourthly the bill sets out
and easier for international enforcementagencieshaving a single piece of
being given to law enforcementagenciesif someone is wrongly surveilled
will benefit our law enforcementagenciesif they need to get
of the uk law enforcementagenciesincluding the national criminal intelligence
between law enforcement and otheragenciespart 1 provides for a
resist the amendments law enforcementagenciesregularly rely on information volunteered
draconian powers to law enforcementagenciessome weeks ago i read
the police and other enforcementagenciessuch initiatives may be local
powers to the law enforcementagenciesthe bill strikes a balance
the ability of law enforcementagenciesto deal effectively with some
about ensuring that the enforcementagencieswhen they use surveillance techniques
matheson s amendment law enforcementagencieswould be shackled they might
voluntary service and volunteer developmentagenciesi am sorry that lyndsay
services and local volunteer developmentagenciesor volunteer bureaux throughout scotland
as well as volunteer developmentagenciesthe executive has gone over
employed by the core departmentsagenciesand associated departments of the
local authority departments and otheragenciesleads to delays in people
offshore related government departments andagenciesto base the maximum possible
lie with other departments oragencieswe could also ask the
in relation to departments oragencieswith rural responsibilities to the
any guidelines when contracting recruitmentagenciesand what factors other than
any guidelines for contracting recruitmentagenciesand what factors other than
the scottish executive which recruitmentagenciesit uses s1w 12173 donald
the presiding officer which recruitmentagenciesthe scottish parliamentary corporate body
and community care the nursesagenciesincrease of licence fees scotland
29 june 2001 the nursesagenciesincrease of licence fees scotland
scotland act 1938 the nursesagenciesincrease of licence fees scotland
and community care the nursesagenciesincrease of licence fees scotland
lpg and if so whichagenciesand bodies a already run
the budgets of the governmentagenciesand other bodies that receive
whether it is encouraging executiveagenciesand other public bodies within
bodies a number of publicagenciescontribute to tourism including the
public bodies or non devolvedagenciesin each year since 1996
it or any of itsagenciesor public bodies within its
into arrangements with private fosteringagenciesand whether such agencies should
local authorities and other publicagenciesincluding the economic development agencies
agencies such as money adviceagenciesis simply irreplaceable the demands
agencies including the economic developmentagenciesmcleod w 2002 p52 p65
fostering agencies and whether suchagenciesshould be subject to inspection
work of cabx and otheragenciessuch as money advice agencies
number of non police reportingagenciesthe level of reports received
which consultants or other externalagenciesare currently employed by it
which consultants or other externalagencieshave been employed by it
which consultants or other externalagencieshave been employed by it
among the voluntary sector statutoryagenciesand councils less clear cut
is important to integrate statutoryagenciesand the voluntary sector the
important in ensuring that statutoryagenciesare aware of the voluntary
relation to consultation the statutoryagencieshealth boards health trusts and
should take evidence from statutoryagenciesit is important to integrate
the strategic objectives of statutoryagenciesthe committee considered a response
respective councils enterprise companies regenerationagenciesand private developers should work
about the role of enterpriseagenciesand the government we discovered
milk the producers the enterpriseagenciesand the scottish executive should
chambers of commerce and enterpriseagenciesare trying to get the
the local authority and enterpriseagenciesin a bid to help
the scottish executive and itsagenciesin particular the enterprise network
directive for example through enterpriseagenciess1w 12211 mr duncan hamilton
with other major public sectoragenciessuch as scottish enterprise fife
macdonald do the local enterpriseagenciesthat are trying to attract
network work with the enterpriseagenciesto consider the full economic
support action by the enterpriseagenciesto help improve quality and
structures through greater synergy betweenagenciesinvolved in economic development inward
structures through greater synergy betweenagenciesinvolved in economic development inward
executive and its economic developmentagenciesshould pursue policies that would
executive and the economic developmentagenciesto work with these companies
executive and the economic developmentagenciesto work with these companies
of scots relief and voluntaryagenciesas part of that effort
