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the street a few weeksagoa great big woman f963:
what a couple of weeksagoabout sense and weaknesses and
s unpleasant experience some weeksagoand the main course is
very important point two weeksagoat the opening of the
on primary care two weeksagobecause that allows connections to
actually up here not longagocouple of weeks ago with
not last week two weeksagof1154: i don t know
mmhm m1161: a few weeksagof947: uh huh f1160: mmhm
bill to us two weeksagofor which i thank him
connery video you promised weeksagogladys it s nae in
such an announcement some weeksagohaving caught up with that
as well as quiet weeksagohe asked me to sketch
highlights only a few weeksagoi announced our proposals through
night it seems like weeksagoi asked jimmy what an
the public meeting two weeksagoi can guarantee her a
say about engineers two weeksagoi couldn t spell it
by the brigend three weeksagoi gaid awa doon jist
gave a couple of weeksagoi knew nothing about osteoporosis
law enforcement agencies some weeksagoi read a newspaper article
about seven or eight weeksagoi suggested that we write
what night f1155: two weeksagoi think it was they
lazarus two or three weeksagoi was reading of a
or a couple o weeksagoin psalm a hundred and
the organisation a few weeksagoit was forced to close
bill a couple of weeksagokeith harding mentioned changing the
aboot a mon- six weeksagom865: uh huh f948: and
came out like three weeksagom944: i m gonna need
con a couple of weeksagomy six and a half
lodged a number of weeksagoon the inclusion of a
subject a couple of weeksagoscottish employers lack of knowledge
mrs lindsay had it weeksagoshe was tellin me a
council seminar a few weeksagosouth to the atlantic arc
word a couple of weeksagothat a dwang is the
i announced a few weeksagothat a nurse director should
iain gray announced some weeksagothat any future administration in
signed off about two weeksagothat underlined a particular stage
of scotland we said weeksagothat we would secure the
first time a few weeksagothe man s in a
on fuel poverty four weeksagothe minister issued a press
ayrshire a couple of weeksagothe transport of the material
john doll about 8 weeksagothey were both knocked out
down a couple of weeksagoto a school in wales
provide that support two weeksagowe announced with the department
place a couple of weeksagowe have a second meeting
unb quebeckers a few weeksagowe ll both we working
at question time five weeksagowhen some people were more
long ago couple of weeksagowith the sixth years er
shop a couple o weeksagoyou know you know so
serves me correctly two yearsago50 million was allocated to
lik i mind doain yearsagoa bairn creepin t d
new discovery back 230 yearsagoa captain armstrong of innerleithen
that only a few yearsagoa day such as this
in iceland a few yearsagoa translator and he says
made petrol that was yearsagoaa these places wi red
an they demolished hit yearsagoan ah ll tell yez
that about 20 something yearsagoan english professor lectured me
an this was three yearsagoan he said to me
weer that wis three yearsagoan the operation wis a
in partick hunners a yearsagoan ye cannae huv nae
20 or even 10 yearsagoand 97 per cent of
furnaces began nearly 100 yearsagoand after them engineers shops
dundee police about thirty yearsagoand at that time we
wis a couple o yearsagoand dey had er dey
had received loans several yearsagoand did not repay them
paid for many many yearsagoand eh i was gonnae
[censored: surname] my predecessor two yearsagoand found they didn t
and back nearly 100 yearsagoand i can tell you
the neds all these yearsagoand i mean the the
my views were seven yearsagoand i was going to
and i worked thae yearsagoand i would nu-nu-nu- [inaudible]
face of policing 40 yearsagoand instilled in us a
did [inhale] a thousand yearsagoand it s because of
who moved there y yearsagoand not the language of
india some nine hundred yearsagoand reached europe four hundred
group had been five yearsagoand several times i saw
or great from twenty yearsagoand the opposite was shan
just over a hundred yearsagoand then gradually as the
boyfriend from all these yearsagoand they were get- they
had taught jimmy many yearsagoand to a certain extent
say about a hundred yearsagoand was adopted i think
i believe about 65 yearsagoand when building operations were
