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wull mick an mysel hidahinta hedge at the tap
three pun o cyanide hiddenahinta hedge nearhaun the drive
across the road tae hideahintthe hedge aside us we
had juist set oorsels dounahintthe hedge by the roadside
pron i aheid adv aheadahintprep behind ai interj oh
prep against ah pron iahintprep behind ai interj oh
pron i aheid adv aheadahintprep behind ai interj oh
auldest lassie lockit the dureahinthir an ran back aw
forenent the dure cum inahintme ma bonnie quyne says
finn whit he hae seenahintthe dure the r a
an poued hir oot fraeahintthe dure whaur she haed
wae days war no ferrahintfor whan the queen gied
yowls o rage no ferrahinthim he kent weill he
an left me ferr awaahintmasell wha sal ah look
ah l no be ferrahintye for ah im a
d no be that ferrahintye here ah cum steir
ah d no be ferrahintye here ah cum steir
granda cam intae sicht faeahinta lorry no faur fae
as ye leave land faurahintcreels noo exposed transportit haudin
they were catchin the branchesahintthem faur oftener than ony
shot gaed aff no faurahintthem there s nae sayin
scale o c i staunahinta tree an luik an
oor skip he ll staunahintthat tee line an niver
can staun sae she ranahintthis prince but he didna
the test braw letters staunahintyer name nearhaun a dizzen
bonnie fuit an prettie fuitahintthe caudron bydes whan the
nippit fuit an clippit fuitahintthe keing s son rydes
houss his wyfe rinnin greitinahinthim sen she seemed bentset
ir ye it s roondahinti the stick houss pompitie
his houss his teitils awahintin the verra steid he
it haed twa gairdens aneahintthe houss an ane forenent
a mawkin in the wuidahintthe houss ay thay did
l mak doun the bedahintthe houss door ti mak
joukit doun oot o sichtahinta curlie buss pepper oh
thorntree wis oot o sichtahinta knowe an as we
an the ither keep weelahintoot o sicht frae a
pound up i the wudahintthe onsteid i sicht o
sun gaes doun aince mairahinta clekkin droukit cormorants dryin
set it juist richt dounahinthis lug then a flick
doun ablo the bed inahintma slippers rintoul it s
as the sun sklentit dounahintthe bens the orraman set
doun the drive courit dounahintthe busses oot o the
mannie hissel wis sittin dounahintthe counter forenent the door
sae thay baith lay dounahintthe door an in a
faws doun in a swarfahintthe knockin stane aweill the
creepin quaitly doun the bankahintthem till we got within
glare o the street lichtsahintus tae gang doun the
the hole an neil camahintwe shone oor torches doun
haud maist dear ye leftahintathoot as mukkil as sayin
wi a mukkil fir wuidahintit o whilk ye may
the needle he left itahintstickin in a mukkil puddok
mukkil ill trickit puddok fraeahintsum brekken an stauns in
aboot ti say ti yeahintyeir mukkil bed thare hings
whit ah hae ti sayahintyeir mukkil bed thare stauns
off afore before agin againstahintbehind aiblins perhaps aigil eagle
exhausted wi with bassel struggleahintbehind draa draw wir our
fright gawkin is peering staringahintis behind fan is when
is beyond at some removeahintis behind tulloch is a
o thaim that haed daidiltahintkis he wes sweir ti
bi itsell an clattert shutahintthaim as suin as thay
tyme thair lang hair spraingiltahintthaim as thay played an
aw thair graith an sillerahintthaim aw but ane o
poured throu this wi iainahintthaim cairriein his pypes in
wattirs but whan thay luikitahintthaim inti the mirk o
the fowk frae the clachanahintthaim the wyce man bade
bleazin sun in the liftahintthaim wis sendin doon its
time an she shut itahintthaim yince they war inside
thrang hingin a wee bitahintan suin thay cam oot
braw spring day lang yearsahintan on the wye the
braw waddin dress trailin ootahinther noo ye micht think
braw stude an waitit inahintthe prince s menyie an
ah coud cum oot fraeahinta curly buss an gie
tyme syne nou the hooseahintthe craik wuid wis whaur