working with key voluntary sectoragenciesby doing so we hope
not work but many voluntaryagenciescertainly believe that it is
range of activities that voluntaryagencieshave provided in clydebank i
ensure that all the differentagenciesin the public and voluntary
all the voluntary and researchagenciesinvolved for their efforts in
not be afraid of voluntaryagenciestaking approaches that diverge not
becoming increasingly difficult for voluntaryagenciesto sustain themselves between projects
other public and voluntary sectoragencieswe could better empower communities
and voluntary and public sectoragenciesworking together to transform a
co ordination between the relevantagenciesensure that every public service
operational costs of all relevantagenciess1o 437 25 mr kenneth
the police and other relevantagenciesshould develop as a matter
and therefore urges all relevantagenciesto develop plans for training
partnership working between the relevantagenciesto help involve all interested
to ensure that all relevantagencieswork together to develop a
a future where all relevantagencieswork together with people with
ask the scottish executive whichagenciesare currently involved in developing
gnp and all the otheragenciesinvolved are beginning to make
and accountability of the variousagenciesinvolved b the amount of
dialogue with all the partnershipagenciesinvolved to bring that about
have heard from the keyagenciesthat are involved from cosla
s government and all theagenciesthat are involved in governing
is important to support theagenciesthat are involved in working
it or any of itsagenciesare providing any financial guarantees
sustain themselves between projects indeedagenciescan be diverted from providing
type of assistance it itsagenciesor sportscotland are providing to
and the ability to challengeagenciesproviding services within the area
to develop a network ofagenciesthroughout scotland to support survivors
from the executive or itsagencieswould be encouraged to develop
partnership working between criminal justiceagenciesto achieve the scottish executive
development involving a partnership ofagencieswithin an atb area in
by local government authorities andagenciesand by the police pe413
arrangements the police and otheragenciesare making to ensure that
by the police and otheragenciescarefully regulating their use and
between the police and otheragenciesi urge the minister to
the police and other justiceagenciesso that they have the
volunteers and staff from publicagenciesand private businesses across shetland
it is important that supportagenciesand public services have adequate
could become beholden to publicagenciesi echo the point that
links to schools and publicagenciesif possible with sufficient capacity
to support local public sectoragenciesin creating and maintaining effective
between local authorities and publicagenciesoperating at a local level
the general support of publicagenciesthat are currently responsible for
have difficulty persuading appropriate publicagenciesthat there is a problem
that they receive from publicagenciesthe capital funds and back
in the relief and developmentagenciesaround the world on behalf
joint working between professionals andagenciesas the care development group
be paid out to developmentagenciesat the moment the money
service and local volunteering developmentagenciesprovides support to volunteers and
40 international development and reliefagenciesthey do extraordinary work microcredit
by the executive and itsagenciesto the maintenance and development
by the executive and itsagenciesto the maintenance and development
shared by the criminal justiceagenciesto bring cases to conclusion
additional resources made available toagencieswithin the criminal justice system
additional resources made available toagencieswithin the criminal justice system
organisations in scotland of theagenciesthat are working in scotland
property salutes the work ofagenciesworking in this area to
supports the efforts of localagenciesworking together to assist employees
to make contact with theagenciesworking with asylum seekers and
the scottish executive including itsagencieshave been created in or
regulates a number of theagenciesincluding abbeyfield we might be
well as representatives from autonomousagenciesof the state including especially
together effectively all the differentagenciesand organisations that can help
local authorities msps and keyagenciesshould work together to implement
support project bring communities andagenciestogether to address early years
historic scotland and other suchagenciesaccount for the rest if
upon aberdeen city council otheragenciesand the private sector to
cows by councils and otheragenciesbefore the gnp starts work
with historic scotland and otheragenciesbut i do not know
of dundee council and otheragenciesfind it increasingly difficult to