occupied athens almost 200 yearsagoand which are now held
occupied athens almost 200 yearsagoand which are now held
demolished aboot thurty odd yearsagoanen ah goes whit d
about seven or eight yearsagoapparently f718: i think it
in place about nine yearsagoas far as we could
everyone s lips seven yearsagoas it is now c
school teacher a few yearsagoasking a child to fill
standard english a few yearsagoat an adult education course
who were present 25 yearsagoat their original wedding but
from dunoon m816: many yearsagoaye many years ago gourock
we d said like yearsagobefore rosalyn was even born
it was like 30 yearsagobefore the sex offenders unit
when i realised that yearsagobefore they had incubators she
under the conservatives three yearsagobudgets boil down to three
there was two hundred yearsagobut do you know why
and community care two yearsagobut he was at least
on bbc northern ireland yearsagobut i ve certainly never
that was done 15 yearsagobut it needs to be
of margaret thatcher 20 yearsagocathy jamieson i am happy
parents emigrated eh many yearsagocause i think barry f826:
near são paulo 41 yearsago[censored: forename] says their portuguese is
in scots five hundred yearsago[click] you re getting these
a vicious gale some yearsagoconcrete supports for mulberry harbour
would have guessed ten yearsagoehm the writing scotland series
four years maybe five yearsagoerm to come to terms
born in sixty one yearsagof1006: ann [censored: surname] george s
must have been ten yearsagof1054: really f1143: was it
one and a half yearsagof1149: mm f1148: which is
noo we re talkin yearsagof637: mmhm m608: this was
it about what ten yearsagof643: mmhm mmhm m608: did
for edinburgh university three yearsagofiona you asked hi joe
which ten or eleven yearsagofirst drew us together as
seeck and then maybe yearsagofolk might have said pe-
but that s twenty yearsagofolk widnae do that noo
ill in hospital two yearsagofood trays that are put
his wife left him yearsagofor an italian would you
malcolm king who 20 yearsagofounded an adventure playground in
gained so much fifteen yearsagofrom that lying rumour beaumont
years ago aye many yearsagogourock is one street [?]little toon.[/?]
information f1037: no we- yearsagogovernment decided that teaching children
we had even two yearsagogreater access to those products
previous application made some yearsagohad been successful in obtaining
in the mountains several yearsagohas become a dim memory
she was nicknamed many yearsagohas numerous relatives indeed everybody
from work about 3 yearsagohaving completed 56 years down
s breasts those long yearsagohe hunted in his jacket
census moreover a few yearsagohenry mcleish wrote in a
intimidation and obstruction some yearsagoher friendship with an overseas
asked policy makers 15 yearsagohow best to reduce unemployment
promise was made six yearsagohow many drug cordons have
withdrawn a couple of yearsagohowever the council has still
bridge until about three yearsagoi am holding up one
heard him sing 30 yearsagoi am pressing on the
that a couple of yearsagoi attended a 100th birthday
mr mcmahon a few yearsagoi attended the launch of
older buildings about 50 yearsagoi could still come across
i mean i few yearsagoi d have said ma
notice something about twenty yearsagoi did a bi- a
erm what three four yearsagoi did- one dreadful january
time in edinburgh 215 yearsagoi do not know what
escaped from a few yearsagoi haven t gone back
57 and nearly 60 yearsagoi may say the remuneration
back to torry twenty yearsagoi met this old lady
the lasses some five yearsagoi misjudged my audience who
moved to ballater 3 yearsagoi read doric books at
glasgow that was 32 yearsagoi remember that album so
have been unthinkable five yearsagoi spent some time at
before erm a few yearsagoi stayed for less than
you know like two yearsagoi still can t believe
from writing poems thirty yearsagoi still love writing a
blocks of solidarity 52 yearsagoi take the opportunity today
grumble about that fifteen yearsagoi took advantage of those
in brazil a few yearsagoi used to watch american
day a couple of yearsagoi was in a wood
time only a few yearsagoi was instructed to have
hamilton a couple of yearsagoi was involved in some
say wondered because two yearsagoi went to live in
s squad oh some yearsagoi wis juist f961: mmhm
