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used to get tracts faeaiberdeenfor her church meetings she
ma he s gaun toaiberdeenfor your tracts min muriel
wye plantation nearhaun tae theaiberdeenlinn a frien o the
frien o the ainer oaiberdeenplantation aabody that settled oot
mair thon wis coorse wiaiberdeenplantation jist twa miles doon
good enough to ging toaiberdeento bring me my tracts
dod i m gan toaiberdeento collect religious tracts for
to shy something it saiberdeenit s torry it s
m1042: mmhm it s anaiberdeenthing shy to shy something
who gae- gae- ging intaeaiberdeenf606: mmhm m822: tae catch
if i ging in toaiberdeengeorgie fat chance o that
sandwiches fin ronald timmer tamaiberdeenangus an jonsar eck arrived
wis decided that timmer tamaiberdeenangus an jonsar eck wid
jim you ve been toaiberdeendod tam riddoch was takin
jean in the toon oaiberdeenbit the floor o them
a in a toon inaiberdeeni suppose ye re meetin
fife an traivel north taeaiberdeentheir mither s toon faur
lintmill aa the wye taeaiberdeenan back on the same
the wye fae worcester toaiberdeenan i dinna suppose for
intae the gaelic unit inaiberdeenan watched their wye o
hardly find my wye abootaiberdeenthese days half the streets
went a the wye toaiberdeento get something for me
gaun a the wye taeaiberdeento get something for you
that wis twa year agoaiberdeenangus got a puckle bits
abody his tale o woeaiberdeenangus said i ll gie
eck wis sittin in theaiberdeenhospital he wis a bittie
jonsar eck wis intae theaiberdeenhospital visitin the wee wifie
be makin fool jokes inaiberdeenaboot the angel fae fraserburgh
care his faither cam faeaiberdeenan he d kent fine
but his mither cam faeaiberdeenand she wisnae happy in
at now he s faeaiberdeenbut somethin again m842: aye
thing he cam back faeaiberdeeneence in an oor an
d feenished ma exams ataiberdeenfae ere doon een o
in tae the port oaiberdeenfae the west indies files
had a telephone message faeaiberdeengeorgie pretending to be impressed
re presents a richt faeaiberdeenjim you ve been to
to think of something faeaiberdeenshe knows oh i ken
a new tablie comin faeaiberdeenwi e cairrier an i
teen tae the hospital inaiberdeenan kept for twa or
the e e clinic inaiberdeenhospital this day he wisnae
depairtment o english university oaiberdeenin his paper tae leids
twice at graduation ceremonies ataiberdeenuniversity an it s gran
source o learnin oor ainaiberdeenuniversity an its elphinstone institute
o irish an scottish studiesaiberdeenuniversity cites the non inclusion
writer in scots based ataiberdeenuniversity s elphinstane institute is
mony changes are there atweenaiberdeenan worcester d you suppose
this eh bypass in intaeaiberdeenan awthing but they ve
scunneration tae the foun oaiberdeenan forty echt mile roon
hunkered up its heid faraiberdeencowps doon an roon bi
ye hear it roon abootaiberdeeni hear mair o it
doctor chiel cam oot fraeaiberdeentae see them an said
sure he cood mak ootaiberdeenmounthooly doocot is een o
lad we are gaun taeaiberdeentae get your een tested
in scots recently cpd inaiberdeenhosted twa in service days
the year twa thoosan ootsideaiberdeenthe roads were blocked be
come from the broch anaiberdeenfar d ye hear scots
hear mair o it inaiberdeenthan i dae in tarland
lang eneuch pyocher we leftaiberdeenin a doonpish tae the
winna want to hing abootaiberdeenower lang an she d
he d gien yon peeraiberdeenpuss nae lang efter the
it s different even inaiberdeencompared tae far we re
him bein a toonser faraiberdeene hidna e nack he
an i says up taeaiberdeenaiberdeen i ve never been
tae catch her up ataiberdeenan they d niver be