government local authorities and otheragencieshave been maintaining information on
of the council or otheragenciesi am happy to give
south ayrshire council and otheragenciesin seeking to improve the
successful local authorities or otheragenciesmight take over the work
contributions from a mix ofagenciesparagraph 3 which covers other
health boards and other appropriateagenciess1m 1316 mr duncan hamilton
and local government and otheragenciess1w 24101 brian fitzpatrick to
normally to come from otheragenciessuch as local authorities health
grampian nhs board and otheragenciesthat provide services richard lochhead
with local authorities and otheragenciesto build a coherent strategy
and from any other nationalagenciesunder the direction of the
of government and local authorityagencieswe can test other approaches
for young people and otheragencieswho have an interest in
may exist between those twoagencieshowever although the compact contains
operation across and between theagenciesnorth and south of the
is at the boundaries betweenagenciesthat we have perhaps faced
schemes under which local authoritiesagenciesand communities in the north
the scottish executive and itsagenciesand local authorities s1m 3931
local authorities and the localagenciesmr mcneil when we are
scottish executive and its relatedagenciesand of local government there
the scottish executive msps governmentagenciesand the wider scottish society
to the media to governmentagenciesand to all political parties
the uk government and itsagenciescould be up to 200
suppliers to government and governmentagenciesdid not provide y2k assurance
people the government and itsagencieswill be required to deliver
local interests first however suchagenciesfind it increasingly difficult to
the executive to many localagenciesi am in two minds
executive will take with localagenciesto secure alternative employment for
provide adequate funding to localagenciesto support and treat those
with a wide range ofagenciesand communities are formed as
i am sure that thoseagenciesand others strongly support the
as the industry and supportagenciescome forward with good projects
prevent it b ensure thatagenciescoming into contact with children
must ensure that all theagenciesmeet their needs in community
ensure that tourist offices andagenciespromote the opportunities for outdoor
the work of the humanitarianagenciesand the primacy of the
the work it and itsagenciesare doing to promote and
the nhs and work foragenciesbecause of the better pay
like i always work foragenciesf812: you should listen to
supports the work done byagencieswho campaign against tobacco in
scottish executive and its executiveagenciesas the national library of
policy and the effectiveness ofagenciescharged with its delivery against
the scottish executive and itsagenciesi have a table before
the scottish executive and itsagenciesis 4 5 million are
are increases for agricultural servicesagenciesand fisheries i have yet
to our agriculture services andagenciesfisheries services and the forestry
ask the scottish executive whichagenciesare primarily responsible for addressing
the executive and to theagencieshe mentioned the convener the
scottish executive and the executiveagencieswere complete and were being
elsewhere also a number ofagenciesare british in nature not
in so far as theagenciesare far and away the
problem because people from thoseagenciesare not there when the
are not answerable or accountableagenciesin this case they are
this case they are irresponsibleagenciesmr paterson can we cut
and a wide range ofagenciesoverall there are well over
to invest in independent adviceagencieswhich are at the front
in spending on the agriculturalagencieswhich you explained are predominantly
ships aircraft or whatever theagenciesfigures reflect the cost of
or special treatment from theagencieswhich is used to cultivate
and agree with so manyagenciesto do a simple task
for the parliament and interestedagenciesand individuals to suggest amendments
so easy many people visitagenciesand offices not knowing if
the problems faced by unpaidagenciesand their workers and i
placed for adoption by adoptionagenciesa in subsection 1 i
as defined by the authorisingagencieshe is right to say
is being flouted by advertisingagenciesin the targeting of their
from the practice of nursingagenciesso that we can offer
remarks that scotland s aidagenciesmade yesterday they stressed to
that sustained concerted effort acrossagencieswill be needed to persuade
no translator can be suppliedagencieshave already expressed concerns about
included as one of theagenciesin the nos s strategy
must involve uncovering issues thatagenciesdo not yet fully understand
involve uncovering issues that interestedagenciesdo not yet fully understand
section 9 regulation of adoptionagenciesa subsection 1 is repealed

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