our impulses after all yearsagoif i may return to
10 15 or 20 yearsagoif we consider housing revenue
institutions were developed 50 yearsagoin another era after the
is admirable but six yearsagoin labour s covenant with
on what happened many yearsagoin relation to burns roddy
on the ground many yearsagoin the 1980s i was
oppose that move seven yearsagoin the sunday mail last
finally a number of yearsagoin the united states the
among school children ten yearsagoin the west of scotland
that lived thousands of yearsago[inaudible] f718: mmhm m017: fascinating
noo but that s yearsago[inaudible] m865: mo- most people
have been here seven yearsago[inhale] what happened was a
a serious deficit two yearsagointo a healthy surplus which
what was true 225 yearsagois still true auld ayr
officers had said 20 yearsagoit is important that the
secondary school until two yearsagoit is true of course
the borders closed 30 yearsagoit ran for 90 miles
was in scotland three yearsagoit s a beautiful country
mounted more than 100 yearsagoit seems as if it
an example from six yearsagoit was included in a
had a hurricane some yearsagoit went right across toward
the cpsu a few yearsagoit would have got him
horses in the wuid yearsagojohn ye used tae get
white for halloween three yearsago[laugh] [laugh] m941: what did
of years ago six yearsago[laugh] [sniff] er and erm
broke his neck three yearsagom608: did he i mean
ye jined electric wires yearsagom608: gosh m642: and ye
how the forestry was yearsagom608: [laugh] aye m642: they
so about four five yearsagom608: mmhm m1174: and erm
eh [exhale] twelve thirteen yearsagom608: mmhm m642: and we
four years about four yearsagom608: okay m1174: so so
years twelve or thirteen yearsagom642: eh when [censored: forename] just
mm m642: about six yearsagomade a comeback and he
t he about ten yearsagommhm f947: he doesn t
the guilty man fifteen yearsagomrs beaumont quietly james martha
all happened nearly 70 yearsagomrs peg hall [note: photo: 'mrs peg hall.'] i
days ten or twenty yearsagomrs thomson had earned as
girls quines now many yearsagomy cousin came up from
zealand a number o yearsagomy dad took me out
and joined in two yearsagomy daughter was charged with
parliament was constituted four yearsagomy dear colleague winnie ewing
words that were used yearsagomy involvement in promoting scots
a- eh about fifteen yearsagomy mate peter and i
only a couple of yearsagomy mother was 97 yesterday
one an i suppose yearsagonaebody had that much f1011:
my life till seven yearsagonever had traffic passing the
was more than 200 yearsagonothing much changes does it
mmhm m845: five six yearsagonow f606: right yeah m845:
and memorable night 25 yearsagonow i trust everyone present
er probably about five yearsagonow m608: mmhm m078: erm
he died almost four yearsagooh i m sorry i
are told that 242 yearsagoon the day on which
to a flat seven yearsagoon the riverside about two
company two or three yearsagoone of the other points
in a thousand pieces yearsagoone part s a gecko
t know about four yearsagoor something now probably just
increase in staff two yearsagoour total staff numbered 1
quest for justice four yearsagopatients who had been infected
was two or three yearsagophil gallie you rightly identify
passed a resolution 12 yearsagorequesting that sign language be
corresponding with someone some yearsagoshe and her husband s
dangerous man once many yearsagoshe took the same risks
what happened aw they yearsagoshouts what really happened long
to 60 million two yearsagosimply as a reaction to
mean it was ten yearsagosince i left so i
was written almost forty yearsagosince then the rural economy
go a number of yearsagosix years ago [laugh] [sniff]
i was born 71 yearsagoso that was my first
offices three or four yearsagosome english registrars were talking
glasgow more than twenty yearsagosome of you perhaps can
hostal for a week yearsagostayed only one night and
start as any twenty yearsagosteven campbell spearheaded the international
auld maistir aw thone yearsagotess hoo mony years robby
i d done it yearsagothat single bed s gien
operation a couple o yearsagothat was a rare place
am reminded that four yearsagothat would not have been
the day almost four yearsagothat you were elected to
know so even ten yearagothe amount o years she
i checked in several yearsagothe day before the accident