tyme she pits the bairnahintthe knockin stane an sits
that ah m cummin onahintthey l want tyme ti
on his horse an luikitahintthe caudron an thare he
mornin moula thare it isahintthe chair shona strides across
lowpit up an turnt inahinta bit tree sae s
yin wi that we settltahintan auld aik tree as
ye lyke the kimmer ranahintsiller tree an gruppit hir
i pick ma spot jistahintthe auld tree i lean
the muin cam oot fraeahinta cloud an lit up
muntit inti his chair anahinthim cam his menyie cairryin
naethin else neil cam inahintme there it is andra
had been watchin us fraeahintthe auld mill cam ower
cam skelpin out frae inahintthe counter ti dae him
micht gaither amang the stooksahintthe shurers she cam and
gaed leavin the lave weelahintaa hefty hillocks the ithers
an yang chun gaed benahinthim wi nae dreidour ti
pockstang an awa he gaedahintthe pownie sae it wis
clerk afore an lu daahintthey gaed to the chaumer
ken what hochmagandie gaed onahintyeir palace doors an in
d but he haed leftahinthim a queen an thrie
an bairns haed been leftahintthe yungest bairn wes out
gait thegither wi hir styterinahinthim an bi the forenicht
hystit hir ontil his horseahinthim an cairrit hir hame
on a naig wi hirahinthim an feelin gey ill
gin he wes cummin inahinthir but he wes naewhaur
hir side weys on inahinthir glesses a thocht thit
she haird a suiden dirdahinthir she gliskit owre hir
hissel ilkither thing wis leftahinthim there weill he pit
needle oniewhaur ah left itahintsumwhaur on the common grund
speakers hingin on the waahintthe bar i left my
an the coorse gear leftahintthem he steikit the yetts
syne even you wul fawahintan be auld farrant an
cauld we ken creeps closeahintauld faither time hing on
o fiftie saxtie year auldahinther an the baith o
doon yon auld cairt roadahinton the maislee side o
that must hae been hidinahintthe auld raw aa the
oor middle aged sels pechinahintthem like fower auld spaniels
ten feet o watter juistahintme get him up the
the puil an then disappearahintsome busses that s juist
d juist gae straucht inahintthe haa o the lord
profunditas hed juist rin inahintthe lord s hous for
said pit you yeir feirsahintye frae this meinit brave
yeir grace it s noahintyeir slippers queen leaning over
ah l kest nae gledgeahintafore ma saul skails til
bi east an bi wastahintan afore the thrie fower
wi walcomin afore an convoyinahintwan ti the thriefauld sublimitie
afore us nor inn nearahintwe re seekin the len
got baith walth an wechtahinthim frae the verra stert
on a sudden frae inahintthe pine trees wi a
had taen five oot fraeahintyon big stane ower there
buzz at wis thair motifahintthair forrays intil the orchard
mither ah l leave itahintme valgerd na na you
awa sae she hid hirsellahinta door that wes wyde
mornin da cage wis hoidinahintda kitchen door as shön
in and throws his toolbagahintthe door beaumont dae ye
the warld an pit temporalitieahinthim it s ma earnest
s finished pit yir handsahintyir back son said a
the airmie appearinlie wullie satahintae table an whan yer
ah coud jouk back againahintthe buss whan he wes
his feet whan he heardahintthe pines a wee soun
nae mair for he heardahinthim a bodie cry brither
bare tail ah tig alangahinthim haudin it lik a
mair experience o the polisahinthim haundit his ower as
gear he d ti leaahinthim thenhe liftit his eebrou
like an the ithers wisahinthim twa tae ae side
the years an places nouahinthim wes gaun ti mairrie
open field wi rab rinninahinthim wi his rod still
cottars sterk an strang rankitahinthim wir ninetysome o the
stuid on the dry saundahinthim yowlin an skraichin wi
tuik him ti the bouerahintthe haa o brethren ti
kep or haud him backahintthem the bleize wis weill
bield an wi the winahintme i kept watch oot
oot an eerie hoot thenahintme thur s a crack
took some photies a evrubdyahintthe watter we climbed oot
road ay an me comeahinthaun staunin ma lane see