wis tae be on theaiberdeenbelfast direct that s nae
tae banff ir back taeaiberdeenbit e hisna been seen
birssle o hades tae cauldaiberdeendid ye lowp in the
we ll get hame taeaiberdeenhappy music as the children
i says up tae aiberdeenaiberdeeni ve never been in
a shalt he geed taeaiberdeenin a gig kinna thing
commutin back an forth taeaiberdeen[inaudible] they re bound tae
clootie dumpling an you anaiberdeenloon tae neil what is
an scrattit fiae miss rubislawaiberdeens answer tae lucrezia borgia
hae been fur centuries inaiberdeentae politicians priests prelates an
tyme whan the bishop oaiberdeenwhae wis sib tae mrs
s on bein teen tillaiberdeenwi im tae buy a
on the main road tillaiberdeenan aabody wis made welcome
eence she wis sattled inaiberdeenan ma hid mair a
provost o the city oaiberdeenat the time it wis
neest time he wis inaiberdeenhe bocht a new battery
roman catholic orphanage nearhaun theaiberdeenlinn an it wis arranged
an the nightingale appeared inaiberdeenthe wagtail wis a fiddler
as bad as smith oaiberdeen43 those lines however are
spacemen an giant squids inaiberdeena rinnin ream o dreams
ten fifteen mile north oaiberdeenan it was tough actually
as bad as smith oaiberdeenand so i propose that
ae nicht the streets oaiberdeenaroon the music haa war
taylor former preses o theaiberdeenbranch o the scots language
sailed ooto the herbor oaiberdeeninno the roch sweel o
or neebor s loon ayaiberdeens o granite biggt an
warks in her villages oaiberdeenseries wi sic like as
native o the toun oaiberdeenstept oot an shook her
hale o albert terrace inaiberdeentho neen o the neebors
heritage a meticulous researcher intaaiberdeenin bygone days an on
nae farrer frae deeside thanaiberdeenaince a fortnicht they drave
an assault on the unsuspectinaiberdeenpublic frae a low growin
staas an olives frae provenceaiberdeenrowies french baguetees are bocht
i ve never been inaiberdeenshe me- she d never
an syne i left furaiberdeenfowk muttered surely nae sae
sae hot weel nae inaiberdeenit s just like spain
jedburgh glesca gey rarely glasgowaiberdeennae aften aberdeen yet it
the emphasis is on anaiberdeenwe ll nae see again
i ve to get toaiberdeenfor them muriel entering she
you ve to get toaiberdeenfor what she looks from
up on hoose prices inaiberdeenan he got quite a
ach twis nane better thanaiberdeenbeach he said an forbye
bill cowie fa dreeve theaiberdeencontingent aa ower britain an
is a grandma an inaiberdeenit s grunny f1041: [inaudible]
hurt their funny bane inaiberdeenit s steen an been
except in place names likeaiberdeenitsel an one or two
twice an earthquake his shookaiberdeenmarischal college is noo in
lassie an she was anaiberdeenquine richt enough like quite
day bargains an here inaiberdeenthe same happen t on
ee powked oot bi anaiberdeentree think on the international
ingine an allan made inaiberdeenwi a great big tank
re still bidin here inaiberdeenthe day aber s pict
re still bidin here inaiberdeenthe day aber s pict
said he got them inaiberdeenhe s awa deliverin the
sea supply ship lyin inaiberdeenherbour but noo he hid
eh eh the bypass inaiberdeenf823: that s right m824:
bowf bowf i bide inaiberdeeni am the faistest fiercest
i read it in theaiberdeenjournals the white dove inn
was if i was inaiberdeenor edinburgh or glasgow m865:
f831: really cause even inaiberdeenthe words are different and
squirrels hae a hing inaiberdeenthey skyte up trees like
there wasna much bombin inaiberdeenthough was there bessie aye
plates fer boats lost buckieaiberdeenpeterheid individuals partners faimlies their
it when you came toaiberdeencause i ken masel that

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