finances just a few yearsagothe european parliament dismissed the
in galloway 10 000 yearsagothe evidence for this is
on this day 52 yearsagothe french foreign minister robert
did 10 or 12 yearsagothe fundamental question that will
10 december that ten yearsagothe government limited capital spend
starting with pont 400 yearsagothe growth of hill walking
ratified three or four yearsagothe icc would be in
this thoroughfare eight hundred yearsagothe name may have fitted
the time about eighty yearsagothe songs work because of
it was even ten yearsagothe track leaves the shoreline
could show you two yearsagothe video footage and this
up to perhaps forty yearsagothen its spritual functions had
eh a lot o yearsagothere a woman caed jessie
opened a couple of yearsagothere s row s quite
m017: i think some yearsagothere was a a a
born about 10 12 yearsagothere was a downward blip
pandemics two or three yearsagothere were difficulties with supply
well that s why yearsagothey would children who were
find a house twenty yearsagothey would have got a
on here all those yearsagotime he knew the facts
widely welcomed i tried yearsagoto secure official acceptance for
lothians snp almost 10 yearsagoto the day i broke
removed a good few yearsagoturn left on the a75
forms i remember many yearsagotwo 12 year olds who
better now than five yearsagotwo of the group had
of the house 60 yearsagoused to sit in while
old town above 100 yearsagowas principally weaving and mining
as they were 250 yearsagowe are now a nation
on the sqa two yearsagowe did not need to
s court about 20 yearsagowe established the school of
in the business some yearsagowe had to do up
i think erm two yearsagowe were given well the
had a couple of yearsagowe were redecorating the bedroom
kicked off a few yearsagowhat is your interpretation of
governor here all those yearsagowhat with prisoners making lewd
[censored: surname] lyrical ballads three yearsagowhen he was doing english
later on corpora many yearsagowhen he was involved in
to me but several yearsagowhen i first came to
wange da many many yearsagowhen i first saw you
i m this is yearsagowhen i m just maybe
learn massage a few yearsagowhen i was unwell and
f813: see the two yearsagowhen i went it was
s concerns of some yearsagowhen it felt that americanisms
businesses trusted labour four yearsagowhen it said that there
young 30 or 40 yearsagowhen large numbers of people
be collected until five yearsagowhen mcdermott joined with brown
governments ten or fifteen yearsagowhen ministerial double talk gives
much and this is yearsagowhen that was goin on
about two or three yearsagowhen the the the sort
his position of seven yearsagowhen the tory administration introduced
project it started several yearsagowhen toe was nearing completion
out an overview two yearsagowhen we first took evidence
er murrayfield couple of yearsagowhen we last beat the
the boys nearly 60 yearsagowhere is now the merry
should have gone there yearsagowhile fiona was alive and
lead just over 30 yearsagowhile perched precariously at the
a rock band 38 yearsagowho d had a nervous
i started there 30 yearsagowill the minister join me
doom and gloom two yearsagowith barrels going for only
the littlewoods catalogue some yearsagowith the strange collar and
good 30 or 40 yearsagowork and residential patterns would
well that was nine yearsagoye bought that that bit
m741: yeah two hundred yearsagoyeah m605: well i mean
as it was fifty yearsagoyeah yeah it s true
that was from twenty yearsagoyes i don t think
every year even five yearsagoyou could wander the coastal
my o levels oh yearsagoyou know f963: mm m762:
question a couple of monthsagoabout how much of the
room a couple of monthagoafter ma mammy d bought
died a couple o yearagoan some folk wi a
him a couple of monthsagohe came into work and
just a couple of daysagohe was saying that the
providers a couple of monthsagoi had the opportunity to
stornoway a couple of monthsagoi saw a quotation from
and a couple of daysagoi spent most of the
now a couple of minutesagoi was making a rather
started a couple of daysagowe all wish the candidates
m1163: a couple o yearagowe went over to th-
association in inverness some monthsagoalthough i was apprehensive about
hid deid a pucklie monthsagoan hid flitted ooto his
in humanity a few monthsagoan idea came to me
