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tae choose ain a stootaikkist sam mathers the jyner
the chaumer the inn hidaikpanelled waas wi low ceilins
as a poutrie rie theaikpannelled dennerin ruin bene a
the cweelin bough o anaikraxxin ower the dyke in
thare sittin roun a burnistaiktaibil war scores o the
we settlt ahint an auldaiktree as comfortable as we
pole the bough o theaikthat merkit the green aff
saw her staunin aneth yonaikhe speired arthur arthur noddit
saut wund sang in theaikwuid whan the ice bund
the ruit o a mukkilaiktree wi a stick she
she wis staunin aneth anaika lang green shawl roon
snell as it sets theaikleaves dauncin aff in the
stane deid ablo a mukkilaiktree see said alasdair here
a steel at a smaaiktable ower bi the windae

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