the road keep the kyeahintthe dyke cos here comes
the road wang jin ganginahintthe pownie wi his pockstang
lang skein o fair hairahinther lug ye ken weel
ruth gaithert in the rigsahintthe shurers hap weel rap
pooskered wi da bassel fellahintta draa breath taste wir
cloven foot awa an hideahinta dyke if ye re
gae rinnin awa barefiut affahintthe haa o the brethren
outbye trystit wi her seeahinthingins at een hou s
o sesamum at wis bundahinthis heid wi twa meiklemuir
wi the truth stop hidinahintmasell the real me kin
the bridge della tess trailinahintpause wi best tell krista
wi t abuin the gruntilahintthe lugs an on the
ower wi yin leg stuckahintthe other dimps observation therapy
tae the gala day marchinahintthe pipe band wi a
lyke ti leave this warldahintwi you mebbe thinkin ti
pooch wi the cauldrife winahintyer welcome man fur i
they caw me the inglishwummanahintma back eilidh ah m
fur the post ah keepahintthe mill doon tae the
leaning over is t noahintthe wee kist ah ken
gunlöd ye wad leave meahintma lane valgerd embracing gunlöd
ma back sae git youahintme an lat us see
ti the theikit sheds inahintthe mains ilka cottarbodie wis
twa wang jin ance mairahintthe pownie his pockstang owre
me in mi cöttikins wisahinta uncan barn an dy
wis jed wadna be farahintcome a ye fisher lassies
wad hae fand me lyinahintit it wis near hauf
ther wis a cave inahintthe waterfaw ye could jouk
muir but i maun plodahintthe pleugh an o ma
cuid hae been the motivationahintat courtship n a read
wad fain hae hung backahintbut the green leaf in
scatter leavin nets an claesahintas they soum across the
twintie or thertie maws follaeinahintit an when the boats
an see an you followahintme in a couple o
a wee shrug o disappyntmentahintpuggie s back an whae
an whyles a hunter forahintthe land the war green
play the martial leir anahintthe mains he d shuit
landit at a bit inahintthe richt haun aisle an
meenit big as the mountainahintthe top field you an
twae bairns tricia an adamahintthum it ae boarding schuil
macbeth the law is awahintye nou an wha wul
gobbs picked up the paceahintus as we gote tae
needing all your moral strengthahintus jack comes close to
tess nae secrets nae whisperinahintthe famely s back aw
could hardly see it twitchinahintthe doon turnt lips but
warm the wee bit parkahintthe ferm is whaur they
tae the cornrigs and gaitherahintonie wha ll lat me
his feet he stuid inahintthe lord clerk s shouther
throu his windae the hillahintthe schule luiks like the
whisper in his lug faeahintwullie it said he birlt
intae the credit buik margaretahintscrievin it in curtains o
samin thocht o remeid liggsahintthe christian confession o jesus
o the ither fowk followinahintthem they quat the chaumers
greater understaundin o thi processesahintthi differentiations atween this aspect
beaumont put these old memoriesahintyou you ve nae idea
on ye burred the wummanahintthe coonter i noddit my
here pompitie ye canna hydeahintthe curtain the heavy tramping
come in here sportin feathersahinttheir lugs or some such
in the pictures ernie satahinta biddy in a hat
the wark s been draggingahintsince we got thae new
the toun s anatomy theatreahintthe auncient cathedral a steer
day as the licht hidahintthe black mounth they floated
big field snatchin time hiddenahintthe dyke git yursell up
local curlin pound ligs upahintthe ferm cottages i the
bamboo shaws lotus leafs danceahintthe fisherman s boat the
i hawick the hoose justahintthe on steid asyde the
scores in the white watterahintthe stanes tho tae luik
they caa the conceptual thinkingahintthis muckle gless box i
pass they were stowed inahinttheir curtains like sardines yeuch
her laud trailin fower yairdsahinther cryin darlin do you
saying there are personal interestsahintour new proposal beaumont well

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