of the vision 15 monthsagobusiness start ups are sadly
published just a few monthsagoconcluded that in the seven
out of the way monthsagoforgetting about it and not
would be there six monthsagohe had sacked an employee
ferguson died a few monthsagohope you are both well
about their business some monthsagoi asked a parliamentary question
sheridan glasgow ssp three monthsagoi asked the minister how
serious crime almost 12 monthsagoi took up my appointment
the house no many monthsagom642: yeah yeah yeah f643:
and aberdeen a few monthsagomargaret curran announced that a
with ministerial colleagues some monthsagomr gibson given that robert
and secondary sectors three monthsagoshe said that she was
location in glasgow some monthsagosuch speech in such a
the point that three monthsagothe debate on free personal
the gnp a few monthsagothe gnp cannot apply for
a year or 18 monthsagothe prison wanted to work
hurt well no many monthsagothere was a man came
that we agreed some monthsagoto establish the fuel inquiry
an extensive report some monthsagowe have now received the
of the parliament twenty monthsagowhen the elections for this
and er th- not longagoa call centre phoned me
bully s black eye longagoa fire flaucht owre the
bread not so very longagoan elderly gaelic speaking relative
a tenement till nae longagoan we had four four
no it s not longagoand and yet life was
south asia a long timeagoand they ll f963: yes
fashion for bowlers began longagoapparently when a cargo of
was in currency as longagoas 1987 that idea was
are not new as longagoas 1998 neil mcintosh he
conservative party alone as longagoas 1998 neil mcintosh the
re tendering began as longagoas april 1999 the consultation
poor and the elites longagoas i say they you
that s a long timeagoaye there wis a bobby
doesn t seem that longagobut yet in some ways
their voice not so longagochildren were punished for using
i think the teachers longagodef- well f1025: the- mmhm
wrote quite a long timeagoerm and i changed the
that s not that longagof1027: no f1023: she died
he died a long timeagof1103: oh that s that
asked yourself a long timeagof1150: yeah f1151: you know
uh huh not very longagof718: i used to like
our ancestors a long timeagof718: yeah m017: eh er
eh certainly not too longagof951: yeah cause it s
evidence taking process seems longagoi asked about examples of
about the holocaust not longagoi don t know if
the borders a long timeagoi endorse wholeheartedly what margo
was a very long timeagoi interrupt what do you
august it was not longagoi remember speaking to andrew
should have been established longagoif it had been perhaps
palace alba a long timeagoin the morning the queen
which seems a long timeagoit is a bit worrying
m762: mmhm f963: terribly longagoit was quite a dangerous
on her finger no longagoit wis that tight she
long langir longer langsyne longagolat let lauch laugh lave
a long langsyne adv longagolauch n v laugh lave
a lonely langsyne adv longagolauch v laugh lave n
a long langsyne adv longagolauch v laugh leddie n
telling some tales of longago[laugh] f746: oh right [laugh]
very m822: till twa hoorsago[laugh] f823: long ago m824:
settled in northumbria so longagolooked at from this perspective
hoors ago [laugh] f823: longagom824: aye f606: mmhm f823:
tv no that l- longagom865,: yeah mmhm f950: speakin
mmhm mmhm f826: long timeagom903: [inaudible] f606: an then
that was a long timeagonow a biographical episode set
that seems a long timeagonow i direct members to
s position not so longagoone of them wrote it
but that was common longagosadly erm because that was
f1001: no a long timeagoshe s deid now f1053:
they at- not that longagosince i found out you
kids not so very longagoso i had to fill
it is not that longagothat gaelic was derided and
the visit was so longagothat i cannot remember what
they were not so longagothat we cannot remember what
our actions not that longagothe national osteoporosis society produced
have had a long timeagothe strategy involves ensuring that
school a very long timeagothe teacher pulling up a
black vulture not so longagothere were enough mammals on
enviorment cammy noh that longagothese waws wur drippin wi
heard the word but longagothey used to wear f746:
schooldays which seemed so longagothey weren t anything to
witnessed not so very longagowas such that it was
was whit m608: how longagowas that m642: that was
