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worry sat there it treetledahinher fin she wauked tae
worry sat there it treetledahinher fin she wauked tae
i treetled back an foreahinma fowk as they reenged
this age speired the clerkahinthe coonter fifteen i replied
brush an a dustpan faeahinthe coonter gets doon on
teaching scotland a young quineahinthe coonter o a shoppie
twelve pounds be the lassieahinthe coonter that wis the
ony doot realism s bestahina glaiss nae face tae
waa wis releegious picters someahinglaiss some in relief some
frozen cloud o bluidy furahinits glaiss een maggots meeve
should see his likeneess growinahinye there in the glaiss
an spewed bun shaves ootahinbawds an hairst mice ran
mice ey scuttled aboot gaanahincheers an dressers an in
aften hear e mice playinahine boords bit deil care
d gledly clart wi clayahinthe dubby kirkyaird dyke than
tae melt awa sits doonahinthe dyke nae gweed ava
sic a bad day ataahinthe dyke sits doon the
ower the dyke an gaedahinwhi n busses tae rid
needin a leak she thochtahina bush naebody wull se
war correspondent as she hidahina bush she got a
calls i ll jist gaunahina funn bush snarled jonsar
kennin the noose wis hinginahinher neck an the shadda
the quine kate murdoch hyteredahinhim fu kennin her rig
kennin naethin o the historyahinthe twa pearls o watter
did in the coort anahinthe stable waa fowk said
a ripenin wound that blossomsahinthe waa takk her pain
doot it cam in teeahinbinder twine an coir yarn
nae doot it hid craaltahine gaird ower e fire
s on es idder thingsahinat i d spy es
day ir twa nae langahines e mrs geed up
it wis aboot a wikahines jist a fearfae time
sattled back inno the pewahinas the congregation wyted fur
clart o the muir sypinahinher inno ilkie sunken sookit
hoosie first wi minnie closeahinthey crept in backwyse inno
e noose aff its neckahinat i niver set snares
fleein oot terrifeed chap themahinthe neck an kill them
tail o gulls stretchin ootahinas ey tumt fae eir
note some places wis langahinithers ir ey got tractors
o fitmarks at fullt inahinye bit ey bade ere
hingin aboot her a lotahinmy back georgie nae as
georgie we re ower farahinthe day to loss ony
georgie they ve drapped himahinthe enemy lines to open
weesht georgie i m richtahinye he is lugging a
yer parritch minnie yer ayahinlike the coo s ae
granny makkin a queer faceahinminnie s back tae aunt
mither an bairn brickit upahina fireplace in the castle
shovin the bairn he leftahina heavy wecht her hairt
a cooerin wife or bairnahinclosed doors some bully somewye
wad pit the hale businessahinher fur the bairn like
amon clyes drappin em inahinbyeuks layin em on shelfs
horse bit wis nae eeseahinem he couldna dreel straacht
spanner that hid been leftahinbe the electrician jonsar went
them fin they war leftahinbit miss vining sugared the
the reets i d leftahincried oot tae me the
ve left lots of wirdsahinegypt the nile rins deep
o the britain they leftahinhe heard her sing at
the gollach left the wingsahinlike rings o bacon or
tongued irish we d leftahinon the shores o erin
a far kintra an leftahinthree servents jist like da
we left the north eastahintwis mary morison a reid
storm he myns on traivellinahinhorse an harra skirtin gingerly
s sledge tae the smiddyahinprince the horse sae the
up wreaths big an smaaahinony obstruction fither a clump
photo bit the sin wisahina clood jonsar jist sat
a bee got me jistahine lug it s nae
larrie driver leavin baith bairnsahinefter yon joe sangster jist
m aboot e place jistahinfaar i sit i ve
een she improved every dayahinat he said he d
buddy wid stan ilky eenahineen o e twa fly
trampin ben tae sector 8ahina lang snake o japanee
it weel again nae langahinat jock retiret an meeved
their denner an nae langahinat we d hae wir
an her ma an mattyahinan aa the servants hid
grazed their stots risin upahinit the aunts hid bin
eence fin i lookit inahine heater i saa fit
doon on e strae laidahine coo ma faither wis
e trees an draps doonahine rollin world at s
s warsled its wye roonahine trees an draps doon
pranny s hair streamin ootahinsyne doon tree doon they
gettin t intill e worldahinat we got wirsels washed
in i triet ma torchahine bits o furniter i
wi t ae bird gotahine curtains i cam on
tree an startit tae walkahine hen half an oor
on eir backs lookin faeahinfor a e world like
ane o the nurses movinahinhim sortin the bedclaes likely
thin ane afore him aneahinlowp aroon his hirplin fit
like bit fit wid beahint i spak till im
wid you open the windaeahinyou it s gettin a
twa the cannle flames lowpitahintheir tint glazed cage an
i ll be twa seatsahinye aa throwe the service
in front o me asahinme but fit am i
bit cudna read fit layahinthem in its wee wud
at the the lassie faeahinthe bar an anither toff
beat throbs in the airahinafore auncient deities lichtly sleep
gaun afore the horned deilahinflood in the heilans see
skreiched bot it wes owerahinhaun the war a chappin
they war plaisterin the waasahinthe fireplace an a doctor
bit smirk an sidled upahinhis sister tae fusper in
wi the bruce scornparks raxxinahinit an the scrubby bit
ken o a moose wobahint queer at eh bit
day ae simmer s dayahina gowden buttercup come oot
stoor atween the fingers leavinahinnae sossy skitter skyte thon
servile luve he wad trailahinher aawye like a shadda
bools wi yon fine setahinher feet i widna they
hallierackit o this warld fraeahinher lace curtains fitiver chorin
da winked at her fraeahinher ma s back an
heid an daunced there awhileahinher sleepin ee till the
chrissie ignoring her to gingahinmy back an dee something
hae got a gey dirdinahinat mabel s father wis
cousin jed wis bikin onahinhim a brosie laddie fa
or wis t a lassahinthe big drum aa ye
trailin the mull an hutahinthe tractor the tractor wis
sattled fur playin at schuliesahinthe henhoose at steeny s
anna cuttit in grannie fraeahinonywye said faither warmin tae
a sooker fell aff fraeahinthe door an drappit wi
noo that strife is aaahinthem the quaet termite mound
o ma thochts is teetinahinyer lug is takkin aathin
bobbies car drew in richtahinhim did you not see
teeth stauns knife in haunahinhim flees hug meat hung
faimly drave hame in silenceahinthe braid blaik dowp o
enter a lan o mistahinthe ghaistly masts o fremmit
it s lack o thochtahinthe spukken wird aipples gie
the swytin hordes that trailahinthem reivin skirps o isis
forced tae draa up faistahina car at stopped in
tae the laft an hideahinthe corn sacks they ll
spoken bi some buchan loonahina ploo his toast as
in a hurry an ayeahinif someone had an accident
plant an seed the grunahinthe cuttin ploo a time
bin cuttit we re hyneahinwi the plooin an jock
twis the sabbath wi cloudsahina wattery sun that foretelt
still see the coffin somebodyahinme said as lood as
coorse it didna haad inahinat simpson was a good
the fairm dogs or treetlinahinthe hired chiels fan they
coffin was deein a jigahinthe curtain because if there
the creakin cairt that duntitahingreat tibby s sweeshin tail
birks linties blithely jink cludsahinthe ben down in the

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