a bath f1026: how longagowas that since f1023: she
an we- f1054: how longagowas this m1042: this was
mythological scotland a long timeagowhen all the folk in
it was a long timeagowhen i was a little
off them well women longagowhen they worked in the
mind the days o longagowhen you were jist a
tried it a long timeagowith mixed success and only
who died not too longagowould be horrified might the
coming in a long timeagoyeah f902: mmhm mmhm f826:
s not really that longagoyeah yeah m762: erm yeah
would have done it longagoyou know when people f689:
f1037: she died a whileagoand she did have alzheimer
montgomerie he died a yearagobut should not be forgotten
given up an died langagomuriel could you nae wear
paul died its a whileagonow my robert went round
syd really died along timeagothe bloke who died five
bloke who died five daysagowas roger barrett a bloke
order presiding officer twenty minutesagoi raised a point of
it like fifteen twenty minutesagom944: no it was only
m1163: sort of five yearagoten year ago twenty year
five year ago ten yearagotwenty year ago what m608:
ten year ago twenty yearagowhat m608: aye m1163: what
no jacket a few nightsagoit was 80 f outside
all disappeared a few minutesagootherwise it s been an
macbride said a few momentsagothat the sqa examination system
you said a few momentsagothat you were considering the
european economy a few daysagothe commission officially proposed its
theory of a few daysagowas wrong the style is
more debatable a few momentsagoyou seemed to accept that
11 45pm odd ten minutesagoi received a phone call
for sale aboot seven yearagonaebody seemed tae want tae
over to mallorca seven centuriesagoto assist jaime i in
writing those books a whileagoand the fan base that
saw her a wee whileagobut erm f1154: probably f1155:
go and see a whileagodo you remember f1071: why
go and see a whileagof1071: ice age m1070: we
that was a wee whileagof963: mm mmhm f965: the-
about it a wee whileagof963: mm mmhm no i
said tae wullie a whileagojust oot oot there eh
a bit of a whileagonow u1028: [inaudible] [inaudible] f951:
the point a wee whileagothat i thought that we
it out a wee whileagothat s a nice christmas
an advert on a whileagothat said aye it s
was published a little whileagothe overview report examines three
okay so a wee whileagothen f947: they re the
to chrissie a little whileagoto tell her that my
that ll be a whileagowanderin doon memory lane are
check was made a whileagowe have been explaining the
that was a little whileagowell before i started university
into toon ken four yearagoor somethin like that f831:
looked at it five minutesagoan it was an it
his heid aboot five yearagofoo lang wis you in
the incan workers five centuriesagohewing rocks from the cliffs
just bocht it six monthagom608: aye m642: so i
she wis half an houragoagnes that guid then sadie
less than half an houragoand i ve forgotten [sniff]
a year and a halfagoand they supported the development
about this half an houragoand yet parliament has only
a year and a halfagoare members agreed that this
maybe two and a halfagocalled an lòchran and ehm
there until half an houragoit was she who had
knew about half an houragothat there was to be
a century and a halfagothe artist who executed the
a year and a halfagothe high court of justiciary
anither that wis twa yearagoaiberdeen angus got a puckle
the hill about a yearagoand now takes the bus
japan aboot twelve fourteen yearagoaye aye f643: and we
did so about a yearagoby now i expected to
found more than a yearagohe had read in the
in office fully a yearagoi appeared before the health
that was near 40 yearagoi was 21 and i
peace for granted a yearagoin the parliament we had
that would be fifty yearagom1042: mmhm f1043: an as
gig was that a yearagom1161: no it was it
than we had a yearagomore classroom assistants a better
this was launched a yearagomr mcconnell came to launch
clue it happened a yearagooh god fiona he felt
november 1999 almost a yearagoscallop fishermen throughout the country
of less than a yearagoseems to suggest the opposite
were available about a yearagothat indicates that much work
fin i retired twa yearagothe germans business wis boomin
programme just over a yearagothe programme assessed the societal
learnin an twa hunner yearagothis verra nicht the deil
hett sapples twa hunner yearagothis verra nicht the warlock
work more than a yearagoto ensure that through a
commission which reported a yearagowe now know that the
prescribing of about a yearagowe saw evidence that there
building a month or twoagoi attended a gathering at
tuesday 27th september two daysagoon sunday the day the
said it like two secondsagothe thing about it is
struck down badly two daysagotho i had a sore
which began only two daysagowe send a clear message
one was a- two novelsagowhere he appeared to be
you were told three daysagoand yesterday and this morning
he had eaten three nightsagothe tea stained mugs that
were admitted today three hoursagothey shared a labour room
to be developed 10 daysagoafter some dithering about over
how many how many daysagodid you get f1154: think
in parliament just 10 daysagogot quite good coverage we
intimated to me some daysagothat he wished to pick
across the petition 10 daysagothe petition as you know
scottish one myself some timeagoi asked watson 3 whether
for scotland some considerable timeagoand lord hope lord steyn
wrongly under surveillance some timeagoduring industrial disputes at the
which ministers established some timeagofollowing the publication of the
members business debate some timeagohe is also aware that
kind of abandoned some timeagoin pakistan is now haunting
to the north some timeagono he left no forwarding
of tea deposited some timeagoon the bedside table ah
to the fans some timeagoor to sell the club
of our nation some timeagoscots independent the fundamentalist wing
undertook a survey some timeagothat underlined that fact a
murray yes but some timeagothe point was made to
on scottish television some timeagothe reporter was out on
can min athing fae langagogladys gets muddled but i
bessie ach that was langagoi ve been in marks
it would hae been langagom999: aye aye f1001: but
a time a lang timeagonoo dey wir tree peerie
low o warlocks steerin langagorisin grim frae graveyard steen
weed that wis dominant langagosprayin kills the knott girse
arrived in deià many moonsagoand stayed to write a
hidna fun t a earagobit time hid deen its
process quite a short timeagoi am keen to examine
it was a substantial timeagoknowledge of that might facilitate
only opened a short timeagolenin was so afraid of
had a month or soagoabout the helpfulness of the
a presentation about a weekagothe convener is it agreed
in class about a weekagowe traded critical sometimes very
in ayr about a monthagowhen he was in europe
[laugh] it seems like agesagonow [cough] like my sister
his fare was up agesagoand even hiding at the
yesterday darling it was agesagof1104: [child noises] f1103: yesterday just
exists it was bulldozed decadesagom818: aye what cumberland street
phrase was used a momentagoon the basis of the
was before today nae agesagoright in she goes f1104:
arms i discovered a monthagothat i was expectin he
it was over a fortnightagothat the public read with
was like that was agesagothat was erm god that
problems a week or soagoi had an eye infection
only got one a weekagof718: mmhm m734: has crashed
handbook more than a decadeagobecause it wanted to ensure
reading more than a monthagohas it suddenly become invalid
by the valley several centuriesagoa dangerous wolf menaced both
the bliddy polis a fortnichtagoan ah m no rinnin
sister just eh a fortnightagoan she s sayin there
a norse person of centuriesagoand eh then the squad
1897 just over a centuryagoand her father in 1875
which i alluded a momentagoare evidence of the fact
with gordon jackson a momentagobut in all seriousness the
again bit jist a fyleagohe noticed something wis wrang
started growing it a fortnightagoi hope you re both
i stopped nearly a monthagoi went total cold turkey
letter a week or soagomy usual wishes to all
talk ran oot a whiilagono a peerie bit ferdir
first minister indicated just momentsagothat we will fight a
went ower aboot a fortnichtagowi a guid box o
gairden roadshows aa at eersagoon that jist as i
it till s fifty earsagogreat auntie lizzie and my
[inaudible] finished f1103: aye agesagoright you spin the wheel
you ve seen that agesagoit s part 2 you
told then aboot 90 earagothey would sing come up
her for mair fish hoorsagoan she never came back
called you your name agesagoand he used to go
and islands lab gratias teagomulier quae scotiam habitat sum

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